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“– Just what kind of pretense is that. Is this some new form of torment?”

Yuna, a plain village girl, suddenly lost her plain day to day life. After being requested to by a mysterious light in a bright white world, Yuna finds herself in the body of a beautiful saint. However, what awaited her there was; the contemptuous gaze of the saint’s fiance, First Holy Knight Asyut; the cold detachment from her attendants; and the tense atmosphere of the entire palace. Yuna, alone in her crippling confusion, still tries to fulfill her duty as the saint’s substitute, until one night when she discovers the saint’s sins beyond the spiral staircase…?!

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michi hate no mukou no hikari
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Elizabrush rated it
December 14, 2016
Status: c4
This is a story about a young girl who dies and wakes up in someone else's body. The twist is, she only has one year to occupy that body before she dies again for real, and the original body was someone truly detestable and cruel. MC struggles to fit into her new role and not cause too much suspicion, but also does her best to live her one year without regrets and leave behind a better legacy for the original girl.

The author really focuses on character development and it really... more>> shines in this novel. The MC's emotions feel genuine and she acts pretty much like you'd expect a bewildered young girl in a difficult situation to. That said, she still has that strong, kind, and stand-out MC quality so you want to root for her. The romance feels like it's gonna be sort of a reverse harem with a strong male lead; I'm really pumped to see how MC and Male lead's relationship develops further.

The religious/political/social undertones also look promising, and the translator did a great job with this. I'm looking forward to reading the next chapters! <<less
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JetonS rated it
March 11, 2017
Status: v2c3
I'd have probably given this a 5 stars if the MC wasn't so annoying. She's your typical gentle, caring and lovable main character. In fact she's so stereotypical that it feels like she has no personality. Every time something occurs, she gets away with it and forces her way through by simply stating "Because I want to." Even when her surrounding tells her that it will cause huge trouble if she keeps insisting on the matter, giving her reasonable and fair arguments, she just doesn't seem to understand. She doesn't... more>> want anyone to die, she tries to take the blame on herself for the "old" Saint's mistakes, she is dense and doesn't notice others' feelings. She is so "pure" that it becomes really annoying, I like to read about a MC that uses her head, that uses reasoning and that is smart. I don't want to read a story that is about a typical Shojo Manga character. The side characters are way too indulging, almost as if they were waiting for her to make the move.

If we have to talk about the world building, it's still a common "Transported to another world and interacting with nobles" setting. It has nothing new so to speak of. The story is not bad but the setting kind of throws it off. <<less
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08phamann rated it
August 3, 2017
Status: v3c1
Honestly, until halfway through volume 2, I found the MC to be so naive, annoying, and s*upid. Is she a good person? Undoubtedly. But does that make for an enjoyable read? Absolutely not. The MC has been reincarnated into the body of a saint, who form the looks of it was a very horrible person. What annoys me is her soft personality i.e. Stuttering every time she starts a sentence, repeatedly saying sorry to everyone, and asking permission for everything.... more>>

There is this one incident that really had me bashing my head against the wall. So the previous owner of the body was horrible, as stated before. Throwing people in jail and having them tortured for very petty reasons. But the new MC has taken it onto herself to rectify this and make it better, which I admit is a very admirable attitude. HOWEVER, what I do not agree with is her helping them personally. Mainly because the cause of their suffering and torment (aka her) appearing before them will not only freak the f*ck out of them, it will might even tempt them to take revenge. But NO, she, in her s*upid stubbornness, decides that she must help them. And when someone tries to kill her (she had his wife killed because he annoyed her), she stubbornly refuses to have him executed even though it would set a dangerous precedent and put her in more danger, and her naive reason is that "there is a life st stake." !?!?!?!?!? Her naive and s*upidly simple optimistic outlook is displayed in her thought that "she needed to get him to be positive somehow." Really? REALLY!? YOU KILL HIS WIFE AND YOU EXPECT HIM TO BE HAPPY DANDY ONCE HE IS RELEASED FROM JAIL!? WHAT KIND OF WEIRD MUSHROOM JUICE HAVE YOU BEEN DRINKING?!?!

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Sayotan rated it
September 8, 2018
Status: v4c3
Personally, one of my favorite LNs and part of the reason is the MC. I've seen many people hating on her, but honestly, her personality is quite refreshing for me. Seeing so many shoujo LN heroines being selfish and so smart it's unrealistic, I like her, yes. She is really kind and caring, I love Yuna so much! Also, just because a character is a bit shy, likes helping others and is determined to do the right thing, doesn't mean that they don't have a personality.

Anyway, the other characters are... more>> also great and developed, like Asyut and Aeneas. They are given so much depth, I can't believe I found a LN this good. Same thing goes for the story.

I must say, kudos to Ilinox because her translations are superb and better than many others IMO. If she wasn't the one translating, I don't think this LN would be as good. Specially like how she doesn't include japanese honorifics, sorry for those who like it.

So, if I recommend this one? Definitely. <<less
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KKristen rated it
January 16, 2018
Status: v3c6
Warning: This novel is incomplete and has not been updated for several months. You may want to read it when the translation is finished. I will update this review later.

This is a very well-written novel with a strong tragic tone. If you start reading this with the expectation that it will be comedic or cheerful, you'll be sadly disappointed. However, if you're interested in a realistic reincarnation story with a hint of mystery, this is a great read.


Yuna, a common village girl, dies suddenly in an accident. A mysterious entity... more>> informs that the saint, the holy maiden who holds the fate of her country in her hand, has committed suicide at the exact same moment Yuna died. In order to maintain the saint's body while her soul recuperates for a year, Yuna's spirit is forcibly placed inside. When Yuna awakes, she finds that she is now living a luxurious life as Lady Celiastina, the holy maiden. However, she quickly learns from the terrified and hateful stares around her that things aren't as they seem. Alone and with no memory of Celiastina's past, Yuna faces the saint's sins and comes to terms with her own mortality.


The most unique aspects of this novel are:

  • A reincarnation story that is set in the same timeline.
  • A reincarnator who knows that they only have a time limit of one year.
  • The mystery and investigation to find out her new body's secrets.
  • Political and religious undertones rather than exciting action scenes.
The writing is very good and bits of the mystery are revealed slowly in each book. The chapters are nice and long, and the translation quality is about 95% correct, too.

Some complaints people might have are the the main character is too "pure" or "naive, " but I thought that her actions made total sense when you consider her past life as a simple and well-loved village girl. Another complaint might be how quickly some characters develop feelings for each other, but I felt that it was reasonable even if it was a little quick.

Some people might find this novel boring or too depressing, but you have to admit that it is a compelling and unique story. I wouldn't say it's one of my favorites (due to the slow pace and tragic atmosphere), but I would still rate it 5 stars for now. <<less
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Chryseum rated it
August 19, 2018
Status: v1c5
I was really looking forward to this one as it starts out with a very nice premise and the first two and a half chapter are very good. After that though, it starts to go downhill. Why? Well that is because of our pure protagonist Yuna who doesn't understand the position she is in despite being told a million times. She is put in the saints body and has to pretend to be her yet goes out of her way to be as different as possible because she doesn't want... more>> to? Yes there are many cases where the previous saint did something wrong and she isn't wrong in trying to correct it, but to be so shameless as to openly act differently than the saint you are trying to be in front of everyone. Only because she felt that it was too cruel. She openly shows her emotions in front of maids, soldiers and even her fiance, First Holy Knight Asyut.

If she knew how to use her brain to not stand out, I would definitely continue this as she is my main problem with this novel (But she is the main character so everything revolves around her), but she continues to think everyone should suddenly be nice to her if she is no matter what the Saints previous soul did to everyone. <<less
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Kozutan rated it
April 28, 2019
Status: --
Oh god, her naive and s*upid personality ruins the novel for me.

She was clearly told many times don't act like you aren't Celes, but she didn't give a f**k and acted like a Mary-sue, who will save everyone even if it will just create trouble.

... more>>

She just randomly saved a dude who the real evil Celes throw into a prison and tortured him for 4 months (normal people would die after 1 month) and killed his fiancé. He clearly harboured bad feelings against her, but she just had to let him free, like what the actual f**k? Just creating trouble. She is naive and s*upid on so high level, u can't stand to read more. 1 year she have to act like Celes but after the first day she just don't care anymore, like it's her body. It's not. She will disappear after, 1 year, why can't she just act a bit rude for 1 year???? She is so a f*cking mary-sue/white flower I am having goosebumps and I want a "transmigration female counterattack novel" protagonist to just destroy this novel and replace the female lead, aka Celes in this novel.


Yeah, I don't like her character at all. Typical white lily and mary-sue. She don't have to be realistic, smart, the world will revolve around her making her mistakes appear like good decisions.

Nope, I'm out. <<less
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solyana116 rated it
September 23, 2017
Status: v3c9
Light Beyond Road's End, is one of the most thought provoking and heart wrenching light novels.

... more>>

Edited: 1st February 2019

I started this novel, hoping for romance and fluff. I got so much more. The whole angst package, plot development, revelations, and character developments had me shOOK. So well developed, even the side characters are integral to the plot.
Our MC is selfless, but she isn't s*upid. She's aware of the feelings of the people around her, be it hatred or love. It's a journey of discovery as you learn about the world and history alongside Yuna. She's emotionally resilient and despite her weak constitution doesn't spontaneously faint every other paragraph. You'll empathise and imagine, rather than reading a story where a certain character's past is already known. I love the mysteriousness and it will keep you hooked with the painful recurrent cliffhangers.
The plot and world itself is quite dark, and there's a clash between the political and religious parties of the world. In a good way, you can really see the elements that shape the world; good world development rather than a plain tragic backstory generic of most MCs.
In my opinion, I don't believe MC is the female lead - Lady Celiastina is. Yuna is acting as a host and creating and shaping Cella's story. It reminds me of Shakespeare's Henry IV where the story being told is implicitly another person's life.


The fact that they have history together and are connected as friends and in their power is insane.


The writing is eloquent and the translation is so well written. You will appreciate the full lengthy chapters.

I really love this story and definitely recommend it. The images are a bonus and I recommend listening to Your Name's OST.

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SunsetChaos rated it
January 19, 2017
Status: c7
This is very similar to "And so the Girl Obtained a Wicked Girl's Body" except whereas that one is more of a cute heartwarming story, this one is more mature and kind of dark like "I Reincarnated as a Noble Girl Villainess But Why Did It Turn Out This Way?".

The plot is interesting, the characters are interesting. It makes you want to watch over the MC's struggles. The low chapter numbers might seem like a short read, but it's definitely not. The chapters are extremely long. And there's still 80+... more>> chapters to go.

Translation quality is excellent. It's pretty much perfect. <<less
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Gluttony rated it
January 9, 2017
Status: c6
I'm sure everyone's encountered this constantly rehashed premise of transmigration. However, one particular promising feature of this novel is actually the translation. The language is seriously far more mature and masterful than the average translation-- even more so than incredibly popular and well sponsored translations (such as some Chinese wuxia novels). The English is smooth as butter. But idk maybe I'm just too hyped up about the fact there's a translation that doesn't hurt to read.

Apart from the translation, this well-wrung trope is intriguely executed through solid character development.
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emiliers rated it
January 1, 2020
Status: Completed
I was debating between a 4/5 or a 5/5 but ultimately bumped it up because of the very excellent translations (and also because I love the heroine).

Light Beyond is a shoujo fantasy romance about a genuinely sweet girl who, upon being hit by a carriage, ends up in a cruel saint's body. She essentially spends the rest of the story gaining back the goodwill of the people, all the while waiting for the original saint's soul to be healed enough to return. It's nothing revolutionary, but what sets the story... more>> apart is that Yuna is a really, really good main character, and she's super easy to root for. (If you dislike saint-like, completely good protagonists, though, Yuna probably won't change your mind.)

The novel does tend to skew somewhat melodramatic, and there are a few times where the conflict feels decidedly underbaked. And character development is occasionally choppy. (Everyone in the story loves Yuna, and I do too, but there were definitely times where I felt they fell in love with her a little too fast, especially considering how the past saint treated them.) I also feel that the resolution of the central mystery (of why Celestina is the way she is) wasn't super interesting.

But, if you want a novel with a lovely heroine, some sweet (-ish) romance, a good translation, and some really nice plot arcs, Light Beyond will probably scratch that itch, and then some. Because even with all the slip-ups and mistakes, in the grand scheme of things, this novel feels so comforting to read because of Yuna's undying faith in the goodness of humanity, and that's something we all need these days, I think.

TLDR; good novel with heroine who always believes the best in everyone. Has some minor writing issues, but overall a good, touching read for those who like shoujo romance fantasies. <<less
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philgreek rated it
March 3, 2019
Status: v3 characters
Really nicely written and translated novel and I thank the author and translator for making it available to all of us.

In a sense its underlying focus is on delving into the issues of giving unchecked power to a single 'chosen' figure, both for the person themselves and the society as a whole. And in many ways this makes the focus of the story on the characters and their ideals and opinions on what is right. In the background there is a nice thread of the mystery of the saint's past,... more>> which is slowly investigated, and the truth gradually pieced together.

A likeable cast of side characters is delivered, each unique in their own ways but overall Yuna is the driving force as one would expect from the main character and she is my favourite character of the story. She is shown to be a innocent and naive but stubborn character with a lot of determination. Over the course of the story she grows as a person and comes to learn important lessons about life as a whole, while keeping her eyes set on the future.

Personally my favourite volume was the first I think (followed by the 2nd, closely followed by the 3rd). It does a great job of introducing the characters and does well to express the pains and sufferings they go through.

I felt that the 4th volume drags on a bit and perhaps doesn't fit in together as well with the rest of the work. Maybe that's partly because by this point most of the mysteries have been solved and. However, overall a satisfying ending is delivered with not much left in terms of loose ends.

Overall if you're looking for an emotionally driven story with no clear cut antagonist, a well-developed mystery and a heart-warming romance then this is probably for you.

Um I'm not really any good at reviews and this is my first one but I hope anyone reading this review finds it somewhat helpful. Either way if you decide to go ahead and read it, enjoy 'Light beyond' and have a great day! <<less
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Activeinternetsandwich rated it
October 30, 2019
Status: Completed
This is officially one of my favourite light novels ever. The story is good, and I liked how they used the typical fantasy-regency setup with reincarnation-into-a-saintess story with a twist.

The MVP of the entire thing is the language used- props to the author and the translator. This is probably the only novel I have read in this site which comes close to the kind of language you would expect from a well written "normal" novel. The translator mentioned that the author's original writing style, too, was above average among LN... more>> writers.

The story was really emotional and well written. I was very pleased with how they dealt with the whole dilemma of "is the reincarnated person really equals the old person"/ "should you permanently overtake the body" (I feel the latter is almost always ignored anyway). <<less
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herkawaiinovels rated it
July 20, 2019
Status: v4c15
Very First Review on Novel Updates

Prediction after Arc 1: This novel will beautifully destroy me.

It's my first two weeks using Novel Updates and I have been mostly browsing the popular isekai romance novels in this site. In my browsing, this is the very first one that I've found really suited my taste. Although I am new to the world of translated novels, I have always been a voracious reader in the past. I would mainly read YA fantasy as well as FF to escape the real world.

This novel is well-written... more>> and well translated. The author uses profound words and metaphors. Whereas other novels will "tell" you what is happening in the story, this novel "shows" you. It lets you deep into the story through vivid visual descriptions of places and people. It engages you not only with that, but with your five senses.

Although I don't have much point of comparison, I would say that this novel certainly deserves to be up there with the most popular novels (it is certainly better than some of the shallow yet popular ones that I've skimmed through and promptly dropped).


1st and 2nd arc is like walking on a road of angst. Feeling pain, but not minding it. In fact, I like the feeling of being swallowed while by it. Crashing down on my heart like waves. I feel my heart clenching.


I just finished the book... it's been a pleasant escape for me. When I wrote the review above, I was at the second arc. However, when I first started reading, I was truthfully prepared for Yuna to disappear by the end. That is what I thought. But the more she fell deeper in her feelings, and the more I got to know Asyut, the more I wanted her to live.

All in all, I think I'll always remember the emotions I felt while reading this novel. And that's why this book is probably one I'll remember for a long time. <<less
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Liya rated it
February 14, 2018
Status: --
The best shoujo LN I've read so far. There's a plot, conflict, internal struggle, character development, and of course... romance. The story makes me want to keep following of what happen and I got excited when seeing new chapters even after waiting for a few months. It tells a lot for me cause when reading light novels, I usually do a binge read and just stop when there is no more new chapters (when the series are incomplete). Eventually, I just too lazy to keep following the series because the... more>> stereotypical light novel illness #bad writing. E.g. No actual plot, plot holes, no character development, no story progression, lacking creativity, etc. I must admit this series also have some cliches; manga cliches not LN cliches, like stereotypical good girl MC, two bishies in love with the MC, falls in love with the cool somewhat difficult male lead, but those are the kind of cliches that don't matter when there is a good story you can dig in. <<less
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Ryuugi rated it
September 9, 2017
Status: v3c3
Personally, I love this one. It's a refreshing break from the usual OP protagonists crushing everything, focusing instead on a cute, heartwarming, and personal story. Yuna's kind, but I don't agree with anyone who says she's bland, particularly with how rare characters like her are lately.
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BlancFrost rated it
April 8, 2017
Status: v2c4
The translation for this novel was done wonderfully and I thoroughly enjoyed reading every chapter. With each chapter fairly long you can easily immerse yourself in reading it.

When reading the novel, I felt that the characters were really brought to life. Simple descriptions to let us picture them in our minds coupled with the interactions between the characters made for an enjoyable read.

The MC is caring and kind but she needs an injection of something more to give her more personality. Maybe I am just used to reading about feisty... more>> female leads... haha It will be interesting to read about what the future holds for her when she learns more about Celiastina. <<less
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Kieukieu rated it
May 22, 2020
Status: c10
Sadly, I will have to echo the same sentiment as several other reviewers have done, this story was just not for me. There was so much potential for this story to be an interesting and entertaining read albite with a cliche and overdone plot, still I was optimistic about its potential going in. However, the female lead like many have criticized, is a bit of a hard character for me to emphasize with. Her decisions made no rational sense. She was indecisive and at a level of irrational innocence that... more>> bordered on "slam my head on the wall" level of annoyance for me. It was a constant thorn on my enjoyment of the story. I could not connect with the protagonist nor her decisions. <<less
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aovel rated it
February 28, 2019
Status: v4c15
Frankly, I did not expect I'd like this story but once I started reading it I was hooked! It had mixed reviews so I wasn't thinking much when I started it. I have to say this is one of those stories that gets you if you like that particular plot. If it's just a slight interest then this might not be for you.

The plot was good. Although it's like every transmigration story I've read so far this is by far more meaningful than the others. It didn't follow with the... more>> 'revenge plot' or 'You screwed the owner so I will screw you back' type which, for me, was refreshing. I love how the MC walked on the path of another but did not lose herself, considering the events and the circumstances this point got me good. The male lead was like a shadow to me to be honest. There wasn't that much 'romance' involved and it worked for this couple. I like how the writer was able to make you feel the love between the two without exaggerating it. The climax was a bit bland but I could forgive that because of the king. He is the man and I salute him.

All in all I enjoyed this story a lot. It was well written and complete in a sense that every question you might have from the first chapters of the book will be answered by the end of the story. I'd probably read this again just to relive some moments.",) <<less
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