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The blacksmith Anvil created weapons alone in a ruined world.

He came across a community, a hero universe, where there are heroes of every dimension.

All the heroes wanted his weapons,

All the monsters hated him,

All the world blessed his existence

however nobody prevented his death.

Decades later, a dimensional invasion started on earth.

Kang Shin-hyuk, a boy who can’t use mana inherited Anvil’s VIP ID and memories.

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로그인하자마자 VIP
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New Rurexx
April 11, 2021
Status: c150
Honestly it was fine in the beginning but then I got really tired of the harem. The are literally no men around the MC. Somehow it's always all girls and once in a while Baek shows up prattling on about noonas. Too much undeserving love for the MC from the females. It's not even exciting anymore. I honestly understand the irritation of the MC cause I feel it myself
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New fangyuan
April 6, 2021
Status: c148
I personally feel that this could be the worst among Toika's novels. Novel's vibe is eerily similar to typical Japanese shounen LN with harem and school life. I feel that the power system is rather half-baked and inconsistent while the romance part is overly done. Not much character development at where I stopped as well. I would probably give this novel another go if I'm really really bored and have nothing else to read.
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ManicFishCat rated it
April 6, 2020
Status: --
  1. The main character this time... from a lot of different meanings I made a teenager the motif. Also, to talk about the overall theme of this work, it would have to be ‘destiny’. If you’re looking for a story about a boy forging his own path while encountering karma from his past life, then this is for you.
  2. Some of you might be discussing about a harem from now on, but although many female character will appear, I’m planning to add just as many male characters as well! And just because a female character appears, doesn’t mean she will be a heroine! Maybe about half of them will be, but it’s not decided yet!
Direct Quote from Toika :D
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moneng85 rated it
April 8, 2020
Status: c111
Sasuga Toika-nim! (I realised I used 'japanese' first and then 'korean' but idk the word in korean lol)

Lets ride towards new adventure!!!

... more>> Edit: This might be one of the blandest novel by Toika yet, premise was good, execution was not.

How can you make an interesting MC when everything is handled to him in a silver platter? I bet he can even get stronger when all he will do is to stay in bed and fap a lot

+10 hero points!

+10 hero points!

+10 hero points!

Translation is lacking in polishing too, I blame the editor though, rather than the translator because the quality is steadily improving

But Thanks Active Translations!, love you <<less
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GeelHaarMonster rated it
October 25, 2020
Status: c47
The story has a decent premise, but quickly becomes a subpar fantasy fulfilling story riddled with plot holes and asinine decisions.

Feels like the author is too pressed for time writing, and uses what ever his first thought was, never giving consideration of how illogical it might be.

My biggest issue is the female characters. Everyone of them basically acts as if the sun is shining out of the MC's a**hole. If you want to do a harem, fine, but don't make every female character act as if they want to jump... more>> into the MC's arms the moment they meet. <<less
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luckymorris rated it
November 10, 2020
Status: c170
It had a decent potential, interdimensional chatroom is a pretty fun plot!

But everything is pretty much ruined. Toika is used to have harems and gary sue in his stories, I don't mind it, it usually is a fun and mindless read. But it's way overboard there, the girls are so f*cking thirsty, borderline sexual abuser and MC just let it go, he clearly have one girl in mind and yet he let himself get kissed and get borderline abtucted for dates.

As for MC, it's the gary sue of gary sue,... more>> with a constant deus ex machina in the form of the administrator that will always sells him the items that he needs and will provide him with informations. He is f*cking bland, yet the premise that he was in his past life (that he remembers little by little) an old blacksmith staying in a destroyed world forging stuff after everyone he cared about died. It only serves as a reason to get close to some girls he knew in his pastlife, and looking like the old blacksmith when he is forging, that's it, a complete waste of an interessing setting.

Last point, I don't like talking badly about the translation, but considering that they are selling premium chapters, i'll do just that. It's tr*sh, bordeline MTL, maybe you should spend more time editing rather than spewing 20-40 chapters a week (for premium). <<less
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macarroiz rated it
October 17, 2020
Status: c60
It has your ordinary shounen MC with sad childhood, fatefull enconters, luckily finding extremely op items, luckily fiding easy way to get stronger, girls abnormaly gathering around him and licking his d*ck praising him every chapter, a maybe higher being who for no reason likes to be his Great Sage just like in the slime isekai, a system with op function but also a social media and battle junkies. A LOT of battle junkies.

This above would be a much more reliable description for this work. It's just a slightly original... more>> work but it's in the end just a gathering of many in one. This one deserves at most a 2/5.

Well, it's from Toika. What was you expecting? <<less
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KFPemployee rated it
November 7, 2020
Status: c150
the harem bullsh*t in this is just f*cking worse than EER, if in EER the fillers are the training arcs, farming mobs or blacksmithing, here you get unrealistic harem romance cringe, like for f*cks sake if you mix this with the utterly garbage dialogues (either because of toika himself or translator) that confuse the sh*t out of me on who the f*ck is talking then you get one of the worst experiences ever.

Just why toika, if he just ignores this harem aspect we would at least get a decent story.
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selfish rated it
December 6, 2020
Status: c91
too many girls ruined this novel

premise was decent, follow up was bad, should have a focus on the story rather than girls.

i dropped it at 78 or so and picked it up again but couldn't read more than this.

Like all other korean novel, he is on unobstructed (or paved) path to op-ness. Whatever he do girls come to him, power comes to him, how many more korean sh*t has this same trope
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sandro530 rated it
October 29, 2020
Status: c11
Maybe it is because of me, but I'll drop this because it is predictable, very predictable. Barely anything new and there is no reason for me to continue reading. There isn't really a new system only same old, the characters also aren't compelling enough, they very much look like mobs and the typical stereotypes and there isn't even a story in sight, all there is, is the way upwards towards becoming stronger. I generally like Toika, but it seems my tastes have changed on this one. There is more to... more>> a story than going from F to S. And this novel is barely an E. <<less
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IsekaiJake rated it
December 5, 2020
Status: c172
This novel starts very well, we have a guy who cannot accomplish anything on his own but gets past life memories and starts becoming stronger. He starts using his past-life experiences to become a blacksmith and it seems interesting up to there.

Now the bad points and why I'm giving 2/5:

  • Even though he should be a blacksmith, he is too focused on fighting and blacksmith is only a means of explaining the "Sudden Power-ups" that we see in any other novel. So having a past-life experience and dedication to blacksmithing is very blurry most of the time.
  • At some point it just becomes a disgusting dating sim without any progress, and this may be my personal opinion but it's very boring at that point.
  • We see a complete dependency on the system to progress forward, almost looks like the MC has no personality or thoughts of his own,
  • In comparison with "Overgeared" where both MCs focus should be Blacksmithing and Growth, you can see a great disparity and it makes this novel look obsolete and without emotions.
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kobato hasegawa
kobato hasegawa
April 5, 2020
Status: --
toika or toy car has always been a fun author to read from everyone else is a returnee, stop friendly fire, infinite competetive dungeon society and I reincarnated for nothing were all good reads. This author usually has a bit of the same stuff/ plot devices but if you liked any of his other books you should try this one out I am
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Data rated it
March 31, 2020
Status: c1 part1
Very interesting start that pulls me in.

The premise of a sort of soul transmigration without the person retaining memories until a catalyst is definitely different from a lot of other novels.

The blacksmith concept is a bit overdone but this is still just the beginning so I highly anticipate the chapters.
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
February 3, 2021
Status: c200
The plot was fun but somehow after 200 chapters, it becomes boring. It not like it is repeatible but I lose passion.

The translation.. From an ambitious group that want to become premium novel that earn more money but their translation quality... In this novel alone, the wording and the sentences felt like I read an improved version of mtl
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
MyRAMEN rated it
October 6, 2020
Status: c220
Although it's suffering in the romance section (big surprise from a harm right..? sarcastic if u didnt get it...) it was a pretty enjoyable read. I wish the translation could be a little bit better though as sometimes you can spot some machine translated like things. The book is about an old man from an abandoned world where it is possible he is the only survivor. He escapes reality by pounding stone which in turn unlocked the hero system due to him creating something without mana, and even a higher... more>> form of energy called spirit energy. 20 years later after becoming a legendary blacksmith and unlocking vip privledges right after he crafts his first real legendary piece of gear for Jan*s and a gift for a kid named Euna, he dies. 17 years later he recovers unlocks the system once again amd is starting to regain his memories of his old life. Like I guessed in the past a couple months ago, the story did get worse like the signs of self destruct I had spotted when I ended on chapter 46 in the past. The author seems to be trying to throw girls at the MC every chance he gets. That isn't even the big problem for once though. It is the translation quality which is foremost the problem. The story significantly changed once the translators were switched. The book's progression is also way too fast, and there are many huge plot holes to the story. The lack of descriptions is also very evident. Again the romance is also pretty bad... but the other things I listed are even worse.

Im 90% sure that the adminstrator watching over him and Jan*s who is reknowned as a guy are actually also a girl that is in love with him. Although making Euna and him be in the same world is interesting with her talking like a little kid with the system and calling him grandpa, while in real life being cold and isolated, the romance in this book was somewhat garbage. Some parts did bring a smile to my face but with forced plot events and illogical actions being added onto MC who has an annoying personality for a reader, which is usually typic for a JPN novel, I really hope that the harem parts are done less in the later parts of the book. The plot itself on the other hand was interesting, and the story concept is also a little unique throwing a twist into the sub genre of modern dungeon / system. The start and concept were amazing, but the author had ruined the novel. Can't exactly say it is surprising when coming from a harem. <<less
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durfo rated it
June 14, 2020
Status: c20
Its Toika, so you're gonna either love him or hate him. I belong to the former group.

I'm loving it so far and can't wait for more to be released, so thank you to the translators!
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Foompa Loompa
Foompa Loompa rated it
January 15, 2021
Status: c238
Gonna try to not make this too long and just jot down how I feel.

It's basically like a lot of people said it's a pretty typical Korean wish fulfillment "game world apocalypse" series but I like it. It's not special or unique but I think it's competent and enjoyable and the 1-star reviews are overdramatic. I think the premise is pretty interesting and slightly different from the norm. I appreciate that he isn't too heavily affected by his past life and tries to not let it change who he is.... more>> Like he starts to accept that he is Anvil and respects those memories but he never pretends that he isn't the him that he's always been.

I like the harem at the moment. I will say that some of them fall for him waaaay too easily but others are more believable.

Currently, there are 5 or 6 waifus but it's been hinted that the number will grow which is sucks because I'm sure the quality will decline as the harem members grow. 2 or 3 of them fell for him for not much of a reason but 2 of them love him because of his past life and one of them he's actively pursued which will lead me into the next segment.

AS OF RIGHT NOW he's been loyal to one chick. He's only ever pursued HER romanticly and his efforts paid off. The other girls he has actively rejected because he loves the one girl. He isn't dense, he just doesn't love them. But he DOES care about them. This is extremely refreshing in this genre. Now I'm aware that this is almost definitely temporary as I'm like 90% positive he's eventually gonna except the other girls as it's been heavily hinted and the polygamy tag is kinda telling. But for the time being, I'm enjoying it.

As for the story, it's pretty basic. Not a whole lot to say other than to reiterate that this is a p basic Korean litrpg and it has the same motif of dimensional dungeon breaks and monster vs human for the balance of the universe. If you've read Solo Level or Seoul Station Necromancer it's basically the same plot with a different MC.

One major complaint I had but I want to preface that I am completely unsure if this is an author problem or a translation problem.

It was really really hard to tell who was talking a lot of the time which made it extremely confusing on what was going on at any given time. I will have to give an example of what I mean. /"Go alone!" Baek tried to pull Shin-Hyuk with him, but Eleanor grabbed his hand/

Now as you can see dialogue was presented and then three people were immediately mentioned in a very short sentence. Now in most stories, the first person mentioned post dialogue would be the speaker but Baek isn't. After reading over it several times you realize Eleanor is the speaker here. Which is EXTREMELY confusing.

This can be easily fixed by changing it to

/"Go alone!" Eleanor grabbed Shin-Hyuk's hand as Baek tried to pull him along with him/

Now I'll continue the excerpt.

/1."I prefer you don't do anything that will be misunderstood"


3."I don't think it's good to see you, Baekyang's successor, leading SHin-hyuk around here" The moment Kang shin-hyuk heard that his mind flashed. Meanwhile, Baeks eyes narrowed./

Now, this whole dialogue is extremely confusing but I'm pretty sure lines 1 and 3 were said by Eleanor, which is weird because she isn't mentioned anywhere in the line post dialogue. And I THINK line 2 was said by Shin-hyuk but it might have been Baek.

Now, this might sound nitpicky but it happens a whooole lot just about anytime anyone is talking and it tends to stack up and you lose track of who is talking and, in turn, what's going on.

It not too bad when it's just two people talking but the more characters involved in a conversation the more confusing it is. And there are times when there's a group of six or so talking. This particular scene I used involved 5 characters even tho in this particular excerpt there were only three talking.

I can already hear the "oh just read more intently" yeah sure but my point is I shouldn't have to read something 3 times just to figure out who is talking.

Again IDk if it's a problem with the translation or the writing itself. I tend to lean towards it being a writing problem tho as the translation has always been pretty solid with really good grammar so I just don't see the translators going out of their way to make things overly complicated. But I felt the need to not assume it was just the writing.

That being said I don't think it's nearly as bad as most of the one-star reviewers are saying tho but IDK maybe I have bad taste. <<less
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June 8, 2020
Status: prologue
As always, there's Toika and his schemes for another harem universe. Let's see... as soon as the novel starts, you have literally 2 women already trying to jump onto his d*ck from a few worlds away, one of them being a 6 year old. I really liked the beginning but I don't know if the author has picked up his brain over the last few novels and will make 2-D characters or if he will leave it like "MC is amazing, I'm so glad to be his Cheerlea- ahem, Harem... more>> member!" I'll give it a chance, but as soon as it becomes another one of his 'MC is smart, everyone else is a dum-dum', I'm dropping it. <<less
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March 20, 2021
Status: c336
This read like Toika needed a vacation, but also had bills to pay, so churned out a low-effort pastiche of his own works.

The premise had promise, but it needed a better execution. The key "MC suffers because of reasons, which narratively justifies all the rewards he'll get later" phase of the novel was blink-and-you'll-miss-it, with the story descending into absolute easy mode almost immediately.

About 2/3rds of the way through, it felt like the author himself got tired of the story and just wanted it to end, as right around the... more>> time you'd expect a "The MC shows that he's too strong for Earth, only to find out that he's been in the kiddie pool all along and has now graduated to deal with the real challenges" story progression, we instead have a bad-guy-interrupt that sends us directly to the climax of the story.

The hand-wavey timey-wimey bullsh*t to try to explain how everything makes sense also makes it difficult to actually care about the big picture of the setting, but then, the big picture of the setting is resolved so quickly that I'm not sure caring about it is necessary.

All of the usual Toika tics are there, so if you're looking for brainless generic Toika fun, this delivers, albeit in a sped-up easy-mode way. <<less
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gottesurteil rated it
March 17, 2021
Status: Completed
Unfortunately, this is by far the worst Toika work, and I've read them all (that are translated?) It's still Toika, so better than most average KR novels, and has many of his (her?) standard tropes and features. The problems however creep in. After having read it all, I was completely caught up in a feeling of 'Is that all?'. The ending, and indeed the last 50+ chapters were incredibly rushed and bad.

Individually, I liked pretty much every arc, but the final arc was just... bad. It came out... more>> of nowhere. To compare it to EER or ICDS, which I'm sure many of you Toika fans have read, the story feels like he barely escaped Earth for the first time, so like 1/3rd of the way through, and then OMG ITS THE END FINAL ARC SUPRISE!!!!


As with anyone who's read any of Toika's stories before, I'm sure you can guess who the final boss is, except here there's no foreshadowing, no hints, just BAM HAHAHAH IT WAS ME, DIO! And a rather prevalent character turns out to be the final boss in disguise. I... just.. what?

Honestly, before this final arc came about, I was still rather enjoying the story. As I said, each arc individually is pretty good, and the power creep was pretty decently done. I read the story and frankly it doesn't feel like I read 300+ chapters before I got to the final arc. It went by quickly, and enjoyably. It just seems odd to end it here. The twists in the final arc were just s*upid (here's looking at you, the identity of the final boss, and how Jormungand was formed), and the final arc itself was just bad.

It has the standard Toika-style harem romance, but compared to the other Toika novels i've read, it just seems... lesser. And I'm not sure why, to be honest. The girls aren't terrible, there's the standard Toika move of TRYING to be monogamous when harem is how it's being pushed to be (by the characters and the setting itself). Frankly compared to most Korean stuff, it's still better than normal, but again, just not up to par for what I want with Toika.

Still rating it a 4/5, but compared to other Toika novels, if they were 10/5, this is 4/5. Admittedly you have to be the type to enjoy Toika as an author, and I know many don't, so I'm biased there.

TBH, it also has one of the most compelling first chapters I've EVER read, in anything. The first chapter alone was super amazing, and as stated, I really enjoyed it up til the final arc. Were it not for the final arc, I'd have said this was one of Toika's best works. Now.... not at all. One of his worst. (The worst is still Demon King, which is so DIFFERENT from Toika that I'm convinced it was ghostwritten.) <<less
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zereviewer rated it
December 5, 2020
Status: c160

Fun novel, but everything is rushed and shallow and for a blacksmith he doesnt do much crafting

-extremely fast progress (level ups) ... more>>

He became a top 10 from beeing the weakes in only 6 months... although it makes some sense with the explanations given, with the amount of time skips it could have been 2 years and nothing would have changed


-Altough the main point of the MC is beeing a blacksmith... HE SPENTS ALL HIS TIME FIGHTING

-Characters are 1 dimensional, inmature and often annoying AF

-As all harems, ALL GIRLS LOVE MC AFTER 5 seconds...

-He treats his best friend as shit, but somehow they are still friends

-The world-building is interesting and his abilities are too, sadly we dont see much of this because the pace is too fast

-I dont know if its because of the translation, but the dialogues (who is talking), as well as the descriptions are hard to understand <<less
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ReadsWebNovels rated it
August 18, 2020
Status: c25
The idea of a blacksmith MC was interesting at first, but it's rapidly turning into a shonen adventure instead. Basically, take the average shonen and replace the training montages with blacksmithing.
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