I Was Reincarnated as a Villainous Aristocrat Who Is Stepping Stones for a Hero, and While I Was Trying to Make My Favorite Heroine Happy, Before I Knew It, I Was Stealing the Hero’s Events and Destroying the Storyline


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“What’s going on? I’ve been reincarnated. ?”

I was immensely surprised to see a boy with nasty looking eyes reflected in a full-length mirror.

It was because he looked just like the villainous nobleman Cain, the pathetic underdog who is killed when his fiancee is stolen by the hero Abel in the game “Apocalypse”.

Moreover, the heroine who was stolen by the hero was Selvia, the heroine I liked the most in the game.

Damn it! If I don’t do something, the heroine whom I’m most attracted to will be stolen away and thawn away by a pick-up hero. I absolutely cannot let that happen.

I decided to destroy the game’s storyline and try to achieve a happy future with Selvia.

I’ve played this game all the way through, I should be able to do it!

This is the story of a main character who was reincarnated as a lazy villainous aristocrat, but with [game knowledge x hard work], before he knows it, he ends up surpassing the game’s hero

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3 Reviews

Jan 21, 2024
Status: --
To be honest, the story is really good!

The MC sounds irresponsible person, but I actually like his enthusiasm to change the plot on his favor.

Lets stop the word of Sigma and other new words to generalize a character.

... more>> The author balance the story in the first volume, and hopefully, it will continue to polish a wonderful ending. The heroines and other side characters have a distinct personalities that both female and male readers will pique of interest.

There is a moral lesson anyways.


Since the MC changes the plot, it will eventually lead to a harsh consequences. If the author creates a scenario, he should add a butterfly effect where the MC lost track of the next plot.

I understand his standards, but the author should read steins gate. Fate cannot change without paying the dime. <<less
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Feb 26, 2024
Status: c80
The story is super generic.

The MC is a generic jp MC pu*sy beta male. He didn't even kill the hero in order to have a "final battle" like a tr*shy xianxia protagonist sparing his rival. He pulls game knowledge straight put of his ass when it's convenient. Even the side characters and antagonists are cardboard cutouts.

Hell, there's basically almost zero descriptions of the main cast so you can't even imagine what they look like if you forget a detail buried between the texts.

The worst part is the translations. This translator... more>> basically pump and dumps shitty MTL with zero to no editing whatsoever. Even chatgpt will do a better job doing this shit. ESL isn't an excuse if they confuse pronouns and switch up name translations every time. <<less
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Mar 15, 2024
Status: c83
If you came for the harem and romance you might have mix feelings. On one hand he could be categorized as beta MC since he wants to wait for marriage to do anything with the female lead but he does hug her, pat her head and say sweet things. As per the harem aspect: if you want a harem you might be disappointed since he doesnt want one but 1) judt knoe that hes basically he's forced into one if you need it happen 2) the reason he doesn't want... more>> that is consistent with the premise of the story: he hated the harem ending and wanted to make the female lead happy and she doesn't want a harem either, so basically you're not getting a harem because he's not a cheater.

As per the hero, he doesn't kill him not because of some delusion but because he has done so much and was too much of a threat to just die so they t*rtured him, then let him walk free restricted so the people could t*rture him and since he's immortal everyone that suffered and lost loved ones because of him got a chance to at least k*ll him plenty of times over months while he was starved and wandering, WAY for satisfying punishment than locking him away or getting read of him. And there's a need to beat him fair abd square: by beating him you confirm the world doesn't need the damn hero to survive.

The finale....


I guess what this is trying to do but it's still insanely frustrating. Especially the idea that he could be "loved by everyone" like Sophie wants for some reason. He didn't get crazy and kill people he tortured and destroyed families and r*ped thousands of women and killed God knows how many of them in the cruelest ways, and not not only does he not die but he could even be appreciated? Because Sophie said "but he's my childhood friend"? And noe people are starting to love him because he's killing demons while forced by s s*ave contract and wants to marry Sophie? He does not deserve happiness and shouldn't get it, by that logic even Prince Leom committed way less crimes than him but we rightfully never see him again. Safe to say I don't like what happened with the Hero, but up until the penultimate chapter it was good


Ps: one thing thay pleasantly surprised me were the powers, they are actually genuenly interesting and if it was a more fleshed out and serious series and if they made a manga I think it would be pretty appreciated and as a story it actually feels complete especially since nothing was dragged. Some parts could have been more fleshed out but they would have either made the story 3 times longer or felt rushed so they are better left to the imagination <<less
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