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In the 151 days after Mo Ka met Chen Ge, everyday he warned himself not to like Chen Ge as a man: “Comrade[1]MoKa, hold on. Persist towards victory, in victory there is wife and children, rush ahead.” But the enemy is very powerful, colliding into Mo Ka’s heart scurrying around, no longer holding weapons tightly, obediently surrender, offering himself…

[1] 同志 comrade is a term that is used to refer to gay and lesbian identities in China.

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Shi Jie You Dian Tian
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Mishagreeb rated it
April 29, 2018
Status: c12
If you enjoy BL novels with that ambiguous uncertainty sparked with misunderstanding that hovers around couples before they get together, you will enjoy this novel. I both like and dislike that, so it is taking me a while to get through the translated chapters. Honestly, overall, I like it thus far. It is a realistic depiction of college life and the relationship between the two leads is cute, in my opinion. The translation is pretty clear as well.

In all, check it out if you like reading BL and support the... more>> author and the translator. <<less
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periperi rated it
February 13, 2019
Status: Completed
I just want to say, this was a really, really, really sweet modern day love story. I loved the slow burn, the characters (this story actually has side characters that were unique and added to the plot, not just wallpapers). It had humour, some misunderstanding (but well resolved in my opinion), much angst at the end of each "arc" (I call it arc since the book seems to be split to 5 parts on the website I read it on) but they get over it stronger than ever.

... more>>

The story handled the parents disapproving part rather well. Oh It caused much MUCH angst but the way they overcame it was just beautiful. My only question is about ML's family because not much was mentioned. His parents didn't appear.


Overall, I loved this novel, I shall now go read the extras. Also, mMaybe time to read the author's other books. <<less
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