Mary Sue Reversal System


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The actor Fu Yichen suddenly found himself bound to a [Mary Sue Reversal System] and was forced to travel through Mary Sue worlds one after another, where blood and thunder flew from left to right. With only one purpose, that is to reverse the mentally ret*rded Mary Sue endings of the Male lead.

However, in the end, the male protagonist falls into Fu Yichen’s arms.

Moreover, why is this male protagonist’s face… Film Emperor Su? Male god Su?

Fu Yichen: ??? Black question mark +1

Tr*sh system: ???? Black question mark +1

Fu Yichen: Because… because of tr*sh settings.

Tr*sh system: Zhan Zhan is so handsome, and Mary Sue should die!

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devils_dont_fly rated it
February 2, 2022
Status: Completed
Since there are no reviews right now I am just gonna write one.

It is a great qt bl novel! The biggest attraction for me was the 'seme protagonist' and I also loved the romance development between the two leads.

The plot is interesting and a little bit different from the regular QT novels. The ML (shou) is very cute and I love him. The MC is also very reasonable and is one of the few MCs that doesn't annoy me. I love their relationship too!

The system may seem annoying to some... more>> but to me it seems hilarious and I completely share it's sentiments regarding the 'mary sue'. If you hate those kind of Mary Sue novels then you should def read this.

  1. Only two chapters were released at the time of writing the review and I rarely read MTL, but I was so interested in the plot so I just MTLed it. The mtl is still understandable so you can give it a try.
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erialolita rated it
September 18, 2022
Status: Completed
Recommend to those who like seme protagonist romance driven plots, with lots of fluff, and HE.

I loved both the ML and MC and felt they had a healthy equal relationship.

This novel was really cute, so sweet it is cavity inducing. First is a campus love story


this one is literally like a puppy love story, typical awkward first time feelings. We get introduced to the characters, find out ML is gay and MC takes the whole story to confirm MLs feelings. The MC has a system, the ML does not but, their mission is opposite from each other


Second arc is ancient MC as an emperor


this one is the arc that our MC realizes he is bent for the ML. He starts having suspicions that the ML from the first arc and this arc are the same real person and is the actor Su Zhan.

After the world falls apart, the MC collapses 3 worlds to confirm the ML is Su Zhan and that he forgets the MC each time


Third arc MC is a promiscuous 2nd gen


wasn't a fan of this arc except the end. ML is still trying to force the Mary Sue plot and MC is trying to undo it while also trying to make the ML fall for him, he starts with a really low favorability rating.

Because of his use of the 3 worlds before, the system is losing power, which means the MC is forced to follow the major plot points. This causes a tiny misunderstanding with the ML.

The ending of this one is bittersweet, ML is set to marry the heroine despite neither of them liking each other, when ML reads a book that MC put circled words to spell "I love you Su Zhan". It was so sweet, then of course the world collapses due to reasons.


Fourth we go back to ancient setting, but ML is emperor this time


after the world collapses, MC goes back to the real world briefly and the tone of the thread that started it all is changing. This arc was super sweet. There is a shift with the system and the ML gets his own system.

ML's mission has changed to staying away from the Mary Sue lead. This arc their relationship really blooms


Fifth arc the MC is an emperor again but with a twist


this story isn't a Mary Sue story, but a danmei fanfic of a Mary Sue story. Not much new but ML remembers the past life this time so it's more of a honeymoon time for them. In the end, MC figures out how to break out of the vicious cycle. Was bored with the "story" of this one and skimmed some of those parts. Wish the author choose like a cultivation setting or something else other than another emperor setting.


Sixth arc is the real world


ML had to sacrifice his memories to completely get them out of the novels, at first I absolutely hated this and almost dropped it (if it was a physical book, I'd probably had thrown it at the wall).

He does get his memories back eventually after some twists and turns and vulnerable growth moments for the ML. The novel wraps up everything completely, job, family, proposal.


At first the hate on the Mary Sue novels kind of bugged me because I like a Mary Sue novel from time to time, but it's more tongue in check. Like pointing out the idiotic backgrounds that are never used in the novel except randomly. You know the moments we as readers already know is a plot device or plot halo. The system was a tad annoying at the beginning, but it's not a big part of the story so it's outbursts we're funny from time to time. I'm not usually a fan of stories with systems, but this one wasn't too invasive. The best excerpt in the novel to me is

No one should be humiliated for falling in love with the same sex, and there is nothing humiliating about love.

The translation was great (thank you translator), I'm just impatient and MTL'd ahead. MTL is passable but some chapters were messy. I will definitely read this again when the translation is completely out.
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mandreoli rated it
March 5, 2022
Status: Completed
I really liked how the author approached QT in this story with both MCs, it's a cute story, felt a little short since I am used to long QT stories with long arcs and drama hahaha.

I read MTL because I was too curious about the plot and the seme/gong being a gentleman and MC, it's so rare to find it, sigh ~

I hope to see a complete translation ^^
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fizakhan rated it
April 7, 2022
Status: c95
This novel is so so funny at alot of points that I can't help laughing while reading it. The MC and ML both actors (in their real life) transmigrated into Mary Sue novels. MC had to reverse the plot and ML has to act according to the plot in begging arcs but latter because of their relationship it changes and their mission become same. This is one of few QT novels in which MC is Gong and ML is shou. It actually has plot and they had to complete it.... more>> The MC and ML are so sweet and cute together. The brain circuit of ML sometimes is totally out of the world. This novel has alot of funny moments. Overall it's a good read. It actually also made us realise that how rediculis and absurd Mary Sue novels are. <<less
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gryffinpuff rated it
June 27, 2022
Status: Completed
A very different take on QT novels, written in a very light hearted manner with funny MC-system interactions and highlighting over-the-top ridiculousness of various Mary-Sue tropes...

MC is a caring gentleman and ML is a big cutie! Their romance is very sweet, especially the last arc in the real world!
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