She Professed Herself The Pupil Of The Wiseman (LN)


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Sakimori Kagami plays a VRMMORPG called Arch Earth Online. He is a veteran player with the name and appearance similar to an elderly bearded wizard from a certain book about a ring.

One day he purchases an appearance change item as a last resort to spend expiring currency and gets the idea of choosing what he would want to look like if his character was ever a girl.

Falling asleep should have suspended the game, but Kagami wakes up still online and feels the game has has gotten a bit more realistic. Did Arch Earth Online finally get a long-awaited update?

Associated Names
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Kenja no Deshi wo Nanoru Kenja (LN)
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01/28/19 Krytyk’s... v2 afterword
01/28/19 Krytyk’s... v2 extra
01/28/19 Krytyk’s... v2c21
01/28/19 Krytyk’s... v2c20
01/28/19 Krytyk’s... v2c19
01/28/19 Krytyk’s... v2c18
01/26/19 Krytyk’s... v2c17
01/25/19 Krytyk’s... v2c16
01/25/19 Krytyk’s... v2c15
01/25/19 Krytyk’s... v2c14
01/24/19 Krytyk’s... v2c13
01/24/19 Krytyk’s... v2c12
01/24/19 Krytyk’s... v2c11
01/24/19 Krytyk’s... v2c10
01/23/19 Krytyk’s... v2c9
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Koranna rated it
February 1, 2018
Status: v2c2
This light novel is amazing. I couldn't recommend it enough; the world is well build, the characters are likable, there are interesting subplots, as well as a good main story. Frankly, the single problem against this series isn't really against the series itself, so much as the fast that people simply aren't translating it. Which is extraordinarily disappointing, and nonsensical considering the quality of the story. Honestly, if someone picks this up, start reading immediately. Otherwise, unless you can read fluent Japanese, I don't really recommend reading this series from... more>> the raw disappointment of the fact that you aren't likely to get more, because the aforementioned problem of no translation. <<less
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nixxara rated it
January 31, 2016
Status: --
MC is pretty average but the story is really good.

Though, it is kind of mainstream and similar to typical virtual reality/transported to another word novels. I felt like the beginning part was dragged on quite a bit but the story is slowly getting more exciting.

4 stars
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razgallo rated it
March 8, 2016
Status: --
The story is okay, not that good yet not that bad. The setting is well built but we haven't really touched the details of the places since it is still too early. Characters are still in its early development and I am sure it will go both ways, none of them really piques my interest.

I only question the logic behind the reasons as to why he didn't want his identity to be revealed. It isn't something petty but more political yet it isn't convincing enough, there are better ways to... more>> convey the why and how. This is just a minor it doesn't really matter much.

There are also some flaws in the plot like...

Thirty years have passed and not even one of the two characters have tried to seek out the players who came before the main character. I mean really they didn't even try to make any effort to search for them and just let the last person who got there to do it for them instead they were satisfied in making a kingdom.

They also announced the disappearance of the elders which I thought was a illogical. It was clear there are more risks on doing it than not so now they are in a midst of war with the neighboring kingdoms.

I may have missed some points but it is clear that the people who came before the main characters aren't that sharp.


Long winded prose makes me cringe every single time, I would assume these words in the story is vital but it isn't most of the time it is just a filler and makes the chapters longer than necessary, just to make a word count goal perhaps, this is a published story already... I think since it is a Light Novel and not a Web Novel. I don't know why the author didn't even clean these and make it more concise. <<less
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