I’ll Still Love You Even if You’re a Man 2


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This is the second book of the novel ‘I’ll Still Love You Even If You’re a Man’ and it follows the story of Mai Ding and An Ziyan after their wedding.

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Like Love
你是男的,我也爱 2
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Vmin1991 rated it
March 7, 2022
Status: Completed
First review? I read this after reading the first novel. I rated the first novel 4/5 stars, it would have been 5/5 weren't it for the cruel prank that traumatized me, near the end of the novel.

After finishing the 1st novel, I read this novel in 2-3 days.

To be honest, it was a let down, AZY was sooooo much meaner to MD? It was not cute like in the 1st novel, there weren't enough wholesome scenes or sweet dialogues that made my heart flutter compared to the 1st novel. It... more>> was a constant stream of insults at MD! Everyone and I mean *everyone*, also all the new characters, which were MD's colleagues, were constantly mean to MD. AZY too. It was tiring to read, and also frustrating to read it!

Finally, what really made me angry was that at the end of the novel

MD and AZY never announced their relationship or marriage to their coworkers or company, nor did anyone find out they're married! I really wanted to see AZY show everyone that MD is his, or they're married, or that MD would slip up. SOMETHING!!! They hid their marriage, and it stayed hidden till the very end?


It felt like there was a lot at stakes, which is interesting, and I really thought it would have been a plot point, it would have made the story much more interesting and I kept waiting for it to happen but it never happened! <<less
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ebryetas rated it
June 28, 2023
Status: --
Agree with the other review. This sequel had FAR less cute/fluff/fun interactions between AZY and MD than anyone would like. It feels so much more serious in tone, and the lightheartedness is hard to find sometimes.

May Ding never really seems to be treated well throuhgout the hole story by ANYONE. It's a story about him and AZY entering the workforce after college and all of MD's colleagues treat him like crap? Everyone he meets treats him like crap? And I feel like the way he's treated is just completely glossed... more>> over by the author and story characters alike.

I guess the one part that really moved me was

that AZY's grandpa dies and he doesn't handle it well. MD is there to console him and it was a very touching and sad moment in the story. We all love grandpa An, but none more so than AZY himself : (


Idk, overall I probably dont recommend it if you loved the first series. It felt like a well written fanfiction by someone who just doesnt have the humor and love for the characters that was shown in the first novel <<less
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