Since I’ve Entered the World of Romantic Comedy Manga, I’ll Do My Best to Make the Heroine Who Doesn’t Stick With the Hero Happy.


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I love romantic comedy mangas.

However…….. my favorite heroine is a sub-heroine, a loser heroine who will never be able to connect with the protagonist.

One day I was hit by a truck and woke up to find myself playing the role of the hero’s best friend in a romantic comedy manga.

Yeah, this is probably a dream. I’m dreaming about being hit by a truck.

In the scene where the hero’s best friend is talking alone with my favorite heroine, I possessed that best friend.

In the classroom alone with my favorite heroine……… All I have to do is to say it.

“I like you.”

“What? What are you suddenly saying……..?!”

“I’ll make you happy. I want you to go out with me.”


Because I was dreaming, I casually told her.

If this wakes me up from my dream, I won’t have any regrets…….

……Hey, I can’t wake up from my dream? It’s usually the next day, you know?

What, am I reincarnated as this character by any chance?

This is the story of how I make sure my favourite heroine is happy.

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Isekai Romcom
I’ll Do My Best to Make the Heroine Happy
Love Comedy Manga ni Haitteshimatta node, Oshi no Make Heroine wo Zenryoku de Shiawase ni Suru
RabuKome Manga no Sekai ni Haitteshimattanode, Shujinkou to Kuttsukanai Heroin wo Zenryoku de Shiawase ni Suru
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37 Reviews

May 09, 2021
Status: c16
The story in nutshell is about a guy who got isekaied into his favorite manga become 'manga main chara best friend' and confess to sub heroine immedietely because MC know from the manga his fav sub heroine going to be wasted.

such opportunist lol. I like it a lot.

Character, its pretty confusing at start ngl but later you will get the idea about character info much more detailed.

Plotwise, the main sell is fluff. Honestly, author did good job doing it by sometimes change pov to the heroine so we could know... more>> actual the girl side feels.

World building, its vague but probably not really needed in this type of novel. Though hopefully there should be more info later.

Conclusion, very good novel to read for nice romance. It has been while since my last review (~2yrs lol) but this novel definetely deserve more attention. <<less
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Jul 18, 2021
Status: c36
Guys this is precious. Don't skip on this seriously.

MC gets isekaid to a romcom manga and confesses to a losing heroine. I won't spoil you the details but it's going in a positive way.

The love triangle which manga protagonist MC has would bother me because I don't like drama but it's not my problem at all! The actual MC has a really cute relationship with his love interest so I'm reading it like “Normies go explode” when the romcom parts happen around that world's manga protagonist

Only potential drama on Mc's... more>> part is his sister which is supposed to be another losing heroine in the actual manga gets jealous of her brother. But MC even if he's been her brother for days sees her as his sister so I don't see much future troubles.

If you're like me who likes protagonists who are not too shy to express their feelings, avoid love triangles because of the drama I have to say this one's so far good for you.

Also another thing, Sei-chan who MC likes is precious. I hope we get illustrations soon. <<less
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May 16, 2021
Status: c38
Ehh it’s sub par read ahead in the rows some. It’s ok until the date when the MC decides to just instantly betray the fML trust. It’s so fkn dumb then fMC is just like meh whatever my oppinion on the matter is pointless let’s date!

and the childhood friend of the MCs friend is a creepy fking stalker who won’t take no for an answer it’s not cute... that girl needs to be shot in the face for real. Do people in Japan think stalking and narcissistic personalities are sexy... more>> or something? I expect that by the end of this the females will dump these idiots for a real man not some pathetic backstabbing piece of crap

trust me do not read this at all unless you just want to be pissed off at the most pathetic MC you will ever and I mean ever read <<less
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Sep 02, 2021
Status: c70
Excellent execution. The MC is straightforward and the FMC is the shy type BUT they are honest to their feelings.
imo this is a unique isekai romcom, haven't read anything similar to this.
The writing bothers me a little bit.. Like the expression "Eh?" is overused during the first 30 chaps (ig its normal in a romcom?). But it did not annoy me to the extent of dropping this
If you think that this is gonna be some sad unrequited love triangle shit, that's what I thought too. But I was proved wrong. This is early romance. While there is a love triangle it was nothing to do with the MC of this novel.
That's all I have to say. Give this a try if you the synopsis.

ps you're gonna need some insulin
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Jul 09, 2021
Status: c33
The novel is so sweet that it gives me diabetes. It actually did something new where the focus was on the mains character best friend NOT stealing the main love interests of the protagonists and instead go for an entirely different character. Really interesting read and I totally recommend it.
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Feb 14, 2022
Status: c10
I must be reading from another timeline, because I have no idea why this is as highly rated as it is.

The intro was some of the most generic "isekai-ing" you can do, with the truck kun cliche. On top of that, the author does the laziest sh*t ever, and says that the character who he replaces inside the manga, has both the same name as him, and a very similar personality as him, with the cherry on top being that he just has all the memories of the character he... more>> took over, giving absolutely 0 conflict whatsoever.

To add to it even further, the dialogue/writing in itself is subpar as well, with simple sentences being used to describe everything. Paragraphs do not exist here, and neither does actual detailed showing, just a lot of boring telling. The characters are hardly memorable either. I kept struggling to even remember who each person was.

Straight into the dropped category for me. Do not waste your time on this unless you are specifically ok with reading plain tr*sh just for some cringy wholesomeness. <<less
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Yash Allen
Yash Allen
Jul 27, 2021
Status: c37
Best romance novel If you are fond thrilling romance then check this out no time waste and amazing dialogue of MC, Story is ok and concept is excellent Main Heroine is best I can say that and short read it takes about 3 min to read each chapter, translation is simple but excellent ;; MC is straightforward type and FL is shy type
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May 03, 2022
Status: c71
This is definitely one of my fav. romcoms with it having the unique plot of having our MC isekaied into his favourite romcom manga.

  1. First things I liked about this LN is MC is not dumb at first I was thinking MC is an idoit but after some chapters MC also start changing manga plot and this light novel is also not like other Isekaied manga where MC is loser suddenly and he don't have friend and suddenly MC after meeting fMC start getting famous
  2. Second thing I like about is fMC and MC realtionship.... they were so cute and many wholesome moment u gys might need insulin. MC is straightforward but also shy at the same time and FMC is shy but really honest with her feelings.
If u gys like... more>> where MC is not idiot and where u can easily find wholesome and sugar stuff I definitely gonna recommend u this LN. Please anyone tell when this LN goona update;) <<less
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Kuro Alicia
Kuro Alicia
Jan 01, 2022
Status: c14
First of all, I hate tsundere

And here we got fMC as tsundere without Harem to ease my feelings

I bet they would start dating at chapter 100+ & kiss at chapter 200+

If this is Isekai with sword & magic, I can stomach it

I really thought they would go out start dating at the early chapter & develope their love for each other, but fMC just make MC to wait & didn't reply his confession. I really thought that from the description... F
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Sep 25, 2021
Status: c50
This is definitely one of my favourite romcoms with it having the unique premise of having our MC isekaied into his favourite romcom manga.

I think the best thing about this series is the early romance, once he realises he's in the romcom world he immediately sets out to confess to one of the losing heroines of the story, Sei. Every single second from the moment of the confession, or rather something more like a proposal, we get a lot of lovey-dovey flirting from the two as their relationship progresses. Both... more>> characters are really sweet together and it will require a sh*t ton of insulin to get through the sugary atmosphere they give off.

There isn't a single unlikable character amongst the roster. The MC is intelligent, using his knowledge of the manga to set things on the right course whilst simultaneously using his time to flirt and fall in love with our FMC. The FMC is outwardly stylish, smart and competitive only to melt into a puddle of embarrassment when it comes to our MC. Then we have the original protagonists of the manga, I think Tenjoin is my favourite from them. At first she seems like a stalker only for us to learn the real reason why she fell in love with the protagonist and that is just super sweet.

Honestly, I hope this gets made into a light novel soon because the premise and overall presentation of the series certainly deserves it. <<less
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Aug 22, 2021
Status: c41
I was lured by the yandere tag and also the premise, after reading it for a bit I've concluded that this wasn't what I expected but goddamn it's really good.

The flufiest romance story I've read in a while and when I realized I broke into a grin while reading it. All dumb dialogues are fun to read, even the dumb conversations from MC with his "best friend" made me laugh and it really felt like "Me and the boys" kinda talk.

The MC is great, true to himself, honest but he... more>> doesn't hold back and says what's on his mind to heroine, and since he knows the story of world he got transported in, he doesn't get c*cky or all-over himself and in my book that's a great MC.

I don't know if the way words written is in the original or because of the translator, but nevertheless, this is pretty easy to read with simple words, no hard drama stuff, and a few numbers of characters to remember.

The only problem imo tho, he gets accustomed to the world and blends really easily, the other character that knows the guy who gets replaced by the MC just gets along with MC naturally even tho they only had the same name (or maybe they explained that they have the same personality or something and I missed it).

PS: Main heroine is not yandere, side character is but she's not the heroine to our MC. <<less
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Nov 02, 2022
Status: c26
This is the first time I'm writing any review on this site. I've never considered that, but this particular novel made me do that, especially because of all those great reviews and high scores.

I won't give this novel one star only because the premise is quite interesting, and the first two chapters are OK. But then it just goes downhill without any brakes whatsoever. I'm not going to summarise the plot or anything - a lot of people did it already, so I find it pointless. I'll try to stick... more>> to the few things I've liked about this title and a lot of things I hated with all my heart. So let's go


  • The protagonist can be kinda okayish when he is not busy being an absolute f*cking creep
  • As I said earlier - I find the premise of the story quite interesting
  • The protagonist's little sister seems OK, I guess?
I've just quickly pointed out everything I've liked about this novel since I can't really elaborate too much on any of those points anymore. Yet I don't want to be unfair to point only the bad things about it.

Speaking of bad things - what did I find bad about that novel? Basically everything else. So, first things first:

The Protagonist:

I've liked him for the first two or so chapters when he 'confessed' (or rather proposed) to FMC. I've found it kinda fresh that he is so upfront with his feelings. And when I was thinking about that he just transformed into a massive coomer creep, whose only interaction with FMC was telling her how cute she is and shit. I mean I could find it somehow cute or romantic if he did it normally, yet he decided that's the only thing he can talk about with the FMC, to the point it actually became quite unsettling for me. I mean, yeah, they've talked about other stuff as well, but author wasn't generous enough to share those conversations with us. The dialogues between main characters are basically like this:

MC> u cute
FMC> >>blushes<<
FMC> stop pls
MC> but u cute
then we talked about other stuff for half an hour. After that:
MC> u cute
FMC> >>blushes<<
FMC> stop pls
MC> but u cute

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand that's it basically.

Oh, speaking of dialogues and general penmanship of the author - it's abysmal. I can't even find words for some of the chapters. The dialogues are simply bad, the POV changes constantly in the span of a single chapter without any warning whatsoever, and during half of the chapters I feel like I'm reading an elementary schooler's homework essay or something like that. I mean... here's a quote from c25:

"Shigemoto and Shiho, as well as Sei-chan and Hisamura, were able to safely enter the amus**ent park.

This amus**ent park is very large and has many different attractions and facilities.

It's impossible to ride all the attractions in this amus**ent park in one day"

Like... seriously? Do you really want me to believe, the person who wrote AND published that is more than ten years old? I mean at first, I was seriously confused, but I've just assumed the fault lies in the translation or something, but after a few chapters, even the translator and editor started complaining about absolutely random POV changes. That's why believing the author isn't the most skillful writer and just pushing all the blame on him wasn't the hardest thing to do for me. Of course, I may be wrong, but still, I'm just reviewing what I've read - which is the translated work.

Overall I can't really bring myself to rate it lower, since I've really liked a few things about this novel, yet I feel like each subsequent one wanted me to hate it even more.

tl;dr - don't read it, it's horrible, the characters are creepy and the author should try to finish his elementary school before he starts publishing anything. <<less
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Jan 30, 2022
Status: c69
I like the MC because I can relate to his feelings towards "losing heroines". After all, those are the ones who end up being my favorite characters most times. They also deserve love, I hate that the author creates them just to make them miserable. So props to the MC.

I will say I'm surprised. While the MC gets embarrassed easily, at least he is straightforward with his feelings and is proactive. And even if he is head-over-heels with the FL, he is at least aware of his surroundings, helps others... more>> when he is able, and doesn't try to help everything that moves.
The FL is ¡¡PRECIOUS!!. Seriously, I love her, from her design to her personality, she has most things I like in a character. My only problem is that she gets embarrassed easily, as well as some other things when it comes to her relationship

The thing that bothers me is that while they don't take handholding as a babymaking tool, and they are fine with hugging, they get way too embarrassed when they have to do anything else. It's just painful to watch, although that adds to the fluffiness.

As far as the translation goes, I love it, and the TLN/EDN are funny and express how people feel as well. Highly recommended <<less
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Aug 01, 2021
Status: c69
I read ahead to the recently released chapter for the raw, and honestly this one is really nice.

It's a story about a dude getting isekai'd into a manga world and trying to make one of the losing heroine of the manga happy. My impression on it? To put it shortly the story filled with sugar, so much sugar that sometimes it's actually physically painful to read through it. The author doesn't really have a knack on being descriptive and sometimes he just repeating sentences on the description, but honestly, that... more>> doesn't really matter because the best thing about this novel is the character interaction, the dialogues. The MC has a really good chemistry with literally every character in the novel, he carried the whole novel for me, the guy just know what to do. Of course the other characters didn't fall far behind him, the FMC especially is a close second, though I think she is kinda hit and miss as a FMC, you'll either like her immediately or find her too bland for your taste, until you read her PoV and you find the reason why you should love her with all your heart.

Well, overall it's a nice story, nothing too deep, just enjoy the character interaction and start grinning like an idiot while you do it. <<less
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May 03, 2021
Status: c12
Rejoice! Fellow fluff readers as you've found something truly different from all the copies of otonari no tenshi sama and has some truly diabetes inducing scenes. As far as I've read, the plot is simple but engaging. The writing and translation both, are very good. Looking forward to new chapters.
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Sep 08, 2023
Status: c83
The story starts out good, then becomes average.

Summary: MC gets isekai and confesses to a side character. With a side plot of his friend being in a love triangle.

It differs from the traditional romance stories where it builds up to a confession, so you'll get to see what happens after the confession ... more>>

and dating

. It's not too much different from normal high school romance stories like sports day, amus**ent parks, and being shy. The MC is bold with his compliments though. Also, the author does overuse the bit where MC gets nosebleeds when aroused too much.

The story just turns into a normal high school romance, so I'm not too motivated to read more.

The translation is done well though. <<less
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Oct 04, 2022
Status: c24
So I'm going to try to suppress my personal bias but its definitely going to show at some points in this review.

To start I'm going to use main character for this story's main character, protagonist for the ikemen from the original world, childhood friend for protag's childhood friend, and normal girl for protag love interest who isn't childhood friend.

The childhood friend in this story, who is suppose to be one of the 2 love interests for the protagonist raises an enormous number of red flags. To label her as a... more>> stalker is an understatement, a basic example is when she learns that protagonist is doing something on a date and won't tell her she decides to sit in a car outside his house the day before, then follow him to whatever event he did. She also used her wealth and power to keep every girl around protag from making a move on him to the point where protag believes he is unpopular.
While this part is my complete personal bias I find this type of yandere character to be disgusting and ruin a story, I cannot relate at all with the target audience of sad people who imagine their partner to be this obsessed with them to cover up their insecurities. And for clarification I'm not labeling this on all yanderes, I can understand if people like the character for reasons like character complexity or even something like looks, but when it comes to this type of behavior, especially in a story like this where the yandere character is nothing but a stalker who needs to be reported it just ruins the entire story.

Now onto the main character himself... His personality is horrible if you actually think about his actions. When he sees protag talking about confessing on his date with normal girl he has inner monolog about basically he wants the confession to fall through because if he does confess than the story would never start. During this time main character is going on a date with the girl he likes to keep childhood friend from interfering with protag & normal girls date and during this time he is having more inner monolog about how he hopes childhood friend will come and interfere with them... While you actually need to think about his actions to see this, which is why I'm guessing so many people gave this a decent rating, the main character doesn't care at all about protagonist (Who he is suppose to view as his best friend) or even the sub-heroine he is suppose to be madly in love with... While his best friend (protag) is wanting to seriously confess rather than rooting for the mutually feeling's couple he wants them to be put in a difficult love triangle where the best friend of the sub-heroine will most likely end up heartbroken while the protagonist gets together with someone who is a stalker and needs to seek help for their mental health (childhood friend)

Now, I can already see some people reacting with "Well, he is wanting the confession to fall through because then protagonist won't get saved" but thats a horrible reason. While it is unfortunate that the childhood friend's mom is dead and doesn't have a good family relationship making her desire love it is absolutely unacceptable behavior to be this manipulative. The childhood friend needs to get her mental health evaluated and go through a healthy healing process, and part of that process will make it necessary for her to understand that protagonist has his own life and she needs to accept that he loves someone else. By putting all 3 of these characters into a love triangle just because "the story" is in my opinion a very morally wrong choice. All I believe it shows is an absolute lack of care for other people.

There are countless subtle examples of the main character being a piece of shit... Another example is how he said he loves the sub-heroine and would make her happy yet when that same sub-heroine is rooting for her best friend (normal girl) he actively cares very little about the situation. Even if he doesn't care about his best friend he should at the very least put in his best effort for the person he claims he loves but instead he actively hopes their efforts are futile. Not to mention in real life theres no way in hell the sub-heroine would like him. His confession was really creepy, with things like how he started using a pet name for her and it came off being very obsessive and disturbing...

Anyway, I ended up putting a lot more of my emotion and bias into this than I would of liked for a review but I hate this story. I generally reserve 1 star reviews for the worst books (Things like unreadable translation or horrible plots with rampart sized plot armor) but I'm giving this one a 1 star just because of how much I hate two characters in this novel. The thing that disturbs me the most while thinking about this is how the author writes like this mindset is normal or acceptable, I know some things are probably being used as a gag like how the childhood friend stalks him but the subtle details like the main characters confession and how they attempted to make the main character likeable without noticing the contradictions and egotism in the thoughts makes me think the author is subconsciously projecting and has some issues they need to work out.

Overall I would say this story is probably fine if you only read it at the most surface level and are able to ignore things like stalking but if you ever think about the way the characters act the story the main character I believe is very twisted and disturbing. Anyway, rant over. <<less
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Jul 08, 2022
Status: c80
This beats all romcom i've ever read. I can't express how good it is. Wait no, ITS BETTER THAN ALL LIGHT NOVEL THAT I'VE READ.

This light novel made me fall in love with Sei-chan that made all of my childhood crush from real girls to anime girls downgraded by a ten-fold.

tl;dr: I love Sei-chan.

[c80 because I got too desperate to wait for more translation so I went to the japanese site]
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May 23, 2021
Status: --
not gonna lie I have a huge expectation when I read the tittle cause I love story where MMC got isekaid then chase after the villainess or the losing heroine.. I won't give spoiler maybe its my fault for having expectation but this disappoint me. What a waste of a good trope, this got potential.


aanyway if you know more story (im fine with novel/manga/manhwa) where MMC (Male Main Character) got isekaid then chase after the villainess or the losing heroine pls recommend me
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Apr 29, 2024
Status: --
Surprised how much I liked this one. There isn't anything special in it or fantastic but it's a light hearted, warm and sometimes funny read. As with the title and it's description it's basically about a guy being reincarnated into a novel as an extra and he's always been crazily in love with a side character who's a so called losing heroine, basically someone in love with the MC but has no shot at the MC. But unlike other stories he's very upfront with it and confesses to her as... more>> quickly as he can. Then it pretty much becomes a love story for the most part where the MC is going 200% for her while she wants to take it slow and get to know him first.

There are a lot of cliches however since it's based on a rom-com novel with a harem MC but most of it doesn't happen to the MC and instead it happens to other characters while he's close by either watching it or trying to stop it.

Still for whatever reason, most likely money, the WN has been put on hiatus for some time now think it's been like 1-2 years, while a LN is being slowly released. So don't expect an ending anytime soon, also a bit of a downside which often happens in stories like this is that it loses it's charm a bit as you read more and more chapters since often times it's much the same and there isn't really much progress in the relationship. <<less
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