Kyuuketsu Hime wa Barairo no Yume o Miru


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I-, who was suppose to die in an accident, awakened as my vampire princess character from “Eternal Horizon Online”. It turned out that I together with my entire pet, assets, and territory from within the game had been transferred into a different world similar to that game.

I was in a higher post than my followers who are stronger than me, I have no choice but to act like the ‘me’ in the game. Furthermore the demons and beasts of this world and even demi-human start following me, before I noticed I had established a huge empire. Also, the trouble caused by mysterious enemies is just endless…!

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Vampire Princess' Rose-Colored Dream
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Hoshiandme rated it
May 3, 2016
Status: --
These reviews are freaking terrible. The writing isn’t bad, the writing is fairly good. And this story is more along the lines of a slice of life, shoujo book. So don’t expect too much im the action category. Although there is action, but overall it’s shoujo, slice of life, and it’s funny, cute, and very interesting. The writing isn’t BAD as the above have reviewed. It’s good. It’s a story about a boy who becomes a girl, and is very nonchalant and laid back about everything. The main character is... more>> pretty unique, not typical harem chaser, and the main character accepts the fact that he died! Accepted it! And is not even denying that he became a girl! Or chasing after harems. The story has a bit of some dark undertones, but overall it helps add to the story! Give it a read! <<less
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Kagamiya rated it
August 5, 2016
Status: v3c9
Actually, this novel has a great potential. But ruined by poor development of story flow. The character reactions seem like forced and shallow. It is your typical JP Novel with "pacifist and ero" character also the line like "onee-sama" this, "act cutesy" that, "waifu" this, "onii-chan" that and etc, shit. In the end I fast-scrolled but there's no development nor any improvement, so I decided to lump this novel in my "tr*sh" list after I can not tolerate the character anymore.
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ninthlite rated it
November 23, 2015
Status: --
I give this a 5/10. The writing seems to better than average, however the story seems to stagnate at parts then suddenly the plot will progress very fast. Besides the pacing being messed up sometimes the author skips time between some chapters so the reader becomes confused when moving to the next chapter. Additionally some character reactions are fairly unrealistic, which breaks immersion.

This story would be pretty good if the issues listed were fixed in future chapters.
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Chachingmel rated it
March 8, 2018
Status: --
I agree that this story was good in the first couple of chapters.

What drew me in was the cover art, I thought it would be a fun time.

Unfortunately I was sadly mistaken.

... more>> Not long after the MC, who is male, becomes his game character, he seems to forget he is actually a male forced into a female body.

There is no mental progression in him to accept himself to be now female.

The author seems to have replaced him with a completely different character, how else would you explain the MC developing feelings for a man who in modern society will be classed as a 'boy'?

Did I miss the sentence that says the MC goes for the same s*x and underaged ones as well? Because I am confused.

And that's not the only thing.

The story is a mess.

It worries me that people can praise this when even story's design for children have more depth to them then this story actual does.

Look at any successful light novel or high grossing movie.

The best stories are always the one's with fantastic character development and a well written story which the Author clearly throw out.

Its a shame, this story could have been amazing. <<less
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TwoWhiteShirts rated it
June 22, 2016
Status: v3c8

A combination of adventure, world conquest, comedy, and a dash of ecchi. The main character turns into his mmorpg character after death and in thrown into the role of a monster ruler/demon king. His tragic past gives him an advantage in dealing with the shrewdness of people although he is quite weak in reality. By his side are numerous allies he collected in the past and with their undying loyalty he reigns supreme once again... not really since there are others who are much stronger than him and... more>> there are many unseen dangers creeping up. <<less
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Blisfulloblivion rated it
May 27, 2016
Status: v3c8
Story is alright. The premise is promising and is similar to Overlord in that a guild leader, guild building, and all it's monstrous pets/NPC's become reality in a fantasy world. However it's a poor, fluffy imitation. Things progress suddenly with little development and characters are flat. The relationships between characters are weak and mostly exist because the author says so. The story has good ideas but it's poor execution makes for a superficial read. Those looking for a light read who don't mind the almost bullet-point approach may enjoy this... more>> story. <<less
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NGCleric rated it
January 26, 2016
Status: --
Editing my review, mostly cause it's been some time and I have calmed down.

I will note that in all honesty, it should be around a 3/5, but I am leaving it at 1 since I cannot recommend it to anyone. Details will be given, but there will be heavy spoilers. Also, as a note, I am going to just use "her" for the MC since it's transgender.
I have read up to v3c3.

Basically, this story has potential, but is severely ruined by poor development. The comical parts work out well,... more>> but when the author goes for serious developments, the writing feels like the author was trying to force certain events, and ignored if they would make sense/be good/worth doing. The logic used by some of the characters breaks upon examining it, so I find it hard to praise this an amazing work.

A note: people keep saying it's a shoujo and don't expect it to become serious and whatnot, but I think this is untrue when the author forces a 12 year old girl to choose between suicide by poison or being "assaulted."

---Spoilers past here---
Volume 1 was overall pretty good. It does a good job of introducing the main character and her situation, along with several side characters. The only real problem I had was that the leader of the nearby city seemed to be largely incompetent. He knows a large invasion of monsters will be coming, and has done very little to prepare for it other than build frontier towns with the purpose of being destroyed by the invading monsters. Volume 2 is where the story completely falls apart for me and makes me wonder why so many people praise this as a great novel. It starts off just fine, but then it turns again into a heavily serious tone. Only this time, it seems like every character is making bad decisions or are not thinking at all.
Introduced characters: Prince (Ashyl) Princess (Angelica) Prince's aid (Carlos)

Short version: Ashyl wants to reform the government into a democracy because he is tired of the noble's corruption and wants his sister to see a better world. Carlos is under orders to stop him, and decides to kill Angelica because that means Ashyl will loose his primary reason for turning against the throne. Carlos succeeds in killing the princess, but fails to convince the prince (never spoke to him about it til after he killed the prince). MC revives prince, but lets princess stay dead. Profit?

Long Version: Carlos' plan to get rid of the princess is: "Arranging a number of people from the sanatorium, and mobilizing those young people who were problematic from the beginning was actually easy." His plan basically involved putting easily manipulated people near the princess and cause them to assault her (sexual meaning is implied) but she is given a poison she can choose to consume to "protect" herself. While his plan initially might make sense (make the prince think that the common people aren't worth it since they killed his precious sister), I found it to entirely s*upid. Frankly, if you are about to go to war with a powerful nation (Carlos has seen the power of the MC and one of her subjects firsthand), wouldn't it make more sense to control your strongest warrior? Aside from that, the plan should of failed from step one, but both Ashyl and his entire organization failed to even bother checking who was guarding her. After this is revealed, Ashyl remains true to his goal and Carlos kills him. The MC then revives the prince, but has decided not to revive Angelica because: “This is blasphemy to the dead you know (I can kind of understand since she will be a vampire, but I'm on the side of, 'who cares?'). Well, I don’t mind doing it on unnatural dead (poison = natural now, just so you know) or death from an accident, but reviving someone who died from suicide is inhuman right (No, it isn't. In this case, it's probably the best thing you can do for her since I'm certain she only chose to die from poison because her alternative was worse. Also, is the MC saying she would have revived Angelica had she not consumed the poison but instead was r*ped/murdered?) ? Returning someone to hell is just pitiful (What? Are you talking about returning to life? Pretty sure it'll be much better now that there won't be fear of assassins. Also, this never stopped her before when reviving people.). That’s why, I want her to be reincarnated normally. –I also believe in reincarnation even just a bit (this is the one line she can really say since she reincarnated, but this never stopped her from reviving others, so why now?).”

I realize this is a bit of a rant, so take it as you will. However, I must say that this is the worst arc I have ever read. If anyone wants clarification on my thoughts or wants to attempt to change my mind, feel free to message me. <<less
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caffeinefocus rated it
February 3, 2017
Status: v3c14
It started off good and really interesting but is slowly turning into a mish mash of confusion, which is really disappointing.

The premise isn't the most original one around but it certainly has some potential if executed properly. It's a about a young man who died and reincarnated into the loli character in a game he's playing.

Now living as the peerless beauty vampire princess, Hiyuki, along with the pets she had previously collected with hee guildmates and trying to set off in the 'world' that they're now in as it seems... more>> to be different from the game world that Hiyuki remembers.

I really want to expound on this review more but thinking about it is just making me even more disappointed.

But again, it really has potential.

Beware though, I thought this one's going to be light and fluffy like Rimuru's slime tensei (?) something but it's gradually revealing darker undertones. And the slight sexual undertones/harassment is uncomfortable. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Amaryllis rated it
September 14, 2016
Status: v3c8
The idea of the story is nice... however execution and perhaps the plot in general is a bit 'bland'. It's like reading filler after filler or a story that moves at the pace of a snail.

Overall, it's not bad, but it's not particularly good either. I guess it would be a good read if you had nothing else -- just don't expect a lot of enjoyment from it. Well, who knows? It might get better later on. Hopefully.
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Promethean rated it
March 26, 2016
Status: c30
Also Editing after I have calmed down from my initial dislike of the series.

Imagine Overlord, except it is more boring with even more "nothing important happens", and no character development.

The main character is under developed, well... all the characters are underdeveloped. There is a huge lack of character development in this series. She has billions (the MC) of soldiers, but we don't know who they are, nor are we given a reason to care.

Her actions don't really match her personality at all. They don't mesh together. It is sort of... more>> a cognitive dissonance, (or bad writing), where the character does something completely out of character.

The character is a gender bender, so don't be fooled, its not a real female protagonist. However, it is better in many respects (from male to female gender benders), because the MC doesn't display signs of sexual interest, nor are they "pervertedly straight". In other words, turning into a girl causes the MC to deal with what happens if a boy actually turns into a girl (like Boku girl). In many series, the male to female gender bender doesn't remotely change the character's personality nor their sexual interest, that they might as well just be wearing a skin suit (since they still, for some reason are not attracted to males, and don't you go saying what if they are lesbian, because the chances of them having a female body attracted to only females is incredibly low).

The comedy is... okay. It is to be expected from this type of series, but there is nothing that really drives you to want to read more (like what Overlord has). Things just happen. The character deals with it. And that's it. Its a slice of life. Nothing really important happens.

The biggest sin though, is its lack of character development for the side characters. The reason why Overlord is great is not just because of the MC, but because of all the side characters. The author there puts just as much focus and care to the side characters as he does the MC.

That doesn't happen in this series. The side characters are tossed out, and we move onto new ones (just like Xian xia). All that potential lost. In a series where the MC is solo, then yes, its fine (I guess, I don't particularly like that though). But in a series where the MC rules over hundreds of loyal subjects as powerful or more powerful than one's self, you NEED the side characters. You NEED to develop them as more than they are. You need to give them depth, because they are just as important as the MC.

So if you want an Overlord (extremely light edition), then this series is for you. Otherwise, just re-read Overlord. <<less
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Lolistalker rated it
July 1, 2017
Status: v3c19
it is like if Overlord LN with bad execution, the writing is average that you can't really compare them, the premise is great, the potential is there, but the author can't bring them out to the fullest, the character is rather flat, it was fun though, the comedy is not bad, the plot is there although the pacing is rather weird which is another minus

so far I quite enjoy this novel, sadly it was average overall, read it as it is, if you like gender bend, OPish MC, romcom fan... more>> service (not really), with some action here and there, then go for it, but don't expect too much, as the author seems to unable to commit on it, when reading sometimes I would feel that it was really superficial and half baked just like most JP wn out there, very different from Overlord, ignore the plot and story as it was subjective, the way Overlord presented is just magnificent

also one of the main problem is, slow translation, I kinda forgot about this for years and when I came back less than 1 volume added, that is kinda sad, especially since the WN is already over at 6v, as a leecher I can't say much since there is plenty of WN at this quality and very limited translator, kinda envy CN novel, a lot of them are mediocre quality as well yet they got plenty of update <<less
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Nothinglez rated it
May 14, 2016
Status: --
One of my favorite genderbender and romance novel, because unlike with many other male protagonist novel you get where the MC meets a beautiful girl who has a power beyond his imaginations. This novel is like from the perspective of the female (well it is, but you know what I mean) with a similiar plot, even with that you don’t get bored, instead it makes you anticipate it, wanting to know the perspective of the female when this kind of plot that has many times been done, happened.

Overall definitely 5... more>> star, I wish I could give more stars but oh well <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
The evil lurking inside of you
aerd2 rated it
January 17, 2016
Status: --
Remember that this is a Shoujo novel. So don't expect gender bender yuri, harem, and other typical shounen traits. You'll probably get boy turned into a girl who falls in love in another boy.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Redensky rated it
January 1, 2018
Status: v4c3

At first it was interesting but it became too repetitive plus no character development on the MC and side character even after the arc focus on them MC is character is bland and side character making the MC female does not make her interesting I think the author forgot that the MC was originally a male

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 7, 2021
Status: v3c20
I don't know why people are saying this story is badly written. IT'S NOT BADLY WRITTEN!! YOU JUST CAN'T APPRECIATE IT YOU PHILISTINES!!

I mean there are parts of the story that is not well written, especially the first volume is very rough, and the MC's thoughts, changing personality and adaptation to her new body need to be better explained in the form or more monologue. The first and parts of the 2nd volume could also do with a few more chapters to expand things a bit more as it seems... more>> to progress through a little too quickly in places.

Overall however, excellent story setting and world building, interesting and adorable MC with a complex backstory that you want to continuously root for, great side-characters, good humour, strong plot and all round good read! <<less
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December 5, 2018
Status: --
This novel has a great potential at first but it got ruined by the poor progress. I mean the MC suddenly woke up in another world with his/her "army" and then around volume 3 the enemy suddenly shows up. It was kind of rush because the MC is still not used in that world and they didnt have enough information so the sudden appearance of the enemy is kind of rushed. I wished the MC would have been used to that world before he gets tr*shed around by the enemy.... more>> And the enemy is kind of easy to figure out? Not exactly totally figured out but there clues. It would have been better if this novel is developed in a different way..... <<less
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ResidentialPsycho rated it
August 5, 2018
Status: v4c5
I really enjoyed the first two volumes, especially the second, even if it felt rushed. I especially liked the depth and character development in the MC, Prince Ashyl, and Carlos. There was some nice curb-stomping domination and drama. However, the background and overall development of the plot and buildup were a bit weak. The beginning of the third volume opens up great to start the central plot of the story, but the emotional drama over what occurs seems to have been really downplayed. The remainder of the volume feels to... more>> go into a completely random direction and was a total let-down, leaving me to wonder whether I was really reading the same series or not. The impact from the first 2.5 volumes dropped completely.

The later volumes felt bland with uninteresting characters, and I felt myself not caring one way or the other whether the MC won or lost. Despite the intriguing start and the initial excitement I had during those first couple of volumes, the pleasure I had has long since waned.

While I would have given the first 2.5 volumes a rating of 5 stars, the rest of the series up until now is only worth 3 stars to me, so I'm averaging the scores and rating it as a 4/5 for now. <<less
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wait321 rated it
August 6, 2017
Status: c2
Very childish and boring. Royalty and diplomats behave ridiculously friendly after meeting for the first time even when war is breaking out. The story is also confusing. It's trying to do a "hero's journey" type story but that completely clashes with the setting. The idea is interesting but the characters and story are silly and one-dimensional.
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Poor_Hero rated it
March 26, 2016
Status: --
the male lead has his soul transferred to the body of his character in the game and living in another world after killed in an accident... the background of the MC is hinted to be a very tragic one and makes the MC has twisted mind when he sees life... there are misunderstanding between MC and "her" followers when they interact or talk to other characters... and the MC didn't realize that "her" followers are very loyal to "her." the pov changes are pretty good, from the MC to other... more>> characters so we could see how terrifying the MC in the eyes of others. recommended if you like twisted protagonist... <<less
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torichowchow rated it
December 30, 2015
Status: --
Sigh, I can't shake the feeling of nostalgia as I read this. It reminds me of Overlord so much (flickin' those OP), I find it hard to keep reading, but other than that, it's quite interesting.

Can't seem to find the romance either, shrugs, maybe it's later on *cries
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