I Went Out With a Losing Heroine, But Before I knew It, My Childhood Friend, Who’s Supposed to be The Winning Heroine Thought We Were Dating, Got Angry and Went Into an Argument


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One day, Yō Hazakura, who feels that going to school is pointless, witnesses Marin Akimi, one of the two most beautiful girls in school, lose out on her love.

The look on Marin’s face as she walks away makes him pause for a moment, but then he follows her to the rooftop to talk with her.

From there, Yō makes a promise to her.

After this, the two started hanging out with each other.

They started to be together at school.

After the people around them heard the words that Marin threw at him, they misunderstood that the two are dating― And for some reason, the winning heroine of this time, Kasumi Nemoto, turns against Marin.

Kasumi Nemoto― is a childhood friend of Yō.

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CalvinLong rated it
October 11, 2021
Status: c70
Loved the story at first, seemed like a pretty interesting setting for the situations of the characters.

As I read other NU reviews back when I was in chapter 29, 30 or so, I didn't understand why this gets so much hate. But now I totally get it

After the first arc, the childhood friend of MC, Kasumi, who was just awful, done things that hurt so many people (spread bad rumours of MC cuz she got rejected, date another guy for her own sake, also hurting Marin "the other heroine" for... more>> no f*king reason). Then all of sudden the MC started spoiling her and pamper her like nothing has changed at all? Many would say it's justifiable but no, clearly if someone has done that to you in real life it's a big mental attack and she got to just walk away then act like a b*tch towards anyone other than the MC? Shes my type too, long black haired girl but her personality is just utter BS no matter how you try to cover it up.

The sad thing is after the first arc, development of story got abrupt, inconsistent and just full of fanservice with the girl A LOT of readers hate (lol I miss when there were way more comments on the site when it was Marin arc instead of just dumb flirting between an indecisive no fuks given MC and a dependent b*tch that hurted others and still loved by some readers just because of her appearance and "cute" side, don't let your d*ck misguide you about what this girl has done to hurt people just for her feelings, please.

This story had so much potential, but instead of giving the childhood friend a way to redeem herself, the author just threw in a bunch of nonsense flirting that may actually please ur d*ck, perhaps. But no character development for her, after 70 chapters she stayed the same old dislikeable character that acts without giving a f*ck about the consequences.

I continued to read it hoping for a change for the better but nope, dropping it today and I wrote this to warn people not make the same mistake I did if you don't wanna be pissed off by how annoying the characters were, this novel was the true definition of turning love to hate for me. <<less
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AJ1703 rated it
July 17, 2021
Status: c38
Aight, Translator-san here.

First of all, compared to their other works, I'd say this is probably Nekokuro's best work yet in terms of writing. The way it's written is quite well in my opinion and is worthy of rating it as 5* or 4* depending on the person. The story so far may seem predictable but is actually well-executed.

Second, the characters are written properly. Although one may deem them as dumb at times and quite annoying rather, all the purpose of their actions were justified in the following chapters soon after.... more>> What I mean by that is, the author gave an explanation as to why they acted like that.

Third is kinda connected to the second one, you need to think carefully and remember to be able to get a feel of the characters. The other reviews may give a bad impression to you since it all comes down to taste and preferences in the first place, give it a read first until the latest chapters before drawing a conclusion.

Lastly, it updates frequently, or rather, on a daily basis, which means I'll also be doing it in a daily basis since chapters are quite short as long as I'm not busy lol.

I hope you guys give it a read and enjoy it the same way as I do. <<less
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Yash Allen
Yash Allen rated it
July 30, 2021
Status: c35
Starting is good I can say that but as story goes all crap messes up kasumi the childhood friend of MC is annoying character who wants to spoiled by MC but when MC stops spoiling she acts aggressively changed to aggressive personality ohh whatever to attract attention of MC who left her. And for the part of MC at starting you will think MC is good type but after he save a girl (Marin) from some situation that girl ended up fall in love and in mind MC know I... more>> think but now he is playing again spoiling part for childhood friend.[Story about problem caused by MC and solves by mc][thats it] Heroines are not that attractive like personality vise or character vise. And MC he is somewhat like he helps when he wants and ignore most thing as a result. <<less
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_neurotic.7 rated it
January 13, 2022
Status: c70
This was great at beginning but now I don't understand where author is trying to go with this. Chapters got shorter and the progress just got real slow. There is no sign of MC having romantic feelings for anyone till now and I don't expect any romantic developments happening any soon.

The story was really great at the start and I hope the author takes the story like how it used to be.

This is just my personal opinion but it feels like MC really needs some character development. His decision making... more>> skills are seriously lacking in my opinion. <<less
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FRASH_18 rated it
August 12, 2021
Status: c43
I enjoyed it, you get MC lonely MC who doesn't have any interest in others, however he treats the people close to him very kindly. MC is also very very rich I presume based on how he spends money on others easily, MC is also one of those smart pragmatic MCs who can solve problmes using 200 iq methods, like some lelouch shit, not so smart on paper tho as his grades barely pass. He's also confident and stands up for those close to him. Both main heroines are really... more>> cute and people will hate on the MCs childhood friend, but I personally find her extremely adorable how she loves to get pat by him and cuddles up on his lap when their alone. Just trust me and give it a try :) <<less
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MasterPannya rated it
October 23, 2021
Status: c75
If you read the title and said to yourself "Gee, is it all about a guy and a loser heroine getting together after she got rejected and making icha-icha scenes while the guy's childhood friend is seething on the background.", then that's about right for about ch. 33.

Then after that, it will be just your typical romcom we all know and hate. Yes, I said hate because this isn't a Reiwa-approved romcom.
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TepoK rated it
August 12, 2021
Status: --
The author already mentioned that this series would only have two main heroines which solidifies that this will only be a love triangle.

I think each characters have their own charm (the main ones at least).

The story looks to be quite predictable but even so, I thought that it was still written well so I gave it a 5*

(Not to mention, the translator-san is very active on updating this series too)
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Sam_Lingdis rated it
December 14, 2021
Status: c19
My impression: Excuse me what the f-

It's just that bad and everything just went downhill ever since.

... more>>

What was that, just went for him, do it, push him down. So there's this dating book that tells you to ditch your man and went for another man and you just do it??? Are your brain made out of pus in a non-rotting zombie body? I'm actually surprised that this trope still exist to this day, even NTR comic have better plot than this


Jokes aside, the writing up to this point is actually good, and the character are engaging, so give it a try. The main character and I surprisingly have the same hobby, travelling, though I'm not that rich so it's just me and my Super cub. I'm gonna stop here though. <<less
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TsukiYuuga rated it
July 21, 2021
Status: c22
its a 3 stars for sure but for some reason the more I read the more questions I get than answers.... more>>

the reason the girl stole someone boyfriend is to make the other popular girl depressed and make Yō jealous? Next why is ex guy still likes marin?next why are still the kasumi is the blond girl right? Why is she and the ex of marin still together like? Its fiction ofc it doesn't make sense all the the characters a weird the MC is a 1 sided dence guy the ex guy is a jelly airhead. Loli is an annoying tsundere m*sochist while the blonde girl is a dull m*sochist a side character for useless drama. Idk if its a love triangle if the blonde girl is just annoying Yō since shes she's still trying to make him jelly over another guy (his not) shes not physically showing interest in him rather than just act like as if shes his (Yō) girlfriend cheating on which she is not. She already has one the ex of the loli girl its question after question on the details

lets just say if you stick with logic you aint ganna enjoy reading this.

right? <<less
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Chaosrune rated it
March 8, 2023
Status: c54
Novel is ok, very average, a 3 starts really, but Kasumi is such an unlikable character, and the way the author handled her just made her much worse, which makes the novel a -5 stars, but because I can't rate that low, it gets 1 start.

Seriously, Kasumi is the epitome of a spoiled, rotten, manipulative character, that everyone seems to forgive because she is cute, and want to somehow make the MC the bad guy in any situation. I could literally feel my blood pressure rising in every chapter she... more>> was present.

This novel should have ended at around chapter 20, no worth reading further <<less
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worldofash rated it
January 7, 2022
Status: c83
This novel had a really good thing going for the first 30 chapters or so. Sadly, you can tell the author did not plan ahead enough. From around chapter 60-83 its been nothing but fill chapters that really aren't adding anything to the characters or the story. It's just gotten really dull. Maybe if it picks up again my rating would move from a 3 to a 4 but this tirade of filler has made it so that it can never get above a 4 for me.
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MonsieurLimes rated it
August 3, 2021
Status: c38
It's a generic harem (?) wholesome story so don't expect a game changing revolutionary story.

im not very decent at pointing out character development and story building so take my review with a grain of salt, but they seem kinda bland in this novel.

so basically, if you enjoy generic wholesome romance stories, this is for you.

if not, then it's not 4 u.
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rcpsycho rated it
July 30, 2021
Status: c35
So as it seems now, the conundrum in the first volume is almost exclusively exposition for the actual plot. A few people do a few s*upid things which causes other people to do s*upid things and cause a bunch of misunderstandings.

At times it seems a little unnecessarily complicated but it's not entirely impossible for it to happen that way, although the MC's ability to then see through a bunch of things (and remain completely dense towards others) seems a bit unnatural.

It's hard to say how the novel is going to... more>> develop, but since reading the first volume is basically just dealing with the troublesome characters of the main cast while a large portion of their past is deliberately kept in the dark, I'm giving it 3 stars for the time being. There's potential for it to improve later on, but at the time of writing this there are only three chapters translated from the second volume, so it's hard to tell whether the rest will turn out better than the first volume or worse. <<less
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Deadmilkmen rated it
January 14, 2023
Status: c75
This novel is a perfect example of when a writer loses his motivation after using up the creativity he had on a good idea. The first couple dozen chapters were good but then it's straight downhill from there. Perhaps he was influenced by comments and changed his original plan, either way, it's dumb and bad.
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Hagabk rated it
June 30, 2022
Status: c74
Not really a review this is just to remember myself what is this one about.

The first 30 ch, at least for me, was really enjoyable, but after that the story just goes down to a tipical romcom (and not a good one) that you can find anywhere with a lot of boring chaps. Well if you don't mind, give it a try.
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