Infinite Apostle and the Twelve War Maidens


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He was recognized as the strongest existence, standing at the top of the world. Wealth? Reputation? Power? They were all not worth mentioning in his eyes. The strongest apostle fled, appearing on the humans’ continent.

But the reason was, “Don’t misunderstand! I’m here to find my future wife!” That’s right, this is a story about the history’s strongest apostle finding a wife.

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Infinite Apostle and the Twelve Battle Maidens
Wuxian Shitu Yu Shier Zhan Ji
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TMSoares rated it
June 7, 2021
Status: c1
Couldn't get past the first chapter because of how cringey and insufferable the MC is. The story starts with the author saying how he used to be one of the 12 Apostles, who are the strongest beings in the world, but he runs away leaving a note behind stating "he is tired of being an apostle, and will find a young wife". As if this wasn't big enough of a red flag I continued reading, and a few lines following that, the MC is fantasizing about rubbing the boobs of... more>> a random female character which was just introduced. If you are like me and can't handle this type of MC I strongly recommend not even starting to read this novel. <<less
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Shiroitora rated it
July 16, 2021
Status: c227
Currently on Chapter 227. I'd update this as I read more but I don't think much is going to change....

Unfortunately for this novel, the author seems to always kill the mood with the MC's naivety. I will respect that there is an actual reason for this, as this strongest Apostle hasn't had much human contact despite living for tens of thousands of years. But this naive and dense mentality ruins the whole story, at least for me.

The MC is the strongest being in the known universe. Idk if there are... more>> higher realms or anything. But as of right now, so long as the MC releases his seals he can destroy anything and anyone. So having to find solutions that aren't just "plow through everything with a fist" catches my attention. It's just the execution isn't quite there. The MC has 0 ambition to kingdom build, rule the underworld gangs, go on adventures, or to even build a harem despite being a lustful perv. Even if he were to go around collecting girls by helping with their problems or something I wouldn't have a problem with it. It's just that he doesn't even want to do any of that. He gets dragged around by circumstances. There's a difference between being proactive and reactive and this MC is 100% reactive. Except the time he went to look for his first love / female lead, whom he thought was possibly in familial trouble. But even then he used a friggin carriage (instead of getting there faster using his powers) bc he had to bring his friend (future harem member) along bc she's hard headed. Which is fine butttt..... he gets motion sickness on carriages (and he knew this beforehand) So he had to slow his trip down since he needs to stop to throw up every few min. Wtf?? Btw, there is no reason not to unlock a seal or two powers and get there faster.

The problem is probably just my expectations. Maybe I'm thinking that since it's a CN, I'd readv about an MC who is not 'disgusted' by killing, tolerant of a sip of alcohol, doesn't get motion sickness on a carriage, and has some sort of ambition to do something. Anything.

All of those things are just some of the many annoying character "flaws". It's just hard to read sometimes. Especially when there are so many 'misunderstandings' between him and the other characters. He does/ something bc of XYZ, but the character interacting will also agree or go along for another reason they convinced themselves the MC is trying to do ABC. This happens A LOT. It's funny and ok if it's just during the slice of life comedic moments. But these "misunderstandings" tend to drive the plot at times and it's frustrating bc why a character does something is just as important as doing it. Especially if they're aware of any secrets or plotting behind the scenes.

The lack of killing enemies is really annoying too. After making some nobles son and his uncle f*ck each other with an aphr*disiac (they tried to r*pe the FL with it) he let's them go, just because he promised his future harem member friend he won't kill them. As a result of this, through looking at future chapters (+300 or more chapters later) titles, this noble kid uncle duo come back and create trouble once again. Don't get me wrong, the MC indeed does kill when he needs to, but not very rare. He should just get rid of roots before they come back and almost cuck him again. Please don't think this forced incestuous r*pe scene is a show of how "badass" the MC is. He has his few moments, but 99% he's just there like a doll getting pushed around by his women whom he hasn't even "accepted" yet.

I do like that he actually tries to be faithful to his FL despite her allowing him to have other women. Theres a decent reason for that actually... and it seems that every woman he will add to his future harem will have a life and death experience with him. Or at least something major happen to catalyze his 'acceptance'. The MC considers the FL's feelings and doesn't actively try to hook up with anyone.... even with the FL herself. There's a bullsh*t but "story valid" reason why he can't even kiss her....


She's a half succubus and would suck the life away from a human even by kissing bc humans are too weak.... except... the MC isn't human. It is confirmed with narration of his internal monolog this wouldn't be an issue at all for him, and he knows this. So instead of figuring a way to to tell her his "I'm an apostle" secret, he just hides it. And when he finally does, she thinks he's messing with her, bc that's how this author writes. All he has to do is and prove it and they can live happily ever after. There are 0 obstacles in their way right now


So the MC is STILL a virgin and has kissed her only twice... despite having a girlfriend who's mother already gave her blessing for marriage. Despite they have been sleeping and the same bed for months. And despite everybody knowing their relationship; they don't have to hide it or anything.

In all honesty, this "Chinese novel" is just another Japanese dense naive MC type of novel. Except at some point there's polygamy. At this rate I wouldn't be surprised if happened in the very last few chapters where he finally "accepts" these girls that have literally openly declared won't marry anyone but him. It's not just dense with girls though, he's dense with everything else too so it makes in even more unbearable.

I still think the novel is overall enjoyable despite all these issues. It has a pretty solid story. I wouldn't claim it to be the best, but definitely not the worst. My issue with CN's is they tend to leave all their friends and family behind in search of power (ironically to protect those same friends and fam) and characters you liked are forgotten by the author. Sometimes characters will just devolve into the background with minimal dialog. That won't happen in this novel as there is a lot of interaction between everyone. It's a decent mix of the JP and CN novels. If only the MC was a more intelligent, ambitious, and proactive it would be a 5 star novel for me. I will continue reading bc like I said, it's still enjoyable. <<less
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freemen muaddib
freemen muaddib rated it
April 28, 2022
Status: c340
👤✎ ℙ𝕣𝕠𝕗𝕖𝕤𝕤𝕚𝕠𝕟𝕒𝕝 ℝ𝕖𝕧𝕚𝕖𝕨𝕖𝕣 ✮✮✮✮✮

Awesome. One of the best harem novel around. The reasons:

1) The girls are not just empty dolls, but truly persons, with their own life, thoughts and aims in life. Interacting with them is not just the usual act of protecting them, but they push the story ahead. If anything, is the MC that follows and react to their decisions. Each girl is a memorable character and a protagonist as well.

2) the writing is succint and to the point. Not wasted pages on senseless elaborations like in many... more>> chinese novels.

3) the story is a perfect mix between tension and comedy. The author is great at both being hilarious and dramatic. The great tension in some scenes is always followed by scenes where the tension is released using comedy.

4) The MC is the very definition of overpowered (he is the most powerful being in the universe), yet because he can't reveal his power and he is not able to cultivate human elemental magic he's always put in crisis and tortured by his beautiful master, who think he is good for nothing. Yet he struggles to train, cultivating anyway (using the energy absorbed from his master, and in a way that will make you ROTFL all the times) to win fights and competitions with just human elemental magic. Both an hilarious and a clever narrative device, giving him a satisfying growing arc even if he does not need it. Genius.

5) When things get very serious and he is forced to use his real power he is an absolute badass. The writing at such point is absolutely stellar, never predictable and definitely hexilarating. Those scenes are just catartic!

6) The plot is very articulated, and the many personal stories of his girls happens simultaneously and they move like dozen of conspiracies in the background. Very different from the s*upid linear narratives that is usually weaved in this genre. You really can feel a multiplicity of characters with different agendas moving in the world around him, and there are no simple actions: every choice has effects on multiple plotlines at the same time. This require a great deal of preparation and setup before even starting writing.

7) While the MC can feel too dense at times, he is really not. He understands more that he lets transpire. But you need to go over 300 chapters to really understand him. He is really a great MC.

Unfortunately the translations stopped one year ago, and you have to read the awful MTL if you want to go over the first 200 chapters. I really hope that somebody will start translating this again, because it is a true gem. <<less
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606adit rated it
December 5, 2021
Status: c200
Plot is good, story still enjoyable even after some turn off, the thing is I think bcs the MC know he is the strongest and want low profile so he just follow the flow and not act rushing, and I dont like charlotte a.k.a Master bcs hard headed and mainly the source of weird things that happened in this novel, she's like college teacher irl, make MC not learn anything lol, she said MC is s*upid but MC said she is s*upid too " it's even equal, because only s*upid... more>> masters that can have s*upid students " lol.

Conclusion is If you can handle some weird dense/shameless thing its still enjoyable <<less
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Kuro Alicia
Kuro Alicia rated it
November 13, 2020
Status: c1374
Chapter 159

The story is good but I just want you to know 1 thing before you read this:

The Harem girls is very very very annoying, even after the previous chapter they're lovely then the next chapter you would want to scream by how annoying this girls can be

... more>> The character is not stable at all that you thought each of these girls have 2 personality

They very much can getting pissed of at MC the second he don't look at them (even if he look at another Harem member), then he got kicked, insulted, etc etc

I love this overpower with Harem genre but come on...

I have to calm myself every time MC got insulted by each of Harem member even if he's the strongest being on that universe

Sorry im throwing tantrum but the first 26 chapter is the best so you can read it and laugh happily, then the next chapter onward you would know what im writing on this review is truth

Update Chapter 1374

Wow this WN quite good, if I have to sum up all of this story is:

MC is mocked by everyone because he's too average looking without people realizing his power (because he sealed it) ➡️ MC solve the problem with power or brain ➡️ everyone dumbfounded ➡️ everyone praised or feared the MC ➡️ MC get the most beautiful woman

It's a cycle of this entire story but I just feel refreshed when MC beat villain after so many tactic or power the villain waste and they got nothing in the end

It's a little bit spoiler


I almost think MC would lose by the Void creature because they can absorb MC power even at the 6th seal is unlock

(MC have 10 seal)

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