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A loving father adopts an adorable little boy. Or is it?

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4 Reviews

Nov 17, 2020
Status: c10
There's no consent to be found here. Which is expected from the tags. What did bother me is that unlike what you might think from the description it's not about one uke/shou. Instead once the father (seme/gong) is finished ruining the kid, he starts raping other people and we never see what I thought was the main again. That does bother me. I just got attached to the kid and not to the father so I ended up losing interest.

The smut is very kinky and the story itself is well-translated.... more>> Kudos to the translator. <<less
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Jan 22, 2022
Status: Completed
Okay. This is my opinion and I respect every comment from other people.


I LOVE THE NOVEL. Yes, the protagonist begins his story with the adoption of his inters*x son and his whole lustful story, which is very good and one becomes fond of the boy but that does not make the other stories worse or bad.
I liked it a lot, love, the story of the beauty teacher, I love that type of bit*h that on the surface is straight, reserved, tender and even shy but inside they are a... more>> whore. I loved how they put their c*cks into he for two, not one, two!!!. Oh dear I love this kind of perversion. I would have loved if the author had delved into the little orgy.
It also has its exhibitionist scenes which are not bad.

the only bad thing is that there are 21 chapters. I hope to immerse myself in the Chinese pages and find more works by this author.

In conclusion: if you like the story with multiple partners, flesh, orgy, double penetration, a bit of incest, exhibitionism and even a bit of romance and affection at the end, this is yours. <<less
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Dec 23, 2022
Status: c14
Just like some of the comments here. It lost my interest. Mainly because of how the seme ruined the life of his every victims. I know this is r*pe, incest, and everything you see in the tags, and I kinda "ok, I'll try reading and accept these tags." However, I really can't accept the fact that every victim he find has an okay and contented life and then were ruined by him. Some of you may find my review annoying but what I'm saying is true. All of their lives... more>> will be ruined up to their last breath just because of a demon like him.

I know this is only a story and to just throw my rationality or something at the back of my mind and just enjoy this. But whenever I witness how he ruined their lives just makes me sad and angry at him. Especially kids/teenagers! Their lives will be full of happy and memorable things in the future but then were ruined by him and will stay like that throughout their lives and cannot even escape that hellish thing.

I also read this for smut, I admit it, but I just really can't accept that... really. So, I've rate it as 1/5 even though I know a lot of you will be angry. <<less
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Lara Night
Lara Night
Dec 02, 2022
Status: Completed
You're hungry? Come read this. No plot, no setting, no ML and no MC, they just f*** and f*** day and night.

I have been reading heavy books with complicated setting lately, so I read this to somehow relax my mind?
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