Is It Bad That the Main Character’s a Roleplayer?


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I’m a roleplayer. A gamer who creates characters according to their classes and happily acts as them.

“Don’t… Touch me……”

“Talk more and see if you can handle my wrath……”

My current character was a Demon Knight who kept a Demon sealed in his right arm! One day while I was just acting as my character and enjoying the game as usual……

“Log out.”

[This command cannot be carried out.]

“……? Log out.”

[This command cannot be carried out.]


And as if not being able to log out wasn’t enough…

“You disgusting Demon! So you finally took over Sir Demon Knight’s body!”

“My eyes cannot be deceived! Sir Demon Knight isn’t that kind!”

Because of my damn companions I couldn’t even stop role playing!

Can this role playing gamer faithful to their setting ever return to reality?

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Is it Difficult if the Main Character is a Concept Bug
주인공이 컨셉충이면 곤란한가요
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New Kiovo rated it
February 13, 2024
Status: c72
Main character is undoubtedly busted, but the fights are entertaining and tense regardless. Him being forced to roleplay makes for interesting scenes and is one of the main sources of conflict that stops this from being another 'Oh I'm in a gameworld, well time to become op!' type of novels.

The main character's backstory being drip fed to you throughout the story is also greatly appreciated as it explains why he's able to do these things and why he even does them in the first place.
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cowboy man
cowboy man rated it
September 1, 2023
Status: c15
This novel is a welcome change. Feels fresh, and quite enjoyable to read. The pace feels balanced and its only been 15 chapters but I'm sure that the role-player setting will payoff in future chapters. Give it a try

(i will edit the review if anything unexpected happends in future for now it gets a 3.8 from me)
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AMissingLinguist rated it
September 8, 2023
Status: c4
The main character spends a lot of time praising the developers of the remake. This drags down the novel a lot.

Dialogue is interrupted by a lot of inner thoughts, which ruin reader's immersion.

There is no way I am going to read over 400 chapters filled with a main character praising developers.
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BigBadBoi rated it
December 10, 2023
Status: c53
Ignore the 2 star rating rating the story at f*ckING CHAPTER 4. The story is still getting started at that point and the plot doesn't pick up until at least chapter 10 and he realizes he actually got isekaid in chapter 26.

This novel is extremely underrated. It brought us something new from the isekai genre and I'm enjoying it very much.

If you're looking for a quick summary then I'll explain it. The MC is a roleplayer and has been roleplaying as an edgy chuuni since he was a kid back... more>> when the game was still a MMORPG. He LARPed so hard he went to theater to hone said craft. When the VR remake dropped the MC bought all the DLCs on release and went on a literal three day binge on his vr pod. MC proceeded to LARP as a chuuni edgelord tsundere and joined the Hero's party later on. MC then realizes he might not be in a game when the timer for his vrpod emergency log out passed and he still hasn't logged out. Cringe flowed through the MCs body and decided to break character but the Hero misunderstood and suspected he got took over by the demon.

The characters


MC - He is just a kind guy and really gentle with kids but is forced to LARP as a shortfused, chuuni edgelord tsundere. Dude is a gigachad whenever he fights. He basically fights tooth and nail until the last drop of his blood is spilled. His skills are kinda similar to Dante's moves from Devil May Vry using the rebellion/sparda/dante sword with stinger and slash being the most notable skills

Inquisitor (Hero) - young girl with an inflexible moral code due to being raised as a priest. Has a crush with the MC because she respects his abilities, willpower and resolve and slowly learning to be more flexible due to the MC's influence.

Archmage - old grandpa with a lion as a head. Is the brains and the mediator of the party. A reliable mentor.

Deathbringer/Deb (Thief) - I suspect that they're a girl disguising as a dude. Has cat ears and quarrels with the hero a lot.


Fight scenes are really well written and really tense. If it gets a manwha adaptation I suspect they're gonna butcher the fight scenes like the manwha of I Killed the Academy Player because manwhas focus more on flashy attacks rather than actual good fight scenes.

Edit:seems like I accidentally cl**ked 3 stars when I made this review. Whoops. <<less
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SmolTrashyArtChild rated it
January 7, 2024
Status: c238
I have finished part 1 of this novel, and am going to take a break for the translations to catch up before continuing.

I reached up to c62 of the translations before I switched to mtl, and couldn't stop binging because this novel succeeded in pulling me in for more.

I truly recommend checking it out, the story is very well written, and the scope and weight of the world expands as you continue on and discover things alongside the MC. A warning though, it can be an emotionally heavy novel to... more>> binge the further it goes. It is not a light-hearted novel.


Nearing and at the end of part one, I had to double check the tags of this novel to see if it was a tragedy, and I was genuinely shocked to see the comedy tag. The comedy was definitely visible at the beginning, but I think it ended up slowly dissipating as the story went on (not in a negative way, in a way that raises the stakes and adds to the weight of the novel)


The role-playing of the MC was enjoyable, I had a lot of fun reading about the misunderstandings involving his character role-playing. That aspect is probably one of my favorite parts of the novel, and one of the stand out areas that makes it different from others. All the characters are well-written and enjoyable once you get to know them, even if you initially dislike them.

The mtl was tolerable, but I stopped at the end of part one because some scenes were hard to understand and I need to understand the full scope before I continue.

I would actually give this novel a 4 - 4.5 star rating, but I decided to give it a 5 because it managed to pull me in and the mtl probably affected my enjoyment. I might revise my review depending on how the future translations and plot goes.


I was actually disappointed with the direction the novel took at the end of part 1, but it is entirely personal preference and not on the plot.

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God_Unknown rated it
November 15, 2023
Status: v1c39
I have just one thing to say, this novel is a hidden gem, it's simply great, a real breath of fresh air after reading so many medium and low level novels. It's definitely worth reading, even though I've only read the 39 chapters available, I'm sure the quality won't go downhill.

I'll explain why this novel is a hidden gem. Firstly, the translation is great and of good quality, so you don't have to worry about being corrupted by mtl, . Secondly, it breaks with clichés and uses them in a... more>> completely original and interesting way. Thirdly, great world-building and an engaging plot. Fourthly, charismatic and interesting characters.

The synopsis might make you shy away because it sounds like the protagonist is some kind of edgelord, but quite the opposite, his actions have a motivation behind them and her acting is outstanding. The fights are great and engaging, the progression follows a perfect rhythm and, above all, the characters' interactions with each other and with the environment are wonderful.

If I were to rate the potential of this novel, it would definitely be A+ (4.6/5 with the potential for 4.8).

Of course, that's just the potential. When the novel accumulates a few hundred chapters, I will redo this assessment in a more complete and concise way. <<less
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MarketResearchReading114 rated it
December 26, 2023
Status: c60
The story is fun, the concept just shines as the author plays it like an instrument. I love this story.

Its been a blast to see the progression, the progression is absolutely the wish fulfillment of getting to see the premise go the mile.
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