Let Me Pursue You


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This is the story of a smart and beautiful young lady Yuan, who step by step conquered Chang’an’s number one golden bachelor, and make him to go from “totally ignore” to “punching his own face every day”.

Yuan Ci Xian dreamed that she was given death by the old emperor many years later and became a bridge stone.

Waking up and remembering the fear of being under the sole of feet of others, she was determined to find a backer.

After being pointed out by a certain advisor to “cater to other people’s preference”, Yuan Ci Xian picked up the brush and wrote a love poem for the future Imperial Teacher to show her infatuation.

When Lu Shiqing saw the poem, he vomited three liters of blood, and angrily rushed into the boudoir of Yuan Mansion.

He taught her to cater to other people’s preference, but she actually thought he like poetry?

Obviously what he like is…!

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New 7starkiller99 rated it
November 26, 2022
Status: Completed
Novel absolutely not recommended to read.

The summary is a blatant lie.

MC is a s*upid girl from the Yuan family who dreamt that everyone died. Her IQ is so low that she can't recognize that ML Lu guy and Xu guy are the same person for THE ENTIRE TIME despite getting married to Lu guy and even him getting injured at the same time. Her only idea is to "betray female hue" or try and seduce a man lol. Even with all the knowledge she had, she at no point plans... more>> on either self-improvement or investigation. Halfway through the novel she's just playing around despite author claiming she's tormented by possibly losing her family.

Most of the novel is the MC being s*upid and clumsy and the ML teasing her. It begins with MC trying to seduce ML who mocked her to "save her family" which she isn't even smart enough to warn her family about until later. After which, it turns out she was completely and utterly useless and only by Plot Armor luck is Lu ML tempted by her and decides to save her family.

There is very little of any good or memorable moments in the novel and 95% is MC being easily played around by ML as she is lacking in IQ. Author attempts to make the novel more interesting by having MC have an army backstory and loyal servants but for the most part MC is just a useless tr*sh damsel in distress. Not once but several times is she harassed or assassinated and has no way to get revenge. She's entirely reliant on the ML and her only contribution was to ruin another s*upid reborn girl's life lol.

The sick scumbag old emperor also lives a merry life doing his wicked deeds. There's basically no satisfying retribution for the villains of the novel, and the author loves to pause the plot with dumb filler. The whole blank space between ML proposing marriage and the actual marriage is a boring mess.

-900Octillion/10 Garbage. <<less
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