Life Mission


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Life Mission – a game that has become a reality.

What started out as a virtual reality game, after being suspended out of the blue, has turned into a reality. The perks are amazing and real – where points can be used to buy precious metals and cures for terminal illnesses. But so are the consequences. Death in this new reality game… is just as real.

Our MC was one of the best players in the virtual reality game. But will he be able to become the best in this new version?

Who will die and who will survive?

Resident Evil-esque later in the story

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라이프 미션
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New Blackjacket
September 4, 2021
Status: --
It is quite an interesting theme...

it is humane, a lot of thinking and a good choice to spent times without being aggressively hooked up. Like it’s not that engaging but I read it simply because I need to finish it.

A shame that no more plan given to the side char, focusing only to the bigger plan. Quite a lot of underdeveloped potential...

... more>> I think a good friendship could be more mentioned, but no romance and no harem is a big plus though...

because this is a finished one, so we could just accept it. <<less
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New majidf64 rated it
August 24, 2021
Status: Completed
"Life Mission" for me is one of the few novels that gets better with every chapter until the very end.
Story is about a mysterious virtual reality game "Life Mission" that players fight with mutants in earth after a virus out break. The MC is the best player in the game and when he conquered a S ranked mission as the first person, the game is suddenly suspended and is replaced with a real world version. In the real version you can actually go to to another earth and fight... more>> with mutants but you could also really die.

So most of this story is about the game world and is going on in missions, but every mission takes place in a different environment, has it's own story, needs different strategy and mutants are diverse. Lifers sometimes have to spend months in a mission,

Events and battles are described with plenty of details, almost sound like a game play tutorial so it's really fun to read especially if you like gaming, but also it takes more time reading than most other novels.

Even post 200 chapters, the game mystery, missions and fights are still captivating for me and even get better.

But in later chapters I encountered a huge logical problem which doesn't let me enjoy the story fully. As the story goes it will become all about going to missions and fighting mutants. So at some point you start wondering why the hell is ever Lifer playing this although real but still a game so seriously? Half of a party getting killed in every mission has become a norm but the Lifers still go into the missions like their life depends on it.
They are not soldiers nor are forced to play, there is no apparent threat to their world and people either. All Lifers have became rich thanks to the received points but they use most of it to upgrade their gears and take on harder missions until they are killed.

Also the real world side development is not comparable to the game world especially at first but gets much better later on. I think characters have little backstory, family, friend development and we mostly see them when going to missions.

The MC in particular beside some party members has no friends, family or any life in the real world.
With the points he has accumulated he has a wealth of hundreds of millions dollars but he does nothing except getting more gears. He for some one who had nothing going on in his life except playing a game, is too prideful and puts no one in his eyes not even the government or guild masters.
At the start of story he rejects almost all corporation requests although with really favorable conditions, without reason and even doesn't agree too meet them easily because he thinks its bothersome. Yet he gladly dive into the missions and fight with his life on the line for some points.

Although these problems fade away later on, the story and world building start to mature and become more exiting as chapters progress and the flow of events are interesting and nonlinear.

Overall it's an interesting story with exiting battles. <<less
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Attolis rated it
May 26, 2016
Status: c74
It seems to be an interesting story though I can't seem to be able to get into it for some reason.

Edit: I've read it. It's actually quite good. For some reason I didn't like the beginning of "Field of meat" (I think) but after I got past that it became one of my favorites.
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Blisfulloblivion rated it
June 13, 2016
Status: --
This story has a similar vibe as Evolution Theory Of A Hunter and GANTZ. The style and characters are closer to EToaH but the setting is more like GANTZ. The first chapter is a bit confusing and the following three chapters set up the story and MC. By chapter 5 the story picks up, this is when the MC enters the 'reality' version of the game. I would suggest readers hold off until then to make their decision concerning the story. The protagonist is a famous Gamer who has just... more>> completed a previously undefeated boss mission just before giving up gaming. Not long after, the games servers are suddenly suspended and a new 'reality' version of the game is released. Unconcerned, the MC logs on so that he can finish selling all of his gear before he permanently quits. But once logged in he is suddenly in a life or death scenario featuring the now real monsters from the game! And he is not alone, gamers all over the world are now able take deadly missions in this new reality game and while the rewards are great the dangers are immense. To die in the game is to die in real life. Follow our protagonist as he strives to stay ahead of the pack and reap the rewards for fighting in this new reality.

The reality game in the story is similar to Resident Evil in that an A-virus created mutated monsters that can evolve. Gameplay is like XCOM in that individual missions are taken and reward points are given upon completion that can be spent to upgrade gear. The horror aspect is light as the story is narrated in a detached manner from the MC. This could change as the story progresses. (Edit: as of chapter 25 the horror aspect ramps up.)

Loving the story so far. Could be considered sci-fi survival horror rather than gamer. Really curious about where the plot is going. The way things have been set up there is obviously a lot more going on in the background. So glad the updates are daily. <<less
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kari rated it
July 28, 2016
Status: v2c45
Damn... this is a good read! I wish there were many more chapters but I'm hoping the awesome Translator will finish it sooner or later :p

The reasons why I love this novel:
1. People are more realistic. They do not feel or act scripted! well done author Mong Yeon!
2. hello!? gaming affecting reality in bad-ass \\ (^^) // Story's great!
3. many novels get annoying cuz the MC wants to be a hero or dumb sh*t they do cuz of some girl... our MC here is definitely more likable
4. NO HAREM!!!! NO ROMANCE!!! NO HAREM!!! wait I think I said harem already... hehehe

Anyways... bottom line is that this... more>> novel is definitely good. Worth a 4 to 5 star no matter what! <<less
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Varno rated it
August 16, 2017
Status: c15
This story suffers from execution. The writing is sloppy, even though the characters are believable. The writer always seems to get in his own way; in a situation where it would be appropriate to describe the environment he's busy describing emotions, so we'll get an enemy walking from behind a wall, we didn't know existed.

There are so many ill timed info dumps in this story it ruins any tension that could be built up. Let me give an example. During fights we get descriptions of equipment, instead of a first... more>> hand look of a fight for life. This is a huge mistake in a action novel. Action should always come first, I want know his foot placement, which hand he's swinging. I want to know where they're fighting, because these things make it easier to picture the situation and if the story executes these things essential to their genre wrongly or in the wronge order and in even in a disruptive manner then this story cannot be anything more then mediocre.


Edit: update. I've read up to chapter 42, I wanted to know if it got better, it didn't. But I did notice more problems. The story isn't focused on the main character enough, I've read so many chapters and the impression I have of him is he's a decent person, so not Chinese.

This would be a great story, but the writer is bad at telling it. It's like listening to someone tell a joke with a stutter; the prose in this story is so f*cked up it'll probably leave you confused or with a headache. This story is recommended to anyone who reads mtl, maybe they can decifer to enjoy it. 2/5 <<less
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askrack rated it
June 21, 2016
Status: --
ok, I usually look for game elements as my main tag in any novel, but a sprinkle of brutality? All the better.

Here is why I will recommend this novel to others, it shows a realistic side of the humans in a non-realistic world and that is from my own 10 years of experience in gaming, for example :
-young people can be better than old people in games, same in every game, yet they get looked down on
-you care about yourself first before you care about others, unless they... more>> are your team
-best players hate losing more than anything
-snobs who think they are the best WILL ALWAYS RUIN IT FOR OTHERS

-how the others would go for the last shot to kill steal just for points ?


I think this is enough to prove that the author is realistic, aside from that there is the most refreshing trait of the novel, THE MONSTERS CAN THINK AND DEVELOP, aaaaaaaaaah finally not 1 dimensional monsters which dies every time after saying "KAAAAH" or some understood language. One more thing is that even though the MC is a bit forgiving, he isn't fighter of justice or "helper of the ones in need".

Overall, there are so many refreshing aspects of this story, totally worth the read, especially since the translators are doing a neat job, you won't wrinkle your brain trying to understand it. <<less
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8Psycho rated it
June 21, 2016
Status: v1c150
Pretty good story. Session shooter game turned real. Opportunity of joining life-threatening missions for rich rewards is open before humanity. MC is likable? Okay

There quite was few times I felt author about to make really boring plot twist, but almost always my expectations were 'disappointed'.

Minus one star because of 'Human factor' as always. Humans acting s*upid as if they have no Self-preservation instincts. All important personas, who was famous in the game are nobles, rich dudes, royals, mafia children; all women are beauties, of course. Come on, where such people... more>> have time to play? <<less
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sobimask rated it
June 23, 2016
Status: v2c34
This novel is pretty good. May be its because of the VR version the MC doesn't seem to be so repulsed by death.. human death in the reality version. overall its a very good read.. its very much like gantz.. except yo can choose missions... the the MC is way cooler
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Cultivation Gremlin
Cultivation Gremlin rated it
November 22, 2017
Status: v2c57
The premise of this story is very interesting and the characters seem to have some amount of personality (as far as I managed to read anyways). In fact, the only reason this novel didn't get one star from me is because the overall plot and characters were fairly interesting. My two main problems with this novel, however, are its terrible execution and writing.

When talking about execution, the plot and scenarios are all over the place. One moment the characters can be speaking to each other, and in another moment there... more>> is a monster attacking. That doesn't seem like such a strange or abrupt scene change, right? It usually wouldn't be if the author has any control over the flow of their writing. Unfortunately, this author clearly does not. These scene changes are so abrupt and jarring that it simply leaves readers more confused than anything else.

As for writing, I'm not sure if it's an issue with the translator or the author themselves, but it's just terrible. Tenses are all over the place and a lot of sentences are just plain choppy. Honestly, it feels like reading a slightly better version of a mtl. I even skipped way ahead to the latest chapter posted (which is chapter 175 at this time), and the writing hasn't seemed to improve at all.

All in all, the most I can give this novel is 2/5 stars. It's entertaining enough to waste some time, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone looking for a serious read. <<less
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Urthallux rated it
August 19, 2017
Status: c160
The story in the beginning is kinda all over the place but after a while when the story gets more and more complicated it is quite interesting to read. Oh yeah in the novel "Battleshoot" is Battlesuit... It took me 80 or so chapters to figure out how stuff works... lol

... more>>

It's interesting to see that there is 3 of him in this world and all of them walks a different path but they are kinda helping eachother in the shadows. I am looking forward what happened to his companions and what the hybrid (half mutant/half human) him will do.

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avidnovelreader95 rated it
March 2, 2020
Status: Completed
alright so I finally finished this novel, honestly this one was a pretty short read being 279 ch. normally if I sit down and really focus I could read that amount in a day or 2 but this novel took me about a week or so to finish because towards the 2nd half it just got worse and worse, at that point I was just forcing myself to finish it for the sake of finishing it also the fact that I don't skim made it even worse.

So before I score... more>> this thing I'm going to give a short summary of what the novel is about. So the novel is set to a modern day earth setting, and the MC is "THE RANK 1 PLAYER FOR THIS GAME WHERE ITS PEOPLE VS MUTANTS." Okay so I'm going to put important stuff in quotes cause I'm going to mention them again later. Also, the MC has been basically playing this game professionally for about "10 YEARS." One day the virtual game closes down but this marks the start of the reality version.

here's my scoring

MC –.2/1

Plot –.2/1

Cultivation/system –.4/1

Side characters –.2/1

Fights –.6/1

Total – 1.6/5 well round to nearest whole number so 2 out of 5


MC- the MC for this novel was a complete idiot, for one he never questions any of the supernatural stuff happening around him for example

when he got the body enhancement surgery he was never even suspicious of it for a second the only time he even started getting suspicious of it was when later on someone told him there was a problem with it, how convenient right imagine you get poisoned and you need someone to remind you there's poison lol. This isn't even best one yet, the MC literally can't keep his mouth shut hes like one of those people who you tell them a secret and next minute they're spreading the secret to everyone. When the MC became a mutant there were so many times where he just randomly blurted out some key information and leaked his own identity example: when he was fighting the 3 sisters the sisters tried to test him by speaking to him in mutant language, and he ended up responding even though he could just simply feign ignorance.


Plot – okay so this one is probably the biggest problem in the whole novel, not even considering all the other stuff just this single issue kills the novel.

so basically the game didn't just appear out of nowhere apparently what happens was that the game was created by people from the future who wanted to conduct an experiment to show which was superior lifers or mutants. To do this they opened 2 different time periods so for example they opened up a portal to say 2010 and then they opened up another for say 2020 and then they linked these two together so you could transfer people over from one to another. The reason why they did this was they needed 2 groups to experiment on mutants and lifers/ aka superhumans which both came into being from the a virus. So the way they did it was they spread the a virus in the future time frame and made a mutant rampant time period, next they created life mission the game in the other time period and slowly trained humans and then slowly let them adjust to the virus thus making them lifers. Then they put the two subjects against each other to prove which was superior. Now this is the biggest plot hole because it's also the driving factor for the whole f*cking novel. So to make humans into lifers they are armed with futuristic weapons but to wield these weapons they need superhuman strength this is where the body enhancement surgery comes along. Basically, it's the injection of a diluted a virus. The body enhancement surgery also has 10 stages while mutants and ranked from class 1 to 9 with 1 being the weakest and 9 being the strongest. So early on its basically shown and inferred multiple times that lets say if you're a human who has gone through level 3 enhancement surgery you basically for most of the time can't 1v1 a lvl 3 mutant and this pattern basically repeats itself all the way up. So, what this basically meant was the whole f*cking experiment was basically pointless and lo and behold at the end mutants were declared as superior. The other issues concerning the plot where the f*cking millions of times where the information just randomly changes from chapter to chapter, in 1 chapter the author might write a definite statement but then literally 2 chapters later the author will write something that basically goes back on the previous statement. Example: at some point the MC got this card thing that basically allows you to access a store above your current tier without having the do the advancement mission, it was basically implied that it unlocks it so I thought u just permanently cheated a level on the store but later on the author says otherwise basically the MC used the card to cheat from lvl a to lvl s store but then like 10 ch later its talking about how the MC needs to do a advancement mission because he needs to unlock lvl s store. s*upid how even when the author corrected himself didn't even bother saying it was a 1 time thing.

Another thing would the plot is the s*upidly convenient plot armor that always saves the MC during dire situations.

This is somewhat minor but still, the reward points in this thing is god, the author or translator legit can't count or something like millions, billions, and trillions of points constantly get mixed up. Like one ch It might say the reward is 20billion for the mission next ch the MC completes the mission and they're like he's rewarded with 20trillion, this happens so often at some point I just ignored the number and just took it as he gets points, and spent points.


System –

so this part really should have been in the plot section, but It has a lot to do with the system, so I decided to put it here. So for whatever reason everyone in this game suffers from alzhimers or something cause apparently when the reality version came out everyone was half baked clueless as to what to do. Let me remind everyone "THE MC IS THE NUMBER 1 RANKED PLAYER IN THE WORLD AND HES PLAYED FOR 10 YEARS." Like are you f*cking shitting me, that's like saying you played basketball professionally for 10 years and all of a sudden you don't know how to play. Like the MC has killed a level 9 mutant in the game version but for whatever reason he doesn't know a certain lvl 4 mutant like..... literally if you asked any person playing a mmorpg for 10 years and if that player was say a lvl 100 player chances are they would know all the low level content like I get you can miss some of the higher level content cause they would be harder to do but the low level content would pretty much be in the back of your mind because everyone had to grind through that sh*t and experiment through each method to get to where they were today. Another s*upid thing is no one remembers the f*cking maps or terrains like I get if you don't remember say like a street on the map but you generally wouldn't f*cking forget the county or state of the f*cking area but for whatever reason the MC literally goes into a map with like a full random party and the reasoning behind it is he needs to test the difficulties and check the terrain so he can prep. First of all the difficulty thing is ridiculous like he got to kill a lvl 9 in the game so god knows how many lvl 2 and 3s he killed idk y he needed to check the difficulties, terrain I guess this ones more debatable if its like a very specific spot but still this guy does this like every fkn time he goes up like half a lvl in difficulty.


Side characters –

so idk why some people said that the characters in the novel have depth because none of them have a distinct personality with the slight exception being maybe violet. Even then that's just personality. None of the characters have motives at all like no one has an agenda, they just mindless play through the game. for example like if they wrote something along the lines of oh this guy he's a poor student and he's only playing the game cause he wants to make money and move away from poverty as generic as that is that's still a clear motive none of these characters have that aside from hmm I played this game before well its only real now and if I die I really do die well lets play anyways.

The other thing that was super cringe was the selections for the characters, like the top players have the cringest backgrounds 1 is apparently a British royal family member, one is a solider who is the son of the president of Korea, one is a famous actor, and apparently one was a real life archer I literally laughed so hard when I read this. Like seriously did the author really have to give these weird backgrounds on top of that it makes no sense the top players are generally the most knowledgeable about the game and spends to most time playing the game, reason being how the fk some of these people got to the top whilst also having their designated careers irl beats me. Keep in mind the MC who is the rank 1 player plays the game professionally.


Fights – so the fights were okay they had enough descriptions and the author did at least use the terrain to describe some of the stuff.

Oh, so I literally forgot to mention this but I just had to put in cause it was f*cking hilarious but apparently there's also a pk organization in this sh*t l0l. while I was reading this it reminded me of two things both of which are tr*sh. 1 sao, 2 shitty Chinese xianxias.

Like the pk thing Is just s*upid and the fact that some of the top rankers are notorious pkers make no sense. I've played a mmorpg centered around pve content whilst the game also having pvp for years but the thing I realized was there was never a pker on the leaderboards. I always wondered why until I realized that time is finite if you spend all your time focusing on killing players and mastering your trade you simply don't have the time to grind whilst all the other people who are grinding are simply going to be miles ahead of you in that area. The other flaw in this is the pk thing is a guild of sorts meaning all the people in it are pkers. The fact that a organization like that exists makes no sense cause if those people's goals where simply to kill other players to take their points why wouldn't they simply just kill among themselves its not like there's a rule saying a murderer won't kill another murderer.

The reason why I said that while I was reading this it reminded me of shitty Chinese xianxia novels is like those novels this novel also had an amazing setting with tons of potential to build off, a resident evil like setting in a game world. Unfortunately, also like those shitty Chinese novels it also has terrible execution from the author. No matter how good the quality of the material is if it's given to a amateur artisan it's only going to end up as an work of an amateur instead of an masterpiece. All in all that about wraps up my review, I don't recommend reading this cause there's simply better options out there with a likewise setting example : reincarnator.

Also little side note the translator for this novel was terrible. <<less
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FiltyIncognito rated it
September 4, 2018
Status: c218
Although the story is interesting, the translation work is nearly incomprehensible in parts and the plot armor is as thicc as the disability-cart riding fatties of the USA. Although the tone of the story isn't as childish as the usual worst abusers of plot armor, it derails from realism just as badly. The author is frustratingly frequently inconsistent from one part to the next, and has a poor grasp on science and combat despite the heavy sci-fi and combat theme. And that's separate from the plot-armor issue or fictional gratuity... more>> of the sci-fi theme.

This novel just feels like a teen sci-fi/fantasy author making an attempt to enter the more mature market but failing due to incompetence and an insufficient level of education. <<less
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sleed rated it
October 30, 2017
Status: c180
Initially, I didn't start this novel with the expectations I have after so many chapters but bit was fine the missions sometimes changed dramatically but it went enough the MC didn't really moved or semed interested in what we happening to the world it looked like it was just going to be about level grinding.

... more>>

All of this changed dramatically and exponentially when he received a notebook from a demon.


The story soared to the skies.

I have it a second chance because I was sick and tired of the novels so passively mediocre. What happened was like something was created. Really it become story interesting from chapter 45 onwards, I didn't belived it could really happen but it did.

This is the first time a novel becomes super interesting super fast.

Not a submissive good guy (who has trouble and freezes thinking outside conventional values obcesed of the way other people looks at him, nor a cynical worn. Neither a convectional middle of the roader.

He is not super independat hero but the novel it's really what I was expecting it to be I just had to read it a little more.

If you want to have a novel that binds your mind to movement of the feet and

This is not a novel for the concrete bound mentality. If you want to understand were the conflict is, in a particular situation you have to keep thinking rationally; what are the things that could happen, why that is and what do you know and how do you know it. If you take the passage of time uncritically as the given, human action as just happen to have "happened"​ you are not going to enjoy this novel. If you're​ seeking to read a novel that shows everything like the ones you have read before this is not for you. If you take the end result of a long sequence of though as the given, then regard it as self-evident or as an irreducible primary while negating is preconditions the Novel it's not for you.


forces you think outside simple feet movement, mentalities were it's the only they can think or they don't care to see past feet movement you won't enjoy the experience.

This Novel is not a large series of monologues but you are expected to keep the context at hand

What the novel is focused on is the management of information in real time action; of what do you know and how do you know it. The particular state of the hands and feet on each attack are largely omited unless substantial to a battle abstraction.

The structure focuses on facing new dangers while retaining past battle abstractionss in mind, wich are Challenged​ when and were appropriate and in the most rational conceptual level; it's not going to teach you to fight mutants but shows you and some times describe the fight but what counts it's the experience of the fight and integrate into the current state of the plot-theme.

This is not a concrete bound novel.

I don't like the novels that fail to understand what's what really matters in the fight, they take the fight as a irreductible primary and can't get past concrete movements of hands or feet.

it's like their mind can't hold one battle abstraction, like if it were shackled to physical movements.

Such novels end up being a tome of physical movements, overly lengthy descriptions of the environment and​ an avalanche of specific hits and description of sound waves. Easily forgetting that I'm here for the plot. What is most fustrating it's the fact that they describe the entire fight even with the most vain of the fights. Such novels fail to exercise the two basic requirements for a conceptual mentality; focus and selective attention.

they only understand what's in front of them and don't have the capacity of independant imagination/metaphysical recreation; so they want to be spoon feed.

This does not happen here. Maybe in the very first chapters but after the start generally battles are conscise, and your can skip some parts without losing much substance.

This novel is about the journey/exploration AND it's destination, reacting thoughtfully to unexpected situations. NOT about the concrete rocks they happen to pass. This requires a long range mentality.

At the start however the author presents lots of information but we are given little incentive to care, looking back it's worth, it's going to be useful to know. Still I agree it's not an optional way to present but it's worth it.

I was disappointed initially; because it looked like the story was going to go in a really cliche manner, but, I was plenty times surprised as in the Novel actually was doing things I forgot could be done and basically to events to be meaningfully progressed and presented.

MC is the most close of what I have seen​ about common sense rationality in Asian novels; he won't be a disappointment.

The only issue I have regarding the Novel in itself is that at the start the protagonist really just cares about points and that's largely why I dropped it until chp 30 long time ago. But the story changes really fast from chapter 45 onwards I think, I don't remember really but the event happens Maximum at chapter 80. And the story simply becomes so worth the reading from chp 45 onwards.

Reading this is like putting on a space helmet, zipping on the suit and be in for a good interesting adventure, but suddenly getting off the ship and getting fully expecting some real events always with interesting repercussions that are interconnected and full of strong and conscise challenges, only the strongest and bravest of men can succeed.

The conflict is real and build ups are good and more intricate at each stage ; very very good dramatizations and exelent characterizations​.

Cross the dark space and expect really unexpected and fun events, this universe is totally an end in itself.

Leaving the Earth's orbit you'll see shadows moving in the craters of a moon, but not for pure terror anf the feeling of emptiness or hopelessness ; a brave interconnected adventure in the name of profit Wich turns into an explosive exploration of reality.

Definitely an accomplished novel. It had all the elements most novels with big premises lacks/drop and excels in how it combines them.

It's interconnected, it has a complete structure and dynamic plot.

It evolves and each step gets better.

I was disappointed in the start because the MC didn't have any clear conflict or convictions but as the novel progressed he started to look for the 'why' and 'what for' he is doing what he is doing and the nature of the missions.

The delivery of expectations it's always top noch.

The plot ability it's like sex. He doesn't save it till he's old like Japanese not he gets trapped in the same abstraction as the bast majority of the Chinese.

Each mission it's interconnected and adds to the whole of the story.

Really past chapter 45 it's where things did leveled up.

The initial chapters also have some element that gets unexpected and steadily it changes until it solidifies. <<less
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Buffelephant rated it
August 30, 2016
Status: c28
Apocalyptic and video games mixed into one. If you liked terror infinity, arena, and the evolution theory of the hunter; than life mission will probably be something you will enjoy. The characters have a lot more freedom than the characters in terror infinity.
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ZhaWarudo rated it
August 30, 2016
Status: v3c84
The other reviews already tell you this is similar to other popular novels which started with Terror Infinity.

I find it most similar to Virtual Shooting Online! Don't know it? No wonder, because it's an old fanfic on RR which the author is ashamed of for some reason (to me it's awesome and the name is intentionally lame). Now for the story, it's about a life and death virtual game which somehow mixes with reality. People are not forced to play it but it becomes a kind of law of the... more>> jungle world so they have no choice. So... they buy awesome weapons and new technologies to kill monsters, upgrade themselves to become cyborgs - not yet but it seems that's where it's heading and good news, characters are not 2D! <<less
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DarkD rated it
September 18, 2019
Status: --c127
Well written story that's severely damaged by unrealistic characters and a mediocre translation. I'm going to be pretty negative here, but honestly the series is pretty readable. Just some annoying facepalm moments, but nothing that's made me drop the novel yet. I'm actually really into the system in this series.

The characters are predictable and make you facepalm with how inhuman they seem. I don't mean inhuman as in evil, I mean inhuman as in it feels like aliens are masquerading as humans.

Heavy Spoiler Warning

... more>>

minor spoiler warning - So 36 people who achieved the highest level in the virtual game all go on to become the strongest people in the real life version as well. They've already clarified that their fitness in the game does not match their fitness in real life. So the idea that the same people would rise to the top is beyond ridiculous.

For example, I used to play a game called Settlers online in the beta and I was the top player for awhile. I achieved that because the previous top ranked player quit playing. I also had a lot more time to play games back then and playtime makes a big difference there. Then there's also all the people who woulda been good, but never played. Games just don't work like this novel is making them out to.

Secondly, this is one of those authors that seems to believe that people are either "good or evil" and that good people will do everything in their power to do good and evil people will just always be evil. It's a really hollow and disgusting worldview I never liked in Asian culture.

All of the people who were evil PKers in the game went on to become murderers in the real life version. This is just insulting really. PKers kill other players because they like PVP or because they like to annoy people. That does not translate to murderer... To just throw them all together like that is disgusting.

Thirdly, the author seems to have PTSD confused with Schizophrenia. PTSD means you relive traumatic events or you become really negative or you have trouble sleeping. It's rather benign from an outsiders perspective and it's more a problem for the person suffering it. I'm honestly shocked at how bad this author's knowledge is on the matter. PTSD is closer to depression than "going insane" like this author seems to think it is.

Now let's get to the translation. The whole thing is translated into somewhat broken english that is "kinda" readable. You can ignore it pretty well, but it gets REALLY annoying when something important is being explained. You'll interpret the sentence one way, then it'll be completely contradicted a couple of sentences later and then it goes back and forth. Three pages later, the context makes it clear what happened, but it's a terrible mess of a translation.

For the longest time you'll hear the protagonist talk about how he needs "battle shoots", but it isn't for a LONG ass time until you realize that this is a horrible translation. He means to say "battle suits".

I honestly don't know if it'll ever get retranslated either. Korea is becoming harder to find translators for since they're actively stopping translation whenever someone tries asking for permission. If you are a korean translator, DON'T ASK... They all say no. Korean translators and legal translations are mutually exclusive. Don't bother.

The further into the story I get the more pissed off I am with the translation. There are times I'm pretty sure the translator skipped a chapter and there are times when he jumps from saying "Item A cost 50 million points" to "I bought Item A for 50 billion points". Trying to follow the details is just not possible with this bad of a translator. Like the sentences are readable, but the guy just doesn't care. It's like a speed translation.

Finally, there's an issue with the story. They have this annoying repetitive element that doesn't make sense. So the protagonist is like the best ranker in the original game and he keeps getting lucky breaks in the real life version that lets him skip ahead and attempt missions with gear and abilities a rank higher than other people. However, he never keeps this advantage. The other players always catch up quickly then he gets a new shortcut to a higher store. He's done this three times as of my current chapter. I thought it was cool once, twice I didn't notice, three times I'm annoyed.

How is the protagonist the best when he gets three lucky breaks but loses his advantage every time. Not to mention, this basically means he's had a three point handicap and still is just breaking even.

Super spoiler here

So I'm pretty far in the novel now and if what's been revealed as the "motivation for Life Mission" is true, this is the dumbest plot ever. So, a super advanced alternate Earth that's far in the future asked the question "who would win, humans armed with our technology or super powerful mutants." This question bothers them so much that they decide to create an apocalyptic virus that obliterates an entire world full of BILLIONS of people turning them into canibalistic mutants. Then they take a second world and arm them and tell them to kill the mutants for points. That's the plot, they killed billions of people just so they can play "humans vs mutants" in real life.

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ballster147 rated it
October 17, 2016
Status: c108
Good novel with good pacing although the theme is sci-fi post apocalyptic world and modern world running in parallel the explanation is not tedious unlike other novels that takes up the whole chapter and the following to explain things. As of now there's no unnecessary introduction of useless characters that makes the novel more enjoyable although there's a little amount of minor characters showing up the author still use them later on which is better than inserting another worthless name. The pace of story is good if not a little... more>> bit fast where story arc or current mission only takes few chapters.

The only thing that lacks is the MCs relationship development which is pretty much dull or uninteresting due to little amount of conversation which is mostly consist of him and his pda

The novel is a mystery and adventure where you want to know how and what really happen to the world by following the adventure of tom sawyer lol this novel MC and a little bit gore. <<less
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laptop1130 rated it
April 25, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel was very satisfying to read. I loved how it was much more realistic than other survival stories because the MC advances at a normal speed like a normal person.

... more>>

Although he does advance faster due to the fact that he was ranked number 1 on the virtual game. It allowed him to use his experience to level up faster.


He isn't super self righteous so he's not the type of person that would hesitate in killing an enemy. He knows that he can't let everyone live and that sometimes killing is necessary. But he's not bloodthirsty either and won't kill everyone that annoys him so that was one point that I really appreciated. Also, the monsters were also very realistic. They also have intelligence so they make progress and think when they battle. There are some that are even able to use some strategies.


One monster was able to figure out how to use one of the items from a Lifer. And he used that knowledge to capture some of them.


Another point that I really appreciated was that there was no romance with the MC. I don't like reading about harems in these type of survival settings so I'm glad that romance was not involved. If there was romance involved in this particular story, it would've led me astray from the world building and plot. Everything in the story was well planned and the questions that I had during the novel was answered in the end so it doesn't end on a cliffhanger. But one thing that did make it a little less pleasing was the last couple chapters.


The MC ends up being restricted for 5 years so he can't even enter the game. During those moments, I was kind of bored since it was talking about other people.


But I was still quite satisfied with the ending and would love to see more works from the same author. Translation is high quality although I did notice that sometimes there were re-uploads of the same chapter but it's fine since they didn't miss any chapters. Anyways, I would definitely recommend this novel if you're interested in survival stories with no harem :) <<less
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Paps rated it
August 12, 2019
Status: c279
Well I loved this novel, from chapter one till the end it delivered what it was set to do, the best part is that it’s completely a sci-fi novel, no magic, cultivation or any fantasy aspect it is involved just plain out science experience, and military exploits. M.C. Was true to himself in the whole story, no need to change his plans or personality to fit the plot.
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Hopeless rated it
July 13, 2019
Status: c279
This is garbage through and through. I hesitate to say it is the worst Korean novel I've read so far, but only because there are plenty that are just as bad as this.

Plot holes everywhere. For the sake of potential readers, I'll limit myself so as not to spoil.

The biggest of which: every Lifer had to survive the tutorial by themselves before they could become part of the story in any way, which makes 90 percent of ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING that comes afterwards completely incoherent.

If you're completely useless, you died in... more>> the tutorial. If you have no idea what you're doing, you died in the tutorial. If you rush into $hit just because, you died in the tutorial. If you're not smart, calm, and able, there is literally no way to get through the very first step.

There's no need to mention the more tangible plot holes that happen every other chapter or so, because we usually at least get a token effort from the author -which basically amounts to: yes, I know this doesn't make sense but I will unilaterally deny it, so there- so we at least know that the author is not ret*rded enough to have missed them.

But apparently, he IS ret*rded enough to put what amounts to a garbage filter right in the beginning, yet proceed to ignore it ever since. <<less
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May 15, 2019
Status: c279
Read the whole thing. Enjoyable read but...

The characters are bland, including the protagonist and supporting characters.

The antagonists are bland. There's nothing to feel attached to, they're mostly quest a, quest b, target a, target b

The thing I liked is the story's setting. Honestly, nothing made about the characters interest me and I feel the story could have continued even if they die or replaced with others including the MC. What kept me reading is that I want to know what will happen to the worlds they're in and to the... more>> mission. Satisfactory ending even though the final fight for the climax didn't move me in anyway.

Wanna know what happend?


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