Master is Pretending to Love Me


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After being tortured to death by Kan Wenxiao, Jian Xiuyun realizes that he has been living in a novel called 《The Supreme Path of Immortality》.

In this book, his most hated disciple, Kan Wenxiao, is the male protagonist. He is the cannon fodder villain who scolds and beats up the male protagonist. Making things difficult for him and ending up miserably.

After being reborn and recalling the ending of his previous life. Jian Xiuyun decided to make a fresh start, he planned to resist the disgust in his heart and he will treat Kan Wenxiao like his own son.

As soon as he opened his eyes, he found that Kan Wenxiao was tied to the furnace cauldron by him, and he was holding a dagger in his hand.

Facing such a scene, Jian Xiuyun calmly cut the rope on Kan Wenxiao’s body with the dagger, then stretched out his hand at him and said, “Be good, come here, Shizun will hug you.”

Kan Wenxiao had always known that Jian Xiuyun didn’t like him because he had an ugly face.

Although later he didn’t know why Jian Xiuyun suddenly changed his attitude, he could still feel his pretense and reluctance.

Kan Wenxiao felt that there was an unspeakable anger burning in his heart, but there was something else under this anger.

He didn’t know what it was until he held Jian Xiuyun in his arms and sprayed uncontrolled words in his master’s ears.

“Shizun, can I exchange my sincerity for your sincerity?”

1. Gong’s face was burned by fire. He’s disfigured in the early chapters and will recover later.

2. Shou is a beauty-addict. He disliked Gong at first because of his disfigurement.

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4 Reviews

New Jing.Ren
Nov 06, 2023
Status: Completed
I compulsively read it so I won't leave a low star rating but I honestly feel a bit empty.

This is more of a tragedy than a romance in my opinion. If you wanted cute (generally my preference) please be aware that there are a lot of knives here and tread carefully.

Some vague spoilers below, particularly plot points I don't like as a warning.

... more>>

It is HE but the kind where I kind of wish it wasn't. I don't think the wrongs of the ML deserve forgiveness and acceptance from the MC.

Living happily ever after feels so disconnected from the manic and cruel revenge of the past and present lives.

This is a hurt and comfort story but the hurt is too much and the comfort is both inadequate and undeserved.

It also featured a plot I personally hate where the ML slept with a bunch of women to try get over the MC. So if you hate that too, be aware of it. It is really gross to me.


So go ahead and read it forewarned.

I couldn't put it down and read it to the end in one sitting so if the themes I mentioned don't put you off I would give it a go. <<less
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Owl Escapee
Owl Escapee
Sep 16, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel starts out seeming like a typical trope where the MC learns he is a villain in a novel and has to change the plot to save his life. However, unlike other novels of this type, MC starts out as an amoral completely selfish a**hole, who pretty much deserved what happened to him in his previous life. It was so different I found it very interesting and refreshing. However, as the plot progresses, you learn it's much more complicated, and of course, MC learns his heart isn't as cold... more>> and dead as he thinks, otherwise it can't be a romance.

The other thing I found very interesting is

the MC isn't the driver behind the ML blackening. There is actually a wider plot going on that the MC didn't know about, and he is a side character to this bigger story.

There's a lot of things the MC didn't know about in his past life, and the reveals become heart wrenching. There's a lot of heartbreak in fact, but it is a HE!

I normally don't like yanderes, and the ML does become yandere for a while, but I would say it's mild yandere, so I tolerated it. And

the reveal about the ML's thinking was completely heartbreaking.


My main criticism is the reveal about the MC's backstory was too fast, and too close to the end. Also

it's extremely debatable if the ML deserved such a happy ending, given how awful the things he did were. But the ML and MC's relationship was so cute, and their adopted daughters were so cute, I can't help but love it.

21 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sep 15, 2021
Status: Completed
Worth reading. (。•̀ᴗ-) ✧ They have side character background. MC reason and past trauma and many more.

It's not have so many nonsense, the story is just right. So balance, this also half good of MDSZ.
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
dead water
dead water
Aug 13, 2023
Status: Completed
This web novel left me speechless to whether I enjoyed reading or I lost few brain cells. I enjoyed reading the first few chapters, it was cliché like I was reading SVSSS, but instead of shen yuan transmigrating it was just a rebirth of the villain.

The MC outright abused, neglected, played favoritism, let him get bullied and enjoyed watching ML suffer. All because ML was “ugly” and it was literally just ML with disfigured half part of the face. MC goes on to talk mad crap about how ugly ML... more>> is with his monologue lol. I felt like MC only likes MLs face, which recovered later after the separation arc time skip.

I still don’t understand why the cultivation world cared so much about ML being ugly and downright humiliated him. Oh yes, MC pretended to care about him and then proceeded to be a**hole. He cared more about the ML ruining his image by having his ugly face be revealed and now his name is thrown with dirt of having an “ugly disciple.”

somehow this book got me feeling pity for the “main villain” Lin liaoting, who bullied ML. Even had me randomly thinking those two would had been much better pair if Lin liaoting was reborn like the MC.


he bullied him because his shizun (MC) would always talk mad crap about ML being ugly and due to that he started to bully the ML. The MC didn’t do sh*t about it and let ML get bullied. ML was bullied for a lot of sh*t and almost even died at the process MC would know these even knows about ML almost dying due to it. On the current life hes a jealous little boy since his shizun seems to be paying attention to the guy who he hated a lot and even took him to the competition that MC never took ML to. He crashes it and cuts MLs mask through his power and MLs face is revealed to the public


It truly felt like the story could have been ML x the villain


separation arc starts ML comes back and the little villain feels sorry and seems to have some conscience of wanting to apologize but does not get a chance whatsoever. ML ignores him, gives him cold shoulders, says goodnight to MC and the girl (later adopted daughter), but not to the little villain. Brings 3 mask of foxs but not to him. While he sees ML, MC, and the girl his monologue hits with being left out since he can’t fit in with his deer mask and completely ignored.


oh man, did that dude have it hard just like MC of his previous life punishments.


dude had to find out that his whole family were killed. He went through all the corpses to find his family, he was bloodied mess trying to find his families bodies.

ML imprisoned him and did not care two crap about him other than abusing him. He left him alive because “shizun wants you to live.”

Gets thrown in a cage that’s with a wolf in front of everyone and even his shizun, who is powerless held by ML. His neck gets bitten by the wolf.

Tries to stab and does stab ML, but oh magical things happen and his shizun and ML reconcile and gets together


Well, good thing was when he said that he no longer wants or thinks jian xiuyun as his shizun. I mean, damn.

Perhaps, I really wanted ML and Lin Liaoting to be a pair due to me reading “A Hundred Ways To Kill A Heartthrob” this book really pitifully made me like Lin Liaoting. <<less
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