Light Beyond (WN)


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“–Just what kind of pretence is that. Is this some new form of torment?”
Yuna, a plain village girl, suddenly lost her plain day to day life. After being requested to by a mysterious light in a bright white world, Yuna finds herself in the body of a beautiful saint. However, what awaited her there was; the contemptuous gaze of the saint’s fiance, First Holy Knight Asyut; the cold detachment from her attendants; and the tense atmosphere of the entire palace. Yuna, alone in her crippling confusion, still tries to fulfill her duty as the saint’s substitute, until one night when she discovers the saint’s sins beyond the spiral staircase…!?

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michi hate no mukou no hikari
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Ritu rated it
July 19, 2017
Status: --
The novel is very nicely written and translated. Plot too is nice and interesting.

The MC is a commoner who died and then put in the body of a saint who who had just committed suicide. Both are from the same world. The MC's soul will remain in her body till the original saint's soul recovers as the saint cannot ever die through suicide since that will be disastrous for the world. Plot twist, the saint, contrary contrary to the people's view of her, has a really horrid personality and has done a lot of bad deeds. Every one around her hates her. So the MC decides to correct all the mistakes and horrible things done by the original saint while the MC is her body.

The plot is interesting. I would have loved to read more if the MC wasn't the most timid and morally sound person. I do not like MCs like that. I find it irritating to read such MCs. Always wanting to do the right thing and believing the world to be black and white. While later on in the story she does see the grey part of the world but she still is too timid. And always ALWAYS does the right thing. :/ But if you are okay with such an MC then go ahead and read it. It's a really interesting story. 100% recommended.
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