She Professed Herself The Pupil Of The Wiseman (LN)


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Sakimori Kagami plays a VRMMORPG called Arch Earth Online. He is a veteran player with the name and appearance similar to an elderly bearded wizard from a certain book about a ring.

One day he purchases an appearance change item as a last resort to spend expiring currency and gets the idea of choosing what he would want to look like if his character was ever a girl.

Falling asleep should have suspended the game, but Kagami wakes up still online and feels the game has has gotten a bit more realistic. Did Arch Earth Online finally get a long-awaited update?

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Kenja no Deshi wo Nanoru Kenja (LN)
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Seregosa rated it
March 19, 2019
Status: v3c16
Step onboard for a story about a grown adult male who played an old sage-like character who then happened to turn into a loli. You'd think that he'd keep on acting like an adult male even in his newfound form, but it turns out that he must've turned into a loli both in mind and body. He's everything that a loli is supposed to be, the only difference is that he pretends that he's against stuff like wearing panties and frilly clothes etc. He, however, quickly gets over this as... more>> he seems to have no willpower whatsoever of his own.

I mean, I liked the idea of this story and the general flow, but the MC is a huge flaw, it's about how the author forces her to become a loli in every aspect and how little resistance there is. She's also quite a moron in so many ways. The author creates these plot holes and illogical parts simply because he wants her to act like a "proper" loli and focuses very much on making her as cute as possible, which is somewhat disturbing. She has average intelligence at best, but I'd wager that she's probably more s*upid than normal people.


Let's go over a few things about why I say this is so and why I'm gradually getting fed up with her (and if she was a real male protagonist, I would've dropped this quickly because of the idiocy). When she first arrives in this world as a freshly-made loli, she somehow doesn't notice her own change before being called "young lady" by a knight and seeing her own reflection in his armor. However, now she can feel, taste and whatever else. Her game character was originally a rough and wizened man with a long beard. Now she's a silky-smooth and short loli. She notices that something is wrong with her height, but pays no heed to it despite exploring what's happening. She picks up grass with her hands, which means that she would see them, obviously, and brings it to her mouth to taste, but somehow still doesn't realize anything despite the missing beard, silky-smooth face and shining, small hands. I mean, if you don't realize it after that, you're truly daft.

Well, let's chalk that up to her being bewildered. But it doesn't end there. Later on, she goes to the city and realizes that, damn, she doesn't have any clothes that fit her! So, she gets used as a dress-up doll against her will by people around her and despite hating the appearance of the clothes and the fact that she's now dressed like a proper loli, she doesn't truly resist. She also, for some reason, wears normal clothes instead of custom-made combat clothes with enchantments on them. Wouldn't the FIRST thing you'd do in this situation be making some custom gear and make sure you can get your bonuses as it could be a matter of life and death? But nope, we need her to act moe and cute and of course we can't miss the obligatory half-assed gags where she's uncomfortable yet forced to wear stuff she doesn't want to because of the women around her being overzealous about it. Takes weeks before she realizes that she can buy clothes, but she still doesn't feel any need to custom make some, urgh.

As if that wasn't enough, she actually gives away some of her important gear for no good reason. She gives away her whole collection of high-level bombs and even all her close-combat specific trinkets/gear. This gear was given to someone who absolutely doesn't need it right now, even though the MC needs it for real and it could be the difference between life and death for her or at least others who'd die if she fled in the face of a powerful enemy. Because of this, she now has the power-level of a normal girl unless she activates her daoist skills and her power is much less than it's supposed to be even if she activates the daoist skills. Before, she could pinch a sword from a decently powerful knight and it would be impossible for him to budge it (a knight close to the king who protects him, so should be pretty powerful), but now she's at the power-level of a normal loli, she's just a weak little girl when she doesn't use magic. I mean, WHY? At least keep 1/4 of the bombs and don't give away your best gear when you're in a real world and are going out to explore and try to find people which will result in a lot of battles. Just give him some less powerful things, surely she's got that, right? But somehow she hasn't equipped herself with anything like that, probably just escaped her mind, just like everything else seems to do.

Then there's how she's repeatedly s*xually assaulted by women everywhere. Yeah, maybe it's not actually s*xual harassment, but it's pretty close. They're all going "awwww" and swooning over how cute the MC is while not being able to hold themselves back from trying to cuddle and fondle her. Complete strangers will "attack" her on first sight with motherly instincts or whatever. Let's not go into how absolutely ret*rded and unrealistic this is in the first place, the MC also hates it, but somehow won't retaliate. The MC can do whatever she wants and has plenty of spells to evade with even if she somehow doesn't have superior power unless she actively activates her daoist powers, but she just struggles physically and gives up after a while. It's just whining and whining and whining while pretending to dislike it but doing nothing to solve the situation, it pisses me off, especially in volume 2 when a character that goes "MIRA SO CUUUUUUUUTE" pretty much once or even thrice each chapter before trying to throw herself at the MC is introduced.

She's also an extreme pushover, a doormat. She'll comply to pretty much everything people wants her to do without caring much, there's sometimes some mental resistance but she just complies in the end despite not wanting to. I mean, say no if you don't want something. Wishy-washy mc's are, and will always be, the worst kind. Even if she's a loli it doesn't make it much better, have some proper will if you're going to be the MC, say no if you don't want it, don't just resist lightly before giving up and going with the flow...

She also proves just how s*upid she is over and over again, like how she wants to improve peoples' image of summoners but she's too daft to understand that summons, which is from a rare occupation with hardly any high-level ones at all, is obviously poorly recorded and known, yet she expects that just summoning several valkyries and letting them run around dealing with an issue would actually make people recognize summoning. I mean, how are they supposed to even know that they're summons? They just look like women, god dammit. Even if she summoned something else, their lack of knowledge and the rarity of summoners in the first place would make people think it's just some kind of a monster or something like that... She also has a tendency of forgetting things all the time, especially names, as this author seemed to want an airhead trait for his MC loli.


There are so many issues here, mainly because the author wants the loli MC to act cute. He's forcing the plot and story simply so that we can get more "cute" antics from the MC. It's very illogical. This is the biggest flaw in this novel and if it was fixed, it would be much better. I don't mind if he wants to make the MC act cute, but it should come at the cost of a believable story. She shouldn't be selectively ret*rded whenever the author wants her to be (which seems to be most of the time).

I wanted to love this story and the world and mood was pretty good, but the MC starts to rub me the wrong way the more I read. He can make her unreasonably cute, that's fine, but he shouldn't make her ret*rded whenver he feels like it. That kind of ruins it all. It just feels s*upid when she makes so many mistakes that makes it seem as if she's TRYING to screw herself over. Complaining about things you can EASILY fix and going with the flow without expressing any individual will just makes for a boring character. She'd be better as a side-character, like if the MC was actually that wizened old sage he was supposed to be and that this loli is a side-character that is his disciple for real instead of being the wizened old sage lolified. The author made sure that she doesn't feel that fitting for a main character. Sigh.

I would vote this with 3.5/5 if I could, but since I don't feel like this is quite worth the 4/5, I'll just drop the score to 3/5. It's certainly above average but there are too many flaws that were huge for me but might not be a concern for you. Perhaps you won't mind the things I mentioned, if so I think you've found a novel that you can truly enjoy a lot here. I just feel that everyone should be aware of her personality and actions etc before going into this. To prepare a bit and not expect something else than the author wanted to provide. I went in expecting a MC that was at above average in intelligence, who'd be quite smart and would understand the situation she is in and do her best in this new world and have some will of her own instead of just going with the flow of everyone around her. Turns out that this wasn't the case here, she's meant to be a cutesy airhead loli who just happens to be OP and has some slight aversion to female clothing items and being cuddled while being very fond of sweets. Seriously, she's not going to act like the sage she is supposed to be, or even the adult male she was, at ALL, except for rare cases when she has to get serious in combat, otherwise she will just act like a cute airhead loli with a sweet tooth. You'll be able to enjoy this more if you go in expecting this and understands that the initial sage and male setting might as well not have existed because it's just there to give the MC a backstory and for some plot points, but for all intents and purposes, she's nothing but a normal loli. <<less
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Koranna rated it
February 1, 2018
Status: v2c2
This light novel is amazing. I couldn't recommend it enough; the world is well build, the characters are likable, there are interesting subplots, as well as a good main story. Frankly, the single problem against this series isn't really against the series itself, so much as the fast that people simply aren't translating it. Which is extraordinarily disappointing, and nonsensical considering the quality of the story. Honestly, if someone picks this up, start reading immediately. Otherwise, unless you can read fluent Japanese, I don't really recommend reading this series from... more>> the raw disappointment of the fact that you aren't likely to get more, because the aforementioned problem of no translation. <<less
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nixxara rated it
January 31, 2016
Status: --
MC is pretty average but the story is really good.

Though, it is kind of mainstream and similar to typical virtual reality/transported to another word novels. I felt like the beginning part was dragged on quite a bit but the story is slowly getting more exciting.

4 stars
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razgallo rated it
March 8, 2016
Status: --
The story is okay, not that good yet not that bad. The setting is well built but we haven't really touched the details of the places since it is still too early. Characters are still in its early development and I am sure it will go both ways, none of them really piques my interest.

I only question the logic behind the reasons as to why he didn't want his identity to be revealed. It isn't something petty but more political yet it isn't convincing enough, there are better ways to... more>> convey the why and how. This is just a minor it doesn't really matter much.

There are also some flaws in the plot like...

Thirty years have passed and not even one of the two characters have tried to seek out the players who came before the main character. I mean really they didn't even try to make any effort to search for them and just let the last person who got there to do it for them instead they were satisfied in making a kingdom.

They also announced the disappearance of the elders which I thought was a illogical. It was clear there are more risks on doing it than not so now they are in a midst of war with the neighboring kingdoms.

I may have missed some points but it is clear that the people who came before the main characters aren't that sharp.


Long winded prose makes me cringe every single time, I would assume these words in the story is vital but it isn't most of the time it is just a filler and makes the chapters longer than necessary, just to make a word count goal perhaps, this is a published story already... I think since it is a Light Novel and not a Web Novel. I don't know why the author didn't even clean these and make it more concise. <<less
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Zacxen rated it
November 2, 2020
Status: v3 afterword
This is halfway between a action story and a slice of life story. At times it is slow but the world is developed well. This makes the books flow smoothly and most of what happens is logical. A key thing to note is that, while the gender swap is used as comedic relief, it still is an integral part of the story.

The worst part is how little is translated but I read that the story has been picked up for an official English translation.
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YeetusOffACliff rated it
October 19, 2021
Status: v3c1
THE definition of a generic isekai. Pretty much a textbook example straight out of the template, and a slow-burner as well. What else can I say? This is like really, really generic. However, the quality is somewhat good. If you don't mind reading the same troupe of isekais over and over, then this might be decent for you. But I just can't bear reading something so generic, so I'm just gonna drop it right here.

I would had rated this a 4/5, but the design of the MC is deeply flawed... more>> (Way too shallow, has no defined personality at all), so I lowered it to a 3/5. <<less
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Beiar rated it
February 28, 2023
Status: v5 afterword
Better than I expected.

Honestly, I picked it up because I enjoy reading gender-bender stories. I was expecting to get junk food, but I ended up getting rather high quality junk food.

The world building is alright, but nothing impressive, and while the plot mostly consists of the MC travelling to different places and meeting new people, each story event/area is well paced, and never overstay their welcome. There is an overarching plot being built upon, with other smaller plot-lines that may or may not be related to it.

The MC has a... more>> rather bland personality, but has various idiocrasies that keep them from feeling like a generic self-insert. Overall, they feel like a genuinely nice person that is easy to get along with. Some people may not enjoy this kind of character, but I say: To each their own.

Overall, I'd place this light novel as more of a travel, slice of life story, than an action-type. Even the sections where you would expect action, such as dungeon delves, are mostly filled with the MC travelling and bantering with her party members, followed by a short section where the MC wipes the floor with the enemies.

TL;DR: It's a good comfy story. Has a surprising amount of heart. <<less
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