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He swore, in the name of the Gods, to protect her through her three lifetimes, through her three worlds. If the Gods stand in the way, slay the Gods! If the Buddhas stands in the way, slay the Buddhas!

She swore, in the spirit of the Immortals, to hate him eternally, abandoning him forever. Even when the Gods and Buddhas are no more, even when the the heavens and earths reopen!

The oath will never die, the desolation will never grow old. In that long long life of countless thousands years, all she ever wanted was just a few years…

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5 Reviews

Feb 01, 2017
Status: Completed

I wished the author dropped more clues during the actual story rather than explain everything from the POV of an outsider in an epilogue. Then again, if the main characters realized everything that was going on, things wouldn't have progressed as they did. The main characters have big flaws that's what brought on the ending. Again, another story that shows that good and evil is just a matter of POV. The ending might still be confusing even after reading all the epilogues. Left me hungry for more, even though it obviously ended.

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Jul 19, 2020
Status: Completed
I don't know if my review helpful at all for this novel. First, I must say that this novel reminds me a lot of Feng WuShuang arc from Cheating Men Must Die webtoon.

The novel is quite short compared to hundreds chapters novel. It's really focused on the tragedy throughout the storyplot, maybe that's just author's aim. The romance feels more like one-sided feeling (pseudo-romance?). Tbh, this novel is more anger-inducing than tear-jerking novel.

I just don't really like every characters in here. MC, ML, side characters. Every characters hold their own... more>> selfishness and egoistic. I don't even know if that ML can be considered as ML in romance book. MC is..


MC is too obsessive towards ML. She was given some hints, and as if the sacrifice of other people doesn't faze her at all, she still chase after that "ML". That's just selfish. The tag says 'unconditional love', but sis this is a toxic relationship. It's not cute if you want a relationship where you're a rebound and stand from other people's sacrifices. This novel is too biased towards MC.

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Jun 26, 2020
Status: special 4
Rating 4.5. Steel your heart and brace yourself for a long journey of suffering and misunderstanding.

The one who wrote the novel's description, have probably never read the story. No one swore any oath. The main protagonist is Ling Xi who is partially disabled as she lacks some part of her soul. At the beginning she lives with her brother who suddenly disappears and she finds herself as a disciple of a cultivation sect. During her training, she grows to respect her master, makes friend and falls in love while, unknown... more>> to the reader, in the background there is a sort of mystery. At some point during reading the novel, I once commented how Ling Xi couldn't catch a break from the suffering and pain and after reading the last chapter, I couldn't be more correct in my prevision.

All the novel is constructed to build up the ending, a completely unforeseeable revelation as there aren't any clues to possibly imagine how certain events and characters are linked. My main problems with this novel are its shortness, it could have been way longer expanding events that are mentioned in a sentence, and the lack of foreshadowing or pointers that could have make me, at least, guess some aspects. After reaching the ending, you'll probably want it to re-read it to better appreciate some details.

Ling Xi is a rare, pure character moved only by her feelings. What she lacks in physical power she makes up for character strength, stubbornness and resilience in keep going.


It's so poignant and sad when you learn that she spent year after year protecting selflessly the ML sacrificing all herself, her power and soul without the ML knowing. She tries her best to help what she believed was her "kind" master who hid a cruel heart and wanted only to use her, From beginning to end it's a sort of torture for LX.


The author doesn't save even the ML from hardships.


He loses twice the person he loves, both times the woman dies protecting him.


The title is very evocative suggesting different meanings according your interpretation. <<less
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Sep 01, 2020
Status: Completed
I can't get enough of this novel. It is a masterpiece. Roller-coaster ride binge reading it and it was worth it. I will re read it. Many questions crop up, especially at the beginning of the novel but all get answered at the end with jaw-dropping revelation of the true identity of the various protagonists. A must read.
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Jan 01, 2023
Status: Completed
Bruh I wasn't ready for the tragedy😭😭😭 this novel caught me off guard at the very end

The novel makes me feel like hanging on a thin thread. Reading into the beginning, the novel started with the MC and the big brother. Then the big brother went missing and I grieved.

The MC was saved by a cultivator and then was brought to the sect. She got another nice elder brother figure who always saved her at difficult times. But then this person got annihilated and I grieved again.

But the MC still... more>> had her immortal spirit whom always accompanied her and grow with her. In the end, the immortal spirit even surpassed her and became the one who protected the MC. It was the most sweet part of this novel. Lingxi and Nanzhi should just live forever like that and never be separated😭 but then, in order to resurrect Fengshu, Lingxi was deceived and lost Nanzhi, her immortal spirit. AND I GRIEVED A LOT

Things only took for the worse after that. Nanzhi turned out to be the fallen immortal, Lingxi lost some of her immortal and mortal spirit, and of course the misunderstanding between Nanzhi and Lingxi. I can't bear with them. They always kept everything to themselves and see, that leads to the separation of the both of them for eternity.

I always felt like the story actually begin from the middle. And I was right! The epilogue explains everything and also makes everything worse because they actually could have a good ending if only they talked to each other😔

It was a great story even though I felt like the summary didn't do justice to the actual novel <<less
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