Harry Potter’s Book of Sin


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When a traverser mistakenly thought that he had crossed the back of Britain in the 1980s, and when he was enduring childhood hardships and ultimately sinking into darkness, a strange yet familiar acceptance letter rekindled his life.

But when he came into contact with the deeper darkness, would he choose to stay away from the abyss or jump into it without hesitation?

“Wait for me, I’ll be back soon.”

By the bedside of a certain bed on the fifth floor of St. Mungo’s Hospital, he held her pale hand with unwavering determination.

This is a tale of a cunning little trickster, one who can deceive even himself, struggling between pain and tenderness.

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Gillmour rated it
October 9, 2018
Status: c344
Hi, I have not read for a while and when I saw that it was added in the last one I was encouraged, I could not stop until this chapter in only 3 days.

I want to clarify that yes, this is a harem and only by that label did I start reading it.

but he has no romance

... more>> is something that lacks much to the novel, the author has a great imagination and almost in chapter 300 you find out why it is called book of sin.

I am very disappointed that there is no romance, it is practically nonexistent but you realize that there is something there.

And then I'll put a spoiler at the end to explain how things are going.

I want to clarify why not leave this novel, I love the romance that advances steps, and you know "fall in love to the 3 chapters" this is one of the reasons, to not have romance you feel that little by little progresses although sometimes it is exasperating but you must realize that this is not about romance, it is about the author's adventure and imagination.

I want to clarify that this novel has a high degree of imagination, and as every fan fic has its moments of "the pot went away" there is logic in each action of the protagonist and you can also realize how fragile the world created by Rowling is, because there are many things that you must give the reason to the creator of the fan fic.

I can say with certainty that the author treats each character well, gives them their space and develops them; in some fan fic sometimes they try to fool Ron, in this it develops, grows, and causes you satisfaction.

Character development is good and you feel that they behave according to their age, you know they start at 10 years old and they behave at that age.

as I said some things the author takes advantage and they make the protagonist more powerful, but it is acceptable and you do not feel that it was too forced because he exchanges something for something; He exchanges his time in reading and reading and turns him away from people.


now come the spoilers:

I do not know how to begin, firstly as I said the harem exists but it is not the main thing.

the protagonist travels to distant places, and tries to give background to the actions.

example: the whereabouts of voldemort after making the scar to Harry

As I said, you will feel that each character has its own space and develops accordingly, the life of the characters does not revolve around the protagonist as those generic novels:

example: Ron grows up as a character, and you even feel great sympathy for him.

the story has some flaws, especially at the beginning, but if you manage to endure that little you will have found a great adventure fanfic.

I am very meticulous with the logic of the novels; I abandon any novel that I take for s*upid, I want logic, I want development and this novel gave them to me.


mega spoiler


I'll say some changes that he made in the plot.

in the first movie:

Hermione faces Voldemort.


Lockhart kills the basilisk.


They send the protagonist to Azkhaban.


the chalice of fire joins, and he does it in a brilliant way, with his capacity.

invite someone to the dance and it is a funny thing the face that hermione would have put on seeing her partner because she is the least unexpected person you can imagine.


I'm in the middle of this.

They are spoilers, but I want to say that everything is armed; in other words, even if I tell you that such a thing happened, how it developed is interesting; but if you can not stand you can send me a message and I will tell you.

edit: the girls are: Hermione, Luna,... I really do not know, because it gives so much personality to some of you that you do not know what can happen, and with regard to Luna, it is curious. There are more girls... I think.


As I said, this fan fic has its holes and it's true, the romance is so slow and sometimes it makes you want to hit the protagonist, but only a little because it releases one or another little gem.

I'm not a fan and Harry Potter, I only saw the movies but I know that this fan fic is based on the books. If you are someone who loves the universe and you do not accept anyone touching it, I suggest you do not read it; but if you have an open mind to the fan fic you will enjoy it because this fulfills its fanfic purpose and is:

" what would happen if..."

sorry for my spelling errors, English is not my mother tongue <<less
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Zeikfried rated it
November 21, 2023
Status: c38
It's bog standard Harry Potter fanfiction. It travels 1 to 1 the canon plot.

I always trawl around Chinese Harry Potter fanfiction, hoping to find one that blends cultivation with it and pushes the story into the Xianxia genre. I have never found a single one. Not even a nationalist one the tries to tout the superiority of Chinese culture. Not one.

Every time it is just some SI + the author writing the exact same fanfiction people have been writing since 2004.

Read all the chapter titles. If you're a regular fanfiction... more>> reader, you can probably extrapolate exactly what happens throughout the entire story. <<less
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TraderLife rated it
October 16, 2023
Status: c20
Highly Overrated.

Only read if you can stomach the hurtfully amateurish ways the fic is written like any other shallow self-insert. It doesn't even try to create a structure in the story, everything happen just because and you're expected to like it because it's a fanfic of an IP you're interested in, also who writes fanfiction good anyways? Some people do tried their best but not this one.

It reads painfully like a teenager scribble, things happens because the kid who wrote this wants it to happen without any explanation nor effort... more>> to describe the events and plot, a very definition of low effort all daydream fantasy only for those who wants to indulge with the writer while shutting their brain off. <<less
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zavita rated it
September 29, 2018
Status: prologue
No matter what don't give one star just because you have read one chapter, please give the author the opportunity to convey his/she imagination after at least five chapters.

After that please write comments as you like. If you don't give a chance to the author, he/she will become uninspired and stop writing.

For a while I gave five stars.
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GreatKoin rated it
September 27, 2018
Status: prologue
Rated it 5 just to balance out the person who voted 1 right away. I don't understand why they would either - this prologue isn't at all indicative of the content of the story. If a story doesn't fit your fancy by genre, don't even bother reading or rating it.

I hate NTR stories, but I don't go around on NU 1 staring every one I see on the update page. Infact, I don't see them at all. Filters exist people. Use them.

That said I will follow this story for a... more>> bit and see where it goes. Thanks for your efforts, tl. <<less
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kylebo1 rated it
September 9, 2023
Status: c23
The story seems decent thus far, just another take on an MC being reincarnated into the Harry Potter universe (though so far it hasn't been explicitly stated, it seems obvious because he has knowledge of the story). My only gripe would be the usage of incorrect names for characters, spells, and various objects which makes things confusing and jarring. I'm not sure if this is an issue with the original untranslated story or something on the part of the translator (currently reading from Hollywood Novels). Things like calling goblins fairies,... more>> calling quaffles the golden snitch, an attack spell they called the disillusionment charm (I forget which spell they were actually casting but it wasn't invisibility), randomly changing the name of MC's owl and Quirrell and so forth.

The MC's actions and interactions with other characters seem reasonable and not over-the-top, and it doesn't seem to jump right into harem route despite the tag, although I can predict several of the potential love interests so far, it's just friendly conversation - probably Hermione, Luna, and a couple of original characters - one from each house. MC seems to be the "strong because of training and studying" type though there were some early allusions to special powers, that hasn't fleshed out yet.

Overall at this point I give the story a 4/5, translation is a 4/5 because it is clear and easily understandable with the caveat that they use the wrong names sometimes. <<less
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makenai89 rated it
February 23, 2022
Status: --
It's one of the better fanfic about Harry Potter world I've read so far. The story develops new MC and villains for the magical world (Voldemort and Grindelwald were mere appetizers), while maintaining most original character's traits and grow them out in later plots.

The MC is like a younger version of Dumbledore: smart, diligent, reliable, charming, and clear-minded. Rather utilitarian, but still have the heart to love and care for others. These traits enable him to get involved in numerous battles of wit and spells that will hook us chapter-to-chapter.... more>> I love these.

Also important to note: Its harem subplot is rather thin, because MC's relationships are more emotional than s*xual (there's no kissing or such even after hundreds of chapters). But, well, it is still NOT RECOMMENDED for Ron-Hermione shippers or those who love Hermione's spirit of feminism. <<less
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