Julietta’s Dressup


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Julietta, born as an illegitimate child of a nobility, is raised in an opera theatre to hide away from the eyes of the noble’s main wife.

To pay back her debt, she turns into a servant and challenges the high paying job that nobody could withstand.

But her special charm could not be hidden with clothing, as she catches the attention of the crown prince. Unlike other woman who flock to him, she was brutally honest. But why was he so bothered by her?

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Julietta's Dressing Up
쥴리에타의 드레스 업
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Royalkkk rated it
June 17, 2020
Status: Completed
I was expecting worse but it was better than I thought. There is one word that came up to my mind the most when reading this: WHY. It’s like a plot salad. I think the only review that I can give to this story is that it’s so simple but at the same time, so complicated. It’s not a masterpiece, but in the end, I would still recommend this to anyone.

I had my doubts before reading it due to the negative comments about the translation and It was quite a wonder why the reviews for the translation is not good because it was not as bad. There were part of some chapters, amount that can be counted by hands, that had few repetitive paragraphs and quite confusing sentences, but its not that bad. I found that a lot have been complaining about the first few chapters, but it’s probably just due to the setting transitions. I recommend approaching the writing style as when one is watching a movie.
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sharl rated it
February 1, 2020
Status: --
A bit of advice if you're planning to read this on the webnovel website: don't, unless you're used to making sense of MTL.

The translation is all over the place that within a chapter I had to re-read the same page 2-3 times just to figure out who's saying what from the context - there's no clear indication of who's talking. And whilst most of the time you can follow what's going on, you'll get sentences like this:

  • It was a dress worn by an actress who needed everyone's attention, and despite the fact that she gave her the most simple and ordinary clothes, it was very bold.
  • Killian warned Spencer, who had casually watched his servant order the kind of wine to the maid who had been waiting at the door.
  • Francis' eyes cruelly, ordering Christine to be detained at once.
... maybe I'm being too picky.

I read the first 10+ chapters before deciding to jump to chapter 200+ just to see if the translation quality improved.... it didn't (the 3rd sentence above was from chapter 200+), so I dropped this from my reading list.

2 stars instead of 1 only because I felt that the concept had been interesting enough to warrant the additional star.
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Kurobito rated it
December 30, 2019
Status: Completed
I would say this is sort of like a milder version of Lucia (in term of smutiness) (sigh.. Not up to my standard at all.)

About this novel:

The beginning of the first few chapters are confusing. There was no indication as to who, what, where and when were they talking. The flashback was unclear and it's as good as not reading it at all. It feels like I'm dumped in a dumpster scavaging for "food".

The later chapters were only okay to read. It's amazing I finish reading it considering... more>> the start of the story was like watching a painting dry.

The overuse of the word 'arrogant' in describing ML is like those cn novel never stop praising the beauty of the ml.

In addition to all those downside of this novel is webnovel itself eliminating the spirit stones and replacing it with fast pass that only allow people to 'rent' the chapter. I would rather watch more ads collecting spirit stones than this new fast pass.

All in all, this novel is only to be read to find other better novel. <<less
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chande rated it
June 23, 2022
Status: Completed
I wondered why the author's name was quite familiar. It turned out, the author was also the creator of "La Dolce Vita di Adelaide" manga which was also one of my favorite isekai manga.

... more>>

To my delight, Julietta had an intersection with Adele although they came from a different kingdom. At the end of the story, they even became friends after they knew that they came from the same world (in their previous life).


Now back onto this story. I think this story is seriously underrated. Surely it isn't perfect but it's still far from being bad. The plot was actually quite interesting and it got me hooked till the end. But compared to Adelaide manga, this story was considered quite dark and intense.


Julietta grew up in a theater where she could see the cruelty of medieval era man towards commoner woman. She witnessed how her acquaintance got r*ped and how some actresses became a lover of noblemen without any status. Even Killian (ML) was a product of that era where he had many lovers and even had s*x with them before kicking them away when they became too clingy or when they expected something more from him.

It was so admirable for Julietta to be able to accept Killian after witnessing him having s*x with many women (it happened during her time as Killian's maid) with her modern era mindset. Of course everyone had a past and Killian indeed didn't do it with other women after falling in love with Julietta but still, knowing about it was different from witnessing it herself.

Also, the way Julietta took someone else's identity to live happily ever after was a bit disturbing but I didn't entirely blame her for it because one: the duke and his daughter weren't a good person and two: she was manipulated by people around her, including Killian. They kept telling her that she did nothing wrong or that she deserved her status now and completely ignoring her guilty and uncomfortable feeling. She actually just wanted to be a simple businesswoman but now that she was caught in the game of throne, she was forced to be a cruel person who didn't hesitate to kill others for her own interest.


One of the thing that bothering me about this story was the transition between the past and the present event which wasn't quite smooth so sometimes it's a a bit confusing to read, especially the first few chapters of this story. It's a pity though, because those first few chapters were what made the readers determined whether to read this story or not.

Let me arrange the sequence of those first few chapters in orderly manner.

    1. In her previous life, Julietta aka Jenna (her name in her previous life) wished to die because of her boring life and loneliness. She met Manny (some kind of God in a puppy form) and was offered to enter a new world so she could have an exciting life. Julietta, who thought that Manny was only a dream, agreed to his offer without thinking. That's when she was thrown to Austern Kingdom.
    2. Julietta took over Marquis Anais's illegitimate daughter body but she couldn't enjoy her new life much before she was kicked out from her and her mother's house by Marquis Anais's wife.
    3. Julietta and her mother stayed in theater which was her mother's former home but not long after that, her mother died and left her alone there. Because of her breathtaking appearance, Julietta was forced to live in disguise for fear of being r*ped by other men.
    4. Maribel, the owner of theater, wanted to give Julietta as a duke's concubine but Julietta refused it. She made a deal with Maribel and chose to work as a maid so she could pay Maribel back for all those years she lived at the theater.
    5. Julietta began to work as a maid in Killian's mansion where he kept his lovers (of course in disguise). She originally just a cleaning maid but accidentally chosen as Killian's bedroom maid. Her duty was to clean the aftermath of Killian's pleasure time. That's where the story began.

As for the ending, it's actually quite satisfying but I still had some dissatisfactions about certain things.

    • Manny came to Julietta's world as a puppy because of the God's punishment but he didn't do much other than acting cute and haughty. His meritorious deeds could be counted with one hand, those was: when he alerted Julietta of Christine's attack and when he diagnosed Julietta's pregnancy. Other than that, he was pretty much useless.
    • The second queen opposed of Killian falling in love with anyone because she didn't want him to have a weakness. When she knew that Killian really loved Julietta, she was quite angry but then nothing happened. I think she would be another villainess but in the end, she was barely mentioned again. Considering how much of scandals that surrounded Julietta, from poisoning case to her being a fake, it wasn't surprising if the second queen pressured Killian to break his engagement but surprisingly, she didn't say anything. It really didn't suit her personality.
    • We got a potential love story between Julietta's daughter, Charlotte, and one of Killian aide's son, Alexander but their story didn't have any conclusion. Arghh...I'm really curious whether they'll end up together or not. Maybe I'll never know.
    • Why Julietta kept hoping of her father's love even after being hurted by him over and over again? I mean, he wasn't even her real father and he didn't treat her that well either.
    • Why Killian allowed the first queen to take care of Julietta's half-brother (Fjord) after the marquis was exiled? Wasn't he afraid that someday, Fjord was used by the first queen to take revenge on Julietta and him?
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Iuningning rated it
October 16, 2022
Status: c286
The plot was all over the place and it was too convoluting. Sometimes the story gets too ridiculous that I just burst out laughing despite what seemed to be a ‘serious’ predicament of the main characters and their solutions to these predicaments were as equally ridiculous. Nonetheless, I enjoy it. It was a light read. It’s not really as great as the other novels I’ve read as the writing is a bit of a mess. You don’t have to take the story too seriously over its attempt to make pretentiously... more>> over-the-top plot twists. <<less
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mShashu17 rated it
April 28, 2022
Status: Completed
I don't write reviews here but here I'm writing my 1st review because this novel deserves it..

It's so damn underrated and unknown in the community that it's rating will tell you not to try at all but it's worth every second's read...

Despite the name sounding like fashion designing theme or cosplaying, the whole story revolves around political conspiracy and scheming (The title dress-up indicates protagonist's disguising herself as ugly maid to divert attention from her tho she eventually open a dress shop)... In such troupe its common that there will... more>> be 2 factions fighting for Supremacy and one will be shown as good and other as evil but in this story, for most of the part, shows multiple factions in political world moving in different directions and for goals which somehow either directly involves the protagonist or revolves around her... Story also portrayed a strained political play in which every side is trying to gain upper hand from narrow margins (not like those in which the protagonist's side already have upper and and crushes all the enemies at once)...

Character composition is also very diverse that sometimes it confuses me... As I said that there are various factions, so it naturally have more people to work on and author did splendid job to accommodate most of the characters with their introduction to developments and role in the story... Tho she was already a strong willed and independent type of woman

Protagonist's character development was great that she gone from 'ideals' type personality to 'realist' personality to survive in political tug-of-war...

There are various side characters that got good developments and eventually helps in the development of protagonist for either being good or bad... As for ML, he did get most screentime after FL but he looked only a supporting character from broad pov... His personality was sh1t in the start but got good as story progressed and he's a likeable ML...

Starting chpts makes me anticipate smut in the later part of the story because ML was a playboy but unfortunately there was none with FL... 😔

Ratings - 8.5~9/10.. <<less
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suza751 rated it
September 18, 2020
Status: Completed
Like others, the low rating is really surprising as it should likely be in the 3.9-4.1 range in terms of quality if not a little be higher.

The MC is perfectly fine, the series has pretty good progression. There really isn't anything blatantly wrong about the series... while yes some the politics in the endgame of the novel are rather borish and somewhat repetitive. Overall the series was interesting enough for me to read beginning to end w/o dropping it or picking up a side series. I'd recommend it to anyone... more>> who likes romance series.


Just to address some common complaints. Where I read it, it was far from MTL quality but perhaps a bit lower quality than a true proper fan translation. I would go as far to say that I never really complained about translation issues while reading.

Moving on... some mentioned hiding things from the MC to get her to marry the prince. MC wants a man to be her only without any concubines, other queens, etc. By this point in the novel while she has a rather positive view of the ML, she does see him as a womanizer. In addition, the MC's goals at the time are pretty much self centered in nature and only concern her advancement. She wants to get into business, not be an empress. The supporting characters and the ML already know that isn't going to work out as she thinks. There's people plotting against her, blah, blah, blah and the ML is quit infatuated with her by this point. He want to settle things in a way that pushed her to want to be his empress rather than forcing her.

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OtomeAddict rated it
March 4, 2020
Status: Completed
I read this from a random mtl site. It was hard to understand but it was readable.

I can say that I do like the prince (ML). I don't love him but I don't particularly dislike him. He's the cunning and high-handed type.

The MC/FL is portrayed as being a smart girl but she's really not the "Aha I saw this coming from a mile away" MC like Adelaide (CH's other story's heroine) She's actually quite naive which is why she gets caught in traps or dangerous situations. She's not an idiot... more>> that unknowingly skips merrily into traps without a plan though. That's good?

I found it a little off putting how many villains the novel had. Each of them were similarly awful and persistent. FL's half sister AND cousin are complete a—wipe villainesses. Similar in type too.

The beginning part was fun and I liked it despite the poor translation quality. I liked it up until she became a fake for her cousin and ML and co were threatening her evil uncle behind her back but then the kidnapping section came in and I reallyyy wanted to nope outta there.

I hate the ending (What happens with her dad)

The ending with her father left a bitter taste in my mouth. I understand why the author chose to have him try and defend Christine out of his guilt for being cold to her in her childhood leading to her becoming crazy but... FL said exactly what we all thought: His actions put FL in a much worse position in her childhood and the crazy loonie girl tried to kill her several times. He was never abusive to Christine, he let her have what she wanted and she had a mother who to some extent cared for her. It was mentioned that he made a conscious effort NOT to come off looking like he hated her. She turned crazy mostly on her own. Even if he felt his actions contributed to Christine's inferiority complex he shouldn't have kept begging for FL to save her. It's so unfair to the FL. In the end his being cold doesn't justify Christine hurting FL and TONS of other girls. Christine is given plenty of chances and she keeps on acting horribly no matter how much the Marquis pleaded her not to. She never learns that she was wrong, stays hateful and she gets to live the rest of her life unable to move and being cared for by her father. It's apparent he realizes this to but he just sticks with his decision that he has wronged Christine so much that it's unforgivable and that FL doesn't need him because she is loved by others so she should forgive Christine. It's heartbreaking because FL clearly loves her father a lot even after this blatant betrayal. FL was able to get so much love because she overcome the hardship with kindness and love, and generosity towards others instead of coping with hate and anger like Christine. FL loved her father so much she was willing to let Christine off with only exile for attempted mu*der. It just kind of s**ked that he never returned the selfless love she had for him.

If they just left it at FL rejecting his hug at Christine's deportation and telling him that he is free to come back one day when he no longer has to take care of Christine then I might be fine. But danggg it really kind of burned when it was mentioned she kept visiting every year and even tried to reach out to him when she had her first child only to be rejected.

It may be kind of childish but this ruined the ending for me. It wasn't fair to reason that all Christine was was due to daddy issues. I do realize that he couldn't have been a good father either if he didn't own up to it at all but it just felt blegh...

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3694 rated it
September 8, 2023
Status: --

The.1 is a thing that I think really simple but very important.

The thing I do not like about this is that readers knew what was happening while the characters are there in the process of their pov. They didn't know what was happening. And I, someone who knows what was happening felt frustrated that I can only watch them fck it up. It becomes increasingly frustrating that as a reader I knew everything as I watch the characters makes their decisions and sht. It gives the barrier that im just... more>> a reader and I cant do anything except watch it blow up to their faces.

It keeps me to my toe but dmn I just wanna drop ths.

I've read so many books and stories but this type of story telling always keeps me dissatisfied. I want to know but I want it at the same time as the main characters and not as an outsider. I do not want to know every step.

I'm talking general here and not just this series. I want to be engaged and dive into the world of the stories that im reading.

Maybe im biased cuz I dont want to read something that makes me anxious but the villainess lives again keeps me anxious but not as frustrated as this. The difference is that even there's multiple povs they dont let the readers know what will happen. And there's even some planning that readers didn't know about but it was certainly written or foreshadowed.

This is really a good read. Its surprisingly good with the plot like that, a maid to queen? That's a huge difference.

I could put 5 stars but because of that simple detail I can only give it as 4.9 <<less
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Lazyhazy rated it
February 20, 2021
Status: Completed
I enjoyed this novel without getting bored. MC is strong and independent and ML is likable to me. And plot is also interesting.👍
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SnailBi rated it
March 21, 2020
Status: c176
It was nice at first then it turn kinda sour.

Their just this strange irking feeling in the back of my head. When I continue to read this. The people want to protect Julietta feels very off-putting. I can understand that they like her, but it also feel like they are trying to manipulate her thoughts??? Just them being like ”we should protect Julietta, she need to marry the prince and become queen, without her knowledge of our plan.” maybe I'm just irked on the idea on how obvious she is.

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djan29 rated it
February 25, 2020
Status: Completed
I like the story, but you'll have to guess which one is talking because of the translation but all in all I really love the strong Female Lead courageous and smart
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