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Enemy of the world, cursed by all, Kim Sungchul goes on a quest to prevent the ‘prophecy of the end’ from coming to pass.

But no matter how much he raised his strength, there were still some things he could not achieve with physical strength alone.

Resolving to obtain the power of magic, he goes into hiding to learn magic from his most hated of enemies, The Mages.

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Juin Gongi Himeul Sungim
주인공이 힘을 숨김
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Magicwafflez rated it
April 21, 2017
Status: c58
You would think that because the MC is completely overpowered that it would be boring to read (since the MC would be fine no matter what) but it's actually a pretty enjoyable.

It's fun to watch him do quests, fail at them, then give up and punch the quest or quest giver. "That-That's not... ug fine whatever, here is the reward" XD. Also, he usually comes up with pretty interesting counters to issues... not always punching.

Contrary to expected, this series isn't really an "all humans are evil" story; MC meets lots... more>> of good people, and bad guys usually have motives for what they're doing, not just being bad. <<less
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Araren13 rated it
April 3, 2017
Status: c82
Well written, good plotline with just enough variables that you won't get lost. Great MC and realistic supporting characters. Don't miss out if you like unorthodox protagonists. Though if you're here for OP-ness, you're still in the right place.

There are some elements of well developed chuunibyou popping up here and there but trying to understand our MC based on what we do know of his past helps.

Lots of ominous hints everywhere, and I especially love how the author kinda just gave up on listing MC's full status almost every time.

Translators... more>> are doing a good job except for a few patches of text. Though translation speed is very slow, we aren't even up to 1/4th of the story despite being a relatively shorter light novel.

One last nag, the hammer in the picture does not do justice to MC's main weapon.


10th champion is betrayed by the other 12, and they use their influence to turn the rest of the world against him. He became more badass as he survives and tries to solo all the ''Calamities" the world is trying to overcome. But since he is super OP with physical type of combat his magical type is non existent which those calamities take advantage of.

So what this genius does is, he goes back to the summoning grounds and mixes in with noon to get magic.
Now read the story.

The author doesn't seem to have mentioned such as why the MC did things which might have pissed factions/people off but I'm hoping the explanations​ comes later.

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Nuinui rated it
March 30, 2017
Status: c48
The first chapter was kind of "meh" because we're pretty much thrown into the story without any prior knowledge. The MC reaches the final boss, who he needs to take down to prevent the end of the world, but soon realizes he is unable to kill him with purely brute strength. He needs magic, something he neglected in exchange for power.

The MC pretty much leaves in search of a way to gain magic and become a magician. I found his nonchalance kind of odd (why did he come all this... more>> way to kill the last boss, only to go, "Oh okay, I need magic then I guess"?) Personally, I'd be beyond pissed and annoyed. And while it's understandable (I guess) that the MC merely focused on strength, he would have at least accounted for the chance that the boss was immune to brute force.

Despite the somewhat bland beginning, things start to really build up after that. It turns out that the MC is actually quite notorious, and something really terrible had happened to him for him to become this jaded and cold. We aren't told what, but we are given hints as the story continues to develop. So readers who prefer to have things explained at the beginning might find themselves disappointed.

The story is quite dark and grim, as its world pretty much emphasizes the rule of "survival of the fittest." Betrayal is everywhere and self-gain/profit is the goal. No one is safe from death (except the MC, haha) and the fighting scenes are quite gruesome. The MC himself is ruthless in destroying anyone that gets in his way or poses as an obstacle. It's implied that his jadedness comes from what occurred in the past with his previous "companions."

I do like the MC's personality, and as the story continues, we learn a lot about him. He isn't just some overpowered brute. He works hard, is quite the overachiever, and still takes joy in learning. Plus, he likes cooking!

One of the few niggles I have about this story is the MC's lack of caution. Yes, he doesn't blatantly reveal his strength, yet he does a really terrible job of also hiding it sometimes. For someone who is notoriously known, you'd think he'd change his name or something.

It turns out that the MC has a lot of money because he stole it from the Merchants Guild. He spends the money like water but doesn't consider/realize the consequences of that. (Imagine robbing a bank and then using the money... The serial numbers are recorded, you know?)


The story still is quite interesting, and the translation is very good, so I'll be keeping an eye on this story. <<less
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Hamsta rated it
December 31, 2017
Status: c106
So-so. 4/5 because I'm bored without anything else to read (really closer to a 3/5).

    • Author writes fun and engaging scenes which is where the majority of praise is coming from. Unfortunately...
    • The author sucks arse at setting up situations. Nooba is right, there are a metric ton of plotholes because the author can't figure out how to make people act..... like people & can't set up situations so that they make sense.


      For example: Getting magic power/class, MC snuck into the summoned's group again so he can get a magic class because apparently magic academies & organizations won't let him in & he's scared they might have someone/something powerful enough to see through his deceiver's veil.... Then the author promptly forgets about this and has the MC directly enroll in one of the top magic schools. Wat. Author also has the MC sneaking in all manner of places without fear of discovery (dumb MC goes around using his real name and face). Wut. It would have made much, much more sense if the MC decided to join the summon'd group because he knew of the 7 hero shrines and wanted to snag the legendary hero magic class (es).... Chapter 1 & 5 makes it very obvious he wasn't aware of such which makes his future actions ridiculous because he could've just derped around sneaking into magic academies, tricked demons into giving him their stats (gambling), and steamrolling through their quests/missions like he later does at Airfruit.

      Also like NoobaLoob said, people are willing to help out the MC left and right as long as he doesn't reveal his identity to them, even after he does, several are still willing to help him (or at least not attack him outright) as of c106 which kills the credibility of MC's backstory.

    • It's not all bad though, the author does try to justify some times in a semi believable manner.

      Turns out the higher ups crafted most of MC's bad rep on purpose since they actually don't want the demon king dead due to the numerous even worse calamities that follow. This is plausible as there is no Internets and it would be fairly easy to spread false rumors widely via authorities in a place with middle age tech. Especially as everyone takes the status window as law.

      MC also isn't just hauling a half decent mage or scrolls to defeat the demon king since he's aware of the future calamities.

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lamb rated it
May 28, 2017
Status: c72
I want to start off by saying that I obviously haven't finished the book, and I think the fact that I can't has lowered my opinion of it. This book was not made to be read slowly. I feel like the author is trying to come up to some big reveal about the reason that no one (not even the mc) seems to care about the massive number of slaves, or the caste system they are living in. This combined with the slightly ridiculous premise makes me want to just... more>> take this as a light hearted book, but then the setting is a completely distoppian world on the brink of collapse. I say that this book isn't meant to be read slowly is all we know about the mc's motivation
I'm fine with a book being secretive about their mc's history and motivations and the story has done a great job with that (one of the best parts about it). The author however, has decided to leave so many questions that should have obvious answer that would give away nothing, and only serve to flesh out the world, blank. It is a great story once you get past the setting, premise and, tone (things that have no plot relevance obviously). I suppose what I'm complaining about is a common theme among web novels; the authors seem to have no f**king clue what they want their story to mean. Look at each chapter individually and they are all great, put them together and it becomes lack luster. There are books that have put the tone together by pure accident such as 'Epoch of Twilight'; wherein the characters' actions make sense if you think hard about them, but the narration seems to have no f**king clue why.

I feel like everything I read on here is half a book from the beginning (aside from the fact they are half translated). An example would be a book where the whole thing is set up to be grim and the characters under lots of stress; the tone will suddenly shift from grim to a laughable situation (or worse echi). It is completely normal for people under lots of stress to joke around light heartedly, and I find that when they do one of 2 things happen, the narrator/ descriptions will change with it into a incredibly light hearted scene; or the author will repeatedly bash your face into to it yelling "LOOK I UNDERSTAND BASIC HUMAN PSYCHOLOGY, PRAISE ME PLEBIANS" well something similar. I find the later to be obnoxious and the former to be boring. This book is definitely the former (Epoch to the latter and yet the former at the same time; it is really a mess). Now all that being said, and despite all its flaws the book is probably one of the best you will find on this site. No matter what is said, in the end almost everyone on here is either a new writer, or a professional ametuer. If I had to pick ones who have a good amount of promise it would be ones like 로드워리어 and Road Warrior.

P.S. I think I got a bit side tracked <<less
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mrttao rated it
February 5, 2017
Status: c93
The synopsis really does not do this justice.

It is a grimdark fantasy world that summons people in bulk from other worlds (including earth). Mostly to be slaves but some to take up classes and fight demons and the like. Every system is corrupt, every person of power is corrupt.

The MC is the "strongest" (as in, highest strength stat on the RPG system) and has a goal, to kill the demon lord (one of the calamities). To do that he needs magic since the demon lord has a perfect defensive spell... more>> that renders him immune to raw physical might but weak to magic.

To learn magic MC needs to get around the fact he is considered an enemy of the state by pretty much all nations. So for the first 50 or so chapters he fakes his identity as that of a fresh summon from earth. As well as cheat his way through magic quests with raw power.

Later on the plot develops though, instead of being locked into the above idea forever.

There is also a good amount of humor mixed in. <<less
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ZeroBlink rated it
January 27, 2019
Status: c140
3 star

It's fun for the first 60 chapters, but then it looses it's charm.
It starts out as a sort of survival game in a foreign world. Which is a strong and welcome fantasy setting.
The MC is OP in terms of physical attributes.

From day 1 all the suspense is out of the window, he's toying with fodder for 100 chapters literally, you're more into side charters than the MC most of the time.

If you can overlook these major flaws, then first half of the novel is quite action packed,... more>> its a 4 Star, but later it drags on and on as things get revealed in a very long winded manner.

About 80 chapters in the MC states in plain text "I can beat all of my enemies c0mbined" and so he does over and over and over again.

There are interesting concepts here to explore, but undeveloped, mc's magic, alchemy etc are really underused and in fact pretty much useless in the first half of the story.

The MC is basically is the same person day 1 as he is at 140 chapters... nothing changed besides his stats.
He has all these amazing things, but tbh I don't give a damn about this dude. See if he started with normal stats at the begging of the story, maaayyybe I would care, but I don't... for all I care he's an overpowers douche from start to finish that didn' have to work for anything in his life. The author bestowed near infinite strength to the character at the begging of the story. Making him work for it in 1-2 brief paragraphs or flashbacks, goes against the spirit of adventure. It's lazy.
There's only one type of OP character I hate more than the Omniscient Peerless Expert Reincarnated and that is An invincible MC from day 1.

This would not be a problem if the focus of the story wasn't "power" predominantly, like in greek mythology gods had near infinite strength, yet it was more about drama and their fickle nature.
This story is nothing like that, all of the characters are just predictable freaks that act exactly the same way. You will not find a more cunning enemy than Dolores in this book. <<less
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FamilyGuy rated it
June 26, 2018
Status: c130
The op-ness of the MC is what's stopping me from removing this novel from my reading list.

Some parts of the novel are a bit interesting but everything else is just boring. So boring that you would leave it alone for months so that it piles up chapters and even after that you would come back, read a chapter or two and then stop coz it's not worth it...
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Abi rated it
October 14, 2017
Status: c108
The general gist of the story is that the MC (severely OP) seeks to destroy the calamities that are foretold in this world. The story starts with him going to learn magic in order to defeat the first calamity since he lacks magic power, then carries on with describing how he basically bulldozes his way through anything/anyone who's blocking his way. He's strong, like near-God like strong, so there aren't really any barriers to his aim so far. In fact, it's incredibly fun to watch arrogant SOBs get completely KOed... more>> by one hit from him.

The MC is brilliant to watch and though he does mow down anyone he deems his opposition, he's not cruel; in fact his personality and motivation is quite pure, just that everyone calls him the 'enemy of the world' because he's made quite a few enemies due to differing viewpoints. LOL.

I'm up to chapter 108, and the MC hasn't destroyed the first calamity yet (there are 5 so far). The focus thus far has been more a setting of the scene, but don't let this put you off as loads of events do occur and the story moves swiftly. The translation is fantastic and the story flows very well, hence I managed to read 108 chapter in the span of 2 days. As such, I fully recommend! <<less
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RikkSilirion rated it
September 8, 2017
Status: --
A quick lore/backstory explanation as to why everyone in this world hates the protagonist.

In the world this takes place in there are several 'calamities' which cannot be avoided. The next calamity will only happen once the current one is taken care of. There was a group of people that wanted to kill the demon king, the 'current' calamity, but once they got there they realized that if they killed him they would have to deal with the next calamity, and they weren't prepared for that, so they decided to leave and not kill the demon king. The protagonist was the only one who wanted to continue and kill the demon king. The group of people were scared of the next calamity, however, so they branded him the 'Enemy of The World'

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GDLiZy rated it
July 18, 2017
Status: c91
When I first saw this novel's name, I thought it's generic OP MC story.

But after I have read it, this is amazing!

The plot is really good.I, myself really like Dark Fantasy setting. This is one of the only novels that done OP MC right.

MC sometimes hide his strength and do things behind the scene, but he himself will act if necessary.

I will answer some of the frequency asked questions.

  1. Why can't MC hire a mage? Because he is Enemy Of The World, hated by all.
  2. How? He got betrayed by 12 others Champions for their greed.
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Cheesetakery rated it
July 10, 2017
Status: c88
I heard it was downvoted due to the name, and I came to raise it back up. Its a great novel, although the main character only really hides his strength for the beginning and second arc. He doesn't have any reliable allies as of now, but that might be due to

... more>>

his betrayal by the other continental champions. He had allies before, and he also will most likely find more allies in the future. He also never changes his clothes but he said that he felt most comfortable in his hobo clothes. I just want to know what direction the story will go in after he kills the Demon King.


Basically I loved it and I hope you try it out too! Don't be scared of the name!

-Cheesetakery <<less
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Tsathoggua rated it
January 13, 2019
Status: c148
I love this novel and MC. He's hiding something that happened to him and made him like that. He's not just a regular OP MC with autistic personality but he had a goal connected with his past. Something horrible happened to him and, in one moment, he dropped his indifference to others and try to help a girl and a boy (trying to became devil) but.... that just confirmed his resolve to not help others.... and in the 148 chapter he ... more>>

specifficaly stopped the rampage because, I think, of his friends in tower

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fir537 rated it
December 22, 2017
Status: c- -
The MC reminded me of MC from the World After the Fall (because I read that first before this). Basically OP MC mixing up with nonOP characters, sort of hiding his true strength.

... more>>

MC did some weird stuff in his past, and is now a most wanted man within the Otherworld. He, due to needing magic powers to defeat the ones at the top of the world, decides to return to his beginning. No idea if there was any time reversal magic of sorts, but he went back to the place he was first summoned. MC is part of the ones considered original summons, those who was summoned to the Otherworld via the Summoning Palace, the first batch. His other fellows are either dead, became a returnee by going back to normal world, or became people with powers in the Otherworld. He himself can return, but chose not to, and for some promise he made, decides to destroy the world (sort of).

So MC went back to his summoning fort, mix in with the newbies summoned over, and decides to go the magic path. He most likely went pure warrior the first time.


Havent read much yet, so all I can think of is MC being too selfcentered. He mightve lost faith in humanity from the 25 years living in hell, but he seemed to not even attempt to pretend.

Ill update this when I read more.

Finding issues with the translation that annoys me, but I suppose most westerners wont care. I just never really liked names being reversed, even the western names. <<less
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TrueHistoria rated it
November 23, 2017
Status: c116
One of my favourites.

In a cruel dark-fantasy world, there resides a certain man who is depicted as the 'World's Enemy' or 'Enemy of the World', whose name is Sung Chul Kim. As his title describes it, he is mostly hated due to his circumstances in the past. Concerning his ability, he has extraordinary strength that no one can compare, no one has achieved but him. But despite so, there were still results unfavourable to him. So then by going incognito, he goes on a journey to learn magic to achieve... more>> a certain goal--to end the prophecy which involves armageddon--destruction of the world.

Despite the cruelty Sung Chul suffered, he does not shy away from achieving his goal. As that may be considered heroic, he has also learnt from it and got anti-hero traits and retain these as the story progresses. And so, he did the following:


1. Sung Chul tortured and killed the one involved in the plot for destroying his team he was belong to in the Summoning Palace.

2. Upon learning that the Enemy of the World was seen in the city, the Assassins Guild sent their men to hunt and kill Sung Chul, but when the encounter begins, the tide turns the other way around--they were slaughtered instead of him.

3. In the Demon Realm, Sung Chul let two guys--one man and the other, a woman, suffer as he continues to do his thing while the woman slowly starts to die and the man was slowly becoming a demon, in exchange for his eyes.

And so on...


The novel was made to be more dark-fantasy-ish due to its protagonist aside from the cruel society. Regardless, there were some light-hearted moments involved due to the following:


Sung Chul acquired a companion, namely, a book, which can talk. Her nane was Bertelgia, and she was necessary for learning magic. Her personality is cheerful, she likez to make remarks everytime something happens. She made a shocking expression as she first witness Sung Chul's power. Nevertheless, she tents to stay cheerful amid dire situations in Sung Chul's side, and she was very reliable, contributed a lot for him to learn magic.

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sleed rated it
April 30, 2017
Status: c61
Edit: looks like the author made a turn to his writing pattern, wich put MC back to meaningful action and it's interesting what will happen next, giving me the feel of anticipation wich was the one thing made me invest attention on this novel, so from this point on I'm convinced this novel is like a pendulum most of the time, well written, and im sure it will accomplish what lots of xianxias try to emulate. What is still lacking is the definition of what is good and the act... more>> of fundamentally question what is he fighting for. This is gonna be left to the reader, I'm Sure this is going to be close to a indifferented massacre (like whats really at the cause of the root evil), just killing bad guys who happen to be obstacles in MC path on becoming the next dictator, by accident that is. But I'm pretty sure, that is what's on the end of the line here, excepting and omitting the assassin regresor, wich I think it is not going to matter really.

Original review:

Started good but lacks the ability to differentiate the essential plot from the superficial actions in between.

Describing long winded events that lead to a minor plot event feels like it was put as filler. I don't like 400~+ chapters for this theme. In anime, I think this could be made because it the show attribute is very high in that medium. In the later part of the novel or has a tendency to feel more like your are watching a video game, sung chull picking up items and extense narrations on the individual battle progresion. I think the merit of this theme should be in short, discrete purposeful actions. Not a continuum of endless contingencies made by accident the primary focus. If the MC is the silent, cold chilling and calculative person they he is and the premise is more than we are watching a powerful, super experienced genius the events should be able differentiated to what's important from the incidental for this particular plot and theme. The essential of this premise is the MC being able to act on his plans, I think MC should explain why such plan is the best and also what context has made him choose this path (not only circumstance hopping). This is not a novel about an extraordinary MC executing his plan. This MC making his 'plan (latter this only becomes a profound intent) ' work for the contingencies. His only ever truly planned event was the first arc, when he starts as a newbie. The only thing in his mind is kill the demon Lord. And gaining two stat points, Nothing else. Everything else after that feels more like a kind of strategy, divorced from the crucial part (thinking), taking opportunities since even he gave us the illusion that everything was going to be calculated and skillfully executed in the first arc. slowly it starts losing its brightness because really this novel had only two excellent potentials:

1 to be drawn in as the MC executed his plans, showing only the execution and critical build up, for a long chain of persevering clues on what he really is thinking. Serving as an inspiration of not bruteforce but feats of intellect based off extraordinary uncompromised principles used against evil

The 2nd potential is kinda the inverse

2 to be incentiviced, to look outwards, MC mostly describing his plans and showing, of its execution, mostly its consequences. Letting us to infer the status (essence) of the world in a cohesive, adventurous way. (Because we know the MC, he is not a mystery based on the narration style. What then would be interesting would be a combination of cause and effect in realation with MC actions, and his past. Never losing the underlying grand scale architecture.)

Why this two are the only option? Because the MC is OP: the only thing than would differentiate him from a thug would be his principles and values (wich never come out). that is the primordial driving force, what would make this strike story heroic; not having fear of doing justice and exterminate the evil because it's evil; being conscious of what's right. (I.e its a virtue being fundamentally able and smart). MC didn't lose its ability to fight evil. Instead what the evidence implies is

MC never knew what he was fighting for. This thought never even crossed his mind. This novel is about how MC was wrong doing push ups; he should have made more lemonades (alchemy). Solution;Not getting smarter but more and more concrete-bound

He ALREADY invested like probably two hundred years in building that strength. But instead of working in his strengths he just suddenly decided to become a magician. Why? Because his concrete bound mentality only allows him to think in terms of 'kill-fixin'. Thinking that a dictatorship is practical. He thinks that human beings are fundamentally stupid and naturally evil with a tendency to crookedness. Only he can enslave by force and be a good slave master. Well that's wrong. The evidence this far tells this is whats happening. This is not a thinking hard about planning for the best good novel. The title should be

" MC hides his strength because he wants to become a dictator magician"

There is never a discussion about values here, principles or fundamental values. This is guess the BIG SURPRISE at the final of the novel. And endure the endless indistinguishable slaughter until MC discovers that he killed the world. Being strong doesn't allow him to command his future but only to adhere to a thin line taking him from of killing because they are crooked (everyone is here) except MC ofc. were are to read Thru all the countless, principle-less, concrete bound events in a novel about not about a hero but what becomes" the strongest butcher". I guess that we are infer the following, since MC never tells us what is good or what he stands for I think I can guess; he is good because he kills without thinking. the chapters get repetitive. Not only showing but describing again and again the same point, I thought that only on the beginning he would be this concrete bound, how ever this feels more like a pendulum, oscillating in between whats important and kinda important and more and more until this novel becomes arbitrary description of the entire and direct MC perception. Making this now about a brute's log on killing enemy's, wich happen to be sometimes powerful. The style losses the feeling of sharpness and becomes substance less. Like an edge that has acquired so much volume that now could only kill by means of weight. The character focus is like, a silent but supposedly furious drill sergeant, straining his sight, popping his veins out of his forehead, and showing its grinding his teth, just to observe a black ant crossing the dinner table, describing like an old man each step the ant takes; writing it in paper but never omitting to describe each step. I think if there is killing I think it has to be preceded by a very good reason. Abs when you kill more than one there had to be clearly defined principles based on values. Approximation to human like is like 4 digit redundancy does to a rocket traveling to the moon; it may launch of from the earth, but out probably never arrives the moon. <<less
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April 1, 2017
Status: prologue
Like NoobaLoob said there is a big problem of logic in this story. The MC take the long route to become a magician when he could just take a magic item that let him use magic. ... more>>

But the big problem is why is there a test for newby? In The King of the Battlefield in was said it was because of salomon but there is no reason there, just because crazy magician summon people to make them slave and give thing to other people for no reason. Take concept from Reincarnator like one monster that suposed to be unkillable.

The plot is:He take the long route to become a magician to kill an enemy with an immunity to physical attack. To do this, he go to a tutorial. The tutorial is a copy from reincarnator that summon people to kill them? It also give advantage to people for no reason. He could just have used artifact that do magic for him, but it is convenient to the plot so the MC don't do this.


The base concept is good and average story telling I would rate 3/4 star. <<less
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HelluvaReader rated it
April 14, 2019
Status: c148
I enjoyed it for a while.

As there are no translations anymore, I read some spoilers and have to say I'm disappointed with what is going to happen. The only thing that kept me reading was the OP'ness of the MC but it gets boring pretty quickly. I still voted it a 5 because I enjoyed its premise.


But it's best you drop the story after the MC kills the Demon king.

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sgrey rated it
November 25, 2017
Status: c116
This novel is pretty dark, but can be interesting. However the setting is depressing and is difficult after a while. MC is a loner and just treats everyone as sh*t, arrogant and thinks he is always right. He doesn't want to get information available to him because he thinks it is unrelated to him, without even knowing what that information is. The pacing of the novel is actually good. Most things are not stretched out unnecessary, but the author sometimes screws up with that. The author also keeps things that... more>> can enhance the novel, world building and character development from the reader. For example he doesn't say clearly what happened, what kind of promise MC made, etc. Why keep it a secret? Also the fact that MC is too much of an asshole is a drawback sometimes. He could at least treat Bertelgia better. Overall not a bad novel, but the is a foreshadowing of a bad end for MC. The author can spin a good ending or a bad ending at this point. <<less
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Niko1975 rated it
June 4, 2017
Status: c34
It's very good novel and I think it has a great potential. Surprisingly it's dark story (although not to the point of depression), but as you can see in tags it's about Owepowered Protagoinst so it's doesn't matter how much dark story is the main thing is that MC is not some pu**y.

But what I can not understand is that he is never changes his closes in this 34 chapters, and other characters always recognize him as someone with worn down military field jacket and jeans (aka, most humanee closes... more>> he found).

Well I don't know what preferenses you have, but this story to my liking, so i'll give 5 stars.

P.S: sorry for bad engRish) <<less
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