I’ll Live A Long Life to Adore My Absolute Fave—Currently My Stepbrother!


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My absolute favourite character from my previous life became my stepbrother from my mother’s remarriage. This world is that of a nurturing simulation otome game. My stepbrother was a capture target in that game.

And I became the younger brother from his memories, the one who only appeared in his personal story and was supposed to die soon!

‘Honestly, I don’t care if the younger brother of my absolute fave dies! But no, I can’t die until I see my absolute fave grow up! I’ll live! I’m going to smash the death flags and adore my absolute fave today as well!’

This is the story of a reincarnated younger brother in an otome game and his struggles with all of his death flags.

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Sai Oshi no Gikei o Mederu Tame, Nagaiki Shimasu!
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Realvnv rated it
August 24, 2021
Status: c4
Ratings are too f*cking low. You already know what this novel is all about by reading the damn title, why rate so low? If you dislike the concept, just pass it, with ratings being too low even readers that like this stuff will be disheartened.

Anyway, the novels' title might as well pass as the summary lmao. Your average Japanese beta protag falls into the game his absolute fav is in.

So far the protag has yet to show any characteristic belonging to an intelligent lifeform, his inner monologue is all about... more>> his absolute fav and how cute he is... Well yes.

Charas start as children, MC is 5 or sth, so no romance right off the bat. Interactions are barely there, if ya don't count MC praising his absolute fav ofc.

Hell, I would actually rate this story 3 or sth, but I'm pissed at these low rates. <<less
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snylo rated it
August 27, 2021
Status: c50
I'm following the raws and also translating this story so my review can be biased.

But, what can I say about our dear Alba, he's so damn cute and adorkable! And to be reborn as his bias's lil brother is like super exciting to him who apparently has an illness that's affected by his emotions; just imagine him simping his own brother everyday, he nearly hyperventilate or get nosebleed every now and then, LOL. The simp is real here.

The storyline is interesting too even with the template otome game setting. He... more>> was supposed to have already passed away during the time when the otome game takes place (when his big bro, Orsis enters high school). This story began way before that during their early childhood, and he already caught Orsis's heart. Although I have some reservation about love between siblings, Alba is too cute, so I just let that slide.

If you like cute and fluffs (but get ready for some suspense now and then), this is for you. CUTE IS JUSTICE. <<less
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Akiraluna rated it
September 4, 2021
Status: c52

The big bro (THE ML OF COURSE) didn't see the ML as hindrance, or annoying but see him as a cute loving lil bro in first chaps.

But ofc our MC is praising him with loves and compliments— yep! They're cute.

... more>> In their childhood arc is which they get along, the MC that got sick and had help with his bro to find the herb for his illness. Thanks to their friend who helps the research to make the medicine for the MC, the MC got better.

They devote each other and if MC sees his bro, he swallow his candy medicine to prevent hyperventilating because of his fanboying.

The MC and his big bro are not blood relatives so maybe it's okay for them? Cuz THEY SHOW SO MANY SIGNS EVEN THEIR FATHER JUST SIGHS AND CANT STOP THEM LIKE BRUH ITS JUST
their father sighs when they show signs like, hugging each other, the kisses each other cheeks, then MC cries for his big bro because he got into highschool.

This is just— super cute story of MC who wanna survive to love his big bro cuz he's now in his eyessssss <<less
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Letitia rated it
December 28, 2021
Status: c19
I love how cute the MC is. He is not annoying or like forced cuteness. It's very natural it makes u laugh and how people slowly start doting till they become simps I never I really write reviews but this was so cute. Can't wait for more to be translated
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remyrem rated it
January 11, 2022
Status: c21
It's been a while since I've read a JP WN since I've only been reading CN ones recently, and all I can say so far is... I forgot how completely removed from reality it can get sometimes. I mean seriously, telling your friend's little bro that he needs to stop being too sticky because he's starting to consider marriage prospects at 11? There are a lot of other "what the f*ck is this kid's age" moments. And, I'll be honest, it's really disappointing to me how lacking this is in... more>> fluff and stickiness compared to what I've gotten used to.

It's not all bad at least. Alba is relatable and funny when he cries or gets overexcited over Orsis. I'd be the same (minus romance) if I transmigrated into my favorite character's family.

Oh also, I tried MTLing some of the future chapters, they're a lot heavier on the intrigue but unfortunately there's not much interaction between Alba and Orsis. : ( <<less
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deelnefire rated it
February 6, 2022
Status: c18
I don't know, but MC kinda annoying. He just literally wants his brother world's go round around him. It was wrote that alba cares too annoyingly much for his brother tho. But imho he just what... wanna his brother for himsef.

As for The plot... it is a dead flat till ch 18. They just highlighted how cute alba is, but for me, it was a whole new things of cringe. Iyuh.
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Fisukisuki rated it
February 4, 2022
Status: c23
If you Love MC who Love Worshiping his Favorite Character aka his Step Brother, then this is For you!

This kind of novel also happen to be what I have been searching and finally Exist !!! MC out loudly says his Love, his Adoration, and shows his Affections toward his Brother. No one who are close to their family doesn't know this Heavy Deep Love MC has toward his Step Brother. This Love also what change his Step Father to also show Affection toward his Biological Son.

MC doesn't fake things. He... more>> doesn't try to act or be cute; He IS CUTE!!! MC right now was still a young child. At the beginning he was 4-5 years old. Now he's 9. He doesn't fake his attitude, manner, etc. He freely show his Devotion toward his Step Brother. He Love his Family. He's good toward other people who deserve it. His life so far is pretty Honest. He just doesn't tell about his Game Knowledge. But he DID accidentally mentioned his few Knowledge about some things. Anyway, to me, MC is Pretty Good Lovable Character! He's aware about his status. He learn slow but surely; about new and many things about Social and Politic. He's definitely NOT ignorance, but reader have to remember that his Knowledge of this new life he's in is still Vague. Only things he learn based on his Age, and only very small worldbuilding setting he slightly remember from the Game.

MC in his heart is Pretty Possessive. He doesn't like the Idea of his Beloved Brother getting together wit someone. But as he also 'know' someday he have leave, and he can't bear seeing his Brother marry someone, so he think he prefer Leaving rather than painfully watch his Brother with someone else. Of course right now that was just a 'little boy' thought. Who knows how his thought would change?

His Step Brother also doesn't have problem showing his Affection toward MC. He's been doing it for years now. So now I'm nervous for the Future when they finally become Teen and/or Young Adult.

Pray sooo hard the rest of the story is as Good and the Translation would continue till complete!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ike_00000 rated it
January 12, 2024
Status: c19
I thought the synopsis was kinda funny/cute/mild-bearable-fun-cringe, but unfortunately it is unrelentingly goosebumps-half-barf-cringe LOL

Like Im sure if I found this at age 9, I would've found it so exciting and fun. However, me today can't stop the cringe lool

Buddy he's 5 years old and goes into a monologue about familial relationships? Goes on a quest w a magic circle that somehow works even though he's supposed to not be able to use magic? Grows up but still clingy and cries a tantrum, yet everyone is just obsessed w him? Uh... more>> oh

In addition to bad plot devices and bad writing, author also doesn't really do character development well <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
singheat rated it
March 16, 2022
Status: c116
Came from the author's another work, This Love is Futile.

The chapters are kind of short, but enjoyable. MC is cute and know what he want. Since he is reincarnated as a person close to his absolute fav, of course he need to survive as long as he can, so that he can see his absolute fav grow up! The author also know how to express the MC's pain when the seizures came.

The occasional change of pov was crucial, makes the plot more engaging.

Look forward on the continuation on the story!
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nine_maybe rated it
April 14, 2024
Status: c28
i feel so uncomfortable reading this. It feel like MC wants to jump on his brother at any given moment but hold himself back because he wants to look like he jas some sort of moral. And everyone around him knows his obsession and just laugh it off cuz "he is so cute". Just legalize in*est in at this point because apparently everyone in this world is okay with it
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