The Child is Loved By The Holy Constellations


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I possessed an extra in the novel I wrote.

The problem is, this novel is a waste and unfinished.

[ The constellation, ‘Queen of Flowers and Nymphs’ is watching you.]

But suddenly, a system window pops up and the constellations appear.

…There was no such setting in my novel?

“You didn’t even say anything.”

[ ‘The Queen of Flowers and Nymphs’ grabs her chest. ] [ ‘The Librarian of Nipur’ takes a deep breath. ] [ ‘The Guardian of the Golden Field’ swings his fists wildly. ]

When I speak in the form of a child who can’t even pronounce well, the constellations started clamoring about my cuteness.

Turns out, they called me in to complete this novel!

Well, first of all, I need to stop the villain in this book from interfering with the love of the main characters.

However, the villainous duke seems to be more friendly than I expected.

And the Crown Prince, the male lead, is suddenly coming here…

Okay, I will cut off the roots of his obsession!

“I like being with Riche, too.”

Frederick seems to like being alone with me for some reason.

Can I finish this novel safely?

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아이는 성좌들의 사랑을 받는다
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Rizen Lizz
Rizen Lizz rated it
December 27, 2021
Status: c16
I curious why there was no comment about this novel.

If you like constellation system & doting family life full of cuteness and fur (the cat [I love cat]), you should read this.

So far the story still about FL adaptation to her new world and asked by the constellation to show the the end of the romance story she make. So for that, FL choose to be adopted by villain family and surprisingly, her new dad was like you know.

The world building was great. FL was not too excessive show cuteness,... more>> she is smart and quick witted.

And in her new family she has big brother & sister, it rare to see something like this at web novel with premise like we know.


I wish there will next update. <<less
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