Queen of the Scalpel


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She was a terrible Queen in her first life and was executed along with her family. In her second life she was a orphan but became a genius surgeon to atone for her past sin as Queen. However she died in a plane crash without fulfilling her wish. When she opened her eyes she had travel back in time when she was a noble.This time she will give it her all to avoid the prince and help people. She won’t be Queen or cause her family any trouble by being a surgeon. However the king is determined to make her his daughter in law.

Associated Names
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Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady with the Lamp
Nữ Vương Đích Thủ Thuật Đao
외과의사 엘리제
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shoujoenima rated it
November 26, 2018
Status: --
I have read the webnovel for this and it's a really interesting book! Right now the MC is on her third lifetime, she learned her lesson hard when she was executed during her first lifetime since she was an abusive queen. During her 2nd lifetime, she was an orphan, she vowed to make up for her past mistakes during her 1st lifetime thus she became a great doctor. Sadly, she died again and went back her first lifetime, before her marriage to the prince. She was infamous to be evil... more>> and her changes peaked the prince's interest in her.

I look forward to more of the story, I'm so glad someone picked this up! Kudos to the translator!! <<less
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raveindaeyo rated it
December 28, 2018
Status: v1c8
I love this!! I always re-read from chapter 5 when I've already finished reading the current chapter. I can't wait till the war and till the prince who looks at her indifferently fall in love with her after she breaks their engagement. 😍
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ValSkye rated it
April 2, 2019
Status: c15
I came across the webtoon for this novel and went to search for the novel immediately. Enough to say that I was not disappointed since the novel is greT as well! I love how this novel is focused on modern medicine and surgeries and the author made it realistic as compared to other asian medical novel I read here. After her reincarnation for the third time, she became level-headed, matured and a genius (since she possessed medical knowledge from her past life) Not only that, since this is her 3rd... more>> reincarnation, she could plan things smoothly based on the knowledge from her first life. I enjoyed reading this novel so far and I am certainly looking forward for more translated chapters. Trust me, this novel is a gem! <<less
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X2XO rated it
September 23, 2019
Status: c100
It starts off strong with a lot of potential. But goes no where. Shortly after the beginning, Elise became a boring, one dimensional character. ML is even more boring than her. He fell in love with her easily for no reason, just because!

Story is OK, but it's more on the bad side though. I wanted more focus on her family. Author could've spiced things up by making some characters regain their memories of that lost time midway through the story.

... more>>

Also Elise should've ended with her friend Mill. He was her only ally other than her family in better or worse. And he's one of the few interesting characters in this novel, what a shame.


In conclusion, knowing all of that, would I regret not reading it? Yes. It was still enjoyable. <<less
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blazikens rated it
May 31, 2019
Status: v1c17
Edit: Feelings I currently have on the story

... more>>

Personally, the more I think about this story, the more I get disappointed by it.

Maybe it's because I read the webtoon, where someone in the spoiler sections says she acts more girlish / younger than her mental age would suggest while in the novel she's more mature, but I feel like there was a lot of lost potential in Elise.

In her first life, as I mentioned in my review, she was extremely 'evil' to the point that it was unreal. Especially considering that.... there's sort of no justification for it? The rest of her family is the typical upright and honest family full of talents who are 100% loyal to the royal family, blah blah blah. And there's the old Elise.... who rather than just being a spoiled and arrogant noble miss, she's extremely selfish and willing to do anything to bring others down... it's like, where did this extreme personality come from??? Maybe it's explained later in the story but as of now, it just makes her seem like a trope rather than an actual character.

And then in her second life, Elise does a turnaround and becomes Saint Elise, where she becomes extremely kind and honest and everything good - basically an angel. Which wouldn't be so bad, if it she weren't constantly praised and uplifted as if she were some goddess in her third life - to the point that she just becomes unreal.

The point I'm trying to make is that personally, I felt it would've been so much more interesting if either a) Elise still retained some of her 'evil' / arrogant personality, which would make her seem more alive and not just a boring saint or b) Elise does become a boring saint, selfless to the extreme, to the point she has trouble doing things for herself and not for others since she was so burned by her sins in her first life, but instead of the story depicting it as something good, it shows that becoming an Angel TM isn't the answer either.

Basically, I feel the story and thus Elise's character would've been so much better and more complex if:

  • She had an actual reason for her extreme 'evil' personality in the first life. (Disclaimer: She might actually have a reason / explanation, but as of now, the webtoon hasn't shown us why she was like that.)
  • If the story actually showed that Elise being so extreme in her need to repay her first life's sins isn't actually healthy or realistic - no one is saying she shouldn't have reformed herself, but to the point of becoming someone who feels like she can't be the tiniest bit selfish? Idk it would've been so interesting if the story showed her struggling to care about herself / do things for herself rather than other people all the time.
  • ALSO: Show her actually struggle adapting in the medical field in her third life - it was so boring how easy everything went for her. Like, I love the MC with her godly skills awing and surprising those around her who only doubt her / want her to fail just like everyone else, but there's a point where that gets stale and I'm starving for some conflict, to watch the MC actually have to fight for their goal rather than get it handed to them by the plot.

Anyway, idk if I'm getting my thoughts across, the story is okay as it is right now, but the more I think about Elise's character in her third life, the more I get annoyed w/ her Saint personality and the more I feel her character just feels empty and boring.



I'm currently reading the webtoon tbh, but since I'm almost certain the novel tells pretty much the same story (since the webtoon is based on it), I figure I can review both here.

Now that that's out of the way...

Imo, this story (and here I'm just talking about the plot) is one of the better ones out there when it comes to this trope of being reborn in a Western-styled medieval / ancient setting. I thought the idea of going back to her original life was unique and that the execution wasn't that bad, especially since the pacing is good. The plot doesn't drag and I found the 'romance' btwn the prince and Elise is okay, still quite clich

but whatever.

However, if we're talking about the novel itself, I have to say the writing is really... lackluster.

There is barely any descriptions nor any emotion behind the writing, so the story in the novel feels hollow. It works much better in the webtoon, where we can clearly see the story come to life and we can see the emotions in the characters - making it much easier to be immersed in the story and to connect to the characters.

Despite this, tho, I still feel the story (whether the novel or webtoon) is still lacking in some areas.

To be honest, the heroine sometimes annoyed me as I was reading the webtoon. Yes, I found her really cute and honest, but I also felt like she was taking the whole "repaying for my previous life's sins" way too far. It's like in her first life she was the typical cartoonish noble villainess while in her second she basically became an unrealistic saint.

There's no middle ground between both extremes and it just leaves Elise to come off as this very hollow character. Like....I just felt she was way too perfect, like she wasn't allowed to even make 1 mistake or be selfish at least once because she was so awful in her first life. And it just made me disconnect w/ her character and even annoyed because she just felt like this martyr type of character who needs to go save everyone even at the expense of herself. Also her medical skills were a bit... too much at times, to the point where she barely struggled tbh even if she did 'study', and she was overpraised as a fantastic genius waaaay too much.

It was also annoying that EVERY

guy that was young would blush and basically fall in love w/ her. Tbh,

everyone fell in love w/ her since she was sooo kind and hardworking and perfect all around, just like an angel - which is just SO boring.

This story would've been so much more interesting if she had retained some of her original personality instead of just becoming Saint Elise tbh.... it's also kind of unrealistic that she changed so abruptly.

All in all, despite my gripes w/ the main character, the story is still enjoyable but waaaay better in the webtoon. It's the type of story I would read when I have nothing else to read or when I'm bored, something for relaxing since the main character can pretty much solve all her problems w/ her godly medical skills. And when I can get over my annoyance at her saintly behavior lol. <<less
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elish rated it
April 7, 2019
Status: --
I'm currently reading the webtoon too, it was enjoyable, MC is smart, reasonable though a bit reckless but still likeable, the romance is decisive so I really love it, looking forward to the continuation!
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Junjaykimchi rated it
April 10, 2020
Status: --
I read the webtoon, it should be similar to the novel?

I did really enjoy the front part. Elise's passion was endearing, her conflict with Linden (I'll just go with the Prince since she only ever calls him your highness) was interesting and her achievements were exciting to read. But for me, the chemistry between the leads is just so lacking. After all their drama with Elise's past haunting her etc. they finally get together and they're just two... smiling blushing lovebirds. I've seen it work before but it doesn't really... more>> work for me here. The prince develops, which is good, but it feels slightly hollow. After the Prince started liking her and becoming more caring his personality just becomes one-dimensional. It basically dissolved into..."I like Elise and that's my only purpose of being in any frame".

Oh, and while running away from soldiers from an enemy country out to KILL THEM the prince actually brings condiments to salt food. Hey he might as well have packed an 8-course meal while he was at it.

It's like he turned into wish-fulfillment.

Also, there are some things the writer writes that just draw me away from the story. Firstly, the fact that the writer has never explicitly said (in the webtoon at least) what Elise did in her first life. Every time it's brought up Elise just goes "I was so awful" but we're never told what that means. It feels almost like the writer is trying to preserve Elise's good image from her third life, when actually learning about what she did could help flesh out her character more.


Secondly, the blood tower tragedy was built up to be so dramatic, how it shaped all the characters' lives. But then Queen Rebecca actually gets sent to the blood tower with her daughter because there was "irrefutable evidence" for the fact that she "made insulting remarks". It's not a very big problem but... it really highlights the lack of realism in this story. Even if the King was unable to cover the matter up, making insulting remarks is hardly a crime severe enough to warrant being confined to what was basically prison. The author could've replaced making insulting remarks with anything. Treason, adultery, you name it. Because this writing choice made me completely unable to take a main event that drives character motivations for both Linden and Micheal seriously.


I really enjoyed the start and middle, would recommend reading it. But don't expect any development from the MC, she's still the... saintly, passionate and skilled person she started out as. <<less
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Gigz rated it
August 15, 2019
Status: v1c2
It’s an interesting premise. I like the feels involved. However, certain approaches feel forced and unrealistic, albeit seemingly explained/fixed later on, and there are certain grammar errors and translation issues with this novel.


Ex. “Ah. It Time.” “Father, It me”


Punctuation is a bit off and it almost feels like baby talk. But it’s still relatively easy to understand and the errors can be ignored with enough speed to your reading.
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Angry rated it
June 21, 2019
Status: v1c17
I really do like this serie, but I've not read enough to make an evaluation. The opening is pretty cool to say the least! (4/5 for the debut).

The translation makes the reading easy, but like the same as "May I ask one final thing?": We have no news from the translator (s) and there is no new chapter. Hope that everything is fine ^^'
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