Ragweed Princess of the Livitium Imperial Kingdom


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In the Frontier County of Aulanthia of the Livitium Imperial Kingdom, there lives Princess Syltianna who is……so ugly, both in her face and in her personality. One day, Princess Syltianna, widely known with the name the Ragweed Princess of the Livitium Imperial Kingdom, is evicted by the First Queen Consort and killed in a dark forest inhabited by demon beasts. She is then saved by a passing witch, and upon her revival, she regains her memory of her previous life as a high school boy on Earth, and decides to live in the forest as the witch’s apprentice.

“Nobles and whatnot are just a pain in the back, I’d rather live as a commoner,” she says, deciding to wash her hands off of it. Moreover, she goes the whole way to diet in between her devout training as a witch. She is supposed to live a quiet life, but after overachieving so many things, she brings her own downfall. She thinks to herself “Huh? What about my plan to live a life secretly like a weed in a forest?”

This is largely a heartwarming fantasy story. The characters are modeled after the familiar fairytale format, with princes, witches, and evil queens, but our MC is just too strong to be dealt with by any ordinary means.

Associated Names
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Livitium Koukoku no Butakusa Hime
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shinidoshi rated it
October 29, 2022
Status: c4 part1
The MC reincarnates into a noble's daughter who falls into the basic villainess otome plotline. The twist is the Female Lead is actually a guy who genderbent into a woman. The use of genderbending here is the author's deliberation, and not a personal desire if the MC. Before reincarnating, the MC was literally a protagonist for a wuxia cultivation novel. They had a mentor who taught the MC breathing techniques. Unfortunately, the exposition left things ambiguous about the MC's character and past as a man. All that is known is... more>> that the MC had a female mentor.

After reincarnating, the now-female MC can still use cultivation hax, and is now the most OP magician in the isekai world. This is certified by her post-isekai mentor who is a very powerful magician herself (it is implied she is the emperor's relative so far). The thing is, they are one of those cringe MCs whose personality is a painful combination of dense, humble, and clueless of how OP they are. For example, the MC uses a qi breathing technique to absorb atmosphere's mana -> shoots a simple fireball that carpet bombs the forest -> "Huh? Did I do that?" -> Mentor Witch lady explicitly tells MC not to reveal that qi breathing technique because it literally power-creeps the conventional magic system -> "There's no way, she must be over-exaggerating."

Also, the MC spends about 10 chapters being called fat & ugly because the body he reincarnated into a girl suffering from obesity and horrible acne. The MC makes an effort to lose weight by dieting & exercising. This also resolves their acne problem, and somehow, the MC is transformed into a beautiful oppai loli. The thing is, the Witch Mentor still calls the MC ugly after the fact. As a result, the MC considers her ugliness to be a permanent condition. There are a lot of moments when the MC suffers from imposter syndrome when people compliment her, and she avoids looking at their reflection. Edit: I cannot believe I have to spell it out for the other reviewer who called me out. If your MC is constantly getting bullied by their own mentor, how the heck are they supposed to develop as a character? What was the point of reincarnating as a woman then? Finally, why does this author insist on milking the dramatic irony at the cost of the MC's self-esteem? Edit 2: imagine thinking the Gender Bender tag for the lgbt when things like TSF Monogatari exist (made by the creator of 177013). It is quite literally a fetish tag 90% of the time. When it's not a fetish tag, then it is a plot device to pair a would-be yaoi couple (see Boku Girl). Otherwise, it is in order to make an artificially strong & independent woman/tomboy by injecting a strong man into a female body (see Yakuza Reincarnation). If you want a novel that has lgbtq elements, then I'm certain NU has a tag for that.

Also, if you know how to read & write punctuation marks, you will find out that almost every paragraph is a run-on sentence. For whatever reason, the author cannot punctuate a clause or independent clause. It kind of reminds me of those self-insert OC fanfics; the ones where they write a life story in order to explain how their special ability works. They even do that thing where something is mention, and then they use parenthesis to explain or contextualize that something:

"Apparently, however, there had been an agenda to appoint a feudal lord for the long-since lordless territory, and as a preliminary step, a bureaucrat agent (something like a deputy official) had been nominated to administer the affairs of the region and was to move in, or that was what was written in the letter." Edit: mind you, this is not a critique against the TL & PR. I have a feeling they are just being faithful to the author's writing style. Therefore, all of this criticism is directly aimed at the author.

If you are like me and waiting for chapter updates for your favorite novel: don't be afraid to read this. Not only will you kill time, but you will flush out some brain cells. At some point, your expectations will be so low, and your brain will be very empty. One chapter you were waiting for will feel like 10 chapters. <<less
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rgal rated it
August 22, 2023
Status: c32 part2
Here's an idea: if your idea of tackling ethics of freeing s*aves in a work of fiction is "you shouldn't even try to free a s*ave in front of you if you can't free ALL s*aves in existence, and also if you don't reimburse the s*aveowner for a s*ave you've freed then you're no better then them", maybe you should be studying ethics and not teachning them.

Edit: did I say "freed"? I should have said "acquired". Yeah, apparently due to author wanting to give the main character a s*ave without making her feel guilty about it some reason there are contrived convoluted rules about freeing s*aves that mean that you can't even legally free a s*ave after paying for them! And, of course, our heroine, being the law-abiding s*aveowner... more>> she is, just accepts this as the unchangeable status quo!

This is tr*sh. Read at your own risk. <<less
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xacual rated it
July 10, 2023
Status: c267
I am primarily writing this review as a warning for people that might or might not get invested in the story so they might be aware of certain details that appear later that personally extremely soured me on the story despite how far I read. Again, be aware that these are very large spoilers though they don't touch on some of the more important details and events that happen.

First and kind of the most important point.

This is actually not a GB story. The MC is only confused because she received a fragment of Rose Princess' memories when she was resurrected. That's why her memories of her "previous life" are so spotty. This is part of the problem I had with the story is that when this was resolved and she learned the truth, she pretty much immediately jumped into a relationship with the Prince with no regrets or confusion at all. Just "oh I was a girl all along so there is no reason to worried about dating a guy".


The other thing that soured me and why I ultimately decided to not read further is

that the priest guy that was in a love triangle between MC and the Prince, basically went evil and became the main antagonist combining with a devil after getting rejected, despite all the previous characterization and development he had had that should have made this nearly impossible for him to do. It was so completely out of character that I couldn't believe it at all.

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LittleFox21 rated it
April 11, 2023
Status: c21 part1
Decent story, decent writing, decently dimensional characters, decent character growth, decent pacing. Just decent, not wow.

Unlike someone who faults weird stuff, I don't find any awkward writing style nor the need to compare it with another genre and borrowing their vocabularies such as cultivation and qi. If you don't do those things, your judgement will no longer be clouded by the other genre's cliches, because duh, obviously this genre also have its own cliches that is not necessarily the same cliche as your beloved wuxia.

Dense protagonist is as dense as... more>> the way she is after 20 or so chapters in, and impostor complex, all has been depicted reasonably. If you see yourself as ugly, others tell you ugly, even your one and only trusted person calls you ugly, then that's the "accepted truth" means psychologically MC is accepting the factn't that she's ugly. As the soul inside was formerly man and the body was formerly fat, she doesn't realize that after diet and exercise she's no longer fat but she (as former male) has no idea that the lump of fat remaining is called *oppai* and it makes sense if you don't have an idea what it is, you just assume whatever. You don't know what you don't know. Especially if that damn mentor never gives her any reflective surface so she never sees her own appearance lmao.

If you lose braincells after reading this, then idk maybe this one's simply not your thing. For me it's decent enough, not super wow, not something to train my train of thoughts. Hints are easy to spot too so idk. TL is also doing good job. <<less
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nyandeyanen rated it
September 11, 2023
Status: c33 part1
I'd been reading along without too many expectations, the series was largely what you'd call "fluff", right up to the point where they enter what I'll call the "s*avery arc". Now you have a massively overpowered MC who could easily do something about this abused, ens*aved child and apparently wants to, but is allowing themselves to be talked out of it and hasn't done anything about it several chapters later. Instead the child's being pressed into service as a s*ave of the MC by the arguably less powerful people around... more>> them. What a waste of power and knowledge gleaned from their previous life. The fluff has been poisoned, and as a result I'm dropping the series. <<less
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ManLord rated it
October 6, 2023
Status: c32 part2
it doesn't seem that bad as the reviews said.

finding faults at the weird stuff, then giving very bad rating because of it is not a wise thing to do.

the writing and world building are quite good there

the whole story more less like old fairytale princess story. While the plot itself is a bit common. But still well executed.

characteristic of the character itself neither bad nor good, you might thinking some character having unreasonable or beyond reason act and maybe will irritated because of it.

... more>>

seriously, despite ex collage student, MC and other person become unreasonably s*upid anything about her appereance, damn annoying.


but still, im quite enjoying this wn <<less
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Songokusu rated it
March 4, 2024
Status: c67
Despite also getting annoyed at the same points as some of these other reviews what drops me to 2*s is primarily how disjointed the story telling is. It'll jump into a future scene without any warning, go multiple chapters in that new scene, and then finally (if you're lucky) go back and explain what the heck happened to get from that scene multiple chapters ago to now. It's incredibly jaring story telling.

On top of that a lot of the characters are from the author's prior work, which apparently did quite... more>> well (I didn't like that one either tbh) and since they just assume you read that one a lot of the character development and other context is left in ambiguity to lead you to read that one too. Also is the reason the level of combatants in this novel swing wildly wide. MC is WEAK, even if incredibly talented, rich, and very well trained she hasn't had multiple hundreds of year or the power of videogame grinding to make her OP.

World building is alright, even if it's not really capitalized on. The information about politics and geography, city information and fads are mentioned but completely worthless as they're never used in context

All in all... It's 2* due to personal preference ultimately. (Should be 3* but I can't edit it now after my misclick) I wouldn't recommend it to one with a thought process like mine but it isn't a terrible story <<less
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IcecreamSundae rated it
June 27, 2023
Status: c50
I had a laugh while reading that two star review. They couldn't possibly be more wrong.

I'll keep this relatively short. This is one of the best novels in its genre. Its deep with a lot of world-building and the characters are very well written. And perhaps the real selling point is the political intrigue that is slowly introduced in the second volume especially.

Genderbender is a genre thats primarily intended for lgbt people tbh, and audiences who don't fall into that category will generally not get as much out of the... more>> genre. Its not written as a 'plot twist' as the other reviewer asserted. It is just a de facto part of the protagonists identity.

Shinidoshi got so much wrong in their review that quite frankly you should all just disregard their review entirely and go read this story for yourself. It is a very good story.

Please note that while the MC is talented, they are not in anyway OP. And this story does not contain the typical elements of the OP sub-genre. Our MC is realtively talented but overshadowed by the truly powerful characters. I would say she's well balanced. <<less
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