I desperately need some insulin after this(sugar and fluff romance)

I desperately need some insulin after this(sugar and fluff romance)
No particular criteria except it has to be fluffy and sweet. Nothing will be excluded(ex: might have dense protags, harems, etc.) as long as it is sweet enough. That being said, if said bad elements(previous but also including things like low TL quality, rigid dialogue, etc.) detract too much to the point where it makes the story not feel fluffy/sweet enough then it won't be on this list. Exception to this rule is isekai cuz f*ck isekai. Anyways, prepare to die to sugar overdose.
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Created: Dec 21st, 2021, Updated: Jun 1st, 2023
Created Dec 21st, 2021
Updated Jun 1st, 2023
JP (4.2)
135 Chapters Every 1.1 Day(s) 2806 Readers 21 Reviews 09-24-2023
an actually proactive MC who wants to do something with his life. wow can't believe it. jokes aside really good fluff really sweet
JP (4.5)
83 Chapters Every 40.7 Day(s) 5119 Readers 33 Reviews 06-05-2023
if you read one thing on this list u better read this. it'll make me die of diabetes I completely agree with the protagonist on... more>>
JP (3.8)
34 Chapters Every 48.3 Day(s) 685 Readers 1 Reviews 03-01-2022
it's pretty good. it starts kind of slow then devolves into some flirting madness so yeah read it.
JP (4.1)
101 Chapters Every 28.3 Day(s) 1085 Readers 4 Reviews 08-26-2023
immense fluff immense happiness. kind of slow paced though, but I didn't really mind it. It's really cute. fyi catgirl comes out like around chapter... more>>
JP (3)
110 Chapters Every 35.9 Day(s) 766 Readers 3 Reviews 09-13-2022
wish fulfillment fluff but idgaf its still fluff and sweet
JP (4.2)
102 Chapters Every 10.2 Day(s) 4703 Readers 21 Reviews 09-19-2023
there's a reason this is doing well in Japan. really fluffy really sweet give it a shot
JP (4.7)
131 Chapters Every 22.3 Day(s) 3379 Readers 46 Reviews 11-25-2022
second thing you have to read on this list. the character interactions are just so f*cking good and it's pretty funny as well. I love... more>>
JP (3.8)
110 Chapters Every 14.4 Day(s) 3200 Readers 13 Reviews 06-12-2023
questionable harem and we have a lot of the tropes as well(in the MC and fMC) but at the same time it's pretty sweet still.... more>>
JP (4.1)
171 Chapters Every 8.1 Day(s) 4032 Readers 22 Reviews 06-09-2023
kind of general-ish premise but imo the writing/pacing is really good. It's got just the right amount of loner protag and cute fMC
JP (4.2)
133 Chapters Every 22.6 Day(s) 2100 Readers 12 Reviews 05-26-2023
budget school goddess. well not really, it's got its own charms but its kind of generic.....that being said it's still good fluff and was good... more>>
JP (3.6)
59 Chapters Every 28.3 Day(s) 1416 Readers 2 Reviews 09-08-2022
at least the MC isn't as dense as bedrock.....maybe as dense as a rock fits here? at least he's aware that the one fMC likes... more>>
JP (3.8)
79 Chapters Every 39.1 Day(s) 889 Readers 5 Reviews 04-11-2022
kind of generic yet still really good fluff/10. honestly well-paced character development and I have no issues with it so far. read when u feel... more>>
JP (3.4)
103 Chapters Every 39.1 Day(s) 2038 Readers 15 Reviews 12-25-2022
i can't think of anything to write about this series other than that it has a shitty love triangle with somewhat annoying characters. It wasn't... more>>
JP (3.7)
45 Chapters Every 22.4 Day(s) 1065 Readers 3 Reviews 09-06-2023
it gets going pretty quickly so that's a plus I guess. not enough here yet though but I'm anticipating lots of fluff
JP (3.4)
49 Chapters Every 0.7 Day(s) 905 Readers 2 Reviews 11-20-2022
what can I say....I like the premise, the characters seem cute, and most importantly I was caught by the art. I'll stick around it seems... more>>
JP (3.7)
96 Chapters Every 43.9 Day(s) 1332 Readers 5 Reviews 04-13-2022
this is so f*cking sweet help me please I'm dying. not on par with sei-chan but yeah this is basically just a turn off your... more>>
JP (4.4)
48 Chapters Every 46.5 Day(s) 2065 Readers 15 Reviews 09-17-2023
i really liked this honestly. it doesn't really fit the generic idea of being fluffy or sweet but at the same time I felt it... more>>
JP (3.8)
77 Chapters Every 34.1 Day(s) 2766 Readers 10 Reviews 10-13-2022
i mean they're really cute? It's sort of generic but also high levels of fluff with a pretty fast start so there's nothing wrong with... more>>
JP (4.1)
71 Chapters Every 36 Day(s) 1529 Readers 1 Reviews 08-17-2023
kind of slow paced romance. similar to otonari no tenshi I guess(which I didn't leave here since I thought it would be an obvious candidate... more>>
JP (4)
29 Chapters Every 48.1 Day(s) 869 Readers 4 Reviews 05-23-2022
chuuni ftw. but yeah pretty funny honestly. chuuni premise is a nice twist
JP (4.1)
8 Chapters Every 84.5 Day(s) 719 Readers 0 Reviews 07-22-2022
not enough chapters for me to say anything but fluff detector is going off
JP (3.9)
44 Chapters Every 19.7 Day(s) 1839 Readers 10 Reviews 02-07-2023
same as above
JP (4.1)
42 Chapters Every 1.4 Day(s) 1355 Readers 4 Reviews 09-21-2023
this is adorable and heartwarming. read it thanks
JP (4.4)
7 Chapters Every 38.9 Day(s) 1913 Readers 9 Reviews 04-04-2023
well the TLs kind of got axed since it got licensed but it managed to give me diabetes while it was still there. look for... more>>
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  1. truebulge
    truebulge· Aug 27, 2022 06:36 AM
    I logged in to say this list is god tier. Thank you for showing the ways of the fluff.
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  2. Kootus
    Kootus· Jan 11, 2022 10:46 AM
    Thanks for the list and all the effort in writing descriptions for everything!
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  3. Steppe
    Steppe· Jan 10, 2022 04:17 PM

    Can I recommended to you 

    "Became Friends With The Second Cutest Girl in Class"

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    • jiru-shan
      jiru-shan· Author · Jan 11, 2022 03:42 AM
      literally already on the list. been there since neosekai released the first chapter XD. I was literally eyeing the series even before neosekai started translating it lol. 
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    • Steppe
      Steppe· Jan 11, 2022 05:03 PM

      @jiru-shan What about 

      "I’m Having Trouble With a High School Girl I Meet on the Commuter Train Who for Some Reason Has Taken a Liking to Me" ?

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    • jiru-shan
      jiru-shan· Author · Jan 11, 2022 11:27 PM
      @Steppe reading(?) it. It's on my reading list and I was reading each chapter on release for a while, but it seemed to be slow paced, so I just didn't touch it for a while(in order to just be able to binge). I guess I just forgot to add it to this list since I did enjoy it. kinda busy rn but i'll add it later. thanks for reminding me
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  4. passer
    passer· Dec 30, 2021 03:13 PM
    try I Was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but That World Is at Peace 
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