Imouto sae Ireba Ii.


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Surrounded by many different kinds of companions, our protagonist: Hopeless siscon Hashima Itsuki.

1st class genius and lover, the high end unfortunate-beauty Kani Nayuta.

Troubled about love, troubled about friendships, troubled even in her dreams, victor of the 3 crowns Shirakawa Miyako.

Brutal tax sabre, Ōno Ashley.

Natural born illustrator, Puriketsu.

Each and every one as hesitant as the next, and each and every one dealing with their own headaches. This is a busy story of a group of bewildering characters that play games together, take trips together, and work together, never a single dull day.

Watching over them is the kind and thoughtful, completely perfect, superhuman little brother of Itsuki; Chihiro, with a huge secret of his own―.

From the author that brought you ‘Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai’ (‘Haganai’), Hirasaka Yomi has drawn the curtains for the latest youth love-comedy series!

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A Sister's All You Need
여동생만 있으면 돼
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4 Reviews

Kaneki Tale
Kaneki Tale
Jun 04, 2020
Status: V 9
If you have come here after watching the anime, then I'll tell you that the first 4 volumes which covered the main content in anime have some extra content that helps in establishing the characters and scenarios better. The story is a bit jumbled in the anime compared to the light novel but not many changes in what is shown in the anime.

And for the 5th and 6th volumes. To tell In simple words, it was fantastic.

The relationships between the characters developed a lot and got pretty exciting throughout the... more>> 2 volumes. With new characters coming in the 6th volume and some great foreshadowing present, I expect the upcoming volumes to get better and better.

EDIT: after completing up to Volume 9.

In simple terms, I can say that the story gets better with each volume (my hats off to the author).

The character development for sekigahara felt a bit short for me but left a profound impact on how you view a few characters now. With a bit, more focus being shown on all the other characters was done very well.

All I complain about is that the volumes are too short!! Hoping for quicker
translations so that I don't spoil myself anymore. <<less
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Dec 26, 2021
Status: v10
A very very average episodic light novel featuring a small group of friends affiliated with LN publishing industry.

A cliche setting that has nothing new to it, but is still good and a group of interesting somewhat quirky characters are the highlight of this story.

Not the worst choice if you're a fan of slice-of-life genre and have absolutely nothing better to read.

Volumes are short but despite this about ~1/3 or 1/4 of every volume are fillers. (Descriptions of food, the same bittersweet fruity beer from different brands and worthless delusional tabletop... more>> RPG adventures)

The plot is shallow and isn't going particularly anywhere.

v3 can introduce illustrations, v4 manga development, v5 will talk a little about the work of editors v6 will go for anime adoptation etc.

But as all all volumes are pretty short you shouldn't expect to see anything particularly deep or even new.

And after getting done with such episodes of the story you wouldn't see them for a long time if they aren't fillers.

For example v6 was describing how protagonist is involved with anime adoptation of his work, but you wouldn't see anything else other than occasional mentions about it in the next 2-3 volumes.

The character development is almost nonexistent here. Most of the characters have already a fully established persona and don't really change all that much even after overcoming some difficulties.

As this is an episodic LN you should expect to see some things that looks interesting to you and some that you don't really like. After every episode there will be a time skip. Sometimes a week and at times 2-3 months.

After knowing the overall setting and getting acquainted with most characters and their quirks this novel can be somewhat boring but there will still be some emotional moments later (most of them are foreshadowed earlier though). <<less
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Jul 23, 2023
Status: Completed
it's a good novel, although in some parts a little boring I really like the ending in vol 14, and I also really like the story of Itsuki and Kanikou in volume 12, I think the best volume is in vol 12 where the story focuses again on Itsuki and Kanikou, if you feel bored in volume 7 and above, I suggest reading it anyway because it gets interesting after the boring part
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Mar 19, 2023
Status: Completed
Hey... Do you want to be the protagonist?
Story ★★★★ - The story of a man looking to become the protagonist of his own story, and of course his friends and how that influences each of them, from the manic MC for Imouto (Little Sister), to the most serious and relaxed writer friend, each character is very believable and nice to follow, his personal fears, his fears as professionals, even his doubts about "what to do?" when they leave school, the novel takes most of these characters (because some are simply script tools, aka serve to move the story and don't need a giant back story, just one that makes sense) and gives direction to these characters in an organic way I would say, but you wonder why this in question is not a 10/10 for you? Well... The problem is in the characters.
Character ★★★★ - For me, the main core characters that is, the people who frequent Itsuki's apartment deserved both types of development (professional and personal), which does not happen, in the case in question being Haruto, and I was very annoyed by that, in addition to of other details which I simply thought unnecessary is given by the author in the last two volumes (13 & 14), going into more detail of some characters.


Her non-stop talking about s*x is irrelevant to me because it was used as a "comedy", but the moment the author mentioned the bullying she suffered, I sincerely wanted to know this in depth, you can only imagine why she is half Russian and having white hair and blue eyes isolated her, and the reason she turned into this crazy stalker was because of Itsuki's bizarre first novel.



My problem with Haruto was that the author didn't develop or pay attention to his personal development, the professional was fantastic, but the other side was weak, and precisely because of Miyako, I was sincerely rooting for him to stay with her. Chihiro :c, but the guy was in this amorous delirium for years, while poor Chihiro gave him a heavy investigation, and as in the case of other works, Haruto was the standard BETA protagonist Jp, I was sad in that regard because I liked the character so much and as he made an effort for his work to work out, then he gets to the last volume and the author takes that sister of Haruto out of his pocket, I was disappointed with the author.
PS: Not that his sister was as incisive as Chihiro, but when he talked to the family about living together with Miyako, the sister that until now the author didn't even care to develop in some way and being herself a tsundere, decides to confess to her brother and say that if he LEAVES the house she will kill himself, which was BIZARRE that it came from beyond the LAST volume.



Myaa in question is do you love her or hate her, and in the final volumes I started to not like her, because she put poor Haruto in the corner and simply "blushed" when he made a frontal attack on her, at certain times I I thought she would become a lesbian or simply Nayuta would convince her to marry Itsuki too, and sincerity? If it had happened I wouldn't have been impressed, at various times she hadn't left her feelings for Itsuki aside and reciprocated Haruto, she for me DRAGGED this development on for both of them, even at other times she gave me the impression of being those women who leave the guy there soaking just to stroke her ego...


Keisuke Hashima:

Itsuki's father, I really wanted a more frank conversation from father to son, what made him act that way as Father, it seems that it was because of his restricted upbringing, and this is reflected in the children, but hey, don't even take it the son to VISIT HIS MOTHER IN THE HOSPITAL? NOT TALK ABOUT ANYTHING WITH THE SON? Seeing your son lock himself in his room, what's enough for you is grades and that's all? It would be even more organic for Keisuke as a father to reflect on the way he acted and apologize to his son. And from the heart, if it had been like that for me it would have been the most beautiful moment in history.


Shiori Hashima:

Itsuki and Chihiro's new sister, I really wonder if there was a need for the girl to be a b**b CRAZY like that, because it DOESN'T MAKE SENSE for her parents to let something like that run wild, the Volume 14 chapter with Nadeshiko, for more that it has given a background of what she herself is doing and what she has become, the scene of Shiori sucking her breasts and the art, from the heart, even though the Japanese talk about separating "reality" from "fiction" the lack of common sense went to space at these times, totally unnecessary for the younger sister to have gone down that path.


s*x in General:

The way it is approached in the work, the Author links s*x with love a lot, and he forgets that the same does not need the other to happen, the Author himself puts an older and emotionally developed Nayuta that does not seem like a bit*h in heat 24/7, what I mean is this: If you are in a relationship and it only depends on s*x to continue, the moment you no longer have s*x, it ceases to exist, any relationship that starts only on that pillar, eventually will end.

Art ★★★★★ - 10/10 very consistent, and beautiful XD.
Enjoyment ★★★★★ - It is very pleasant to read, from the Author's beer reviews, to how the Light Novels market works, it gives perspective from both the Writer and the Publisher, and how this moves the industry and its consequences, the effects that an anime can have, to fans giving hate on the internet and the consequences of letting yourself be carried away by them, you can safely say that this novel is the "Shirobako" or "Bakuman" for Light Novels.
Another point is the influence of the characters on the actions of others and their consequences, from the simplest things to more "energetic" actions I would say XD, of course comedy also comes in and you have a good laugh XD.
Another point that you can easily end up getting confused with is dates, I think the author is too lost on this point XD, and you as a reader have to guess where the event X of character X intertwines with character Y and etc...
General ★★★★ - I'm honestly going to give an 8/10, for me the work would have been perfect, but the author was a little unnecessary in some points and weak in others. The author's message in the last volume aka Itsuki's speech is very strong, and for me as a reader his message was crystal clear.
Anyway, you who are reading this review, your life can be sh*t and etc... You can be the protagonist of your life, take it into your own hands and DO IT, and you can end up becoming the protagonist of someone else and giving meaning to it her XD!

If you read this review thank you very much and may God bless you!
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