Junior High School S*x S*ave Runa


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Junior high school student Furosaki Runa (13) is caught in a desperate situation

In this world, all human beings release their carnal desires on her without feeling anything

Runa who is deprived of human rights spends her tragic days as a s*x s*ave for the whole world of 7 billion people!

The story of a girl who is cursed into a s*ave for humanity

Bullied at school, gangbanged in the public, her r*pe telecasted on T.V, and tortured every single moment of her life

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中学生性奴隷 瑠奈の絶望の日々
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jackslate rated it
February 16, 2018
Status: c94
So I've MT-ed the whole thing and read it to the last chapter (like, 94 or something) on Syosetu.

Let me just first say this; the negative votes and low score are caused purely by people's TASTE and PREFERENCE, and not by the quality of the work itself. So the score will tell you how most people feel about the content, and how many people don't get the idea of what a review and score is supposed to be (I see this stuff often on e-hentai as well). If you don't... more>> like the work whatsoever, or won't even try to read it, simply don't vote? I mean, the tags are pretty obvious, and the description isn't lacking so you could just ignore it...

I would have given this work a 3 or 4, but I'm gonna go with 5 now (if everyone else votes on how they feel, then why not I).

Now, about the actual work.

First off, this is purely a pornographic work. I don't know what NU's stance on linking actual pornography is, but until it's removed, I see no reason not to treat it like any other novel.

There is a story to it, but it's... not the point. The main points are the helplessness of Runa/Luna, her unending torment and most of the chapters are just that. Searching for similar tags on Syosetu, I did come up with works that are close to this one, but they all lack that distinctiveness.

If you're looking for porn, but prefer seeing pleasure to suffering in it, THIS IS NOT FOR YOU. In fact, I don't think this was for me either (even though I prefer sadistic stuff), because I felt nauseous for a couple of days after reading it (I get more into the stuff I read than viewing pictures or drawings).

Now about the story setup. The girl, the protagonist of this series, Runa/Luna gets cursed for no sensible reason whatsoever. The curse is eternal, without any weaknesses, and the story doesn't stop reminding you of that. This girl is relentlessly abused since the beginning and her suffering DOES NOT STOP. Now, a lot of hentai works out there go for the usual formula of suffering being pleasurable in some sort of way. Do not expect that here. There is pleasure involved, but usually it's the sort of thing where Runa starts begging to be released from it. Also, it's often rather rare. Also, I like how every scene is accompanied by time notations. It's always noted how long a certain torture lasted.

I'm going to describe some of the scenes you can expect to find in this series, and these will be spoilers (though I won't say when it happens in the story or anything) :


Sleep deprivation with r*pe and forced work under threat of punishment, nail tearing based on how many people complain about the quality of her servicing them, mounted on a heated wooden horse with weights tied to her legs, and whipping, pure torture consisting of nail tearing, teeth drilling, and penetrating her eye with a needle, being used as a LITERAL toilet, live insects buried into her womb, intestines, stomach and bladder, electrocution whilst wrapped with barbed wire, and so on.


If you've read what's in the spoilers, you can see why many people probably think this needs to have a low score. I don't.

The writing seems alright (though I can only assume this, the text being MT-ed and all), and it's obvious this isn't written by some 15 year old or something. In fact, a lot of the chapters have references to works dealing with psychology, describing how certain stimuli affects the person, which is directly translated into some form of torture in that particular chapter. Honestly, I think a lot of effort goes into these chapter by the author, and is one of the reasons I find this series to be unique.

But, I am not without any gripes. Some spoilers follow:


This 13 year old girl manages to do some pretty incredible stuff, like learning how to program whilst sleep deprived and abused, also rushed by a deadline. She also manages to research how the human brain is made up of, learning psychology that later on lets her somehow retain her memories which were pushed out by drugs and torture.


See where I'm going with this? A 13 year old girl, severely tortured and abused causing her to actually develop PTSP, manages to outwit and outmanoeuvre her tormentors, which seems to me to be the authors cheap way to change things up a bit. Most of these situations would be BAD END's for any other 13 year old girl (though this whole series is a bad end in itself).

In any case, I enjoyed this not as a novel, but as a hentai novel, which it is and should be scored appropriately. Though I say that, my enjoyment was the sort that haunted me for days (still does a bit). My stomach churned whenever I recalled some of the scenes, truly a horrible work.

I won't go into the legality of it all, since Runa is depicted as a 13 year old girl (though iirc only drawn artworks are an issue, but I'm not sure where I heard that or to which country it applies to), but I wonder what the stance of NU is on that? It's not like they host the chapters here, so who knows. Wouldn't surprise me to see it removed. <<less
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xtruthxliex rated it
February 10, 2018
Status: --
Everything has a dark side and I really believe this is the dark side of NovelUpdates. This is basically porn. Except this is r*pe and all sorts of other nasty things. Disgusting.
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August 10, 2019
Status: --
I read like 3 chapters and couldn't go on. The gripe I have with people reviewing this novel is not that they gave it a low rating, but the fact that they gave it at all.

No matter how you dress it up, it's a freaking 13 year old and you're out here enjoying the psychological aspects of it. It just shows you would still enjoy it if it was a 5 year old as the main character.

If you sick b*tards wanted a psychological novel, they're millions of them. And if... more>> you read this, don't come glorifying it.

The reason I'm venting is because all comments I saw were about how amazing it was, none negative. While, they glossed over the sick sh*t like it barely happens in the novel.

As for the other stuff in the novel, I will never know if it was good or bad. I just don't want to read while gradually becoming desensitized to all the messed up stuff in it. <<less
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anime_zuki rated it
March 11, 2019
Status: c113
The novel is very dark. Mostly ryona and turns into guro in later chapters.

For instance, in later chapters, her ... more>>

limbs are removed and turned into a human daruma


One of Runa's curse is resurrection and improved regeneration, although

she does die/heart stops quite a lot, thanks to Shiori's torture.

But it does make the guro more palatable, I suppose.

What I really like about this novel, is how creative the author is, and the amount of research he puts into his work.

For example, do you know what Fluorocarbon is? Or "gympie gympie leaves"? There're tons of fetishes/plays in the novel, although I thought he went overboard with neurons and activations (got lost in all the technical terms). Had a hard time stomaching the chapters that were purely torture (

nail removal, the 300KM-in-72-hours marathon arc


But all in all, I guess I enjoyed it. Novel is ending soon (author says there are 2 more chapters 114 and 115 left). So far, it looks like the author's going for a


ending, although who knows if he'll throw a twist in the last chapters. <<less
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