Light In The Deep Alley


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“A reckless and prepared to sting instrumental performer (gong) x a gentle and mature mentor (shou).”

On Qin Qingzhuo’s twenty-ninth birthday, his friends in the circle organized a small birthday party for him. Outside the window, the sound of rain was pattering. Someone raised a glass to offer their blessings, expressing the hope that Teacher Qin would encounter a passionate and lasting romance before turning thirty.

Someone nearby added, jokingly suggesting it would be best if he were liked by a handsome young man—eighteen would be too young, but nineteen would be just right. This playful remark elicited laughter from everyone present.

As glasses clinked and red wine flowed, Qin Qingzhuo, in a slightly intoxicated state, found himself thinking about a pair of eyes. He wondered if there really was such a young man.

Meanwhile, that young man was eagerly awaiting his response, hoping to meet him on this rainy night.

The background involves a variety show featuring a band, with a mix of a rebellious and sharp musician as the gong and a gentle and mature mentor as the shou.

Jiang Ji x Qin Qingzhuo, with an age difference of ten years.

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Light In The Deep Lane
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rimirinrin rated it
March 8, 2024
Status: Completed
Younger gong, 10 years of age gap.

Qin Qing Zhuo (MC) was invited to a band competition variety show as a stand in teacher. A band who got kicked out of the competition was then replaced by another band, Asperitas (糙面云). The 19 year old lead singer/guitarist Jiang Ji (ML) had a great voice and talent but a nonchalent attitude towards everything.

I started off disliking the ML a lot because of his rude attitude and the way he wanted to threaten MC at first. MC was a great person and believed... more>> that ML could do better so he approached ML and started to learn more about him. Throughout these, I love his mature way of treating ML. He is someone with high EQ and is a very gentle person. ML also from then on soften his attitude towards MC, and even grew to treat MC with care. I LOVE the straight forward and honest love declaration. It's not easy to be so open and not leave a leeway for yourself when you do love declaration.

Tan Shi was awesome at crafting those romantic and also the pains of love atmosphere very well. Heck I cried a whole lot in the middle. That sourness in my heart made me feel so painful.

The smut was not explicit but it was so cleverly written with the MC recalling what happened. Super spicy and they're almost making out every other day lol. The mutual salvation was touching and the ending was good and wholesome. I love how we could see mentions of characters from her other books appearing in here. <<less
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