I’ll Still Love You Even If You’re a Man


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Mai Ding is a cute and goofy boy-next-door. An Ziyan is the cool aloof heartthrob whom everyone can’t help love yet fear. It all began with a misunderstanding – Mai Ding was bribed by his college roommate to find out An Ziyan’s s*xual orientation and An Ziyan had played a prank on Mai Ding in a rare moment of amus**ent, leading Mai Ding to believe he is bis*xual even though he is straight. Mai Ding had very little friends since young and wanted to ‘make his life more interesting’ by knowing people of ‘diverse background’ (i.e. An Ziyan) so he would have a cool story to tell his grandchildren in the future. And hence, a friendship which turned into more started to form between the two most unlikely characters.

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Like Love (Film Title)
Ni Shi Nan De Wo Ye Ai
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lolli rated it
April 25, 2016
Status: --
Awww no reveiws? This novel is really cute, we have a goofy MC who wants to be friends with a bi guy and falls in love instead. Using his goofy cuteness he gets An Ziyan to fall in love with him. As the novel goes along you can see how much An Ziyan really loves Mai Ding, how he takes into consideration what Mai Ding needs to be happy and tries to provide it for him. Then we see Mai Ding slowly mature, at first he's just a happy go... more>> lucky guy who tries to get rich through the lottery, eventually you see him grow up and face his problems head on instead of just running away all the time.

I love the interactions between the two mc's and how An Ziyan is always tricking Mai Ding and Mai Ding falls for it every time lol. <<less
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Fairlady1996 rated it
August 10, 2018
Status: Completed
This story is very very hillarious but so sweet at the same time. It even adapted into a movie with title 'like love'. You guys can read the completed eng translation at wattpad.
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ike_00000 rated it
June 28, 2019
Status: v2
Truthfully I don't know why this is scored so highly. Especially the beginning, I can't feel anything but pity for the poor ML that is unrelentingly annoyed by the MC. And for such a dumb, insulting reason too; I thought I misread the synopsis, but seriously his reason was because "bis*xual people are so unusual and strange, so different from norm, I don't want to be boring so let me make an unusual friend". Seriously, I spend most of my time pitying the ML. I really don't know how I... more>> endured reading the amount of chapters that I did. <<less
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missred rated it
July 10, 2018
Status: Completed
I'll rate 5/5 stars because god knows how much this novels made me blush >///< My heart is too pure for all those sweet words. AN ZIYAN, I LOVE YOU!!!
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Cindi01 rated it
September 25, 2020
Status: c178
A really cute story filled with fluff and comedy. The interaction between the MC and ML is just comedy gold. Made me laugh a lot when I was reading it.

Though it's better to imagine this story as pure fiction cause I really don't think the relation dynamic b/w the male leads would work out in real life.
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AdalSaira rated it
May 6, 2021
Status: Completed
I can't stop myself from writing a review. Oh my gosh 🤭🤭

This is sweet and cute and a no-brainer 🥴

Every chapter make me grinning like an idiot 😳😳

... more>> This is just a typical slice of life BL novel with college background 😁🙌

Not many drama and even if there is, the problem solved really fast by our omnipotent chara An Ziyan 😝👍

I always got a second-hand embarrassment every time Maiding open his mouth 👄, like really, how can there be such a pure and shameless person 😶

This might be boring for you who search a dog-blood drama 🥺, but I am here only for the dog food 🤪

Reading this really make me hungry for lover 🍯🍯, make me wish to get a husband quickly 💕💕

Okay, my english has become quite chaotic in here so I will excuse myself 🙇

Thank you very much for listening to my ramblings 😘😘😚

Edit : I am editing doesn't meant I will give a bad comment or whatever. It's just that, there is this one scene that makes me almost throw my phone, literally.


On the wedding scene that is some of the last chapter (except for the side story, I mean, extras), the prank that An Ziyan pulled out is just too much to bear.

I think it's fortunate that Mai Ding is such an oddball. But if it's me, I will break up with him for sure.

Any sane person will get heart broken when they encounter such thing even if it's only means as a prank.

First, An Ziyan late to the wedding (still okay to me, he just late for a few hours, A FEW HOURS).

Second, the cheating scene (lol, at this point I know that this is a prank but I still can't help myself to get heart broken if I experienced that scene myself.)

And the last is the ugly villain guy that reported on TV as a pe*verted criminal on the run (I almost believe this r*pe scene will happen cause how Mai Ding react, I got scared and this is not how I want to throw my phone, it's actually on the cheating scene).

Tbh, I am a little (no, it is greatly) disturbed by the wedding scene. 🙌

But you can't rule out how realistic the author can make it so heart-wrenching even tho I absolutely know that it is a prank from An Ziyan.

But after I skipped the wedding scene, the extras is back to fluffy one so I am okay.

I am still okay. 🙂 <<less
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ebryetas rated it
June 28, 2023
Status: v1c1
I ABSOLUTELY adore this novel/novels. Though admittedly they really won't be for everyone, you have to be able to suspend your belief quite a bit and be able to cope with all the dumb sh*t that Mai Ding says (but I f*cking love him, he's my baby).

The translation isnt perfect. But not illegible or straight MTL. Some chapters were translated better than others as it was a couple different groups who worked on it. Can be found completed on WATTPAD.


    • Insanely funny story: In the 100+ chapters I had to have laughed out loud at least 2x a single chapter. Like ranging from a chuckle to sometimes a full on laughing fit at how insane and silly some of this book's content could be. The bickering between the couple is what makes the whole novel. You can feel the absolute love they have for each other through the way they make fun and tease one another, though sometimes it feels overboard and borderline-bullying, and some things might not sit well with the reader that are completely glossed over and ignored in the book, but still so f*cking funny nonetheless.
    • Mai Ding: OH GOD DOES HE HAVE SO MUCH PERSONALITY. Like I said, the best part is the way our couple interacts with one another. Our MC Mai Ding is s*upid, sweet, and shameless. He'll have you absolutely CRINGING with some wild ass thing he says one minute, and the next you're sobbing because he's saying the sweetest f*cking thing. You get to see him grow a bit throughout the story. Though he's always loud, obnoxious, and silly; you see him make friends and grow secure in his love for AZY, and grow bold showing his love off to his family and the world alike. I love him SO much. He's the type of character who just keeps digging his own grave because he overreacts and rambles and does the funniest (read: dumbest) shit. His love language is words of affirmation
    • And then there's An Ziyan: An Ziyan is the definition of a tsundere. He's cold, antisocial, and so so caustic when he wants to be. But he loves Mai Ding with his whole being and would give up absolutely everything for him, and move the sun and moon if that's what MD wanted. He's straightforward and so absolutely sure in himself. Confident and cool, he never once waivers from MD, and thank god he never pulls a lot of the s*upid and cruel sh*t you see semes/tops/MLs do in so many other asian BLs. He may sometimes play mean tricks on Mai Ding, but he a majority of the time is an open communicator which is very refreshing, especially considering how naive and oblivious MD can be. He can be so f*cking sweet but is really awkward about hearing those words of affirmation from his love. His love language is definitely acts of kindness. He'll be all emotionless and still be secretly buying and surprising MD with all his favorite things, and secretly protecting him from the sidelines. He's so freaking cool and sarcastic I love him lol. He also isnt some crazy powerful ML like you see in other BLs. Though there is like a single or so occasion of him managing to take on like 12 people at once in a fight, he's not some mystical "completely overpowered" guy. Mostly, he's just a normal dude who is luckily a normal amount of rich.
    • The story can also really surprise you with how deep it can be. Though the story feels largely like a dramatic comedy that's a slice of life story about the two of them moving through their relationship, it felt as though each chapter ended with some beautiful words of wisdom involving the two main characters. Idk, this story is equally funny and moving at times.

  • The novel is like ridculously silly. The overarching plot is just a slice of life romance, and MD and AZY are hilarious, but silliness will absolutely be over the top for some people. A lot of readers love MD with all of their heart and StILL find him very annoying. Not me, but I totally get why some people would. Just remember he genuinely has a low IQ and is doing his best ahaha. edit: Also, by over the top I just really mean in the couple's interactions with each other. This isn't Addicted or some other story where the most insane events are happening and somehow the main characters are f*cking surviving like murder attemps and espionage or kidnappings lmao. Its truly slice of life, whats over the top are the characters conversations and misadventures on occasion
  • Some content of the novel is questionable for foreign readers (I mean the content should be questionable for any reader but I have to suspend my standards when it comes to translated novels iykyk). Like AZY plays some tricks on Mai Ding that are actually kind of really cruel??? I just skip those chapters tbh (April fools, the chapters before the wedding, etc.).

    Also MD is borderline sexually assaulted by AZY's sister and it's treated like a joke by everyone in the story but MD, who is genuinely a bit traumatised. It's a classic "haha you are a weak man almost r*ped by a girl" as MD's friends and even AZY don't take how MD felt in that moment seriously. This is BY FAR my least favorite part of this book. But I can get past it as, again, suspension of belief because of the way the novel is translated and the fact that like, I can't hold it to american publisher standards (i mean it is a self published web novel so...) (though just know I would be totally done if it were something like the ML raping the MC or the MC getting actually r*ped and it becoming a running gag. So, idk. Take this how you will. I also ignore this, but that's just me. Plenty of BL fans willingly read and dont care a bit when the ML r*pes the MC in BL novels so maybe this wont be a problem for some of you. Though tbh if you're one of these people who condone stuff like that youre f*cking awful lmao).
  • Bi-erasure. Sad that is happens but it does. There's also some other minor questionable content and comments on society that are easy to look past. Probably used to all of this in BL by now though.
REGARDLESS OF EVERYTHING, I 100% recommend giving this a go, just dont expect a perfect story. This is a story you read for the couple's interactions and sweet and funny and angsty moments AND GOD DOES THIS STORY FREAKING DELIVER TENFOLD. I've never read a BL (and Ive read a lot of BLs) that has the main characters interact in as fun of a way. Anyway, go read it.

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moonbeam00 rated it
November 11, 2022
Status: Completed
The author has some twisted mindset, I know.. Some of the readers may not like how she described bi as strange and unique creature. Ofc regarding that, she's wrong. But, if we look past that.. This is such an interesting story. How should I phrase it, the MC and ML really need each other, so that's why they're perfect together. MC is like one of those people who like to live in his own bubble. He admits that he has inferiority complex, but he's coping w/ it in a strange... more>> way. And ML is someone w/ out of the box personality and mindset. With how cold his personality is, its hard to become harmonious w/ people around him. Only someome like MC's personality can. The author designed this couple that fit each other. Its sweet, hilarious, and touching. <<less
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Vmin1991 rated it
March 7, 2022
Status: Completed
It's very good, only reason I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars is because the joke/prank near the end of the novel, before the ... more>>

wedding between AZY and MD

between them! For real, I had to put down the novel for a few days, and then continue reading again. I really like AZY as a character, and his bicker with MD. And I love our normal MD, he's very cute and positive.

Despite their bickering, you can really see they're in love and whipped, and I like that I can feel their love, that they want to be together, it's just that the outside is against them being together. The fact that they bicker a lot is also a proof of their love, because AZY is not interested in other people.

Also, the second novel is really bad, I don't recommend the 2nd novel at all, but the 1st novel was amazing! <<less
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penelop323 rated it
August 14, 2020
Status: --
I love this BL. One that I can re-read and not get bored.
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thiccthighs_ rated it
June 17, 2021
Status: --
I'm here just to rate this one hahaha, actually I read this last last month in wattpad, it's good, sometimes yeah, I can't help to be annoyed at MC because of his dumbness but at the same time I can't stop reading this one, it's such a masterpiece, and the couple really match each other, the one is hyper and the ML is cold, so for me they really suit each other, the best part is when the MC broke up to the ML, I cried at that scene but... more>> happily ML can't let go of MC and same with the MC HAHAHAHA and last their wedding! (ᗒᗩᗕ) Mom! It's so perfect! Reallyy!!!!

PS: Warning: MC parents and ML is kinda Homophobic and against to their relationship but thankful at the end they accepted it hehehe <<less
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