Landing On My Heart


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Fu Mingyu, the president of Hengshi Airlines, took a first-class flight in his own plane. A flight attendant arbitrarily offered him coffee three times.

Fu Mingyu raised his eyes and looked at the flight attendant with slender waist, long legs and silky eyes. He said, “This job, do you not want it anymore?”

The flight attendant said with a smile, “Yes, I don’t want to be a flight attendant of Hengshi Airlines. I want to be…”

“The wife of the boss?” Fu Mingyu interrupts her coldly.

The flight attendant was stunned.

Fu Mingyu: “You might as well just dream.”

Three years later, Fu Mingyu boarded the same flight again. He saw the woman standing in the middle of the crew at a glance, still the familiar and charming face.

She was still smiling, but the epaulets on her clothes were particularly conspicuous.

“President Fu, Ruan Sixian, the co-pilot of this flight, will serve you wholeheartedly.”

Fu Mingyu: “…”

The female pilot who can go to the sky at any time vs. don’t ask, if you ask, the domineering president will buy you an airplane every minute.

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New Gushishi
February 13, 2021
Status: Completed
Very funny!

Ch 40-ish and thereafter are quite bland so that I jumped to ch 82-87, the finale ch.

Sometimes the characters are not real, so I just don't take it seriously.

This story is very funny. Every joke and bickering are funny and meticulately crafted that sometimes I felt 'unnatural/ boring' about it.

Tbh I gonna give 3 stars for this, but all the good reviews made me felt 'unnecessary' to give low points.

Nice reads, but not hooked.
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New TianTian
February 13, 2021
Status: --
Interesting enough to MTL and now waiting patiently for translator-san to upload.

Plotwise, it's somewhat different yet at the same time, having tropes and cliches. But the author write these tropes and cliches in such a way that it wasn't annoying or redundant. The romance was mostly fluffy and rather slice of life. Besides the misunderstanding at the beginning, the misunderstandings they'll have occasionally once they're together is rather funny and not dragged on and on. FL and ML will take matters into their own hands to solve these 'misunderstandings' once... more>> they pop up and doesn't let it crack and chip at their relationship.
Between FL and ML, I definitely like the FL more and her sense of humor and way of thinking is hilarious.

I like the way the author wrote FL as a strong female character. She isn't abrasively strong or vocally strong. She have dignity, poise and manners and she doesn't let people walked all over her. She have dreams and ambitions and she went chasing after them with her own strength. She studied hard to get where she is and all of these happened before she met the ML so it's not like he secretly help her along.
Another thing I like about her is she likes to doll up, likes to use beauty products, go drinking and whatnot. I know this may seems like such a silly thing to compliment on but I have read many cnovels for years. I always feel these authors are too afraid to make their female characters do these kind of things because the female characters might come off too vain or not a dignified woman.
And points to ML because he never stop her from doing these things. Too many times, my eyebrows would raise when a ML start dictating that the FL shouldn't go drinking or to stop wearing skirts. To me, it's alarming.
But whatever the FL used to do before she met the ML, she continued to do so after she met him.

Let's see, what else did I like about the book?

There was no definite green tea b*tch. There's a handful of women in this book but I would say, don't be so quick to hate or judge them as they come out. In my view, they mostly redeem themselves or they weren't so bad in the first place.
Sadly, in other novels, only the FL and her closest friends are good women while all the other women that exist in their stories are just b*tches out to ruin FL's happiness. In this novel, I feel that the author wrote these women a lot better. For that, I'm happy. If anything, there is only one woman that I feel wasn't redeemable but she got her comeuppance and rather irrelevant so she wasn't a big problem in the grand scheme of things.


Ok, to end this off, I'll talk about FL's mom. She's definitely one of those woman that I feel was somewhat redeemable. I feel like, I understood her choice. Oh, hint: the reason why she left isn't what it was portrayed at the beginning of the book. So please withhold judgment on her. However, choices/actions have consequences and though at the ending, they didn't rekindle their relationship as I would have like, I believe this is the consequence of the choices the mom made when FL was younger. It's just is, what it is.


But overall, I definitely like this book and think it's one of the more better written cnovel I've read. Lol I know I didn't talk much about the ML but hint hint he have a kink for uniforms, it seems. <<less
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bluesonnet rated it
December 29, 2020
Status: Completed
Read the whole thing MTL. MTL is very readable and if you're able to distinguish from the context who is speaking, you won't be too bothered with the interchanged pronouns (Chinese has no male-female pronouns).

That being said this was a very good story. The FL was kind of tsundere (I don't really like tsunderes much but for some reason this FL didn't annoy me because there was a good balance between her being sweet and being fierce). As for her character development, as one other reviewer has said, she doesn't... more>> take things lying down and gives as good as she gets. Very strong character. I especially like the fact that


she didn't really reconcile with her mom, who abandoned her in her childhood and wanted to come back into her life, even after the misunderstanding was resolved. As a person who has family issues, I completely understand where she's coming from and I was very happy that it was very realistically portrayed. It's not easy to act like nothing happened, but at least FL was civil with her mom at the end.


ML was great. After he fell in love, he really went all out to chase her. I wish the author had dragged out the humble pie eating a little more (she forgave him too easily I think) but it's all good and was believable. There was almost no further character development on ML by the latter half though.

All in all this was a good novel and I'm very interested in the author's other works. (Although I wish it had more detailed snu snu but I'll take what I can get haha). <<less
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PaigeTheParrot rated it
December 10, 2020
Status: Completed
Honestly, this was a realistic romance chinese novel, which is a rarity in itself, and I appreciated that there were no vicious characters necessary to accelerate the leads' love story. Other plus points of this novel includes that neither the FL nor the ML were perfect, they all have their flaws, which is relatable to an average reader. The romance wasn't sudden or slapped in the face and as a reader, I can understand every character's motives and reasons. This seems enough of a reason for me to rate it... more>> 5 stars.

The novel's main theme was misunderstandings- ML's misunderstanding about FL because of the pink envelope, FL misunderstanding about her parent's divorce/mother because her parents didn't bother explaining to her the exact reason on why they are separating. I understand ehy her mother chose her career over her family at 37, and the reason why her father wasn't okay with her decision- although not impossible it is difficult to achieve you dreams at a older age, and it is sexist of him to think so. However, I don't have enough evidence to label him, since the only thing mentioned anout him was he was against his wife's aspirations and a great father figure to FL. And based on the other characters by this author, I won't think he would antagonize him completely-- based on my assumptions he wasn't against her daughter pursuing a dream in a male dominant sector.

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Yohannah16 rated it
December 23, 2020
Status: Completed
I like that there are no vicious stepsister trope here. Its simple and fluffy.

The misunderstandings are funny and I like their interactions.

I also like that FL didnt gave up her dreams despite the circumstances.
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hobisbeansprouts rated it
December 13, 2020
Status: Completed
The second novel I MTL written by this author. I really like Love Scenery so I decided to check out other novel written by this author. Honestly, it's a 10. 5 stars don't do this book justice. Really touching, fluffy, and sweet. I love that FL is a very strong character who won't just take any sh*t coming her way. On the other hand, ML tho, I keep simping because how he treats FL so nicely. Can't forget how he chased her relentlessly (in a good way). If you want... more>> to read something fluffy and short, I definitely recommend this book (and Love Scenery too) ! <<less
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