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In the Realm of the Gods, countless legends fought over a mysterious cube. After the battle it disappeared into the void. Lin Ming stumbles upon this mystery object and begins his journey to become a hero of the land.

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Wuji Tianxia
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Kirihito rated it
April 24, 2016
Status: --
I liked it at first, the story was interesting, the power built up and such are nice. The most annoying thing here though is the antagonists. He offends one guy, this guy asks for help because he can't beat the MC, the MC fights the helper and then if the helper can't win. This helper gets another helper to help him. So the MC fights the helper's helper. But this helper's helper can't win. So the helper's helper gets another helper to help him. This just continues as he... more>> lvls up. <<less
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NiTian rated it
July 15, 2017
Status: c546
The only bad thing about this light novel is that whenever the MC fights, there seems to be an audience due to painstaking hard work of the author. And these wise people quite wisely estimate how the MC is going to get Fed in the A, only to be shocked about the MC's power and potential. And the author has filled up many, many, many chapters with this kind of BS.

Though other novels do have people getting shocked by MC's power, but this author has cultivated this Dao to ANOTHER... more>> LEVEL. <<less
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Luveros rated it
March 14, 2018
Status: Completed
The best novel ever! Lin Ming ono of my favorite MC. Smart, strong there isn't any unneceseery killing sect destroying and stuff like that. Cultivation is truly amazing a pity that battle intent after reaching gold was abandoned, shortly only in Desolate Era was better system.

There is no sh*tty harem!

During adventures Lin Ming meets a lot girls but at the end pick 2 from lower Realm and 2 from Divine Realm (theoretically one)
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riida rated it
April 5, 2016
Status: c952
This novel here was a pretty decent and enjoyable read for a while.

It’s what you get when you take lots of building blocks from ATG and a few from ST, shuffle them and remove some of the unnecessary conflicts.

The first problem is that it has fairly short chapters, even though they’re not. What do I mean by that?

Every sentence that adds new information is immediately followed by two unnecessary paragraphs of the author debating what it means or what it implies, either stating the obvious or repeating already known background... more>> information. You could basically reduce the number of chapters to half their number if you were to remove those obvious fillers... It just doesn’t pack as strong a punch if it’s diluted.

Unfortunately it turned progressively monotonous and unimaginative and I dropped it after he ascended to divine realm after becoming the strongest in the mortal world (ch 952).

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hero.storm rated it
March 19, 2016
Status: --
From 3.75 to 3.5 (Reasoning for the lower rating written below)

One of the few novels I’m currently following intently which is a sign of how good I find the novel to be considering the amount of novels I’ve dropped / usually just skim.

One thing to note though is that the author tends to be repetative. In the most recent chapters you can’t help but notice how many times the author mentions “his strength is only the result of consuming 2 pills at the same time” and “the skills he... more>> chose are the worst and it’s because he knows he’s trash.” This is common in most webnovels but the problem here is that these aren’t mentioned in passing. Most of the time entire paragraphs are used just to repeat / rephrase previously stated information... to the point that some chapters feel like they are simply recap chapters.

Still, the interesting world + MC’s character + writing style (despite the pace being slow) + the speed at which the translator pumps out chapters will certainly keep me reading this novel for quite some time unless something changed

• Update 1 (3/24/2016 1:26 AM) •

Lowered my rating from 3.75 to 3.5.

This is due to the writing becoming more and more repetative. Ideas stated using long paragraphs are rephrased in the very next / closely suceeding chapters. Desriptions and expositions are also being forcefully extended in order to increase the word count. It would be fine if additional information is given using those extending words or if the desciptions are written artfully but that is rarely the case. Hopefully this trend changes otherwise this will become a part of my dropped list. <<less
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Amaury1514 rated it
April 14, 2017
Status: c511
A lot of people already pretty much got everything this novel is about in their reviews. So I'm just gonna say why I'm gonna drop this.
... more>>

1. Around the 300s 400s chp the MC just doesn't feel like he did in the beginning. It's Like he just lost his soul if you ask me. He's just different but not in a good way.
2. It's literally the same format in every arc which people have already pointed out.
3. Every time there is any progress in the relationship between the MC and his "Lovers" he has to leave at exactly that moment and it's annoying asf.
4. There is never any real feeling that the characters are in danger. It's cringy to watch his friends be bullied and on the verge of death over and over again and him coming to save the day. It's not interesting in that we know nothing Is gonna happen to them so it's just stupid.

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BhozzAoI rated it
February 24, 2017
Status: c2262

Nice Story at the start then start to go downhill story when the MC goes to Divine Phoenix but still a little passable story but then I suddenly like it again specially between chapter 1934-1963

where he believe he has been deceived by Sheng Mei (Saint Beautiful) don't know what will be her name and he died in Sky Spill Continent and then he reincarnate and also he saw all his friends once again specially Zhu Yan who stole Lan Yunyue from him then he accompany his parents for more than 800 years

story specially chapter 1963 where he accompany his parents till the last 100 years of their lives and until they die which is a very touching chapter and this chapters are the best part of the whole story and the reason why I kept reading it till the end and also the reason why I gave it 4 star which should be around 3.5-3.7 but round off.
It has many repeatable sentence where it already said from the start but still continue to say until the end and also it has many forced situations that doesn't really make sense that the author are really just forcing it and it really disturb the way of the story but it is still good.
also the best girl for me in this story is Xiao Moxian which has a little difference from the other girls because she has a child like disposition and kind of cute in the story

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SeraphGate rated it
February 16, 2017
Status: c684
Despite it being the basic formula for Xianxia, it does actually have an appeal seperate from the normal face slapping and blood spitting we see in stuff like this. While it never strays too far from the proven steps, it also doesn't go out of it's way to fit any of the character stereotypes or any character anything for that matter.

The main character, Lin Ming, is clearly a bland doll for the author and audience to thrust themselves onto, but he does begin to develop character later on in the... more>> story.

As for the supporting characters, it's best to call them non-existent at best. The author seems to have some ****ing commitment problem because every five seconds were replacing characters who couldn't have been said to have had any personality to begin with, and exchanging them for other worthless characters who also have nothing to contribute to the story.

That's also just a symptom of a much bigger problem for the series. The author keeps increasing Lon Kong's strength so quickly, even in terms of the story, that characters that I might've liked or grown attachment to or shoved out of the way for even more extraordinary genius' who Lang Bin will just roll over again.

Not just other characters either, Lappy Manny is also speeding past interesting settings, plot points, etc. If I had a buck for each gun Chekhov had in this story that was never fired, I might've been able to get Bernie Sanders elected.

That being said, the story does have the strangely addictive (yet repetitive) cycle that all Xianxia suffer, and reap the benefits from. The "such trash, die!" cycle, as I've come to refer to it. So, if you're here for that, then look no further.

If there are any here for anything resembling a comprehensive story, enthralling characters, or extravagant setting, then there are much better places for one to look. <<less
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chekanalia rated it
June 20, 2016
Status: c291
Ok... this is a pretty straight up xianxia. It has good progression and the characters so far are okay.... the cliffies though ?! The MC is pretty good seeing as he is not transmigrated or reincarnated...I should warn you though, the plot armour is strong in this one. All in all, this is a pretty decent read and it updates on a regular basis... yeeaaahh!!
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OTMAN rated it
April 29, 2016
Status: --
Simply the best! I love the MC. He is one of the few who acts his age which is rare and extremely refreshing. He isn't overly arrogant while pretending like he isn't which tends to be the norm in these types of novels. His pure love for Martial Ways and his simple desire to grow stronger come across beautifully, and the novels power system having it that so simply by having a strong martial heart makes you grow stronger is an interesting and unique twist I haven't seen before which... more>> I thoroughly enjoy. The world and the cultivation//magic are also extremely interesting to learn about. From the inscription to the types of arrays they all have my wanting to learn more as the MC learns more. Only real problems I have with it are that the side characters aren't that interesting. Currently we have one that I can see still being around 100 chapters from now and she hasn't been fleshed out that much. Last real problem is of a somewhat similar vein, the villains. I prefer more sympathetic or complex bag guys or at least not just a bunch of rape machines and cannibals. I know under 200 chapters of a 2000+ chapter series probably hasn't had time to show us any real side characters or villains but with what we currently have it seems lacking.

Regardless of all that this is very much my favorite of the dozen or so of these types of novels I am currently reading. <<less
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zaimokuza rated it
August 10, 2018
Status: c764
Very similar with ATG, but with more flaws.

first. MC is the embodiment of hypocrisy. It's said that his heart hold a considerable amount of love/lust but no evil, yet for whatever reasons he kills without batting an eye while neglecting his women.

MC only shows proper manner at the beginning of the story, when he gets more powerful, he pretty much becomes self-centered. The conversations are also kinda irritating, when MC asks about A, somehow the answer will start from Z. Not to mention the repetitive sentences that keep appearing in... more>> several chapters continuously.

MC's cultivation method is also obscure, at time they have layer to go through, but overtime they're forgotten. There's no suspense in the battle, meh level drama, but quite acceptable adventure.

MC learns many things only to be abandoned later on.

Well, to put it simply, the author did his best to make MC seems AMAZING, but in the end the overall story become mediocre. <<less
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Mike777ac rated it
March 25, 2017
Status: c782
One of the best Xianxia I have ever read, period. Doesn't really need any more elaboration, but I will anyway.

Martial World is one of the novels that created a lot of the tropes and cliches that people complain about now days. I've you've read too many xianxia, you probably know all the stereotypes already lol. However, Martial World just does the whole xianxia thing better than most others. It doesn't have any unique or special gimmicks really.

It's just a very fun and addicting read. So go ahead and try it,... more>> just be careful not to overdose lmao. <<less
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Sae rated it
November 10, 2016
Status: c511
As of c511, rate 4.3/5

One of the better novels here. OP MC thanks to OP starting treasure, we can easily see from the foreshadowing that he treads on the destiny of endless luck and opportunities that come with great risks. That's why it doesn't feel fast and overwhelming, the risks are... definitely very risky.

Also thanks to the writing that elevates the situations and makes you impatient to know how he's gonna overcome the situation, while it may feel dragged out for some, this is what makes the novel a... more>> good read. Rinse and repeat? Yes but done very well in different places thanks to good world building. It's not your fast paced level up and beating dumpstard enemies every 3 chapters. Fillers? Yeaah but if you actually read through them all they are much more better than just obvious facts. There are some things repeated that if you see you should just skip.

MC is a sensible, adapting and rational kid. Good cultivation technique and techniques overall, every knowledge he obtains will be put to good use. Fights are of above average quality.

I normally dislike harem coz they're usually nonsensical like the stupid villain hoard in the same novel, but this harem don't at all annoy me. Not saying that the romance is exceptionally good, but it's more decent than many out there with okay interactions. Over 500 chap and only 2 women, so it's not a stupid harem to show MC's might.

Now to villains, they actually fell short for this novel. They are just bad, stupid or unreasonable. They are jealous of MC, then drag in more bad and powerful villains to deal with MC, meh.

All in all, a good read unless you prefer fast/no brainers. <<less
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Kergonan rated it
April 25, 2019
Status: epilogue 2
Disclaimer: I was a sponsor of this novel, first on Patreon, then on Wuxiaworld.

This novel has been one of my favorite in the Chinese fantasy genre, and while it is not perfect, it is a very good if not excellent book which I would have given full mark if not for a few flaws that objectively prevent me to do so.

The Martial World is a fine setting. While a “big” setting is hint at during the prologue, it is first limited to the lead character’s native world until close to... more>> half the novel. Limited, but not poorly done, quite the contrary, for the Sky Pill planet is indeed well described, abundantly detailed and rich in mysteries that will prove significant even in the latter part of the story. The Divine Realm, and the larger world beyond show themselves to be just as well written, with pretty much the same positive characteristics but further depth and epic as the scale of the universe increases. In fact, quite a few places visited by the main character are later revisited, with old secrets explained (and sometimes new mysteries added).

Speaking of the characters, I must say they are pretty good. True, there is not really a core cast of characters, as most are left behind as the protagonist rises in power, although some stick with him for long periods of times (in person like his wives or as part of the plot for the significant antagonists) or reappear at a later time (like his mortal family or some members of the first major influence he belongs to). So most characters are well designed for their roles but are mostly functional. The recurring ones have more depth, often just a little more, except for the few mentor figures and the wives. By the way, if you’re not a fan of the harem genre (I’m not either, I prefer monogamous heroes), don’t worry because while the protagonist is polygamous, each love interest has her own defined personality and plays an important role in the story’s progression, often being central to a big part of the plot. As for the main antagonists, while we got the classic “arrogant young masters” at the beginning of the book, they are quickly replaced by villains with “good” to “great” personality and well planned operations lasting for whole arcs which make them memorable, often more than the MC’s allies.

The main characters is excellent. Lin Ming is no sociopath, has no arrogance and is a sympathetic person, caring and protective to his family, friend and allies, always willing to get justice for them but without sadism. His core characteristic is his love for martial arts, his quest for the peak of this discipline being one of his main driving force for the whole novel and his appreciation for all martial matters being an important part of the mood thorough the story. Moreover, there is a significant character growth of the protagonist as the plot moves forward. The young, eager, somewhat naïve martial artist from the beginning becomes, through trials, combats, and various (sometimes important setbacks), a much more mature, wiser and somehow detached person, while keeping his core values and passion for martial arts.

For the power system, it is based on the three aspects of Body/Qi/Soul, all supported by the various Laws of the Dao. Few characters progress in the three systems (Lin Ming does), each having its own merits, flaws and being distinct so there is not true redundancy between them, although the Soul-based system is noticeably less detailed than the first two. The underlying Dao system made of Laws of increasing power and difficulty is well-made too and also a significant part of the setting and even the plot. The only flaw here is that as the MC moves on to more complex and mightier sets of laws, the previous laws which constituted a good part of the progression get left behind by the author. That’s a bit frustrating.

The story is mostly well written. The pace is good most of the time and the intrigue is very good. A very strong point is the way the author uncovers the secrets of the worlds, as Lin Ming will often visit a place or a trial, discovering some vital plot points but not all of them, leave and finally gets a complete understanding once he comes back with a higher power. On the same account, most major antagonists are not defeated in one fight, but over multiple occasions. This helps to give a feeling of true improvement of the main character, well managed with an art of cliffhanger used by Cocooned Cow. Still there are two major problems. First is the ending, as like numerous others, the author rushes it and while it has a real sense of epic, it is simply too quick. Second, and this is the most important flaw, the filler. Indeed, especially between the first and last fifth of the novel, the writer repeats the information he has already given across the chapters, and sometimes in the same chapter. I understand it might a technique to put emphasis on specific elements, but you could take a third to (in the worst case) three quarters of quite a few chapters and keep the meaning and quality of the novel.

When it comes to the translation, while Hyorinmaru and Jaspaaar made their share of mistakes at the beginning, the quality saw a steady rise as the novel moved forward, errors became sparse after the first quarter mark and nearly non-existent at the two third of the story. The mood, feelings and meanings were very well if not excellently passed into English, and I can say that I’ll follow the next work of this translator/editor duo with pleasure.

So in conclusion, Martial World is a great novel and some of its elements reach excellence. The setting is great, the characters good and even excellent in the case of the protagonist, the power very good (although a bit flawed), the plot well written and the translation top-notch. It has been my favorite novel while it was translated and it will remember it fondly for a long time. Sadly, while I would subjectively give it a 9 out of 10, I must admit that the quality but rushed ending and the big filler problem force me to objectively give it an 8 out of 10, so a four star. But I can guarantee you that you can’t go wrong with this fine story.

P.S: Thanks to Cocooned Cow for writing such a great novel and to Hyorinmaru and Jaspaaar for a very good translation. And now, I’m going to start reading the sequel, True Martial World. <<less
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Dj5822 rated it
January 12, 2019
Status: c1800
This novel is definitely above average (compared to most of the Chinese cultivation BS out there) but not really anything overly spectacular. Really, I think the only thing that kind of had me interested in the later parts of the novel is the unexpected romance and also mysterious nature of the cube. Everything else is basically generic and stupid.

As with most Chinese cultivation BS, the characters are very one dimensional in the sense that all the characters lack a sense of realism.

The main character basically has no flaws in his... more>> personality, and anything that can be perceived as a flaw is buttered up and set up so that it seems reasonable. For example, whenever Lin Ming kills someone, it seems as if he has some logical justification to do so. But we never actually see the consequences of such heavy actions. Whenever you kill someone, their friends and loved ones would also grieve and suffer. But when you read the novel, such emotions are heavily downplayed and emotions such as anger and desire for revenge are amplified. It doesn't make sense that some young teenage boy can judge whether or not someone should die, so the author makes it so that when Lin Ming kills someone, that person deserved to die. There is never a case where Lin Ming kills someone and then realises that he made a big mistake. Lin Ming will never kill someone he is never meant to kill because the author bends the world in such a way that only fully bad people die from Lin Ming.

As for the villains, well there was one major villain in the novel that was quite persistent and relatively 'cunning' (at least compared to most of the idiots that jump to their deaths), but it's not anything beyond surface level thinking. Don't expect any 'Death Note' moments occurring here. Actually, don't even expect any of that in any cultivation novel.

As for the side characters... About 90% of them get left behind and the other (more relevant) 10% catch up. Actually, I like the fact that the author remembers the old characters and old locations. Lin Ming actually revisits many previously ventured areas. It kind of feels like a NewGame+ with Lin Ming having hack level stats when he revisits the old locations. It's a very refreshing feeling, and the author makes sure not to overdo it.

As for the world-building, as the scale of the novel gets larger it gets more and more ridiculous (which is as expected). The world building is nothing special or creative. I would just say that it is mediocre. But I don't think anyone reads these kinds of things for the world building anyway. (Actually, now that I think about it, the absolute death zone in the Sky Spill continent was quite a unique concept. Props on the author for coming up with that.)

Then what about the story? The story is the most important part of any novel, right? Yeah, well, don't go reading cultivation novels expecting a good story. But from what I've heard people say in the other reviews, the ending is quite spectacular and we all know that the ending is really all we care about in a good story. After all, when you think of a really good story, you don't think about the setting, you think about the ending. So in terms of story, I would say the beginning is pretty average, the middle is just a lost cause akin to any cultivation novel and the ending is pretty good (according to other reviews).

So overall, I would say that the characters are unrealistic and not very interesting. I would also say that the fight scenes are pretty good. The cultivation system is also pretty good. The romance is very good. The world building is just okay. So yeah, the novel, in general, is above average in terms of entertainment value. In terms of intellectual value, I would say it scores well below average. The complexity of the story and characters is just as complex as a bloody two-year-old. <<less
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RikkSilirion rated it
October 1, 2017
Status: --
Many people don't seem to understand this novel. It's repetitive and the protagonist will always win, but that's the point. There is a VERY good level of progression, and even though the MC is going to get stronger and stronger, the author does a good job of showing boundaries and where they are. Constantly we sit there and go "oh he's super strong" just for the author to show us that the world is a big place and this strength isn't as high as we think it is. It's not... more>> a novel to take seriously. It's fun and people read it because they want to watch Lin Ming kicking ass. Don't expect some super serious complex story, but do expect a fun martial arts novel with a good feel for progression. Also the world building is very nice, and unlike other Xianxia novels it's very easy to get a feel for the world, how it works, and where Lin Ming fits into it all. That's honestly one of my favourite aspects, even though there's alot here it isn't too complex, and even though the author repeats things alot, it actually makes it much easier to understand everything. I really don't think this needs the "harem" tag either, it's misleading. Lin Ming has two wives, that's it. <<less
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Nioninja rated it
January 25, 2017
Status: c627
I personally love this story and how it's shaping especially in comparison to true martial world the magic cube is a lot more interesting then crystal origins and the story curves and twists in a much more interesting way
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R3C4P rated it
August 5, 2016
Status: c315
Welll, my first review ~yey

This will keep it short, I mean I dont want to write a Novel by myself. I give this novel 5 stars why?

1. MC is badass :)
2. I dont feel bored while reading
3. I like his conversations with the female characters
4. MC's weapon is not a sword! Well, I'm bad in writing reviews, still if you like strong and smart MC's you will like this.
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Ebtrill rated it
July 28, 2016
Status: c391
In my opinion, this story is the best xianxia on the site. Mostly because Lin Ming is a pretty great protagonist, not homocidal like Yun Che or sketchy like Meng Hao, but he isn't a pushover either. He's a good guy. Hyorinmaru is also one of the best translators, releasing 14 regular chapters per week! On the downside, the antagonists are all arrogant like every other xianxia, but for some reason, perhaps my bias, I feel like they are more bearable than the rest. Definitely recommend.
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Shikaz rated it
May 14, 2016
Status: c209
The MC starts out as your average joe training martial arts, with slightly better than average talent. Because of certain reasons, he starts devoting all his time and effort on martial arts and cultivating. The story would be pretty boring if it kept that up, so with little luck, he manages to get a treasure, which helps him on his martial path with his mediocre talent.

This MC is truly, true to his personality and being still a teen, he does make mistakes and learns from it. He acts his own... more>> age, even though he is a bit more mature than most teens, it isn't overly unrealistic so. As many other MCs in this genre, he's calm, collected and good at critical thinking, but not an arrogant, genocidal maniac. He just want to get stronger, see how far he can get, what he can learn and achieve on his martial path. He's not overly OP in the beginning, but quickly powers up with luck and effort, making him quite unparalleled on his own level.

What I like about this MC, is his pure goal for strength and peak of cultivation/martial arts. There's no revenge plot, or the like. His "heart" for martial arts is what drives him forward, wanting to see what lies next, which makes it quite refreshing and exciting to read.

Interactions between MC and side characters isn't the greatest, as the story focuses more on his martial path/ cultivation that anything else, so it suffers a bit, but you do have a few love interests introduced, but nothing is explored in any details yet. Hopefully it doesn't turn into a tasteless harem, but very unlikely, considering his heart for martial arts, cultivation and personality it's almost impossible, unless the author changes it.

The power structure is also easy to understand and it's translated beautifully, it's a joy to read.

As of right now, 4/5. It's good, but nothing mind-blowing. The fights, terms and explanations for techniques is what really makes this story good and drives it forward. With more interactions and friendships, this could be really great.

I'll be updating this review in the future, as this is one of the best, current novels I read. <<less
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