Lost You Forever


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Life is the encounter and separation, is the starting time and oblivion, but there are always things that once happened, will leave traces, and always have a person, once appeared, will be unforgettable.

The fated meeting at the town of Qing Shui has changed the destiny of everyone, even change the destiny of Da Huang. The desire for a little warmth, a little of company, at some point decided a shattered heart. It is similar to a cup of poisoned wine, when it gets to the throat, it becomes sweet, melting hearts broken bone, and until it reaches the heart and lungs, no medicine can cure. The poison is discovered and it is paralyzing the heart and lungs. Only the smile of one’s beloved can eliminate it. If it can’t, the only thing left is the engraving of missing. It won’t stop even after death.

If everything is destined, when Xiao Yao and Tu Shan Jing meet, they are fated to be parted one day, fated they cannot love, and also cannot forget. Although they can’t hold on to one another, at least to make themselves be unforgettable, bury everything deeply inside the heart. That gentle imprint will forever be indelible.

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Chang Xiang Si
Eternally Yearning For You
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New Xiang Liu rated it
June 9, 2021
Status: Completed
Well my preference may not be same for many, but honestly this is the best one I ve read till now. And just to rate this I ve created an account.

I really dont like sad stories at all. I avoid reading such stories but by mistake I took this (yeah its kinda happy ending) but I dont regret it.

I ve read 50+ novels either short (of 5 ch) or long (8000+ ch) of many genre, then you can guess what a amazing one this is to make me create an... more>> account and rate and review it.

From start to near end (50 ch) I hoped for XY and Jing to be together but the last 2 ch just killed me (even now I am crying while typing).

Many dont like sad story that makes them cry but I really from the bottom of my heart advice you to read it or else you are going to miss an important thing in your life.

I ve never read a novel twice no matter how much good it is but today I am gonna break that one.

So everyone have a great emotional rollercoaster ride and enjoy each and every moment of it.

And I ve to say the translation team is just awesome really have done a great job. They even attached the novel 'Once promised' important chapters so that we can understand the essence of the story well even without reading the whole novel (Once promised).

[Personal note: I ve thought countless times how I will start and end my first review or on which novel and so on but all those preparations got wasted now that I am crying and typing whatever comes to my mind. Please ignore the typos and grammar mistakes if any).

THANK YOU :) (for the novel, Author, translation team, koalasplayground. Com, all the readers) <<less
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08phamann rated it
January 20, 2018
Status: c50
This novel is a b*tch. You have been warned. At first, it lures you in with sweet candy, promising cute and sweet and happy. And then from then on proceeds to continuously and calmly stab you in the heart with a candy cane. Playing with your emotions as easily as a butcher cutting meat: with precision and no emotion. Like a little kid playing with his new yoyo. He just doesn't know when to stop. That b*stard.

My thoughts about the shipping and the ending:

... more>>

I knew a lot of people shipped the Xiao Yao with Xiang Liu, but he wasn't for me. XL was too mean to XY. He didn't appreciate her. Didn't treat her well. I liked Jing the best, and I thought that he was the best suited for her. And till the very end I still think that this is the case. In those circumstances, in that time, he was the best choice for Xiao Yao. However, this does not lessen my heartbreak for XL. To be honest, for most of the novel, I still clung to Jing as my favourite ML. There was one time when he had thoroughly disappointing me (when he fell for someone's scheme and got his evil fiance pregnant), however, it was proven that he stayed true to XY and didn't actually betray her. BUT towards the end of the novel is where I really noticed XL's love and devotion. His love is the type that does not act for the sake of recieving anything in return. In fact, he goes through extra lengths to ensure that XY and other people don't realise that he did anything. He did not do it for the recognition. He simply did it because he loves her and wants her to live, and live happily at that. The epilogue gutted me. The MC and ML got their HE, but I was not happy. XL was selfless in his actions towards XY, however, he chose to remain true to his promise and fight with the rebel army to the very end, despite the hopelessness of the situation. If he had given that up, I believe he would have been able to be with XY. But he couldn't. But that didn't mean that he didn't love and help XY. There was one line that really killed me in the epilogue. When they first met, XY said that she didn't know how to protect herself, didn't have anyone to depend on, and didn't have anywhere to go. And XL thinks to himself:

After several decades of archery, you have the ability to protect yourself; in a desperate situation you no longer need to use your body to shield the person you want to protect. An adoring lover, you already have a person to depend on, you no longer need to be by yourself. The sky and ocean are so large, you have a place to stay and will no longer be chased by people with no place to stay.

Xiao Yao, from today on, I can no longer protect you. You have to take care of yourself well, I wish you an eternity of peace and happiness!

And the killer is that, ultimately, he made all these things possible for her. He personally taught her archery to protect herself, even if he disguised his motives to her. He saved Jing by sending out mer-people to look and rescue him from certain death. He is the reason XY and Jing can reunite to love happily ever after. He have XY his blood so she feels as comfortable in the ocean as she does on land, opening up a world of opportunities for her. He did all this, and it kills me inside that he didn't get his happily ever after. Someone in the comments on Sushengbar said that this really spoiled her worldview, because the belief is that if there are soulmates, then the two will naturally find each other and be together. However, this novel did not do that. When Jing (fake) died, I thought to myself, I will be satisfied if the ending of this novel was similar to the ending of Hamlet: wherein everyone of importance dies. And after real ending, I think I still would have preferred everyone to die, because the character who never made his feelings known, but acted his love out in secret, died, while everyone else still is alive. And that just hurts because he deserved such a better ending. I wasn't a fan of XL in the beginning. To harsh and bullies XY like she's a servant. However, by the time the novel ended, I really wish he was the one she choose to give her heart to. But it could never be. And now I'm depressed.

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s0ng9 rated it
February 21, 2018
Status: c52
Epilogue: wish you a world of happiness and worry free

[spoiler alert : Epilogue]

Undulating mountains, forests.

... more>> In a place near water within the valley lays rows and rows of tents. The night has fallen, the bonfire should be raging, with a thousand light lighting the camp. But in order to conceal trail in the dark valley, not a little light nor sound, only one team of looked tired soldiers with dirty clothes patrol back and forth.

Xiang Liu quietly walk past the tents, his snow white clothes are like a gentle wind, slowly floating across the camp. He is the only light that stifles the darkness, every soldier who sees him feels his spirit relax a little and their expressions cheer up a little.

Many years ago, there was dissatisfaction of recruits veterans who complained: "why is the nine-headed demon showing off? We are going to war, not on blind dates, must he dress so loudly?"

Those who have experienced life and death, personally burned corpse of their fellow officers, veterans have experienced many vicissitudes of life, smiled indifferently: "After a few tough battles, you will understand!"

After the new recruits are infected with the vicissitudes of life, they understood the veteran words. All the soldiers were afraid of red stained white figure. But in the battlefield, as long as the white figure appeared, it will immediately attract the attention of the enemy and the most powerful attackers will be led away. There will always be more soldiers who can live to the next battle. In the night of the camp, as long as the white figure, regardless of how close to the enemy, soldiers can sleep at ease.

After burning bodies and fighting side by side, the soldiers find themselves to understanding Xiang Liu why always dressed in white -- maybe he just too arrogant to let the enemy will be able to see him at a glance; perhaps he simply a good general to let all bloody taxi soldiers. No matter how dark, one can see at a glance that he. Exactly what the reason is, no one dared to ask Xiang Liu. The reason why Xiang Liu dress in all white will never have an answer, but always be a debated topic.

Xiang Liu had visited the camp, went to the top of the hill, look down from a height overlooking the camp.

The distant mountains have a faint light. That is Ru So setting the mountain on fire, forcing them to battle. Final moment is coming, all the soldiers know their fate, but they still resolutely chose this road. The peace of the world, people live, they have been mercilessly abandoned the time become superfluous, death is the best relief is the best destination.

Xiang Liu sat down on the granite and took out a hibiscus wood log; carefully cut and polish into a naive belly laughing baby doll, facial features is a little.

After carefully carved, Xiang Liu inspect it from head to toe, feel pretty satisfied. His belly laugh doll upside down, upside down in the knee, open the base, hollow stomach exposed and come up with a gold ice crystal ball.

The clear exquisite ice crystal, inside was the deep blue sea, and in the water was colorful little fishes swimming and beautiful red coral. There was an all-white giant clam shell like a blooming flower and inside a beautiful mermaid sat on the clam shell. Her hair flowed like seaweed and her beautiful tail was half on the clam shell and half in the water. There's a man standing beside her, holding the mermaid's outstretched hand, smiling at the mermaid. In a corner, a merman floating in the waves, seemingly not far from the shell, his detached attitude felt like he was actually in another world and not in the world of the peaceful isolated ocean with the mermaid.

Xiang Liu quietly stare for a while, using his finger as a blade, quickly wrote two lines of words on the ice crystal ball. At this moment, a ray of bright moonlight shine through the branches onto the ice crystal ball, reflecting the 2 lines beside the merman: you are able to protect yourself now, you have dependent on, and you have a place to go to; wishing you a life happiness and no sorrows!

A white gold condor dive down from the sky and landed on a cliff, in its mouth was a jade barrel, filled with dark green mulberry juice with abundance spiritual power causing to green fog linger. Fur ball knows the Hibiscus log look unpleasantly dull, if it's not careful, it would burn its feathers. It carefully place the jade barrel into the Xiang Liu side and immediately jumped a few steps, not daring to make a sound and looked curiously at the Xiang Liu movements.

Xiang Liu placed the ice ball into the laughing doll hollow stomach, just small enough to hold ice ball and base cover, and sealed ice crystal ball in the laughing baby's belly. Ice as water, hibiscus as fire, water and fire counteracting each other, ice ball is no longer bitterly cold, mulberry wood is no longer scorching hot; anyone can pick up the laughing baby.

Xiang Liu soaked the laughing baby in the mulberry juice. Laughing doll body and the base are made from the same Hibiscus log. With a simple spell, over several months, the base and laughing baby will be joint together. But there isn't much time, one can only use spiritual power to complete the process.

Xiang Liu use his blood as a lineup for the spell, with several extraction of essence of thousands year sun stone to do, urging to work properly with his spiritual power, barrel jade green mulberry juice starts to boil. Gradually, the juice is absorbed slowly by the smiling baby till juice completely dried up, the body of the laughing doll has been completely and the base to grow together, without a trace of cracks, it seems that the whole wood is used to do a solid wood.

Xiang Liu use four-fifth of this power to pry open the laughing baby, it does not open; he drew a weapon to cut into half, there were no cracks on the laughing baby, Xiang Liu finally satisfied nod his head.

Furball stood on one foot, with its head crooked to side, looking at Xiang Liu like a madman.

Xiang Liu stared at Palm's belly laugh dolls, doll eyebrow eye curved smile, grin mouth, smiling at him, Liu lips slowly bend, slightly laugh.

He put laughing doll into a bag, tied to the Fur ball's back and ask the Fur ball and said: "Send to Jade Mountain, tell Ah Bi, this is his wedding gift to Xiao Yao."

Furball stare and wailing scream, do not understand why this is clearly something Nine-headed Demon made, but said its made by the fox, Xiang Liu tapped its head, cold denounced: "don't talk nonsense, just say so!"

Furball grunted its throat; flapped its wings and fly toward the direction of Jade Mountain. Xiang Liu looked upward, watched the Furball flew farther and farther, gradually disappeared in the dark of the night.

I still remember the first meeting in the town of Qingshui, you were grinning mischievously, with a mouthful of lies, only the truth is: I am unable to protect myself, no one depend on, no place to go.

With decades of archery, you can protect yourself, do not have to use your own body to protect the people you want to protect; you have a lover, you have someone to dependent on, do not have to be lonely anymore; sky is high, the ocean is wide, you have a place go to, you do not have to be hunted, nor no place to settle down.

Xiang Liu in the heart silently said: Xiao Yao, henceforth again, I can't protect you, you have to take good care of yourself, wish you a world of happiness and worry free! [/Spoiler] <<less
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tiffyisland rated it
December 4, 2015
Status: --
The novel is good, but the description is horrible in the sense that most people won't read it because of it. It's confusing and doesn't say much about the novel at all. I wish it has some plotline in it. People would be more interested. I read it long ago so I can't describe the plot well but I'll come back to leave a more in-depth review later...
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SilverMist rated it
March 11, 2016
Status: --
This is so underrated. You guys, you need to read this. Like, right now. I don't think words are enough to describe the beauty of this novel. (Or at least in my opinion, it's still based on preferences in the end.... BUT STILL THSI IS AMZAING!!)

Insstead, I only want to warn you some things:
1. This story is about the daughter of the MC from Once Promised. Even I only found out in the middle of ten chapters. But no worries, you won't get confused at all even... more>> when you read this first. They will explain about the points in the past anyways.
2. The translator/editor's note above each of the chapters have SPOILERS on the corresponding chapter or even future chapters with major spoilers. Be careful of reading it. I warned you.
3. I've CRIED A RIVER because of this novel. Mm. If I have to count, I guess... More or less, six times.... I couldn't help it... I'm now glad and at the same time, have regrets, reading this heartwrenching novel... So be prepared too... I WARNED YOU. Let me repeat, I WARNEEEDDD YOOUUU!!

Good luck reading it, I think you need it.
Additional (more detailed) genres: Female Protagonist, Family, Friendship, Love, Feels, Royalty, Politics (Marriage, War, Fight for the Emperor's throne&Clan leader) Poison/Medicine, Trust, Feels, Gods, Demons, Hidden Identity, Feels, <<less
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Eclat123 rated it
May 26, 2019
Status: Completed
Why is it that it's ranked so low??? ??? This is not a novel for the faint-hearted. Every few chapters you will be faced with a heartache, sobbing with buckets full of tears. For me this is Tong Hua's best work yet. Her intricate world-building based on ancient Chinese legends, complex character-building, great pacing with thoroughly planned story climaxes, and of course heart-rendering emotional explorations through narratives really brought the best of this novel. Not to mention translator-sama did a very good job as well.

A lot of people are pissed at how MC ended up with Jing in the end, but honestly he is the only option that makes sense. The other guys, abeit no doubt love and cherish her, still love to manipulate and use her for their own personal gain. The ML is clearly foreshadowed from the very beginning, as MC always said that she wants a guy who will put her first no matter what, and Jing is undoubtedly the only one to do so. It's nice that the author build up MC's character so consistently since the very first beginning and does not falter in the tempatations of cute bad boy and big brother route, which would be a very cliche route in a tragedy-romance novel.

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SHIPPER rated it
April 9, 2017
Status: Completed
This is a grogeous and well translated novel that will take you through various adventures with the endearing main character and her love interests that will make your heart ache for each of them. Drama, romance, adventure, political intrigue, a bit of mischief and magic is all here! MY crude summary full of spoilers :
Dont click if u dont want MAJOR SPOLERS.

The beginning starts with the heroine pretending to be a human guy (wearing a male skin through magic) living in a dinky town.

Anyway, she somehow caught the interest of some powerful forces and soon even the Emperor wanted 'him' captured. They captured 'him' and tortured him, but soon realized he was not a 'he' but is actually a she and--- dun dun dunnnn was also the long lost eldest princess who has been believed to be dead for 300+ years.
(Characters here are like immortal deities or 'gods' in this world who lives for hundreds and hundreds of years and very much different from humans. Some time skips go for as long as 30+ years in this novel.)

The Emperor is her father and then insert drama and tear jerking back story and reunion scenes here. *Cries*

She then lives in the palace being an unconventional princess who'd rather learn medicine (more like candy looking poison) instead of dressing pretty and being a girly girl. (She did live as a guy before.)

ANYWAY, she then becomes stuck in the middle of a political turmoil between two Kingdoms because her cousin wants to be the Emperor of a rival kingdom from her father's.

I didnt include the love interest plots here and it is really in a different pace than regular xianxia. The characters and plot makes it interesting.

You dont need to read the prequel to start this one as this is pretty much a stand alone and the translator will elaborately explain events that might confuse readers. (A Koala's Playground's translation is the best of the best though she puts her inputs and spoilers in the beginning of each chapter. It might be too wordy for some who are trying to get in the story so just scroll down and read the Chapter then read her insights after you read the chapter.)

In this novel, there are three main love interest and all of them are equally deserving to be with the heroine to the point you really dont know WHO the heroine will chose. They all get screen time, like, your heart will be invested in someone and then the next chapter you will be rooting for a different guy. Romance, while present in this story is not the main focus but rather the MC's experience and the political turmoil that erupts around her. While she is present in the events, she also distances herself from the political intrigue and gives us this third person point of view on her surroundings. This is a story that invites you to go on a journey with the main character accross the years from when the story started to the time she found happiness in the end. Her life and circumstances flowed beautifully in the translation while she faced political intrigue from both sides of her family. The plot is beautiful full of twists and turns and not to mention the love interests all vying for her attention (not necessarily affections, just her attention is enough for them since she follows her head instead of her heart.)

The translation is eloquent and one of the best out there to the point you can feel the poetry from the original text flow through seamlessly through the translation. I cannot express my love for this enough! Give it a chance at least for 10 chapters or so! This novel will give more that it receives. Get your tissues ready too. Im rereading it again!
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March 13, 2019
Status: Completed
I came across this novel by accident and started it with no expectations. I was quickly sucked in and couldn't put it down. Be prepared for a ridiculous roller coaster in terms of ups and downs and relentless pacing. The world building is incredible and the writing is poetic, beautiful and moving. My first Tong Hua novel and finally I understand her well-deserved hype and fame. The quality and richness of the story surpassed anything else I've come across so far in the genre. One of the male leads, Xiang... more>> Liu, is probably one of my most favorite characters of all time... in the beginning I was shocked and confused by him, but overtime he grew on me so so much even though his interactions with the MC were more limited than the rest.

For the first half, I assumed with zero doubt in my mind this would catapult to the top of my list of best novels and I was prepared to reread it over and over again. Then I reached the ending, technically a happily ever after, but I was so heartbroken and so emotionally drained because it was truly not the ending I wanted!!! (TRULY SO UPSET!!! Don't even know how to begin to get over this) The story was going in that direction but I ignored all the signs, hoping the author would find a way to realistically write it differently... it's left me frustrated and quite disappointed actually, but obviously it's subjective what the "ideal" ending is. Personally my heart hurt so much at the end - admittedly, only the most powerful writing has the ability to have this sort of impact (but doesn't mean I'm happy about it haha). For more logical readers, the ending might be more satisfactory as it does come full circle for the most part.

I'm not sure I can bring myself to read it again after such a cruel stab to the heart but I don't regret reading this. Although the ending kind of ruined it for me, I really did love the earlier chapters. In my opinion, book 1 was the absolute best. Overall it was an enchanting and enthralling journey and I would still recommend this to all lovers of romance. <<less
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SkyBound rated it
September 25, 2017
Status: --
My all time favourite novel. As other reviews have said the description really doesn't do this novel justice. The translation and the writing is absolutely beautiful, each character compelling. All the feelings left unsaid, all the actions the author left unexplained but slowly ties you to the character as the story progress. All the beautiful descriptions and unforgettable analogies really left knot in my heart.


"They appreciated all that was beautiful, but wanted to own none of it."

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ai19 rated it
September 13, 2020
Status: epilogue
I blame myself for reading the reviews and being super expectant. I love tragedy novels and was looking forward to a heart-wrenching storyline that would get me weeping. But I didn't. Well I did tear up a bit on the earlier chapters when the FL was trapped and feeling hopeless. I thought the story would go sadder than that but it didn't. Frankly I don't even know what most of these reviewers are talking about.

But despite that I think this novel is pretty good. The storyline is told beautifully (for... more>> me at least), and rather than revolving around tragedies for me it's more about healing. It's about how loved the female lead is, although not everything about love is good.

I can't give a bad rating but I also won't recommend it to others. I don't know if I'm just heartless that I need so much more than what this novel gave for me to cry, but if what you're looking for is a good cry, go look somewhere else. <<less
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Seema80 rated it
November 4, 2019
Status: Completed
This is a masterpiece. I cried so many times. It has love, hate, angst, loss, friendship, everything that's needed. You will ship MC with 3 ML at one point or the other. They love her but have their own fate......
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anonareus rated it
March 4, 2018
Status: c0
Don't be fooled, this novel has been completely translated, with the last chapter in one of the comment here.

I didn't ready Once Promised, but I didn't get lost reading this novel.

It was honestly so good, that you will cry reading it. The MC isn't that dense there will be plenty of ups a downs. I kinda wish there's a drama based on this novel but I also don't want it to exist just in case they screw it up. Cause honestly it will be hard for a character to portray... more>> the complexity of XL, Jing and ZH. <<less
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haruhi91 rated it
August 10, 2017
Status: c50
I stumbled for pure luck into this rare gem of heart-gripping romance novel. Since I discovered it, it has become my favourite romance novel, I re-read so many times that I wish I could rated 10 stars.

In a magical fantasy setting with gods and demons living for hundreds of years, the story revolves around our female lead, Xiao Yao, who just wants to lead an uneventful and boring life with some companions to her side. This simple dream is interrupted when she meets the three male leads, each of one... more>> sets in motion a series of events which will force her to change and pulls her back to her past.

It is amazing how Tong Hua managed to create such three male characters, each with his distinct personality which makes it hard to pick one to cheer on. Xiao Yao, loves in different ways all the male leads and she probably could spend her life with any of them. Don't think that this is a ban*l triangle or square love relationship, it is Xiao Yao's journey to find someone who can happily share her life with while clashing between dreams and reality. Xiao Yao is a strong heroine with a clear mind and a simple wish: she is scared of loneliness, so she wants a partner or friends who will keep her company forever. At the same time she is really realist and sometimes pessimistic, she doesn't expect anything so she will not be disappointed.
I could talk a lot about all the three male leads, but Xiang Liu soon enough stole my heart and remains the character who, although has the least screen time of the rest, really shines and remains unforgettable.

The author completely grasps the formula "show, don't tell". The most beautifully written moments are the scenes with Xiao Yao and Xiang Liu. Their time is always full of unspoken words, silences worth more than simple words.

Neither of them says aloud what they truly feel and think while the reader is left wondering if they know that they share the same kind of feelings, reading behind the lines not said. He is the one who knows her better and secretly gives her all she needs to become independent. I am quoting one of my favourite moments: Xiang Liu asks her: "Who do you want most to spend your entire life with?" Xiao Yao opened her mouth to answer but her expression showed her internal struggle as her mind refused to say what her heart felt.

It is painful to see how these two love each other but they are afraid to confess it because their relationship would be doomed. I would recommend this novel to all people looking for an unforgettable romance with relatable characters whose life become untangled creating such magical travel. <<less
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sharlnina rated it
June 6, 2017
Status: Completed
This is the first Chinese novel I've read and I'm grateful for that. The author is so good in terms of playing on my emotions. Suddenly, I'm crying and laughing again. I had savored this novel word by word. Tong Hua knows how to keeps the story rolling. Really. This is an example of a carefully crafted book. You'll think that some of the events were unrelated but you'll understand later on that it happens for a reason. Lol. Most of her books starts slow. It's kinda boring, yeah. But... more>> you'll realize later when the story is building up that you should have read it throughly lol coz it's the foundation of the story. I still read some of her books even if I know almost all of her books makes me depressed after reading it.

You'll also realize that the title, "Lost You Forever" is indeed perfect for this one. Ahhh T.T I'm crying. I shipped the wrong team. X.X

Thank you for Tong Hua for the awesome novel and to translator - for the awesome translation you've made. <<less
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MeineMeow rated it
July 30, 2020
Status: c51
I have to say this is not my cup of tea. I can’t handle the long pain and suffering for all the lead. The MC held those 3 men dear in her heart. Yes from the beginning she love ML the most, but I still can’t handle how the story fold between these character. Not mentioning the long trouble and pain she had to endure.

Tong hua’s writing style is excellent in describing the painful scene. I even can’t read the whole story, I finally jumped to last 10 chapter. And... more>> i’m glad since from these 10 chapter I can avoid the more painful scene.

This is an happy ending with sour and bitter taste. I prefer sweet and warmhearted story like my mister ostrich or ascending, do not disturb. The kind of story with just one pair love each other dearly. If you like complicated painful yet sweet story, this one is your cup of tea. But if you have fragile heart like me, avoid the pain and just read first 10 chapter then last 10 chapter. <<less
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Ndsumslp rated it
July 9, 2020
Status: c51
I just finished reading this and I still can't get over it. You know it's like a massive break up you keep crying and crying and the only thing that will heal your soul is a new love interest. That's what I've been trying to do these past few days is trying to find another story that can surpass this beautiful book. I truly hope they don't make it into a drama because the way the writer tells her story is so mesmerizing you want to keep it in your... more>> memory. You can picture the streets, the mountains. The emotions of each character is expressed just by the simple description used by our lovely author. I thank the translator for doing such a great job. That I am in awe of this story.

I was so in love and still in love with all the characters. There is not one that is pure evil or bad at all. Their actions are done because of their circumstances. You fall in love with each one and can't get over others. I am a sucker for love stories but a pure sucker for stories that can make you cry because of the love lost or the longing of it. I cried multiple times to point where I couldn't breath. The author did such a great job of describing the angst, the sadness, the heartache and the joy of loving someone. There were times my ship sailed and there were times my ship was slowing sinking to the bottom debts of despair.

no one will regret the 51 chapters and the epilogue to boot. Ooh just thinking about it makes my heart churn. <<less
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strongandindie rated it
June 6, 2020
Status: Completed
My all time favourite Chinese novel both in 2014 and now, upon a second reading (listening to the Chinese audiobook). It’s an exquisite, well plotted story with many intricacies and nuanced, complex characters. It has the most amazing male lead, most amazing love stories, some well done politics and empire building, beautiful adventure... It’s a great emotional ride that leaves a strong aftertaste. Koala’s translation is also excellent.
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clasicoustic rated it
April 3, 2020
Status: Completed
This story is a gem. Let me tell you why:

The story itself has a good plot. The author took time building up the emotions and all of the characters' background while adding funny things and actions in the chapters, before we getting to the real shit. This book is full of feelings and emotions, in a very good way. We somehow relate to the characters and the author gave justice for all the characters' ending.

The MC is great, she is considerate, she wants nothing but a peaceful life, she sacrifices,... more>> she helps people, and she's carefree and reasonable. Truly a lovable MC.

The male leads, I swear, are really great!!!!!!!! They all love her with their own ways, and she loves them with her own ways too. About who she will end up with, you will have to think about what she wanted: a peaceful life. There, you will have the answer.

These male leads are the best male leads i've ever seen beside Liu Fu Ling from Song in the Clouds. They are incredibly smart, but none of them are cold of with low EQ.


my favorite is xiangliu, although he appears cold but he was the one who loves her unconditionally, sacrifices so much for her (and so are the other male leads), and led her to happiness because he can't give her happiness. She can't protect herself so he taught her archery, he saved her lover, and he did so many things for her. I can't help but cry, they CLICK but the world, fate and destiny are against them.


This is a very fun read. Fortunately the translator tells us many things that we might not be able to catch on. The translation was great, I enjoyed reading it so much. Honestly, I adore all of the characters and this story remains the best romance i've ever read. I've never seen any male lead gives this much for a woman, and the MC also shows her love in different ways toward the. Ale leads.

No. This is not harem. Im telling once again, this is not harem. That's why I said, all the characters have their own ambitions, and in the end they get their justice. <<less
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Y.HL rated it
March 15, 2020
Status: Completed
Riveting, imaginative and epic. A story about humans, gods and demons, and the arduous path towards happiness and self-fulfillment. It spans centuries across multiple kingdoms and takes our characters through the ravages of wars, the darkness of revenge and the unification of kingdoms.

It's poignant, tragic and bittersweet with an eccentric heroine whose fate is intricately tied to three layered and multifaceted MLs: the protective, beloved childhood best friend and soulmate; the enigmatic, unruly, and hard to resist bad boy daredevil; and the refined, quietly strong, unassuming, steadfast and devoted gentleman... more>> – sometimes unpredictable, sometimes surprising but always like a warm and tender, slow burning embrace. <<less
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peonyk rated it
October 1, 2017
Status: Completed
This novel has been in my need to read list for the longest time but I somehow never found the time to read it. Now that I finally have the time, I read the whole novel in 2 days and I don't regret it one bit. Tonghua always does an amazing job of creating such beautiful characters. In particular, Xiang Liu who is my fave out of the 3 leading men. Though the plot could have been somewhat more fast paced, 51 chapters is definitely on the short side of... more>> typical chinese xianxia novels so I'm not going to complain too much. <<less
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ilovethevillains rated it
March 22, 2021
Status: Completed
As there are already many reviews talking about everything of this novel, I will only talk about my precious Xiang Liu.

In my opinion, Xiang Liu's character is the contrast of Zhuan Xu's while Jing's is somewhere in between them

... more>>

Zhuan Xu went as far as trying to kill Jing because he can't bear to marry Xiao Yao off. While Xiang Liu, this precious boy, concealed everything he did for Xiao Yao. The epilogue is an exclusive chapter dedicated to this boy cause he really deserves it. Let me list this boy's good deeds to Xiao Yao

    1. He's willing to get the Lover's Bug planted inside him while he knew really well what it means
    1. He taught archery to Xiao Yao so she can defend herself
    1. He spent 37 years nursing Xiao Yao back to life
    1. He saved Xiao Yao's life again when she tried to kill herself
    1. Remember when he asked for as many blood as Xiao Yao can give then gave the compressed blood to a merman? Alright, now try remember who saved Jing? Merman! He collected her blood, making her severed the ties between them, just to save her man! Oh my god
    1. And even before his last moment he still used a big sum of his power to make a wedding gift for Xiao Yao but won't let anyone know

Can you see that? This boy's love is so selfless! He knew really well that they will never be able to be together thus he only loved her silently. If only he wasn't Gong Gong's adopted son, he would be the best male lead out of the three.

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