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Residing within the dense forest in Nore are the beautiful elves of Elune Forest. After the young elves began to be hunted by the humans to become s*aves, the Queen of Elune decided that young elves could not leave the forest until after their adult ceremony at fifty years old. When Hai’an’s ceremony finally arrived, he was excited to be able to finally travel away from his home and see everything the world had to offer. However, he got more than he bargained for.

What was supposed to be a simple ceremony turned into Hai’an transmigating to the body of… a plant?!

Stuck as a small sapling called Shaking Grass, Hai’an was bought and given as a birthday gift to a retired Starfleet Marshal named Auguste.

After retiring due to political conflict, Auguste spends his time trying to find more of his missing race, the ancient dragons. Unexpectedly receiving Hai’an, Auguste believes him to be nothing more than a rare, exotic plant. To his surprise, he finds that this little plant is intelligent and learns more and more every day.

How will this stoic, unfeeling dragon fall in love with the little transmigrated elf who lost his body?

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New luceel
April 15, 2024
Status: c74
Dropped in the middle. Could be better. Feels kinda like something the author wrote in their youth and would remake after becoming famous.
Fast-paced and entertaining but also lacking some details causing minor inconsistencies. And I found the side couple more intriguing than the main CP.
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mrews rated it
August 23, 2019
Status: c100
Honest opinion? This novel is bad. Which is a shame because it has an interesting premise.

... more>>

In the beginning of the novel, the MC suddenly found himself as plant, who can see at 360 degrees because of reasons. Despite that, y'know, plants do not have eyes. But whatever. No big deal. MC is an elf so its probably just elf magic?

MC then sold to this guy who wants to gift MC to ML (who, apparently, is his brother, but we dont know that, until much later, because... uhm the author forgots reasons?). The ML is the former captain of a military legion that disbanded because of some political reasons. In the background was some conflict between empire vs freedom fighter. Ok, so far so good.

ML then tries to raise plant!MC, and somehow, in the span of a night he turns into a pampering, overbearing owner of a plant. I mean sure, why not, we know pampering MLs and pampering MLs that pampers their cats, dogs and hamsters to high heavens and then f*ck them. But somehow this novel takes this even further for an ML that suddenly pampers his f*cking shivering PLANT like crazy and his entire crew just? rolls with it??

But this is not the worst part, no, no, at least this part is still coherent. Cause whats next is just plot convenience after plot convenience. Ooh the crew cant get this egg they want? why dont this fricking crazy guy just suddenly crashes in? Ooh the crew is stuck in this planet? why dont call this merchant friend and to have him navigate this dangerous asteroid belt where the army chasing them cant get into but somehow the merchant can. And so on and so on.

But all this can still be palatable if the story have decent writing. Which this story doesnt have. The story lacks cohesion so bad and just jumps from one event to another so suddenly that reading this can be very confusing. The author like the show dont tell approach so much that they forgot that in order to show something you must tell what the hell are you are showing first. Which also leads to the case that half of the characters are just... forgettable, cause author never introduced them in the first place. This makes the reader cant remember half of the main crew 80 chapters into the story let alone the various baddies.

Speaking of the conflict the author clearly wants to say that both sides in war is all wrong. But rather the battle of ideology that was expected, it was more this all ballsh*t insane characters just wants to mess with the main characters for some reason? Its never really explained why this crew is important other than that they are the main characters.

Mood whiplash is also a problem in this story, where a cute moment can suddenly followed by an (incoherent) action piece.

tldr; the story is directionless, the characters are forgettable, the writing is confusing


So, give yourself a favor and don't waste your time to read this story. Well unless you like a story thats disjounted, confusing and have enough plotholes in it that we can call it cheese.

1/5 stars <<less
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SockPuppet rated it
October 14, 2019
Status: --
Hatequit somewhere in the middle. mrews made some good points why this novel is bad, but I'd like to add one important point.

This novel sexualizes infantility to a disturbing degree.

... more>>

The MC starts off as a plant, then turns into a tiny chibi character and then slowly "grows up" from a chibi to a toddler and child and only then into an adult.

Also, during his chibi days he, for some reason, has to relearn how to talk and walk and etc like a baby, despite having spent 50 years as a humanoid elf before becoming a plant (which is just really weird). So for a looong time the MC is not in a position to express consent, yet the ML has already decided that they are lovers. Bc apparently he is so good at understanding his plant that can't speak and can hardly communicate?

The other characters in the world see the grown ML and toddler MC pair and refer to him as "son", but the ML gets grumpy and doesn't understand why the world doesn't see them as lovers. BECAUSE HE'S A TINY CHILD!

The language the author used to describe the chibi period is also fetishizing - like "chubby white cheeks that invite people to take a bite" and "his eyes filled with tears that made people want to bully him and made the ML think about pushing him down" etc


So if you're creeped out by these kinds of things, I'd give this novel a pass. <<less
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Kitix rated it
October 12, 2019
Status: Completed
This novel is not bad read, but in my humble opinion... It had much more potential, if not author's writing style.

Yes, my main problem with whole story was not translations, bad characters or just boring story, but author. The world building is interesting, MC's transmigrating is okay, it gives a mystery fragment and of course ML's past of him looking for the same kind - also works. Then what I want to 'complain' about? At the start, you may not notice what is the problem, but it becomes obvious after... more>> reading more and more and then it just clicks. Story jumps. A lot. It felt like author couldn't write proper action scenes, detailed explanations and forget to tell us how other character look or their age. Further will be spoilers so I warned you.


Let's start with action scenes or I would call them 'big' events which basically lasted a chapter or two when it would have been more appropriate to write them in more details. Honestly, I was very confused when something big happened in novel, because one moment I am reading how main couple being lovey dovey not listening singer and then the next second 'boom' everyone teleported and for some unexplained reason only our elf MC left in that building... I still got no answer why they left only MC, was he special? Did they want to blackmail ML?

Another plotline which was never explained further was why they hunt Lydney? Some people who read novel would say 'how did you read! it was explained!', but I strongly disagree. Yes, it was mentioned that Lydney was not as simple as he looked at the start, he is genius and studied complicated mech tech and had indeed internship in some laboratory and completed research earlier than those professors... and here comes plothole. Lydney did said he graduated, but he didn't get employed for some reason? (which I suppose was because he was pure human = he die earlier than anyone else in there) and uh... he was then marked as someone to kill? I mean look, Lydney never mentioned that he showed anyone his completed research, neither did he was taken seriously, was his research leaked and then hunt began? After that, his past was uncovered and they finally realised that their team was under attacks cause of that... It was never mentioned again.... ever.... that topic was dropped.

On that note, more or less it was explained that ML had powerful ship and team, but it was again never explained why Ivan was so stubborn about hunting him (and as mentioned above Lydney). I mean, look there are 200+ military teams and Ivan and Free Alliance were still bothering 'retired' major. Why?

I also want to point out lack of detailed description of characters or how some objects in that world work... When ML team was introduced, it was never mentioned how many people are in that 'team' so I imagined about 50-100 characters among which only 5-6 were mentioned. About in the middle, author finally decided to tell us that it was indeed small crew and consisted of seven people (original team; later it included 2 plants and pure human Lydney). It wouldn't bother me much, if Leston who barely appeared in first half, became more 'regular' by the end (I honestly imagined him being more middle aged, but in extras it was mentioned he is pretty young), I also imagined twins being brown haired or blonde (cause as I said, it was only mentioned that they are twins and nothing else! so my brain did the work for me). Once again in the end, author decided to be like 'oopsie, did I forgot to mentioned that almost all team members have black hair and black eyes, except 2 plant people and Carl?'. You couldn't even imagined how much I wanted to headbang myself into table. Another example are some side characters like Palatine and Uncle Ye, first was introduced as teacher of one of 'villains' and he worked long time and became priest, he also had white hair and grey eyes so I decided to imagine him as more 'old' kind of guy, of course it was completely wrong thing to do, it seems he looked not as old as all information given to me described. It may have been my bad since all people or creatures in this world live very long time, but author.... could you mention this detail? I mean you could just write 'unlike his age and looks, palatine looked like human in age of thirties' that would really help and not mislead me.

Same goes to never telling us biology of this world. There were two male couples mentioned to have children, one was wolf couple and another dragon couple. However, even if it was mentioned author never bothered to tell us anything more and we could only assume since it's interstellar everything is possible (and actually makes me happy), but it once again points out on lack of even sparing 1-2 sentences to tell of how it works, cause I was very curious and I feel like our MC elf-plant would want to ask too, but he never did so I never got answers.

There are many more things to point out, but I don't remember some and I feel like I already wrote too much so I will mention the very last part which made me sad that it was never shown or mentioned in epilogue or extras. It was... moment of Jamie's wife.... 'rebirth'. She was left as ethereal being in minds of the readers and was never given shape or personality. Does author hates hetero couples? Yes, I came for BL, but I won't mind the only such couple ever mentioned in this novel. By the end, I was expectant to see her as Jamie himself, but author just made him wait and never show his 'happy ending' that made me depressed. He was one of the few characters in the team who got story development and he was still waiting his wife as he did whole novel. Author, you could easily cut main couple scenes cause honestly, by the end it was the same sweet fluff and dog food as usual almost every chapter, I won't mind if you skipped and showed something else.


About characters a bit (really a bit...) :


Everyone was unique and interesting and I talk about secondary characters as for our main couple... Dragon ML was shown to be cold and be warm only to his plant aka MC, but when MC became 'human' his obsession and being pe*vert suddenly skyrocketed, he always teased MC and it took me off guard. MC was just being MC and I mean he was just there and didn't do that much to the plot, except giving us toothache with love fluff. As some reviewer said it later became only of him being described as beauty.

Secondary characters were much more interesting, some had story and most, if not ALL got their second half. However, I have complains about few who didn't got as much attention as I wished to...

IVAN! What happened?! Her character development never appeared even on the horizon! And you didn't misread, it is indeed 'her' not a typo. Her past was mentioned, but never her own 'feelings'! Except some sentences we never figured out her personality or thoughts or ideals, was she really just war maniac? What triggered her? Did she actually liked Ariella? After Ariella and Raven tried their best to save her, she just goes, takes Ariella's soul pendant and 'su*cides'?! She is a villain! Main villain of whole novel! Give her at least extra to explain what was going in her head in the end! Also why she was given clearly 'male' name? Look in my country 'Ivan' is male name and it's not neutral, but I could spare it as usual country name differences which may have not been known to author. It made me feel that it was some hidden meaning to her having 'male' name while she was female who looks like male.

Lorenzo also was one of characters who got pretty good start as being 'important', but after actually sparing us with his description he was made into cannon fodder and let Dean 'punish' him? Question mark cause I am still confused what happened with Lorenzo and if he is dead, why he was only special among his species.

Extras gave us some insight into Palantine, Leston, Cessie and Dean what I found to be useful and interesting. Especially Cessie since in novel he was at first 'villain' and self-centred what easily caused us to hate him for abounding his father and 'killing' and stealing mecha fighters, but why he was like that and why he 'changed' so fast was all explained in extra. I appreciate this.


Putting aside Author's lack of interest to give us more details and plot 'jumps'. Novel itself is interesting, I would say it goes into category 'read once and put aside', if you have free time to spare and if you came just for that kind of fluff rather than action parts of the story. You will also need to be able to imagine the rest yourself and be pretty great at this too. Translator did great job considering of how confusing it may have been to translate such a chaotic plot 'jumps'.

P.S. Sorry for so much text, but I was frustrated since this novel had great potential and I did enjoy it even with such fast progression of events. <<less
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Chiaroscuro rated it
July 2, 2019
Status: c70
If u like exotic plants, star wars setting, mecha, cute fluffy stuff with a dash of intergalactic politic with slow moving plot, this one is for you

Even with the slow moving plot

... more>>

MC only manage to turn into a thumbelina in 48 chapters


and slight creep fetish undertone

plant loving, shota

this one manage to keep me on the edge of my seat (like what happened to the mc? When will he turn human? ML's backstory?? Intergalactic politics???)

The author also managed to give the side chara and side pair personality and time to shine (they each have background story, motives and albeit basic but still, distinct characteristics)

So far the interaction between MC and ML is floooffyy

also based on the possiblity that the both of em are the last of their races so they're like, clinging to each other all the more

MC is super cute and ML isn't that much of a yandere.

Recommended. <<less
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Yuki Chan
Yuki Chan rated it
July 21, 2019
Status: c50
As one of the reviewers said, you don't hear much from the MC in the beginning, but the beginning is the starting grounds, explaining how he feels do be a plant, and what he can do. It also puts the world info in a more gentle way, without the info dump.

Later in the story, you will learn about each character, how they came to be together, their future goals and motivations. We also get the see some of the mystery of the MC past, and how he feels about it.... more>> (The author really knows how to hold our hearts using the MC! &Lt;3)

It feels like the readers are observing from the side, waiting to clue together the characters actions, and dig up their past. We have war, galaxy divided up, exploration, friends becoming enemies, many races, great world building and small love stories.

I love the comedy and fluff. The author is doing a good job as slowly growing the MC and the ML's character. I'm happy they can be there for each other.

You should read it, if your looking for something light, while something is brewing under the surface. It is funny and fluffy.

It's like the light is shimmering on a lake, which small waves are gently being made by the soft wind. You can't quite see under it's surface, but it looks beautiful, and refreshing.

I'll update this review later. This looks very promising, the author has so many things she/he could expand upon, its amazing. <<less
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Honey B
Honey B rated it
September 27, 2019
Status: Completed
It could be better. ?

Like the background story about the war... that could have been made much more prominent because it had a lot of interesting plot twists. But it seemed to be rushed or an after thought ?

Another thing that could've been better was the smut ? If you can call that smut. Just saying.

And what's with the abrupt events with no frickin' clue

... more>>

Like when the MC and ML got married and I'm like... wait what? Did that just happen? No warning author?! Not even a f*ing clue?!??


And there is this ridiculousness about this story that had me rolling my eyes at times. ? And it had nothing to do with a dragon falling in love with a plant. Nope, that didn't bother me. What bothered me was some of the ridiculous characters that seemed to keep multiplying...


Brothers where one couldn't keep his s*upid comments to himself. Please, stuff his f*ing trap! ?

Then you had all the plants that were kind of creepy. And is it just me or did the MC and ML make plant "bonding" popular?

Then there was the crying fat robot/andriod...


I don't mind a little crazy in my story but after a while it bugged me because it took away from some of the serious stuff: LIKE JAMIE AND DEAN D*MMIT! THERE SHOULD HAVE BEEN A FOCUS MORE ON THEM AND NOT THAT D*MN COLIN!!!

... it's all about balance ?

Otherwise, not a bad story ⭐⭐⭐ <<less
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Gluttony rated it
August 12, 2019
Status: c90
A really great premise and set of characters ruined by poor pacing and lack of editing. I'm not sure if the editing issue is on the translator's or author's side but the story doesn't flow very well. Some of that can be attributed to the weird pacing but also a lot of the important plot developments and world building lack clarity and impact when being narrated. This normally wouldn't be a discernible issue but the novel feels like it's trying to reach for a more complex plot than usual but... more>> this complexity isn't being well delivered (again unsure whether this is a translator or author issue since in some aspects translation quality is very fine). The typical romance archetype of naive boy x possessive military leader or whatever is weirdly balanced with the plot, where it feels like the author spends too much time on the romance but then also really want to sketch out this grand plot and world building. In the end it just feels like all these wild plot related events are randomly happening while the main characters develop their romance. Translators are doing a great job otherwise, and just need to work on their sentence structure. <<less
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DemiUchiha rated it
April 13, 2020
Status: c98
It started off pretty good, but then it just got ridiculous. I don't like how all of a sudden all of the other plants could just become human. Like I was expecting MC to turn human, because he's an elf. There was no need for the author to transform the others. The other side couples could have found a normal partner, but no. I feel like that just takes away from the story, especially since I don't really like reading about side couples. Also, the story just jumped around way... more>> too much. It's not the worst story I've read tho. <<less
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Duchessme rated it
July 7, 2019
Status: c24
Such an interesting plot...A unique love story between a dragon and an elf-turned-plant. Kinda exciting to see how will there love blossom under such circumstances, talking about love between different race/species.
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max2payne0 rated it
November 25, 2021
Status: Completed
I read this a while back, while it was still updating and stopped around ch86. I was reluctant to go back to this story because Auguste, the ML, goes from caring to a pe*verted bastard very quickly once Hai'an turns human.

... more>>

When you think really deeply about it, Auguste is kind of an a**hole.


But I really did love the first part of the story, that part was lovely and tricked me into thinking this would be a fluffy romance, and the shift is not so jarring since I've already read it, and I got to finish it this time.

There's a lot of details that are hard to keep up with, so honestly, I skimmed a lot. A lot of the details I skipped were random info dumps, and important details are kinda just shoehorned in so you can actually miss something important, I think I caught all the pertinent info though. Plot points (and characters) are also raised and quickly disappear. At least some of them appeared again eventually.

Like the android Auguste met when he went to buy items for plant Jianjian. They meet him and his human again later.


I saw another review that says Lydney's importance (the reason they're attacked at one point) kinda disappears, but not really, it's explained in ch 110

at the end when Dean is talking to Jamie and saying something about decoding memories of original mechanical fighters, I guess they're like war robots with a 'soul.' I skimmed so I don't know the significance of this, but the big villain had a subodrnate who could do it but was slow, and Dean the genius who could do it much faster but wasn't on their side, Lydney was smart and had the potential so I guess they wanted to either get him or get rid of him for convenience sake? I'm inferring, since it wasn't exactly stated.


And Jianjian or Hai'an while cute, was more than just a pretty face in the story.

I so wish we got to see him being badass with his magic a lot more than we did, but he's pretty incredible. It does make me wonder, how dire was the situation of the white elves, how strong and dangerous were their opponents, when they were slowly dying in war if Hai'an, an average elf, can be this strong.


A few weird points:



3 plants are specifically introduced to us at the beginning of the story; Jianjian, some plant with eyes, and a canivorous rose that can eat people. Later, all three of them will gain humanoid form. Jianjian I could understand why, because originally he was a being with a conscience, but the other two are literally just plants and they get turned into 'humans' and are married off (or to be married off, since they have partners.) I didn't see a reason for that.

So we have the awkward pairing of a child 'forced' to grow into a teenager, and a plant that's turned into human form for a few months at most, and the two of them hook up. Leston is at least an adult, but he also gets with a plant that wasn't even his, transforms it, and has s*x with it (him, in this case.)


Where are all the women in this world? Females are barely mentioned. We have Ariella, who dies. Ivan is considered male for most of the story. Alexia who looked like Jamie's dead wife was some kinda monster and I think Hai'an killed her? Auguste and Carl's mom is mentioned when she's shipping them off and presumably dies, the twins' mom is also mentioned just as she dies. There are a couple of male pairs mentioned/implied to have sired children, one ayulon pair, and the wolves. so, can men in this universe/time have kids? or was it like surrogacy?

The only female there from beginning to end, who don't go anywhere, don't die, aren't crazy, are Alia and Red Shield, one of the mechanical fighters. But even Alia is alluded several times (Ivan as well) to being like a man.

Jamie, who waited for over a hundred years to resurrect his wife, is still waiting for her at the end of the story.


As for Ivan and her motivations... clearly not right in the head at all. could be how she was raised, or she might still have ended up that way even if she grew up normally. clearly showing psychopathic tendencies. But she really just decided to start a war, created a bunch of different personalities, and made them 'enemies' while playing everyone for a fool just to encourage war. literally was on the side of the empire and alliance at the same time, even pit herself against herself as her own fiance's jilted brother.


The huge ass conflict in the story? Ends very quickly. Auguste just decides, let's kill Ivan now. so they go, and they really do end the bad guys in one fell swoop - Ariella (the ayulon/dragon married to Ivan) killed, Raven (mechanical fighter with a nadine core 'soul') self-detonates, and Ivan just kills herself by taking Ariella's burning soul stone. I think it all happens in one chapter, too.


I don't know how seasoned this author was when they wrote this story, it had some issues with pacing, some of the sentence structure problems could just be mistakes in the translation, but the info dumps might have been cut. This story could do with a thorough edit, but it's an okay read.

There were some pretty poetic, kinda philosophical quotes that I really loved though. <<less
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Yaoisensei rated it
January 26, 2020
Status: Completed
It was an okay book. I have a few complains, especially in terms of the inconsistent story flow ad the jumping of arcs.


The ML and MC were in an island fighting one minute and the next they're in a church getting married. I just...


The dialog was incredibly funny though, and I honestly have no problem with the philia. It's actually an interesting premise. I'm glad I finished it although things get boring after chapter 90something
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FistFullOfDillars rated it
July 11, 2019
Status: c42
This is so adorable. Typically I'm not a fan of non-human transmigration but this is just so funny, fluffy and interesting. Really clever world building and wonderful, skilled English translation by exiled rebels (as usual). Can't wait for more chapters.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
IrregularPerson rated it
August 9, 2020
Status: c23
a little silly, a little plain. I do understand some people disrepute. MC is just a little white lotus being taken care of but without a hundred words of grace (cringe) wrapping it up in gaudy packaging. If the characters aren't plain, then their hot-blooded and a little eccentric, you might like more complex characters but all relationship dynamics are addressed very shallowly, plenty of loopholes.

the plus side, their is some meng to be sold, the overarching concept is interesting and the descriptors is fair-game. Thanks to the translators. I'll... more>> most continue reading as a filler while I wait for updates <<less
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1Sami rated it
July 28, 2020
Status: c137
The whole thing is about an elf/grass selling meng, but at the same time it's about an interstellar war. The MC is so naive and cute and I love him. And the ML is pe*verted. He fell in love with the MC when he was still a plant! But anyway, it's a great story and if you like nonhuman MCs, you'll love this novel.
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GreenstoneLilly rated it
May 13, 2020
Status: Completed
This is really a fantastic story. Usually I don't write reviews but this novel is only second to the Grandmaster Of Demonic cultivation in my heart.

I was really sceptical when I read the description. The story sat in my library for a month before I convinced myself to read it and once I read it my thoughts were along the lines of ' why did I not read this earlier?!'

It has humor mixed into the romance as well with a touch of sadness. Though I have to warn you, you... more>> do end up pitying most of the Villains well except the main one

I really recommend that you read this novel <<less
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selene15crystal rated it
October 18, 2019
Status: 85
I tried to finish it. Just to know the ending.... I give up. I ending rooting for Dean to get a happy ending instead of the good guys. Too much pe*vert ML (August and Carl) and mary sue MC (jian and lyndsey) and a messup justice ideal. I give up.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
September 26, 2019
Status: Completed
{To those that were dissatisfied with the MCs, there is certainly nothing wrong w/ making the coupling lighthearted/lesser drama. Don't look for shoujo-y ukes here} What I like in the uke is that he isn't tsundere nor hard to get. Pretty cute yet straightforward at the same time. Such a meng seller when he is just a plant and even then he'd admit his feelings and even pervs a little on our sexy, stacked seme. When uke became human the meng factor became less and that was regretful. However I... more>> made do with entertaining myself with the pairings that came when everything in the plot goes back in circle, meeting former acquaintances and forming new plant x human pairs. There is a jailbait fetishism sprinkled around the story but it's just FAKE shota but if you are the sensitive type, do take that into consideration before reading.

Don't judge the story by the mediocre cover, this story is a pretty nice interstellar danmei balancing plot and romance (there's multiple couples and everyone is gay LOL. No b*tchy love triangle so plus point there). I love the whole spaceship crew. Pretty kickass <<less
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bmb rated it
August 13, 2019
Status: c94
I think the novel (or its translation) has a problem that is completely affecting the reviews of the readers in this novel.

I don't know if it's the novel directly or it's the lack of editor of the English translator, but I'm surprised to see a lack of cohesion throughout the novel and between its events.

This causes the reading to be confusing, to wonder what just happened, why x event is so sudden, etc.

There are also times that you have to read the same text several times because there is no... more>> way to understand it. And it's frustrating, because the plot is not bad at all.

When it comes to the story of the novel I am quite satisfied, I had never read a novel with a context like this, with this type of transmigration.

I wish the MC was somewhat more proactive in the beginning, but of course it is understandable because


he was a plant, literally


When it comes to the ML, I also like him a lot because although he is cold, mostly (not with the MC), he is able to show his emotions, he can express his sadness, he can cry... and I like that in the protagonists.

Also, I agree with what Resplendor says in his review at the end. <<less
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July 18, 2019
Status: c44
The story is so cute and fluffy!!! I really love both the MC and the ml!!
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Iota Rho
Iota Rho rated it
July 14, 2019
Status: c36
This is a very sweet and flufy story. Very recommended.
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