Lord of All Realms


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In ancient times, there existed giant spirits capable of supporting the heavens. With bodies as enormous as stars, they soared across the universe. Great clan leaders with mysterious blood running through their veins shattered the void and created new worlds. Ancient Qi Warriors crossed a river of stars to enlighten numerous mortal beings. For unknown reasons, an era silently came to an end, all realms were separated, ancient giant spirits disappeared one after another. Thousands of years later, young Nie Tian managed to travel back into ancient times with the help of a drop of blood…

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King of Myriad Domains
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postbank rated it
August 17, 2016
Status: --
This story is utterly boring, normally along the way some secrets get revealed and some cool power ups are given to the main character in the story. Normally a very unique power system or special powers or freaking cultivation system are made to entertain the reader.

PROBLEM IS this story does nothing of the above the Description of this story tells us that the main character will obtain a drop of blood of a djinn remolding his body!

Problem is this doesn't really happen other children cultivate and become strong while the... more>> MC with his legendary f*cking blood of drop doesn't become the least interesting I was looking forward to him at least gaining some physical changes or some mysterious weapon or whatever.

But nothing in the order of things that happen that should have given him some legendary cheating upgrades none of them at all are interesting.

THE MAIN CHARACTER all of his conflicts are always against children that are 2-4 cultivation levels above him he gets beaten people fear him getting handicapped but suddenly he throws one punch breaking some ribs and thats that.

This has happened at least 3 times and every time it begins the same way and every time it ends the same way no satisfaction even the way he killed his first opponents its utterly boring.

So lastly like I said the description already tells us the origin of the blood drop so we (I) are only waiting for it to finally to remold or reveal his special body and give him tremendous power.

We already know what it is but we want to see the shiney toy to be used instead the blood drop only enables him to enter some special realm to do sh*t but he cannot even enter it as when it opens its like a nuclear bomb gos off alterting every f*cking poser in the world of his special treasure!

Even after several special upgrades his cultivation level is still below everyone!!!! I plead the fifth f*ck this!! <<less
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strixflash rated it
March 20, 2018
Status: c638
Let me tell you about the great plot of this novel which is supposedly "editor's recommendation" on WW. Here is the plot :

Factions within MC country are in civil war. They want to kill each other. MC is almost killed by an opposition faction. But then enemies from other nations arrive so all warring factions unite to ward off invaders.

Now the MC and his country are fighting the foreign countries. They are after each other blood and won't stop till either side dies. But then a twist happens: aliens from... more>> other planets invade. So MC's country and the other countries temporarily make peace and join forces to ward off the aliens.

Now MC's world and the aliens are under war. But then an exciting twist happen: enemies from other galaxy arrives. So MC and the aliens from his current galaxy make temporary alliance to ward off the other galaxy enemies.


Well, I'm sure you already understood. I'm not exaggerating the details. This is what truly happens. MC almost dies at the end of females from opposition faction and his allies are killed by the same females. But when the 'temporary alliance' happens they start following in love. It gets repeated 5-6 times. The worst part is that the so called love is forgotten as the plot moves on larger scale.

There is nothing interesting in novel. The fights are boring. The world building is lame. I didn't find the personality of MC interesting as well.

Would advise you to skip this great novel. <<less
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qull rated it
June 18, 2017
Status: c822
Started out promising, but the plot becomes messy after the Star Temple. Author did poorly at plot progression and conflicts management. He did a lot of "axed arc", where MC will drop whatever he is trying to solve at the current arc and proceed to next arc. After about 2+ arcs later, he'll then come back and solve it (or it is already solved by itself).

Here's one of the few examples:

... more>>
  1. One of MC (potential) girl is kidnapped inside ice crystal and her master was killed by a young sect master
  2. MC dives into that dimension to get her back as well as revenge them
  3. He made friends with opposite sect, who planned to help him free the girl
  4. When they went to intercept the villain
  5. A random ice spirit appears who has some relation with ice crystal, so she just easily recalled the ice crystal from the sect master, and she went to another dimension.
  6. MC go back to his home dimension and proceed to another dimension for another arc...
  7. Still the girl isn't saved yet, and MC is off to another story

As for romance:


There are little to no romance. Author makes it seems as if MC do a lot romance, but in actuality there's none. The early girls in first few hundred chapters never reappear again other than few mentioning. His current girlfriend rarely appear in recent chapters, as well as their honeymoon time. In addition to that, author describes MC as passionate about love and "want to capture offender". However, over the course of years, he rarely care to visit his girlfriends and only care about cultivation. In other word, MC's action and author description are totally off.

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thissisnate rated it
June 21, 2016
Status: c11
Absolutely fresh novel because of the hilarity of the author. Too early for a real review but starting from the second chapter, it really draws you into the world because of the detail to characters and hilarity. Conflicts (of the one seen so far) have been taken care of realistically and diplomatically and does not involve the whole typical xianxia "I will rip you a new as*hole cause you didn't give me all your money".

Additionally, this is probably one of xianxiaworld's best translations in terms of quality. It definitely reaches... more>> the level of quality seen at gravity and wuxiaworld which makes reading such an effortless pleasure. <<less
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Eolan rated it
August 26, 2017
Status: --
Mostly an answer to the previous poster so he won´t dissuade potential readers wrongly;

To clarify, in no part of the synopsis of wuxiaworld does it say that the MC reincarnates or transports to another world. What happens is literally what is written "Thousands of years later, young Nie Tian managed to travel back into ancient times with the help of a drop of blood... "

The previous poster was confused thinking it was a reincarnation/transportation novel (despite no tags mentioning it as such). Most of these novels start with a small... more>> prologue before the event, which would further his confusion since no development towards this occured in the 15 chapters he read before doing the review. Yet, I repeat, this isn´t a reincarnation/transportation novel, so what is mentioned in the synopsis happens further down the plot (since, lots of world building).

Finally, sorry for being so redundant, hope this post helps. <<less
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Astaroth rated it
August 17, 2017
Status: c15
This isn't really a review, I just wanted to give some information because I got fooled.

Originally I had never felt like reading this when it was on xianxiaworld, for multiple reasons, one of which was the synopsis.

Recently I found out that wuxiaworld had picked it up and started over, and even changed the synopsis a bit. http://www. wuxiaworld. com/loar-index/

... more>> What I want to highlight is this section: "Thousands of years later, young Nie Tian managed to travel back into ancient times with the help of a drop of blood... "

And I got real hyped to read and regretted that I hadn't already done so back during xianxiaworld time, lamenting that they have mistranslated the synopsis. "... which would start the return of the ancient times." (Quite different from the ww one, right?)

But nope, as far as I can tell MC is not reincarnated, transported to another world, or anything of the sort. It seemed a bit plausible because of how MC was acting in the first and second chapter, but later it's made 99% clear that, unless there's some kind of secret or a missing prologue chapter, the MC is just a kid with some strange talent he's got. It also doesn't help that not only is MC not reincarnated, he's also s*upid.

It's a real shame because chapter 2 (or was it 3?) was really hilarious, I thought that MC was an adult and he actually fought against other toddlers over some treasures? I was thinking he's going to do something with them, but nope, it was just that MC is a dumb kid who wanted to take everything for himself, because he can.

I've only read 15 chapters, so I don't plan to say anything about the novel. Potentially it could get better, but I highly doubt that knowing this author's track record. (I've already read GDK, to the end, GoS 340 chaps, and some 100+ chaps of Spirit Realm, so I know this author just keep making good premises only to completely ruin it. But at least with GDK and GoS you could read some hundreds of chapters of good fun before it happened.)

tl:dr if you read the new wuxiaworld synopsis and got hyped to read some reincarnated / transported to another world fantasy novel then be prepared for that it's a LIE. I'd give ww the benefit of the doubt because it feels strange that they would make such a basic mistake, but it's made painfully obvious while reading the novel that unless there's going to be some secret revealed way later then MC is absolutely not some transmigrated soul from the future or another world. And so what, even if it turns out that MC is actually transmigrated but his memories and intelligence have been sealed for some reason, I don't read a novel just for the tag, I just don't want to wait for MC to grow up and learn through tons of mistakes (not to mention the MC doesnt' even seem to learn from his mistakes in the first place, he just keep doing the same thing and relying on hidden power to save him). <<less
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Ananya rated it
November 4, 2016
Status: c189
I have caught upto the translations. There is a positive improvement in terms of characterisation compared to the author's earlier works like GOS or GDK especially the personality of lead character. There doesn't seem to be nothing wrong with the MC's head, atleast so far.

There is a lot of depth in the story which many other novels lack, lot of importance is placed on characters surrounding MC which is a very good thing. The best part is characters seem to give thought to what they do, including MC, its especially... more>> refreshing because most of the MCs act rash.

Despite this, it has all the ingredients that make a great xianxia such as nail-biting fights, mysterious lineage, clever MC, unique power system, revenge, tragedy, etc

Although 98 chapters maybe too early for a review, the story shows lots of potential. Hence I'm going with 5 stars.

I feel maybe the novel hasn't garnered enough traction because of slow updates, but this is not a novel one should miss, especially if you are a fan of GOS, GDK, and SR because this novel contains all the elements contained in the author's previous works while also having some additional elements. <<less
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rhianirory rated it
March 16, 2018
Status: c200
My biggest annoyance is that either the author keeps forgetting he's only a kid (he's only supposed to be ten when goes to the green-whatever realm), or he's one of the worst, pe*verted little kids I've ever seen. What he does to the blood cult (sect? Something along those lines) chick while she's helpless is not something that would even occur as a possibility in the minds of most ten year old kids. Even before puberty he is apparently an expert on mol*sting women. And as of chapter 200 he's... more>> only 12-13yrs old but the women's thoughts all show that they think he's manly and gives them a sense of safety. Seriously?! he's fricking twelve and this isn't a reincarnation/ transmigration novel so there's no past experiences in his head!!

The rest of the story is alright but I'm having a seriously hard time suspending my disbelief on this subject. Nor can I make myself believe all these older women are pe*ophiles at heart. As it getting worse, my interest in the story has dropped quite a bit. <<less
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UnknownReader27 rated it
July 29, 2019
Status: --
The novel has a good start. But after a while, you would see that there was no special in the MC. He seems smart but he was easily affected by his emotions and he did not focus on his priorities, he seems allover the place. He was also too careless to the point that others suffered because of him. The MC for me is too bland. There were no interesting qualities about him. He was just a slightly smart child with a powerful talent and tremendous luck, and thats it.

I... more>> dont know why this s*upid author always wants for other character in this novel to know the secret of the MC. Yeah, all of the secret of the MC was know by many people. And this s*upid MC was too fvcking reckless. If he did not have a powerful master, he would easily die or manipulated because of his s*upidity and recklessness. And the MC does not even know any battle skills. This s*upid author only made the MC learnt a powerful skills that he could only use in a short time. That's why at first, the MC seems a punching bag and doesnt even know how he will use that two skills. Fck you author, in chapter 150+, you only made the MC learnt two battle skill, and he cant fully utilze that skill because that skill was too strong for his current state. s*upid. And the was too careless and reckless to the point that he always let himself and others around him in trouble. Haaa.

You could say that this MC was like those s*upid noble sidecharacters in the other novels. He knows that he needed to keep his secrets, but he always want to jump in trouble, and when he was in a dire state because of his s*upidness, he had no other choice but to use or reveal his secret. Then he will request others that saw his secret to not tell others about it. Thats why his secret seems known all over the place. Fvcking s*upid. He was just different from those sidecharacters in terms of luck. And thats it.

The MC was fearless to the point of s*upidness. I think that the author is also s*upid because he's the one who created the MC. For example, in chapter 150+, they discovered a city, and when they coming toward that city, they discovered corpses and discovered that they were from the same domain that have a powerful cultivation compared to them but still died. But this s*upid MC was too fearless that he still wanted to go to that city hah. The MC has brains, but he did not use that often, but because the s*upid author was too caring for the MC, he will create a favourable situation for this MC.

The MC of this novel was one of the worst MC for me. Why? First, the MC had no self-control, even though he knew that it was extremely dangerous ahead that there were a high possibility that many of them will die if they go there, and his friends were also with him, he would still go ahead, even though he knew that his friends would follow him. Thats why his friends will also be in trouble. He could not also control his emotion. Second, he easily trust people even though he only met him/her in a short time. Third, because of his s*upidness and recklessness, he was always in trouble, and because of him, the people around him also get in trouble, and because of his s*upidness and recklessness, he had no choice but to use his secrets, and then he would request the other that he saw his secrets to keep it to themselves. Fourth, the MC also owed many people, and also because of his recklessness and s*upidness, he also owed that save or know his secrets. There were many more bad points for this MC. In fact there were no interesting about this MC, he just have a powerful body, bloodline, and tremendous luck.

And this fcking author seems so stingy. Why? In chapter 1 to chapter 250+, I think the MC only have 2 techniques that he could use in battle. Fckyou author, he already been in a 2 sects but you did not even give him one battle technique or movement technique, that's why the MC seems a punching bag because he cant dodge many attacks because he only have a fvcking two battle techniques, and he doesnt even have a movement technique and the MC could only use it in short time. This fcking s*upid author.

Like when he was in Split Void Realm. He knew that he was there because he was hiding there, but he made a big ruckus to the point that he was so famous in that realm. And when he returned to the city that he resides in, Qiqi warned him to lay low, but what did he do? He made another recklessness. He already knew that he could not activate his mysterious technique in gathering spiritual power in the cultivation room based on his current realm because the formation could not support it, but he still did it, and he made trouble again. Is that a smart MC for you s*upid author? I really want to slap your face a few times fck.

And this MC also have no sense of danger. Fcking s*upid that always tread ahead, did not even look in the big picture, always making trouble to others and friends around him, to the point that he always endangered them. Is this how you want this s*upid MC to treat his friends s*upid author? Always making trouble for his friends and people around him. Yeah I know that he did not want to trouble his friends, but he already knew that his friends was loyal to him and will always follow him no matter what, but he still make trouble to the point that the people around him was also affected. s*upidd, fck you very much author.

For me, the MC here is embodiment of the author s*upidness. The author said that the MC was smart and resourceful, but I could not see it. The MC did not even do his priority, like when he was hiding, he knew that he had to hide and lay low, but what did he do? He just make trouble one after another. And even though Qiqi warned him, he still make trouble. Is that what you called smart? Or are you just so s*upid when you're writing this nove fvcking author? If you think that this is a smart person would do, then you are fcking s*upid author. Fvck you very much.

You will like this novel if you are a simpleminded person. Why? There were no such good scheme here. In fact, if there was a character here that was good in scheming. I promise you, that this s*upid MC that the s*upid author created would be easily manipulated. This author seems want to tell the reader that the MC was smart. Ha, but the things that the MC did was so beyond s*upid. A smart person knows his priority, know when to back down, knew how to outwit a person. But this s*upid author that says that the s*upid MC was smart created this MC as a fearless, reckless idiot that doesnt even know his priorities hahaha. Is a smart person that supposed to hide will do an uproar in the place that he hid?? Is a smart person will go to a place that it have a 95% that he and his friends will die there?? Is there a smart person that would easily reveal his secrets to those he met only in a short time even if he have a favorable impression in that person? No, smart person would not do this s*upid things, but our "smart" MC did this things in this novel, and this was when our s*upid*cough* great author creates a favorable situation for our MC so that the things that the MC did seems a right choice even though it did not.

The author also said in some chapter that the senses and perception of the MC was higher than the others. But I couldnt see it, or maybe that the author could not really describe the fight. Because the way the author describe a fighting scene in this novel is like this "Nietan attack and his opponent also attack, and dodge the attack of his opponent, then they exchange a few attacks and Nietian could only dodge a few attacks, and Nietian gather all of his power to use his techniques.." The author did not even describe how the opponent and nietan attack. And the MC did not even dodge more attacks even though his senses was more higher than others. While some sidecharacters in this novel seems more good in dodging then this s*upid MC who have keener "senses" than others. Sigh.

The MC also have some connections but he did not even use it. For example, when Dong Li threatened him that she will kill her family, the MC could use the name of Blood Sect, Yin, Yang Sect to threaten Dong Li to let his family go. But what did the MC do? He let her outwit him. He could just say those three sect and Im sure that woman would let him and his family go. Some may say that if he do that, he will owe that three sect a favor. s*upid. Those three sects owe him a favor and it is HUGE favor. Its not even a big deal to use those three names to threaten Dong Li. It seems that this s*upid author wants the s*upid MC to just give and not receive. The s*upid author seems want others take advantage to the s*upid MC but he did not want the MC to take advantage to others. And this s*upid author said that the MC was resourceful huh. Ha! Fck your 'resourceful' MC

Thats why the MC was the embodiment of the s*upidITY of this fcking author. There was nothing in this MC that stands out except his fearlessness to the point of s*upidity. The MC just have a powerful bloodline and body, and I dont know if the MC really have a powerful perception and senses because I could not really see it in battle. Everybody know that senses was a big deal in battle for judging, dodging etc. but the other characters was better than the MC in this. Sighm. I really want to stop reading this novel but when I started reading a novel, I will try my best to finish it, unless the author did not finish it yet, or the later chapters is not translated yet, or the novel or the MC was just that bad. Like this novel, the MC was really... Sigh..

For me, the other characters was even more interesting and deserving to be lord than the MC haha. Why? He just have a powerful physique and bloodline and have a mysterious background. And thats it. He's not wise, the author said that he was resourceful but the way the MC act shows that he was not, he had no self-control, he is narrow-minded, he just acts but had no priority. The MC was also honest to the point that when someone that he have a good impression even though he only met that someone on 'short time', if that person ask some of his secrets, the s*upid MC would honesly tell some, fcking s*upid, you only met him/her in short time and you already trust him/her to the point that you would tell that person some of your secrets. Sigh..

In fact, the way that the MC did not even suffer some major setbacks or manipulated, or schemed even though he's s*upid, too reckless, and so many people that already knew his secret, from chapter 1 upto chapter 400+ is already a fcking indestructible plot armor. I think that the s*upid author just wanted to create a divine plot armor, and not a good MC. Sigh

In some scene, he did not even see the big picture, he just act and push forward like a s*upid person. He's not insightful enough compared to other characters. Basically he's just too bland or plain.

I did not mention the good qualities of the MC for a simple reason, because other characters in this novel also have this qualities and some was even better than the MC. He did not have unique qualities compared to others.

This novel was like some other novel that you could already see that the MC would become a lord or hero or god in the last chapter because its his/her destiny. But in this novel, it is clearly seen that the author seems so focus in destiny of the MC not the qualities of the MC, or if the MC that created was deserving to that destiny. Because for me? The other character in this novel was much more deserving. And you could easily tell some plot armor. And it seems the author really like to make some coincidences to the point that it already fed me up. Sigh. In this novel, you could tell that the MC here became a lord not becuase of his talent, hardwork, wits or something, its because its his fcking destiny. <<less
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Nargol rated it
November 14, 2019
Status: c168
I'll start out with the only compliment I can give this novel so far: the translation is great. There are some really odd choices here and there as far as the writing goes, but overall it is a very readable experience.

Now for every single other thing about the novel.

The MC has no real personality. He isn't a blank page, but it's pretty close. He has no particular philosophy, no bottom line, and no scruples.

He repeatedly puts his friends and comrades-in-arms in danger for his own selfish reasons. He has no... more>> self-control, no discipline, and displays a complete lack of foresight. If the author was smart, he would explain this by using his favourite mechanic: the deus ex machina. Since the universe bends to save him, why should he ever work on self improvement?

MC is constantly saved at the last moment by something falling out of the sky. Literally, at times, when the super-amazing-godly-whatever artifact he finds discovers hes in danger and swoops in to save him.

Further, MC has that most vile trait of all: he is weak. Author decides that rather than have him work for power, he will simply give him perfect, invincible abilities that will take him out of danger without a sweat.

When the obvious consequence of this appears, that the MC is now invincible, author retroactively changes the ability, or makes the MC completely ret*rded so there can be even the vaguest hint of danger.

The ability I'm talking about is obviously the "magnetic field". It is an ability that creates a zone around him, between one and ten meters, where anyone who enters is rendered near helpless, and any attack entering is absorbed, strengthening the field.

As you can tell, this ability is literally invincible. The author, however, does not want you to think so. And so he repeatedly ret*rds the MC and simply has him not use it, even when it would easily solve his current predicament.

The most appaling thing about this entire novel is the obvious contempt the author has for his readers. It can be felt throughout the entire novel that he expects anyone who reads his work to have the intelligence and comprehension of a four year old. And while this is true for many readers of this genre, and probably where the authors get most their money from, it's pretty f*cking distasteful to have it actually show in your writing.

That's probably what angers me the most: he makes no attempt to hide his contempt for his audience, instead just leaving it out there.

In short, if I could rate this novel negatively, I would. I believe it is an objectively negative influence on whoever reads it. I'm against book burning, but if I had any slack in that opinion, this is the one I would throw on the pyre.

f*ck this MC and f*ck this author. <<less
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Mr. Disgruntle
Mr. Disgruntle rated it
August 7, 2020
Status: c1393
Have you ever read a story where there was a character so dumb you wondered how they managed to live for so long? If you haven't, then look no further because Nie Tian, the MC of Lord of All Realms, is one of them. He is the dumbest main character I have ever had the pleasure of encountering.

This exact same scenario has repeated so many times in the story:

Genius Elder Character: "MC, don't do X action, bad thing will happen!"

Smooth-brained MC: "I don't believe you!" Proceeds to do X action.... more>> Bad thing happens. "Well, shit. How was I supposed to know that was going to happen? It's a good thing I have plot armor to turn bad thing into good thing."

Every action the MC takes is because of an outside force prompting him. He's like a sponge that only reacts to outside stimuli. Something has to poke him for him to take action. He's about as dumb as a sponge too.

Also, the author can't keep track of time. Only seven years or so passed in the story, making the MC 17-years-old, and the author forgets that, so the author reaches into his pants and pulls a number out of his ass to determine the MC's age (late twenties).

Don't even get me started on the "romance".

Overall: 1.5/5, dropping the novel at Chapter 1393, would not read again.

On a side note, the translation quality was superb. It's a shame the translator's talents are wasted on such a bad novel. <<less
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d1puffpuff rated it
November 15, 2016
Status: c144
This story's MC is similar to other MC's starting life - disliked, viewed as not talented (and not instantly OP after 20+ chapters like certain other novels).

Although in the beginning, the story may sound generic with the introduction of characters, the MC grows on the reader.

What I actually like about this novel is the build up/drawing lines of characters and plot. Like all xianxia novels, the MC faces closeness to death but is able to overcome it. Although this to some people may seem repetitive, but it fits the genre... more>> and type of "weak to strong" kind of xianxia.

Types of novels I like are A Thought Through Eternity, TTNH, OEM, Zhanxian, The King of the Battlefield, ISSTH, etc, so if you like any of these novels, feel free to give this novel a try!
Plus, this is nothing like Tales of Demons and Gods.

I'll say it's in my top 5 as of now. <<less
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Yung_lane rated it
October 2, 2017
Status: c24
I'm going to be honest I'm only 24 chapters in, however, this is garbage. This has so many five star reviews, and I'm hoping it's because it gets much better later on. The synopsis is very misleading, everything I've read so far seems like a boring prologue and I'm struggling to see how the story gets interesting from here.

In the event that it does improve, i'll come back and change my review. I am not optimistic though.

** c.25

What the f*ck just happened, made my review a chapter too short lol,... more>> still the writing and the combat is very dry, even with this development I'm hard pressed in seeing a higher rating for this. Still bewildered by the number of 5 star reviews. <<less
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alexpeki rated it
January 22, 2017
Status: c189
This is one of my favorite novels at a moment. Story is well paced, characters are not one dimensional, MC is not some op monster from start, he is intelligent and not a moron, his abilities are interesting, he doesn't get unnoticed from masters in that realm untill he is already op like we seen in some other novels (and then they ask themselves how we missed such talent...) no that here. Way he gains his strength is and skills is nice.

Also to the guy that complained about everything I... more>> would just like to say please don't write a reviews on website before you even finish first ark, I saw a lot of people that complain after reading few chapters. Did he really expect author to just write all info he wanted to know in synopsis?whats the point if he tells you everything there, joy of reading is discovery over time, whats the point of knowing everything upfront, good story is one that can always keep you wanting to learn more, discover more. New abilities are coolest thing so why would you want to know all of that from start, best part of going on adventure is journey. <<less
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
JustSaying rated it
November 10, 2019
Status: --
This is the worst MC that I've ever seen in my years of reading novels. What the F, he was even more emotional than the women in this novels. He was so narrow minded that he just act without thinking and did not even considered the big picture. The author said that the MC was smart and resourceful but I could not see it in the MC. The MC here was freaking s*upid and pushover, and thats what I see instead of smart and resourceful MC that this stupif author... more>> described. He have some connections to other sects but he did not use that to take advantage. And there were so many s*upid things that the MC did that a smart person would never do. The MC here was just lucky because he have a powerful bloodline and the armor thats why he reached his current state but if he did not even have any of it, he's just a piece of sh*t. He did not scheme, many people knew his secrets, he is so freaking reckless, he did not use his fvcking brain when he acts. He could not control his emotions, in fact the other girls in this novel could control their emotions even more than the MC, in fact I was even more confused by who was the woman really is, the MC or the women in this novel, because thats how much the MC was easily affected by his emotions. The MC also trusted others too easily, to the point that he even knew that the ones he allied with was cunning compared to his s*upid self, he stills trust them, if anyone of them really harbored evil intentions deep inside their hearts, then this s*upid MC would easily die, but of course this s*upid and hypocrite author would made those cunning characters loyal even though its already against their characters. Sighh!!

The MC also have low battle awareness compared to othe characters in this novel. He was too reliant on his techniques to the point that every single time, he would use the Heavens eyes, thats why his battle awareness was too freaking low, because he relied too much on external help instead of honing his own senses. His friends was even more good at fighting and has better senses than the MC, its just that the MC has too fcking tremendous luck that he acquired many techniques thats why it seems he was good at fighting but if you really think about it, he was a sh*t compared to others. If you read this novel, you would really wonder, how the heck the MC would become the lord with his sh*tty qualities. Sigh! s*upid author.

Imagine, a ruler with a sh*tty qualities, a ruler who was s*upid, more emotional than a youth girl, reckless to the point of s*upidness, not resourceful, and easily trusts someone. I really pittied the territories where that sh*tty MC *cough* ruler ruled.

The tags here said 'Character Growth' but fck you author, Im already in 600+ chapters but the MC was still worst than sh*t. He's still more emotional than girls, easily trusts someone, so freaking pushover, petty, naive, s*upid. Whats the growth there? Huh? Or are you really s*upid? Come on author, he's already in his late 20's and he even have many experiences, but he was still s*upid, emotional, naive. Even the most immature person would mature if he is in that age and experienced the things that the MC did. But the MC did not, so that means that the MC was really s*upid and naive.

Dont believe the other reviews that said that the MC was smart, because the MC is not. All of the schemes of the MC here was like a child's play. Those who said that the MC is smart are s*upid. It might even that the s*upid author just created many account to make a positive review here. Why would I say that the MC was s*upid? He spill almost all of his secrets to a girl who was good at manipulating men, even though he knew her reputation. He did not even think that the girl might harbor deeply hidden intentions. He easily trust someone even if the person have the worst reputation, he would still trust him or her easily, to the point that he would show almost all of his trumpcards to them, like Dong Li and Zhao Shanling. If you are a smart person, even if they helped you, you would not easily reveal all of your trumcard to them if you heard their reputation. But the MC did reveal almost all of his secrets. Ha!! Then there were also some problems that was so easy to solve but he takes too long to solve it. He always thought that he owed the ones that helped him, but he did not even thought those who helped him were the ones who owed him more. Such a pushover. He also easily reveals his fortunes to others to the point that even those he knew just in a short time also knew most of his secrets. Is that a smart person? Those who said that the MC was smart was just a s*upid person.

I gave the author a chance to show us the term 'Character Growth' but it seems that this s*upid author needs it first.

In fact, if you carefully read this novel, there were not even a bit of setback that the MC experienced here, instead all of the happening was always beneficial to our s*upid MC, how spoiled. Thats why the MC was still too naive, still easily trust someone, still fvcking s*upid. Sighh...

And I dont even feel his advantage by having 3 vortexes, why? Its because his arm was almost cooked by a single hit of a girl who only practice a vortex of flame power, and just a small grade higher than him. So whats the advantage of the MC having 3 vortexes if he could not even take a casual attack of someone who was just one small grade higher than him. Yeah lets say that the small girl that attack him was a chosen, but come on man, he refine his body to a second level and he have four vortexes of different energies if spiritual energy included, but he still could not beat her? He could not even take a single strike of her without disadvantage. And he have wood and flame energies but he did not even try to learn a skill or two based on those two powers, in fact, I think that he did not even know a little bit about those energies because he did not have any enlightenment about those energies, the author said that to advanced a realm, it needs a right state of mind or enlightenment about self or energies. But the MC was not enlightened even a bit. Sigh.. What a tr*sh MC that this s*upid author created. This s*upid author seems really wants to create an MC that was a mirror of himself, a s*upid MC. Because it seems that he really wants a tr*sh MC to be in his novel. So thats s*upidity. The author was like a chef that he creates a dish and the ingredients was good but the main ingredient that he chose was a tr*sh, so what would you call to that chef? Of course a s*upid, because a smart person would not do something s*upid like choosing a tr*sh as a core to a thing that he would do. But this s*upid author did.

The MC was just lucky, and thats all. If he did not have a bloodline, even if he have the star power, he was tr*sh compared to others, because his battle awareness was too freaking low. His senses was too freaking weak. His brain and way of thinking was too freaking s*upid and naive. His emotional state was always unstable, could not even control his emotions, he just have always a tremendous luck. He's not even worth a sh*t compared to others if he did not have his bloodline and star power. No, I promised that all of I said was true. The worst MC of all. There was not even a character growth here. <<less
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GrumpyNPC rated it
November 2, 2018
Status: c1407
Edit: the pacing got out of control so I dropped it

An above average but pretty standard cultivation novel. Nothing yet to significantly set it apart from other similar novels, but it has potential, specially in its world building. It's written better than most other xianxia novels, but there is room for improvement. The story gets better in later arcs.

Nuetral notes:

    • The Harem tag is probably not yet justified, based on translated chapters, it is still a Schrodinger's Harem, as in it both exists and doesn't exists until it is proven one way or the other. There are multiple romance flags, but MC is only officially dating one of them, and she is quite possessive at this time anyways.
What I disliked:

    • I dont find the solo training parts particularly interesting. I wish they were shorter or skipped altogether. This is probably just a personal preference and not necessarily something the novel is doing wrong.
    • Aliases and disguises. I hate this tactic in all novels, specially when they happen more than once, and even more so when the chosen alias is ridiculously s*upid, like changing one single character or syllable in your real name. Maybe these aliases make more sense in their original language, but not when translated. The one redeeming quality about this in this novel is that at one point someone actually calls it out and says the aliases are not very creative.
    • Too many names, everyone gets a name, even characters that die on the same chapter they are introduced often get named, making it hard to keep track of who is who at times given how similar the names are, throw in the occasional typo and it becomes a bit annoying to figure out if a new character is being introduced or an old one is coming back.
What I liked:

    • Alliances shift. This is something I'm liking right now, but has the potential to be ruined if overused. Today's enemy could be tomorrow's friend if the situation calls for it.
    • MC's master. I like the relationship between MC and his master.
    • The world building is some of the best, there are a lot of worlds to explore and there is a lot of history to interconnect the different worlds, races, and factions. The world building is very slow at the start but the MC's horizons are quickly expanded in later ones.
    • The Romance. Contrary to what other reviewers have mentioned, I like the romance flags. They are not all conventional which makes things interesting. Hoping this novel turns out to deserve the harem tag and is not just one of those. "She smiled at me, now she is in my harem"
The spoils

    • Some people have complained about the romance flags planted. It is true that a couple are a bit controversial, but the issue is way too exaggerated.

      Yu Tong: This girl was from one of the enemy sects. When MC and young members of the allied sects were on a training expeditions, the enemy sects sent their disciples, including Yu Tong, to go and killed them. MC and Yu Tong fought a couple of times and tried to kill each other multiple times. While it might appear as if Yu Tong is evil, it is clearly stated that the enemy sects are there for revenge because the allied sects had previously messed with one of their projects. I personally see this as two groups on different sides, and not necessarily good vs evil. After the expedition Yu Tong is obsessed with killing MC, cause he made her feel inferior and groped her during their previous encounters. Later on, both group of sects are forced to work together against outside forces, during which time their relationship starts to change slowly. In my opinion it doesn't look like MC intentionally let her escape in any of their battles, but rather they were closely matched, and is not like he only forgave her, all the sects united and forgave each other, considering that non of the people she personally killed were legit friends of the MC I don't see why she gets singled out in other reviews. I find their relationship interesting, though it has taken a back seat and hasn't been mentioned in a long time.



      Dong Li: This one is a bit more controversial and more questionable. She too was an enemy of the MC who tried to use and kill him, her personality is very selfish and she seems to only care about herself. When MC first joined her group he noticed right away that she was up to no good. After she killed all the other members of the group the MC tricked her, groped her (sounds familiar?), and set her up so a strong cultivator would kill her, unfortunately said cultivator was in her pocket. After that, MC ran around destroying her plans, killing her people, and leaving mocking messages. She felt humiliated and spent all efforts trying to kill him until eventually they were both forced to retreat. Later on, MC befriends her brother, who has great character. She laters tries to use MC again by forcing him to go on an expedition with her and help her get treasures by threatening his family, with no intention to actually harm them, but with every intention to manipulate the MC. The MC is not happy about this, but her brother tells him that his family is in no danger and that she is just bluffing, he also tells him that he can refuse to go on the expedition, but that he might benefit from it if he goes, and asks him as a favor to look out for his troublesome sister if he goes. With time their relationship changes, they save each other's lives, and come to understand each other better. The way they met is abnormal and I can understand why people find it hard to accept the romance flag, specially since this is the only one currently officially dating the MC. Some things to keep in mind are that Dong Li was doing her original killings as part of a mission from her clan, not sure why she was sent on that sort of mission, or if the killing was a core part of it, or just her way of accomplishing it. Worth noting too is that MC knew she was trouble from the start and chose to join and remain in her group, he also knew the others in the group were being set up to die by her and he chose to let them die, not quite the same as killing them, but MC is no saint. Regardless, she clearly only cares about herself and those close to her, and has no problem killing everyone else, MC wasn't close to her at the beginning, but he is now, and since he became close she has fiercely defended him. I like this relationship because it is different, I also like that the MC is aware of how abnormal it is, and is embarrassed when others point out she tried to kill him. In my opinion he has forgiven and in some case befriended people who have come much closer to actually killing him for the sake of a greater goal so I'm not bothered by it.

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Kainthedamned rated it
August 20, 2016
Status: c42
Really nice story so far. The author seems to have decided to change his story telling compared to God Of Slaughter and Great Demon King. No more s*upid protagonists who try to kill/r*pe anything that come their way and are so overpowered that nothing can happen to them except "surprising" everyone by getting out every situation without any effort.

Instead we have a MC capable of using his brain, still violent but not for no reason (for now), real side characters who aren't just here to get destroyed. If you add... more>> the good writing and universe building talent of this author, this novel has great potential. I really hope it keeps going along those lines, we will see. <<less
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shadowtrap2010 rated it
July 30, 2016
Status: c29
The story is actually good, it's start out heavy, situation not good, MC got beat around. But event start unfold unpredictable or maybe not doesn't really matter, the thing is it rouse my interest to keep reading until the last available chapter so it get 5 star from me!
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Lightsyde rated it
April 12, 2018
Status: c378
This is my first Xianxia novel review, funnily enough...

This novel is hovering around 3.5 to 4 stars at the moment.

The Good

    1. Thinking. The main character thinks the majority of his decisions through, but has moments when he acts on the spur of the moment. This makes him a very balanced character overall. His decisions are mostly reasonable and level-headed with not too much rashness. At the same time, he isn't overly cautious like Leylin Farlier or cowardly like Bai Xiaochun, and doesn't need all the stars to perfectly align before making decisions.
    1. Side characters are deeper than the average Xianxia, with motivations, influences, goals and what not.
    1. the world building is decent and reasonably creative
    1. Powers of the main character feel steady and not overly done. He doesn't seem to have too many and at threats to his survival feel tangible and engaging.
    1. Decent emotional content from the story and main character has emotions and feeling like (gasp, it can't be!!!) an actual human being
    1. Great translator doing a very good job of it while being helpful and sociable.
Main Character is flawed. Yes this is a good thing. I'm sick of people expecting perfect characters every time they pick up a story. As long as the flaws aren't overdone, deal with it!!

The Bad

    1. About half the fights in the novel are dull, and read like a report. Conflicts make a story, and conflict resolution in these types of novels = fighting.
    1. Filler-ish content - among the dull fights, half the time they are dull is because too much unnecessary and unrelated content is jammed into and in-between the fight scenes.
    1. I feel like there should be more emotional content in the story, especially considering his age. I also feel he's way too young for some of the stuff done and implied in the story. If the author is so keen on writing or implying amorous content and possibilities, then the least he could do as a good author is to ramp the main character's age up!! On that note, I find it ridiculous, amusing and frustrating (in Chinese terms, I don't know whether to laugh or cry, haha.) how many authors make a big deal out of the age factor (omg look at my main character, he's so young but so strong!!) but then forget that all it really does in terms of the writing is restrict what society considers to be acceptable, which is not a good thing considering some of the scenes in Lord of All Realms. I wish they would consider both the issue of a target audience and also that most times, the cons outweigh the pros. Nie Tian's (main character) age is 12, he feels like he's in his twenties, and the story writes like that.
Overall, I really enjoy this story and I hope to be able to give it a 5 stars with honesty in the future. Recommended
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badiyee rated it
October 23, 2016
Status: c67
This is a story by the author who wrote Great Demon King and God of Slaughter.

What is nice about this is that this work has a different start than other author's works. What is also nice is that the story doesn't make the MC OP right from the start. He doesn't know anything, and he doesn't know how to wield anything (except his own potential).

We see how the MC learns to adjust to his potential while at the same time juggling to the circumstances.

Is it boring? No. Is it super... more>> exciting? No. But the story does have its twists, and pretty decent ones at it. What's more, the story is hillarious in its own way because readers should be able to pick up the subtlety that the MC can't be 'measured' nor 'groomed' in 'normal' (at least normal in the world of the story) methods. A story worth reading just for the ride. <<less
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