I’m a Fake Saint But the Gods are Obsessed


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I possessed a fake saintess who was going to die when the real saint appeared five years later.

‘Let’s just stay still. Isn’t this an opportunity?’

At least a building owner just by collecting from the saintess’ salary!

So I was planning to run away after properly acting like a saintess, but…

Somehow, the Gods are in weird conditions, though?

[God of Knowledge, Hessed, sighs in relief when he sees your body.] [God of Benevolence, Oman, declares that he will kill the bastard who treats you disrespectfully.] [God of Love, Odyssey is fueling with arrogance next to you.] [God of Destruction, Ciel, is shedding tears worrying if you got hurt.] In addition, the candidates for the male lead, who were cold to the fake saintess in the original story, are surely somewhat strange!

“Why do I have mixed thoughts whenever I think of you?”

The High Priest, who used to be a watcher, comes whenever he have time, “I want you to be in the position of the Crown Princess.”

The Crown Prince, who hated and avoided me, proposed, “Tell me if you want anything. I’ll give you a title if you want to.”

The Merchant Owner, who used to say he had no feelings, kept looking at me and trying to give me something!

On top of that, the villain, who was supposed to destroy the world, said that he would cooperate, let alone, kill me. But!

No, I’m a saintess and I have no interest in the end of the world!

Just let me be a building owner according to my original plan!

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I'm a Fake Saintess But the Gods Are Obsessed With Me
The Beloved Fake Saint
가짜 성녀인데 신들이 집착한다
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New znukhsoc rated it
December 7, 2023
Status: Completed
Better version of ORV but not enough FL harming for my taste.
The hunting event was a bit ridiculous but I can unsee that because throughout the whole novel the writing was very balanced. Characters and Gods were so fun. FL had some common sense and I'm glad that
... more>>

she chose Cass in the official version.

The side stories mention other routes but I felt like Merchant Owner's was true love, High Priest's was obsession and the Crown Princes' was an unwelcomed wish. Well, the demon king is just there as a bonus.

Side stories only proved that Cass is the best and the natural choice. The other routes were too forced and especially All Living Together route was ridiculously bad with the most abrupt ending.

Anyway, the gods were the best! Especially Oman made me chuckle a lot and Ciel was the cutest. The others were just like gossipy h**ny neighbors.

That's it. Enjoyed it fully. 4 stars.

Oh, I have to mention that I find the cover pic very funny because all the MLs have the same face and nearly the same hairstyle. In the book, they gave very different vibes and personalities. Well, I created their image differently in my head so it was not a problem for me. <<less
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sdl123 rated it
November 4, 2021
Status: c33
Rating: 4.4/5

The interactions between the Gods are so cute, especially Ciel, the god of destruction. As for the MC and the MLs, they're very likeable. I haven't yet read about the MC meeting with the fourth guy in the cover, which I'm guessing is the mastermind that's mentioned in the summary.

As for the translation, I read it in Wattpad and it's more than understandable. I remembered that the translator said that she/he was practicing the Korean language and also said the reason, but I didn't really remember it. They really... more>> did a great job translating though, so you don't have to worry about being confused on what they translated about and the like.

So basically, the plot, the characters, and the translation are all VERY GOOD! (In my opinion though) <<less
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Kawaii Panda
Kawaii Panda
February 3, 2022
Status: prologue
Its here (≧▽≦) this one is pretty good. It also contain fluff and a bit comedy. Especially the interaction between MC and Gods. It kinda remind me of a novel with similar settings, I just forgot the title lol. Good thing the translation also did a good job translating this.
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Nikkorizz rated it
October 24, 2022
Status: c52
The translation is pretty good. I think the story is pretty on par for the genre. It’s a fun read, but as others have mentioned, you might have to turn off a brain cell or two to enjoy it.

MC is a fake saintess and the real saintess will appear in 5 years, so MC make plans to escape before she’s mu*dered by the MLs before the real saintess comes. But the gods (the celestial beings that talk to her through a chat interface) have other plans for MC.

The story is... more>> a reverse harem with 3 MLs (or maybe 4 MLs later since there are 4 guys on the novel cover... ?). The first 2 MLs, the prince and the high priest, know she is a fake because they are the ones that put her in that position for political reasons. The 3rd ML is a savvy merchant that doesn’t really have anything to do with the political machinations, but MC meets him when she’s trying to pawn off artworks to make money for her escape.

In any case, the story is interesting the and the gods messing with her adds to a lot of the humor. I like it so far.

Now for my options of the MLs...

So, as I said, the story is a reverse harem, and there are 3 MLs so far.

The first ML, the blonde, stoic high priest, is the one that MC spends most time with since they both live at the temple. And I think MC has the most interesting relationship with him because, as MC gains more holy power, he becomes more and more obsessed with her. At first, he wants to

kidnap MC and have his way with her, but at some point, he loses a bet with MC and he ends up with a magical leash and collar around his neck, which unlocks a special new fetish in him. 😆

His relationship with MC isn’t very healthy so far, because she always trying to avoid him. But I think there is a lot of potential here, because she does think he’s very handsome and the only reason she’s avoiding him is so she doesn’t get caught with her shenanigans.

The second ML, the hot-headed red haired crown prince, doesn’t get a lot of screen time. Like very little. But MC defends him from the coniving empress a few times, and he starts to have feelings for her almost immediately. I personally think his relationship with MC was written poorly, because, in one scene he hates her guts, and in the next scene he is in love with her. It was like whiplash. There was no romantic growth and suddenly he’s all over her.

The third ML is the mysterious dark-haired merchant, and I’m convinced he must be end-game ML, because all the scenes with him are written very sweetly. But, just like the prince, he gets so little screen time and so little character development, that it gets really weird that he and MC go on a date only on their 3rd meetup and are acting all lovey dovey. Their relationship seems VERY forced. No build up at all, but it’s like she immediately accepts him and starts doting on him.

Anyways, I’m rooting for the high priest, but alas, I think the author has the merchant in mind.

As a side note, since they’re 4 guys on the novel cover, I do suspect that there is possibly a 4th white-haired ML. I think it must be the demon lord because he’s the only other character that has been mentioned in the story. But as of chapter 50, he has gotten zero screen time, so I’m thinking he must be introduced late in the story. <<less
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keikomushi rated it
May 21, 2022
Status: c44
The slow releases of this series hurt the flow a little, but once the ball was rolling... Oh, boy! This series is certainly a rare gem, with some interesting elements such as the amusing way in which our female MC communicates with the Gods via the visual interface. 'Ariel' also has to deal with the strange differences in what she sees of the first timeline and that which she also sees of the ogAriel's memories leading up to when she possessed the body. This latter part also creates important insight... more>> into the who both of these women are/were. In any case, it is my current favourite read for both the excellent translation and near-perfect storytelling. All in all, well worth checking out! <<less
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Mynameischingki rated it
May 11, 2022
Status: c55
At first I really like the flow of the story it was smooth and good you can feel the atmosphere in the story but as the chapter progresses now I only like the female lead to leave the temple and be a simple land owner or something because all problems comes up the longer she stays with them.

i just want her to have a peaceful life, she's so pitiful.
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d6y rated it
February 6, 2023
Status: c26
its a really fun novel !! absolutely adore ariel, I just want her to be happy lol. though I have quite a few complaints regarding the authors writing...

    1. Spoiler

      I found the whole "exotic dark skinned man with a turban" merchant really weird. search about middle eastern stereotypes and you'll get what I mean.

    2. Spoiler

      the fatphobic comments and the stigma that being fat=bad person is always weird as hell to see in novels. I wish they'll stop. these specific reasons are why I dropped the novel a few times : (

overall its a really neat novel I guess
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
_BlissCity_ rated it
November 1, 2022
Status: c60
At this point, my thoughts are... I think she'll end up with the 3 main characters (the high priest, crown prince, merchant owner) and the villain (the demon prince something magician). I think she'll end up with the four men. Or perhaps, just one of them.

Oh well, whatever happens or whomever she ends up with, I think she will never get away from the temple. She'll stay as a saintess.

Such a pity... honestly, I would like her to escape succesfully. Oh well, the story is quite good. I enjoyed it.... more>> I don't mind whatever happens at the end. <<less
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AMissingLinguist rated it
October 20, 2022
Status: c48
Reading this story requires a person to turn their brain off. The main character's plans are terrible, and she hardly ever sticks to them. The author seems intent on making the main character the saintess, so I recommend to just ignore whatever plans the main character makes, so she will seem less s*upid. The translation is lacking in using idioms. "The best defense is attack." The correct phrase is "the best defense is offense." There are multiple times where word usage is wrong. Indistinguishable is used instead of distinguishable. Other... more>> than that, the translation is bearable. I only made it to chapter 48 because I kept procrastinating each chapter from reading this average transmigration story. The possibility that the author continues to write hundreds of chapters with no end in sight is very likely. The main character will solve a problem, meet one of the love interests, talk about something, mention love interest's handsomeness, gods comment on it, and then back to the regularly scheduled program.

Who are all the authors of transmigration villainess stories copying? I would really like to know the trendsetter of villainess stories. <<less
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misto713 rated it
April 13, 2022
Status: c28
a very enjoyable story. The MC has an 'interesting' personality to say the least. Plus the 'system' and the way she interacts with the gods is fun :)

there is some mystery too, some unsolved questions and the way she tries to solve them is fun too.

good worldbuilding, interesting cast of characters and fun subplots.

it's well worth the read
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Cactiii rated it
February 7, 2023
Status: c28
With this book it uses a general trend of reincarnated as x villain who usually has a tragic ending, and with this one its a fake saintness thread. The novel doesn't feel necessary bad but there are just a lot of things in it that I personally find annoying, and despite the author trying to make the female lead as someone strong they still come off as weak minded in situations where someone is trying to force something and then she just goes along with it. Daisy in particular is... more>> a character that just doesn't make very much sense narrative wise, there was no real reason why she should accept daisy and rejected her at first while having an inner monolog about how its risky to have a priestess nearby her since shes a fake, then she accepts just because daisy begs (Which has always annoyed me in novels, characters who don't take no for an answer and keep trying to force what they want while disguising it as care for the other person) Once daisy is accepted then she serves no purpose other than to follow her around and be in awe of her powers, and the MC does typical "Don't tell anyone" while not enforcing it in any meaningful way. The female lead does not want her having sacred powers to get out yet all she does is simply tell daisy, someone who is giddy and excited about her powers, to keep it a secret with a single line rather than stressing the point that this is not something that she is allowed to say. It is then further shown how Daisy is a unfit character to be trusted with something like this when they run into Cass at the festival by instantly jumping to her own conclusions and then leaving her liege unattended without ever being ordered by said liege to leave. This conduct is just unfit for someone in this kind of position, the female lead is just being unwise by keeping this type of person and it doesn't even really make sense why she accepted someone to follow her around when its essentially a threat to her future. Now, I'm not saying that this character is not realistic or anything like that, I'm simply saying that I dislike daisy for these reasons, that she is the type of character who will do something dumb like reveal confidential information or put the protagonist in a bad situation because they only have flowers in their head. This is my overall problem with this story, none of the male leads are likeable for me since they all give off yandere vibes, I dislike the side characters like daisy, the gods are basically glorified children, and while the female lead is developed to be strong and suppose to be in control in situations where the author is trying to force a plot point they skip over this trait and do things like have her stay with Cass at the festival despite her at the time feeling like its dangerous to be around him and having no motivation to interact with him. There are other things with her character that feel flawed, she is suppose to be intelligent yet never once thinks of the implications of being able to be summoned to the administrators territory, what the gods voices in her head are, what the system is, ect. And its all just accepted as magic. There are also little lines that obviously imply certain things but the female lead gives zero though to these lines making me feel like the author is adding them for readers to make predictions while undermining their character by accident.

Overall my point is that while the book isn't necessary bad there are a lot of things that I personally dislike about it, especially since all the male leads give off possessive yandere vibes which is just something I hate, so while I dislike the story other people may like it. <<less
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Milady_RiaLey rated it
January 1, 2023
Status: c69
Love this story. It's very interesting and fun. The FL are fast thinking and can solve her problem is just that I don't who's the ml. And as the other reviews I'm also think the FL are starting to accept that she became a real saint and her plan to run away to temple are getting impossible because she been untangle in many event. And the demon realm I don't know if they are making a move but the dungeon are starting to show up and the saint in the... more>> novel that FL know I'm having a bad feelings about her making an appearance <<less
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mochifluffs rated it
December 6, 2022
Status: c64
This is one of those stories that are made for a good reading binge and will have you giggling in some spots and going, "Whhhaaat?!" in others. At first I thought this was going to be typical of other stories in the same category, but there are certain quirks that set this apart. The FL is strong and sassy with a good backstory that influences her in this new life and she is aware that she's not perfect but is just trying to make the most out of a crazy... more>> situation. My favorite part of this novel is the chat room of the gods. Their input and their attempts to help the FL are hilarious as they are watching her like thirsty fans following their fave kpop idol, including who they ship her with. The translations are decent and they seem to be updated frequently. Definitely put this story in your reading list. <<less
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