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In ancient times, there existed giant spirits capable of supporting the heavens. With bodies as enormous as stars, they soared across the universe. Great clan leaders with mysterious blood running through their veins shattered the void and created new worlds. Ancient Qi Warriors crossed a river of stars to enlighten numerous mortal beings. For unknown reasons, an era silently came to an end, all realms were separated, ancient giant spirits disappeared one after another. Thousands of years later, young Nie Tian managed to travel back into ancient times with the help of a drop of blood…

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King of Myriad Domains
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New HornyDaoist rated it
October 12, 2018
Status: c604
This is a great novel to start out with. And also a great novel for the people who are already addicted to wuxia novels... 😍😍😍

The MC is cute at start... And it starts like most of the other wuxias but, from the lowest point in the MC's life...
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New Tomface rated it
October 12, 2018
Status: c601
I haven't found the storyline particularly unique, the storyline is followable, translator has done a job. MC lack human traits or maybe it should be described as character development. That being said he doesn't stick out like a nail that needs hammering either, with excessive arrogance. He jumps ranks to fight, and the fights are enjoyable.
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postbank rated it
August 17, 2016
Status: --
This story is utterly boring, normally along the way some secrets get revealed and some cool power ups are given to the main character in the story. Normally a very unique power system or special powers or freaking cultivation system are made to entertain the reader.

PROBLEM IS this story does nothing of the above the Description of this story tells us that the main character will obtain a drop of blood of a djinn remolding his body!

Problem is this doesn't really happen other children cultivate and become strong while the... more>> MC with his legendary f**king blood of drop doesn't become the least interesting I was looking forward to him at least gaining some physical changes or some mysterious weapon or whatever.

But nothing in the order of things that happen that should have given him some legendary cheating upgrades none of them at all are interesting.

THE MAIN CHARACTER all of his conflicts are always against children that are 2-4 cultivation levels above him he gets beaten people fear him getting handicapped but suddenly he throws one punch breaking some ribs and thats that.

This has happened at least 3 times and every time it begins the same way and every time it ends the same way no satisfaction even the way he killed his first opponents its utterly boring.

So lastly like I said the description already tells us the origin of the blood drop so we (I) are only waiting for it to finally to remold or reveal his special body and give him tremendous power.

We already know what it is but we want to see the shiney toy to be used instead the blood drop only enables him to enter some special realm to do sh*t but he cannot even enter it as when it opens its like a nuclear bomb gos off alterting every f**king poser in the world of his special treasure!

Even after several special upgrades his cultivation level is still below everyone!!!! I plead the fifth f**k this!! <<less
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qull rated it
June 18, 2017
Status: c822
Started out promising, but the plot becomes messy after the Star Temple. Author did poorly at plot progression and conflicts management. He did a lot of "axed arc", where MC will drop whatever he is trying to solve at the current arc and proceed to next arc. After about 2+ arcs later, he'll then come back and solve it (or it is already solved by itself).

Here's one of the few examples:

... more>>
  1. One of MC (potential) girl is kidnapped inside ice crystal and her master was killed by a young sect master
  2. MC dives into that dimension to get her back as well as revenge them
  3. He made friends with opposite sect, who planned to help him free the girl
  4. When they went to intercept the villain
  5. A random ice spirit appears who has some relation with ice crystal, so she just easily recalled the ice crystal from the sect master, and she went to another dimension.
  6. MC go back to his home dimension and proceed to another dimension for another arc...
  7. Still the girl isn't saved yet, and MC is off to another story

As for romance:


There are little to no romance. Author makes it seems as if MC do a lot romance, but in actuality there's none. The early girls in first few hundred chapters never reappear again other than few mentioning. His current girlfriend rarely appear in recent chapters, as well as their honeymoon time. In addition to that, author describes MC as passionate about love and "want to capture offender". However, over the course of years, he rarely care to visit his girlfriends and only care about cultivation. In other word, MC's action and author description are totally off.

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thissisnate rated it
June 21, 2016
Status: c11
Absolutely fresh novel because of the hilarity of the author. Too early for a real review but starting from the second chapter, it really draws you into the world because of the detail to characters and hilarity. Conflicts (of the one seen so far) have been taken care of realistically and diplomatically and does not involve the whole typical xianxia "I will rip you a new asshole cause you didn't give me all your money".

Additionally, this is probably one of xianxiaworld's best translations in terms of quality. It definitely reaches... more>> the level of quality seen at gravity and wuxiaworld which makes reading such an effortless pleasure. <<less
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strixflash rated it
March 20, 2018
Status: c638
Let me tell you about the great plot of this novel which is supposedly "editor's recommendation" on WW. Here is the plot :

Factions within MC country are in civil war. They want to kill each other. MC is almost killed by an opposition faction. But then enemies from other nations arrive so all warring factions unite to ward off invaders.

Now the MC and his country are fighting the foreign countries. They are after each other blood and won't stop till either side dies. But then a twist happens: aliens from... more>> other planets invade. So MC's country and the other countries temporarily make peace and join forces to ward off the aliens.

Now MC's world and the aliens are under war. But then an exciting twist happen: enemies from other galaxy arrives. So MC and the aliens from his current galaxy make temporary alliance to ward off the other galaxy enemies.


Well, I'm sure you already understood. I'm not exaggerating the details. This is what truly happens. MC almost dies at the end of females from opposition faction and his allies are killed by the same females. But when the 'temporary alliance' happens they start following in love. It gets repeated 5-6 times. The worst part is that the so called love is forgotten as the plot moves on larger scale.

There is nothing interesting in novel. The fights are boring. The world building is lame. I didn't find the personality of MC interesting as well.

Would advise you to skip this great novel. <<less
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Eolan rated it
August 26, 2017
Status: --
Mostly an answer to the previous poster so he won´t dissuade potential readers wrongly;

To clarify, in no part of the synopsis of wuxiaworld does it say that the MC reincarnates or transports to another world. What happens is literally what is written "Thousands of years later, young Nie Tian managed to travel back into ancient times with the help of a drop of blood... "

The previous poster was confused thinking it was a reincarnation/transportation novel (despite no tags mentioning it as such). Most of these novels start with a small... more>> prologue before the event, which would further his confusion since no development towards this occured in the 15 chapters he read before doing the review. Yet, I repeat, this isn´t a reincarnation/transportation novel, so what is mentioned in the synopsis happens further down the plot (since, lots of world building).

Finally, sorry for being so redundant, hope this post helps. <<less
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Ananya rated it
November 4, 2016
Status: c189
I have caught upto the translations. There is a positive improvement in terms of characterisation compared to the author's earlier works like GOS or GDK especially the personality of lead character. There doesn't seem to be nothing wrong with the MC's head, atleast so far.

There is a lot of depth in the story which many other novels lack, lot of importance is placed on characters surrounding MC which is a very good thing. The best part is characters seem to give thought to what they do, including MC, its especially... more>> refreshing because most of the MCs act rash.

Despite this, it has all the ingredients that make a great xianxia such as nail-biting fights, mysterious lineage, clever MC, unique power system, revenge, tragedy, etc

Although 98 chapters maybe too early for a review, the story shows lots of potential. Hence I'm going with 5 stars.

I feel maybe the novel hasn't garnered enough traction because of slow updates, but this is not a novel one should miss, especially if you are a fan of GOS, GDK, and SR because this novel contains all the elements contained in the author's previous works while also having some additional elements. <<less
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Astaroth rated it
August 17, 2017
Status: c15
This isn't really a review, I just wanted to give some information because I got fooled.

Originally I had never felt like reading this when it was on xianxiaworld, for multiple reasons, one of which was the synopsis.

Recently I found out that wuxiaworld had picked it up and started over, and even changed the synopsis a bit. http://www. wuxiaworld. com/loar-index/

... more>> What I want to highlight is this section: "Thousands of years later, young Nie Tian managed to travel back into ancient times with the help of a drop of blood... "

And I got real hyped to read and regretted that I hadn't already done so back during xianxiaworld time, lamenting that they have mistranslated the synopsis. "... which would start the return of the ancient times." (Quite different from the ww one, right?)

But nope, as far as I can tell MC is not reincarnated, transported to another world, or anything of the sort. It seemed a bit plausible because of how MC was acting in the first and second chapter, but later it's made 99% clear that, unless there's some kind of secret or a missing prologue chapter, the MC is just a kid with some strange talent he's got. It also doesn't help that not only is MC not reincarnated, he's also stupid.

It's a real shame because chapter 2 (or was it 3?) was really hilarious, I thought that MC was an adult and he actually fought against other toddlers over some treasures? I was thinking he's going to do something with them, but nope, it was just that MC is a dumb kid who wanted to take everything for himself, because he can.

I've only read 15 chapters, so I don't plan to say anything about the novel. Potentially it could get better, but I highly doubt that knowing this author's track record. (I've already read GDK, to the end, GoS 340 chaps, and some 100+ chaps of Spirit Realm, so I know this author just keep making good premises only to completely ruin it. But at least with GDK and GoS you could read some hundreds of chapters of good fun before it happened.)

tl:dr if you read the new wuxiaworld synopsis and got hyped to read some reincarnated / transported to another world fantasy novel then be prepared for that it's a LIE. I'd give ww the benefit of the doubt because it feels strange that they would make such a basic mistake, but it's made painfully obvious while reading the novel that unless there's going to be some secret revealed way later then MC is absolutely not some transmigrated soul from the future or another world. And so what, even if it turns out that MC is actually transmigrated but his memories and intelligence have been sealed for some reason, I don't read a novel just for the tag, I just don't want to wait for MC to grow up and learn through tons of mistakes (not to mention the MC doesnt' even seem to learn from his mistakes in the first place, he just keep doing the same thing and relying on hidden power to save him). <<less
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d1puffpuff rated it
November 15, 2016
Status: c144
This story's MC is similar to other MC's starting life - disliked, viewed as not talented (and not instantly OP after 20+ chapters like certain other novels).

Although in the beginning, the story may sound generic with the introduction of characters, the MC grows on the reader.

What I actually like about this novel is the build up/drawing lines of characters and plot. Like all xianxia novels, the MC faces closeness to death but is able to overcome it. Although this to some people may seem repetitive, but it fits the genre... more>> and type of "weak to strong" kind of xianxia.

Types of novels I like are A Thought Through Eternity, TTNH, OEM, Zhanxian, The King of the Battlefield, ISSTH, etc, so if you like any of these novels, feel free to give this novel a try!
Plus, this is nothing like Tales of Demons and Gods.

I'll say it's in my top 5 as of now. <<less
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Vlaeghe rated it
September 30, 2017
Status: c50
It took me a while to realise this, but this Author just isn't for me.

Every single time he starts off a story that keeps me interested and I actually read quite a bit of it...

Only to wind up dropping it and discontinue reading it, and feeling reluctant to even try and read some more.

... more>> This happens to me with every one of his stories.

His idea's for stories are fine... his execution of them is just lacking. It's either the MC itself and the developments of the story or the lousy and not interesting enemies. Or actually pretty much all of them combined. It's simply no good.

So I hate to say this... but if it were upto me I'd probably advise you to not bother to read any of this Author's stories. There's always some issue that'll leave you dissatisfied. You're a more valiant guy than me if you can stomache so many... mistakes.

Of course, you should just find out yourself, but perhaps for some... this review can be their warning. <<less
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alexpeki rated it
January 22, 2017
Status: c189
This is one of my favorite novels at a moment. Story is well paced, characters are not one dimensional, MC is not some op monster from start, he is intelligent and not a moron, his abilities are interesting, he doesn't get unnoticed from masters in that realm untill he is already op like we seen in some other novels (and then they ask themselves how we missed such talent...) no that here. Way he gains his strength is and skills is nice.

Also to the guy that complained about everything I... more>> would just like to say please don't write a reviews on website before you even finish first ark, I saw a lot of people that complain after reading few chapters. Did he really expect author to just write all info he wanted to know in synopsis?whats the point if he tells you everything there, joy of reading is discovery over time, whats the point of knowing everything upfront, good story is one that can always keep you wanting to learn more, discover more. New abilities are coolest thing so why would you want to know all of that from start, best part of going on adventure is journey. <<less
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Kainthedamned rated it
August 20, 2016
Status: c42
Really nice story so far. The author seems to have decided to change his story telling compared to God Of Slaughter and Great Demon King. No more stupid protagonists who try to kill/rape anything that come their way and are so overpowered that nothing can happen to them except "surprising" everyone by getting out every situation without any effort.

Instead we have a MC capable of using his brain, still violent but not for no reason (for now), real side characters who aren't just here to get destroyed. If you add... more>> the good writing and universe building talent of this author, this novel has great potential. I really hope it keeps going along those lines, we will see. <<less
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shadowtrap2010 rated it
July 30, 2016
Status: c29
The story is actually good, it's start out heavy, situation not good, MC got beat around. But event start unfold unpredictable or maybe not doesn't really matter, the thing is it rouse my interest to keep reading until the last available chapter so it get 5 star from me!
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Lightsyde rated it
April 12, 2018
Status: c378
This is my first Xianxia novel review, funnily enough...

This novel is hovering around 3.5 to 4 stars at the moment.

The Good

    1. Thinking. The main character thinks the majority of his decisions through, but has moments when he acts on the spur of the moment. This makes him a very balanced character overall. His decisions are mostly reasonable and level-headed with not too much rashness. At the same time, he isn't overly cautious like Leylin Farlier or cowardly like Bai Xiaochun, and doesn't need all the stars to perfectly align before making decisions.
    1. Side characters are deeper than the average Xianxia, with motivations, influences, goals and what not.
    1. the world building is decent and reasonably creative
    1. Powers of the main character feel steady and not overly done. He doesn't seem to have too many and at threats to his survival feel tangible and engaging.
    1. Decent emotional content from the story and main character has emotions and feeling like (gasp, it can't be!!!) an actual human being
    1. Great translator doing a very good job of it while being helpful and sociable.
Main Character is flawed. Yes this is a good thing. I'm sick of people expecting perfect characters every time they pick up a story. As long as the flaws aren't overdone, deal with it!!

The Bad

    1. About half the fights in the novel are dull, and read like a report. Conflicts make a story, and conflict resolution in these types of novels = fighting.
    1. Filler-ish content - among the dull fights, half the time they are dull is because too much unnecessary and unrelated content is jammed into and in-between the fight scenes.
    1. I feel like there should be more emotional content in the story, especially considering his age. I also feel he's way too young for some of the stuff done and implied in the story. If the author is so keen on writing or implying amorous content and possibilities, then the least he could do as a good author is to ramp the main character's age up!! On that note, I find it ridiculous, amusing and frustrating (in Chinese terms, I don't know whether to laugh or cry, haha.) how many authors make a big deal out of the age factor (omg look at my main character, he's so young but so strong!!) but then forget that all it really does in terms of the writing is restrict what society considers to be acceptable, which is not a good thing considering some of the scenes in Lord of All Realms. I wish they would consider both the issue of a target audience and also that most times, the cons outweigh the pros. Nie Tian's (main character) age is 12, he feels like he's in his twenties, and the story writes like that.
Overall, I really enjoy this story and I hope to be able to give it a 5 stars with honesty in the future. Recommended
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rhianirory rated it
March 16, 2018
Status: c200
My biggest annoyance is that either the author keeps forgetting he's only a kid (he's only supposed to be ten when goes to the green-whatever realm), or he's one of the worst, perverted little kids I've ever seen. What he does to the blood cult (sect? Something along those lines) chick while she's helpless is not something that would even occur as a possibility in the minds of most ten year old kids. Even before puberty he is apparently an expert on molesting women. And as of chapter 200 he's... more>> only 12-13yrs old but the women's thoughts all show that they think he's manly and gives them a sense of safety. Seriously?! he's fricking twelve and this isn't a reincarnation/ transmigration novel so there's no past experiences in his head!!

The rest of the story is alright but I'm having a seriously hard time suspending my disbelief on this subject. Nor can I make myself believe all these older women are pedophiles at heart. As it getting worse, my interest in the story has dropped quite a bit. <<less
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Yung_lane rated it
October 2, 2017
Status: c24
I'm going to be honest I'm only 24 chapters in, however, this is garbage. This has so many five star reviews, and I'm hoping it's because it gets much better later on. The synopsis is very misleading, everything I've read so far seems like a boring prologue and I'm struggling to see how the story gets interesting from here.

In the event that it does improve, i'll come back and change my review. I am not optimistic though.

** c.25

What the f**k just happened, made my review a chapter too short lol,... more>> still the writing and the combat is very dry, even with this development I'm hard pressed in seeing a higher rating for this. Still bewildered by the number of 5 star reviews. <<less
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badiyee rated it
October 23, 2016
Status: c67
This is a story by the author who wrote Great Demon King and God of Slaughter.

What is nice about this is that this work has a different start than other author's works. What is also nice is that the story doesn't make the MC OP right from the start. He doesn't know anything, and he doesn't know how to wield anything (except his own potential).

We see how the MC learns to adjust to his potential while at the same time juggling to the circumstances.

Is it boring? No. Is it super... more>> exciting? No. But the story does have its twists, and pretty decent ones at it. What's more, the story is hillarious in its own way because readers should be able to pick up the subtlety that the MC can't be 'measured' nor 'groomed' in 'normal' (at least normal in the world of the story) methods. A story worth reading just for the ride. <<less
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Cardman001 rated it
March 12, 2018
Status: c341
I think, at the moment, it's more of a 3.5/5, but I'm rounding up because I think the story has potential at this point (although I may change this in the future). The following are my thoughts on the story as far as it's translated right now.

The positives:

    • The world/universe is unique, and allows for further growth and expansion in the future.
    • The MC (Nie Tian) progresses through the power level system at a steady pace.
    • There are no huge time skips, and the story itself moves from one arc to the next using a good reason, even if all the loose ends aren't quite tied up yet from the previous arc.
    • Motives, supporting characters, and MC's backers are primed and ready to be expanded upon. However, if they aren't used in the plot well, then this will become a negative, as it introduces useless people and information just to add to the word count. This also includes all the love interests the MC currently has.
The negatives:

    • The MC is fairly generic: he starts out as a kid who is different, then realizes he has other qualities that make him strong, and later he becomes overpowered for his cultivation level on his road to become stronger. He wants to protect his family and friends, and he will do foolish things to accomplish his goals. This would all be fine, but the problem is that Nie Tian also has a very neutral personality. He has no defining personality quirks, he has no particular interests outside of loved ones and getting stronger, and he doesn't take anything to the extreme, leading to him not being memorable.
    • The power levels/systems are a bit janky; the power level progression is not too well-defined and neither are the other systems of cultivation, which are brought up but not expanded upon.

      There are also different Qi systems that are introduced, which relate to various races, but it hasn't been explained, only stated for future reference.

      This might be the author's attempt at keeping the readers at the same level of knowledge about cultivation as the MC himself (because he's out of the loop too), but it also allows "incredibly lucky and fateful situations" to happen without an explanation beforehand.
    • There are a lot of loose ends and unknowns that have yet to be explained, but this is a mild criticism, as the story is pretty short as of yet. So, I can only imagine that everything will be dealt with later.
Overall, I think the story has great potential for the future, as long as the author actually uses the characters he's made and the mysterious world he's created. The biggest criticism for the novel naturally follows from this: it needs more detail and explanation of powers, people, and the world itself.
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Vallan.Mandrake rated it
January 22, 2018
Status: c37
Very meh. The story is normal. No bad stuff (no absolute arrogance, entitlement, provoking,... only a little bit of that) - but the style is (imho) bland. MC is kind of average - only somewhat arrogant, somewhat clever, somewhat impulsive, somewhat restrained. No real defined character. The author's style is bare minimum. It's not engaging. Mystical ramblings about special powers etc remain unclear, without hidden message, or understanding, or profoundness, which makes reading those really boring/annoying. Combat is strange - MC just always (so far) happens to have some instinct... more>> (which suprises him) and everything works out fine. Lots of clan politics - but the boring, totally predictable kind. The "cheat" is boring, and as far as I can tell, just some Dragon bloodline/memories, but MC is struggeling with the mysteries and doesn't really know what's going on - and mysterious stuff is boring with this author's style.

Totally only meh. <<less
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vizzi01 rated it
January 19, 2017
Status: c151
Interesting read so far. MC isn't overly op, laying waste to everything around him like some certin other MC's I can think of. So there's a plus.

Still missing chapters though, which is annoying. 5 chapter gaps can leave you feeling like you've missed something important.
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MiaoMiao rated it
February 11, 2018
Status: c302
I absolutely love this story... imo as good a read as AWE/Renegade Immortal/ISSTH/Coiling Dragon yet with a fresh flavor. Having read a lot of the reviews I noticed some bad comments which are not based on facts. I recommend all to try it. It's nice not having the harem thing going which is a big plus lol... the spiritual techniques are more original than most. Beerblade is a great translator also!!! Not to be snide but those that take to heart a negative opinion must be surrounded by negativity... just... more>> read it and make your own decision! I'm just updating this because I really want the prize of the "seal"... apologies I'm just being honest lol. <<less
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