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Becoming a wizard is something that Jerry must attain in order to survive in his new life, and that is living in the Marvel World. There would be a greater threat coming to earth, and he needs a way to prepare for that.

Fortunately, he was given a System that allowed him to go to the Harry Potter Universe, where he got a letter that he would be enrolling in Hogwarts.

Jerry needed to learn a lot of things from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and, perhaps prevent such incoming threats in the future with the knowledge and skills that he learned from there?

Associated Names
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An Otherworldy Magician
Marvel's Hogwarts Wizard
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Dayes rated it
March 5, 2023
Status: c30
it's good, it's just that the MC is an psychopath 11 (actually 40y) year old, but aren't all Chinese mc's already?

also the other characters seem to miss things, like tony not being able to tell he was the killer, even when he just "scanned the vitals" which means heart beat, so he could tell the MC was calm enough to sleep at the mu*der scene, when he was faking his snot face. And how was hermione not scared of the guy who just beated up various people, and his reasoning on why she'll accept that, was the "she pulls pranks, and don't follow the rules" like that excuses her indifference to violence, of draco getting his tooth knocked out, we know the MC is an psycho, since the MC was about to sleep right after his first mu*der, like 10mins after, but don't make her one as well

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zen0 rated it
October 27, 2023
Status: c519
Quite good fan fic.

MC reincarnate in Marvel. Has system to go to different world to learn magic.

Every few months MC can travel to another world other than Harry Potter. 2nd and 3rd world the plot is quite boring, like filler. 4th world ok.

After MC become OP, MC just travel around learn more magic.
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Koolpin rated it
November 9, 2023
Status: c527
I like it overall but the MC gets too powerful too fast, there's a lot of unnecessary time skip. And it's only getting more annoying.

He becomes gigantic when it's the worst option to do anything ESPECIALLY because he hasn't met Antman or learned any specific magic for doing it. It mentions he can become other creatures - then doesn't, and eventually learns a different magic to do it instead. Also a whole bunch of other things..


Also, recent chapters are being posted out of order...
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TKTrooper rated it
October 14, 2023
Status: c420
This is excellent of anyone who likes a good fanfiction while waiting for other better reads to come out. Nothing too spectacular but nothing too bad either. But the MC's ability does mean he isn't only in the harry potter universe.
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January 11, 2024
Status: c213
It's actually pretty good. If you exclude MC being extremely edgy towards SHIELD and the translation obviously not having anyone to proofread whatsoever, then it's real nice. Surprising that it's a CN, could say reminds me of LotM, definitely not the same level, but it doesn't feel like the usual CN.

Old review:
1st chapter spoilers

Jerry Carmen: my lil sis name is Aisha Hathaway.

me: *facepalm*

Yellow school bus gets stopped on the street, some rando BREAKS OPEN THE DOOR BY KICKING IT THREE TIMES. Gunfire rings out and a 10yo girl gets excited and continues with her delusional rambles. MC (11yo) starts thinking about subduing multiple criminals that have guns with martial arts.

wtf is this??

sometimes a shortened version of the first chapter is indeed the best review, but who knows, i'll keep reading and maybe update later

meanwhile in chapter 4:

MC (11yo) : "Ahem, I hate violence very much. I hope that we who are dealing with the same issue can continue to work toward personal growth, support one another as friends, and collaborate. We'll contribute abilities to society in the future and show our enthusiasm."


Jerry Carmen: remember when I said my lil sis is Aisha Hathaway? Well my father is Haas Witt!

what a family
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CJNowhere rated it
October 11, 2023
Status: c484
First and foremost, this is my fist review, so please dont mind weird sentences (as english is not my main) and a sometimes unstructured feeling this review gives off.

What I like :
A very good system about a magic framework
It stays close to the Marvel related timeline in many parts
The Main Character has a fixed viewpoint and bottom line, which he doesnt throw away midway
The introduced Characters also have an alive feeling

What I dont like :
Its sometimes hard to stay on the MCs thinking process
The Power Level or structur is a little hard to comprehend

Now a more detailed Impression on the points above and with my personal thoughts.

Why I think this magic framework is very good
I really like the beginning framework and explanations behind how and why the magic works, even if some may think that the basics are from some of the series (like Harry Potter), it still has its own flair to it while the Author tried to combine different frameworks and combines them to Jerrys (MC) own magic system. While this system is sometimes not explained in detail, you still get a very good grasp of it through MCs continous study and improvement. And up till now, I really really like this magic framework and love the explanations, the structuring and the jorney delivered to the reader while MC searches to improve himself.

It stays to the Marvel timeline
While the MCU is really big already, with the System the MC got, the Author has combined not only the MCU and different worlds, with different laws and possibilities, he still gave most of them a very good order and explanations behind them (Im not aware if most of the structuring of the MCU and the crossover Worlds already had this structuring or if its from the Author, so please dont mind if I give my credits to the Author)
Despite the differences in time and the obvius increase in MCs strengh, you still have the most important Events of the MCU till the Timeline of Age of Ultron. MC definetly got his Marks in this Events, still stays in the Shadows to minimise the timeline discrepancies to stop heavy butterfly effects from happening till he is strong enough.

MCs Character
While I say I like the MCs viewpoint most of the time and that he has a fixed goal he trys to achieve and doesnt just change his viewpoints or bottom line midway without thinking, I still got some problems to understand the Character sometimes. While the Author says he is around 40 in his mind after reincarnating, he is very open to killing and torture to achieve his goal. To say, he is kinda cold blooded and a pragmatist, which I dont understand why. There is no backstory or playbacks on his past to let me understand the MCs thinking. While I personally dont mind, because he still trys to minimize killing if there is a more usefull solution which brings him more profits in the long run, he is definetly not your run of the mill reincarnator.

Side Characters
While the Characters unique to this Fanart, have an alive feeling and reasoning, they sometimes fade to much in the background. They have their own thoughts and mindset, which I really like, but because of the sometimes long times which the MC takes to study and learn new magics, or is in different universes, the side characters, like his family in the marvel universe, sometimes get forgotten by me. Could also be my own thoughts on it, but while I can understand why MC can take so much time without them, just so he can protect them, I still get the feeling that, while they are alive, they have very little impact.

Power Structure
As I already talked about the MCs thinking, I will now talk about the Power Measurements.
I will say that the whole structure of power is kind of related to the MCUs structure, it is also re-realized from the MCs viewpoint and understanding. So while I kind of get most of the levels and differences in Power, it is still quite hard to get a concrete measurement on how strong somebody really is. And then there is also still the difference between Main Universe and the Small Worlds where the MC can travel to.

All in all I really like the Idea and concept behind this series, there are still minor problems which some may dont like. I personally dont really mind them and still quite enjoy reading. The only problem is, after getting far into the series you can see minor problems with the translation which can disrupt the imersion. Still, thats the only real minus point in my view, thats also the reason I give 4/5 instead of 5/5.

I hope my review is helpfull to some :)
I personally would recommend reading it, if you like Magic and enjoy a good framework behind it!
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soeisa rated it
July 9, 2023
Status: c287
It's not a sudden power up, but a progressive story about how the MC become powerful by learning little by little. I like this kind of pace that's not too fast nor too slow, it's just right for me to enjoy it slowly (although I made it till the last chapter in just 3 days). However, while I have no problem understanding and enjoying the words, the translation or the editing can be improved further. The tag hiding true abilities is the one that bring me here. Overall very satisfied... more>> with the story. <<less
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