Immortal Martial God


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Bai Muchen had it all — not only was he the most renowned martial artist of the Nine Heaven continent, he even had the Five Meridians of Tianling and was engaged to Xuan Qingzhu, the beautiful daughter of his mentor. But everything falls apart when he’s set up by his fiancé and mentor during a cultivation session, and he is killed.
Reborn as a young man named Xiang Nan, the heir of a declining family, can Bai Muchen get his revenge?

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Mar 09, 2022
Status: Completed
First of all the novel is available at tapread. com for now.

Now for the review.

This novel start is very interesting and fast-paced, the Fighting doesn't exceed 1 to 2 chapters with no filler at the moment.

MC character is said to be that of arrogant MC in his past Life so from the start he learned to be humble so it's a good start with the same cultivation as many other good novels, the only downside for me atm that MC used a pill to rise in ranks like 4... more>> levels in one chapter with the ability to fight a whole realm above him so power systems are kinda not good until now but not that absurd that affect the plot hopefully, will be fixed in future chapters.

The good point for me so far is the fast-paced narrative with no filler and no longer fighting chapters


Edit at chapter 144 review

Sigh I can't help but lament that there is really such a masterpiece that's undiscovered by any professional translators really hope a veteran translator or Editor edits these small Grammering mistakes and release it soon so others can enjoy it

Now to the review at chapter 144 our MC is that kind of righteous MC and not that kind who will torture his enemies or r*pe them so that a bonus for the xuanhuan novels, fighting chapters have been exciting and very well written that is not boring at all and MC is not overpowering his enemies at most they are equal if not the MC is weaker, the fighting chapters will keep your blood boiling untill the end of the action segment, MC is softhearted MC that will help even the monkeys that tryed to kill him after seeing them sacrifice themselves to save their own kin, my advice for you fellow readers that you better go and read it or you would have missed a masterpiece that is for me at the moment can be equal if not better to a recored of mortal journey to immortality or against the gods, MC is not that vengeful MC who won't forgive anyone that crosshim, he even forgive a couple of enemies because they not crossed his bottom line or killed any of his kin and even forms friendship with them later, so this novel is the kind of warm xuanhuan novel, untill now this novel gives me a warm feeling while reading the exciting and interesting fightings and cultivation sessions and the competition between fellow sects members


Edit at chapter 931 review

I have to admit that I got engrossed in the story that I forgot that I was going to write a review every 200 to 500 chapters lol

the story has been progressing in a very interesting way, I have to admit that this novel brought me to the time I read my first Xuanhuan novel like I shall seal the heaven, that feeling of being in a new fantasy world you haven't seen in any movie or Japanese anime, the quality of the writing is still the same even after 900+ chapter that almost made me cry because most of Xuanhuan novel start to regress after the first 200+ chapters, some chapters you think the quality of the writing begins to drop only to discover that in the next few chapters that's not the case it's only a part of a bigger plot twist, this story has introduced everything you might think of from betrayals and love and friendship and leadership and families and sacrifice and even death from any character even the MC himself, even schemes even after 900+ chapters that basically half-way to the story I still can't determine what going to happen next, this one never let you predict what going to happen next not that typical novels of MC surviving any disasters by introducing some powerful figures that saves the other novels MC always, MC is fighting for the betterment of the dark cultivation world that dog eat dog and any character that used the corrupt path for getting stronger because they have been bullied and forced to dead end because that was world of survival of the fittest , here the MC introduce a very interesting way of a strong hot-blooded way of thinking and acting, so fellow Daoist I'm talking to you from the future at chapter 931 and telling you that it's worth the time invested in reading


Edit at chapter 2419

The ending is very satisfying and the writing quality is the same from beginning to the end, power system is fixed after the first 50 chapters do the problem of jumping whole realms for fighting only happens in first action arc only after that story progress in very systematic way of power up, hope there will be a sequel soon it's been like forever to see a masterpiece of novel like this one ،realy not wastage of time spent on reading it, so for any reader that thinking of start reading it my advice go go go you won't regret your time spent on this masterpiece of xuanhuan novel <<less
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Mar 29, 2022
Status: c505
This is a really solid novel. The MC was originally an arrogant and ignorant kid. But, in his second life, he becomes kind, righteous, and starts to understand the world around him, which I like. The MC actually feels like a human, with human thought processes and logic, unlike so many other novels. Its pace is fairly quick but still tells an amazing story in great detail. Although it does take time for some events to come into fruition, it is pretty satisfying when it does happen. Moreover, it actually... more>> feels like the author is putting some heart into the story and not just wank out some bland storytelling.

Highly recommended: 4.5/5 <<less
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Feb 10, 2023
Status: c14
The story and the MC are indeed garbage...

MC and his clan are being tr*shed by every single being but the city lord for no reasons. After finding lots of ressources from a treasure map he remembered in his previous life (a cave just very close from his clan with a very rare thunder cultivation for his very rare thunder root, tones of gold coins and many other cultivation stuff...), what did the MC do? Cultivating in silence to improve his strengh ? Moving the few members of his familly to... more>> this place? Nope, he just directly went to the city center, signing for a tournament, and for an agreement allowing other to kill him, but forbiding him to kill them. Seriously???

Don't waste your time here, there is nothing different from most xuanhuan novels: it's even much more stereotyped and any other random novel you'll find is probably much worth of your time. Finally, beware that the novel is also mtl from the start. <<less
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Aug 05, 2022
Status: c1989
Garbage. Annoying MC with his BS righteousness. Save someone and they want to kill him after. Same thing over and over.

Feels like a weak MC. Suppose to be a genius but feels like the villains are so much stronger. For example, the Glory God produces 9th level cultivators in the hundreds of thousands yet the MC struggles to level up.

Want so bad to drop this novel but I am too invested with only 500 chapters left. Starting to skip pages due to being annoyed with story and crappy MC.
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