I Was Reincarnated as a Poor Farmer in a Different World, so I Decided to Make Bricks to Build a Castle


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A baby was born in a world of swords and magic, crying innocently.

The boy held the memory of Japan, a different world from the world he lived in.

However, he was born as the son of a poor farmer.

The boy, who witnessed the harsh reality, was driven off to the situation that couldn’t be called a “slow life”.

Using his specialty, earth magic, the boy initiated to fill his hungry stomach.

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Isekai no Binbou Nouka ni Tenseishita no de, Renga wo Tsukutte Shiro wo Taterukoto ni Shimashita
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Gabi94 rated it
March 29, 2021
Status: --
There are other problems, and other qualities too. BUT what stands out is this :

A LOT, of obvious plot holes. I MEAN, SO OBVIOUS it's just awful. I kept waiting for them to be corrected or for new information to come along and correct it, but no. For me was like a 10 yo wrote this with no regard for things he wrote before, just making up as he goes. Look, plot holes are common, I honestly don't mind them too much. I think particularly in WN they are... more>> a given, especially since these novels are usually too long to keep track of everything, and not really a professional book, so my expectations usually are low enough regarding them, but this one was surprising in a bad way.

There's no way you can read a story where a character (one of the very few) goes to war, and the next day he appears in the house and no explanation is given to the reader. If the series of events changes without explanation, then how can the reader understand or keep up with the plot? And it is only chapter 31 guys. The author realized his mistakes in one instance, but instead of writing something correcting like using a sentence that made us see something now, that happened in the past, he inserts a solution in the storyline AFTER the problem.

The explanation in the "spoiler" part will make this more understandable, and Honestly, if you are used to good novels or at least one where the author cares about cohesion, I recommend reading the spoilers, nothing too revealing and can spare you from reading this.

The author doesn't even know how to correct something so simple, he can create literally any excuse, but he creates one that doesn't solve the problem. " Here, about that meteor, take this orange juice."

  • The creatures plot holes: He can't sell them, because he experimented on one of them and now all of them have magic, he knows this isn't common so he can't sell them, he realized it in chapter 24, in chapter 27 he sells them (????).
    NO, there wasn't any explanation or solution before, the author just forgot about the problem that he himself introduced in the novel (??) AND in just 3 chapters, 3 NOT 300 !
  • In chapter 29 -"I'm angry! They hurt my cute children!"
    Some people cut the horn of the creatures that he raised, he cried and was so angry
  • In chapter 30- "I can't stop laughing at my good fortune. Let's make a profit by selling Familiars in large quantities from now on."
  • In chapter 31 - "I have to do something that isn't very pleasant from now on. It was the task of cutting the horns off of the Familiars."
  • Later he discovers that the creatures without horns cannot use magic, thus "solving" the problem, BUT NOT THE PLOT HOLE! See, If the author just said something like " He already knew before he sold them, that's why he sold " Even if it was obvious that the author forgot and just corrected it later, it would be fine, but he "corrected" it in this way that didn't explain the characters actions, taking any cohesion of the plot and character at the same time.
  • In chapter 7- " Why does my father, who is a farmer and has a field, leave the house? It was because he was sent to war." The father was practically never mentioned again until chapter 16 when this happened: "I sit on a suitable bench with my parents and wait. There were a few others around, as well. " NO, he never said his father came back, or that his father would come back shortly, apparently, war is just like a normal job, you go, fight, kill, and return home in the next day.
    I think the author introduces the war in the country by saying the father went to fight on it, but then forgot that this was how he introduced it. To be honest, I had already forgotten about the father, after all, he was just MENTIONED in two or three instances. I just realized this because in chapter 28 the father resurfaces again to take him to negotiation and I was like: wait wasn't he fighting in the war ?? Then I went back, and he was already home for his baptism ??

    I know, this isn't a big deal, one time, but in 31 chapters he did this a lot. I just mentioned the ones that pissed me off the most.. And the fact that he cannot correct the situation even when it is so simple that even I can think of a way out, means that there is no more hope for this novel

And animal cruelty, what a nice way to make a character likable huh, I wonder, how didn't anyone thought of that before? OH, they did,

but usually for psychopaths... <<less
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hawlol rated it
February 25, 2021
Status: --
First, nice job by the translator as he's doing his best and releasing several chaps in a day, without any help.

Unfortunately the novel doesn't help. The chapters are mega short and there are too many repeated lines. The MC says the same things over and over again. It wouldn't be so bad with long chapters, but it becomes even more agravating with short ones. Barely any interactions with other characters and most of it is tell don't show.
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PianoConspiracy rated it
October 17, 2021
Status: c61
Oof this is a rough one.

The premise is fine. The issue is that the 'world' of this novel is 1 character, the protagonist, and never expands beyond that.

To better explain lets pick a random LN like Ascendance of a bookworm. The first few chapters the world of the main character is the only relevant point of view, all other characters are kind of just there, but then she meats Lutz and now Lutz has ambitions, hopes and dreams, goals etc. Tulli then gets expanded as a character and she starts... more>> being relevant to the story, then Benno, then Ferdinand etc. As the story continues, more people start coming into plot relevancy, having their own story arcs and points of view.

This WN never gets to that point. Ars (our protagonist) is the sole point of view and every other character doesn't have any ambition, or has a single chapter before getting tossed to the wayside. We know his mother chastised him for spending all their money but she basically never shows up again. We find out like actually 30 chapters in that he has an older brother, presumably written in by the author because he needed a strong right hand man for combat related things, and a younger brother like 40 chapters in. We know he has a dad who was supposedly off at war but at some random point he returns home. Like there is a war going on somewhere, that should be plot relevant but its handwaved as 'over now'.

All other characters in this world exist seemingly solely exist when the protagonist is interacting with them or thinking about them, because all of their decisions, motivations, and actions are related to something that the protagonist did. We have next to no insight into their personalities. Time skips occur and basically nothing changes. Massive changes to the world occur around the main character (all caused by him) and the only thing mentioned are that people are surprised.


Like this dude turned a thatch and stone village into a f*cking marble metropolis with roman roads in 4 directions, and walls and the people of the village were like "cool I guess."


In short, the author is writing this story like its a MMORPG, where characters beside you don't matter, and the plot is solely driven by your actions.

Other than that, the story is incredibly simplistic, and the chapters are pretty short. Great translation efforts though. Don't recommend. Don't read. <<less
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RagingDs rated it
June 14, 2021
Status: c49
This is a good translation of a story that is mediocre at best. Despite having had some hope for this series originally, there sadly just isn't really anything that really makes it stand out or even particularly interesting for that matter. The MC is pretty generic and doesn't seem to really grow, his surroundings are so irrelevant that you don't even learn he has older brothers that live with him until he is 8 years old (like 40 chapters in), and despite his blatantly odd use of magic that allows... more>> him to build brick buildings at 3 years old even though no one can even get magic until they are 5 not a single person bats an eye in the entire story. If you like bland novels with huge plot holes then this might be for you, but otherwise there are plenty of better ones out there. <<less
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Benjam35 rated it
February 27, 2021
Status: c27
This story has been interesting so far. MC's goals are realistic and it will be interesting to see where it takes him. Magic system is unique in that you can 'trademark' spells which I found interesting so people using them later can't change them. I also thought transferring magic to others was unique in that they are stuck doing it your way forever. It limits magic that others can use so it will be interesting to see how that turns out.

The translation is good and congratulations to the translator. Keep... more>> up the hard work.

Now, a few things I don't like. I think the author's usage of terms are at times repetitive. Also I am hoping the MC has more interactions with people before long. I mean I know next to nothing about his family other than his mom is mostly hands off. His dad went off to war and for all I know never came back and he seems to have siblings that we know little about. Perhaps he just doesn't care about his family because of his reincarnated status.

Whatever the reason I like the unique magic system and dislike the lack of human interaction.

Edit: His dad appears and saves his butt. Nice to see he is still around. Hopefully we will see more of him. I like the peddler so perhaps we are about to see more interactions. <<less
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dominusdeus17 rated it
February 4, 2022
Status: c200
The translator asked us to write a review so here it is. (Even though he did ask us to do it this is my honest opinion)

this novel is one of my new favorite isekai novels. Among the piles and piles of tr*sh that is out there this one manages to be fresh and original feeling. There are people who are reviewing saying it’s repetitive but it’s no more repetitive than any other slice of life story. The magic system is interesting and I haven’t seen it before. And there... more>> are no levels! Thank goodness there are no levels. Not that there aren’t good novels out there with levels but I’m so sick of the trope it’s nice to have a novel without it.

this novel has more action and political intrigue than your typical slice of life story but it is still a slice of life so it’s all resolved fairly easily so far.
The translation has gotten a lot better since the start so good job translator! It’s tough to improve your self particularly when you are just starting. It’s not necessary for me since I’m already here but it might be a good idea to go back and correct and readjust the earlier chapters to lower the bar for new readers. Update rate is frequent too which is great.

all in all its a good novel as long as you like slice of life and are okay with the formula. That said it does still feel fresh and original. I would recommend this novel. <<less
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TUSF rated it
April 24, 2022
Status: c168
It's... Ok? The world is occasionally interesting, and so is the magic system, and all that. But 99% of the story is just the MC's inner monologue. Character interactions always feel extremely shallow, and the story telling in general is just very sub-par.

Of course, Kumo desu is also 99% inner monologue, and that's one of my favourite stories, but in that case, Kumoko is a FUN character to read about, whereas Ars is fairly bland. It's made worse by the repetitive prose that seemed to repeat stuff like crazy.

If you... more>> can put up with all that tho, it has some occasionally interesting parts, at least. <<less
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CadmarLegend rated it
November 27, 2021
Status: c267
My review of this story. I will try to not be biased cuz I'm the translator.

I think the most important thing to address is that this is a slow-paced novel. As I've placed into the "Status in COO", there's 688 chapters in the main story. And, for the first 40-ish chapters, the main point of view is showing how Ars is discovering to use his magic, and how he differs from others along the way.

Be warned, he will be pretty much in solitude for a while because I believe it... more>> is how the author developed the world while also trying their (don't know the gender, doesn't say on their syosetu profile) hand on the character building. What am I talking about, you ask? Well, it might be considered a spoiler, so I'll place it under a spoiler tag.


We are told by the novel that for quite some time, children aren't even given names because naming is a very important ceremony. Being named allows you to use Life Magic. Our protagonist, Ars, is slowly tinkering with this magic because of how Holy it is regarded as. We slowly learn more about how it works while reading on. But anyways.

Readers are also shown that children are often left to their own devices depending on their status in the family. Ars, being the 3rd son in his already-poor family, is pretty much left to his own devices a lot. Because of this, we rarely see interaction between him and his family. The first few chapters show this, up to chapter 19. At this chapter, things take a turn where he learns about how Naming works.

This leads him to be able to give abilities to his beasts that he's raising, allowing them to use magic as well.

Now, because of this, people start getting interested. Especially when he gets a certificate to maintain land, making him a land owner. Our actual interactions start near this area, when Ars starts interacting with his brothers. And, just saying, but it seems like the Author went in after finishing the story and added in the eldest brother for reasons I can't answer.


The world is highly based on social class and magic-using ability, so Ars was basically not cared for. So, he too shut himself off from the world and became a recluse who only came back from the cultivated lands to eat dinner. The family is shown to not be that important, because Ars estimated that he'd have to move out when his eldest brother became head of the farmer family.


But don't excessively worry! Ars starts having actual interactions with actual humans around chapter 50. That's when important stuff starts happening. Considering the total amount of chapters, Ars spending merely 50-ish chapters to build up his knowledge of the world which is very unlike Earth seems reasonable, no?

The chapters are short. About 1k ~ 1.2k words. Sometimes less. I know this is bad for readers, but I'm thankful as a translator. And considering the overall amount of chapters, it isn't really that bad.

Sorry if this review was confusing. I just wanted to state that this is a novel where world-building really takes place, so character-building might lack at some points. But it is still enjoyable to read. And the plot actually starts to seem like Cancellara wanted to really connect previous chapters to later chapters. <<less
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afrocato rated it
September 9, 2021
Status: c50
Long story short, if you like to be spoon fed, you might like this story.

I read this far, so I cant exactly say that this novel is bad or something along the line. The story itself is rather predictable, and the idea is not exactly new. As far as I read, it was about building things, and discovering things.

While I know this novel isn't meant to be serious, I can't help but compare it to similar novel with better world building. World presentation is rather vague, can't say there wasn't,... more>> but were to be there more of it, I believe it was to be desired. And let alone character development, character introduction is lackluster. The characters don't really leave a big impression either.

I know I mentioned so many negative things up there, but by no means did I not enjoy the novel. The story easy to follow.

You will get what you think most likely shows next but well, yeah, it's a plus?

You wont be stuck hanging on several days waiting for a new chapter since most event are concluded in one or two chapters. The pace is nice, not too fast nor too short, especially considering the short chapters.

read this novel if:

  1. You like an easy going story.
  2. You like a story where the MC grows with nary problems. (Plot wise, not setting wise).
  3. You don't like a long event. Basically like 1-3 chapter for one event/plot point.
  4. You are okay with a rather bland and predictable story.
  5. You are looking for a quick read that's enjoyable but you can just leave it without having a withdrawal syndrome from the character or story yet when you come back to read it again, it's still as good (?) as ever.
and, don't read this novel if:

  1. You like a complicated plot/event.
  2. You're picky about writing presentation. Don't get me wrong, the translator did a really good job tl-ing this. Tho the "summary" on every chapter is rather annoying imo.
  3. You don't like cliche or current pop trope.
  4. You just finished reading a super well written novel. This novel has its own charm but, well, not the best.
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Rohan Hades
Rohan Hades rated it
June 28, 2021
Status: --
It's an average slow life novel about a reincarnated person who tries to use magic to make his life better. It's an ok read, but chapters are short and can be very dull at times.
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Unianonanymity rated it
March 6, 2022
Status: --
I don't even know where to begin with this trainwreck. Now, I understand that web novels are to light novels what rought drafts are to a finished product, so I am willing to overlook some plot holes and whatnot. That said, this story is, like, 50% plot hole, which shows poor planning and/or lack of care for the work.

I would be willing to read a LN version of this. I think the premise is good enough to be enjoyed if the WN is fixed up.

As for the translation, good job!
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omegadir rated it
February 14, 2022
Status: c31
This novel main problem is what its simply boring to read. Not that it don't have boring characters (everybody is simple like one dimensional painting) but novel itself read like some 5 year old diary where he describe his life as simply as possible without any character dialogue. 30 chapters in he talked to 3 people: his father, mother and local peddler (all unnamed) for grand total of 20 dialogues. World building flip flop between two extremes, either are non-existing (there for example we must deduce what people live in... more>> some sort of wood buildings since MC created brick shed and peddler was thinking it someones house) or going entire chapters of info dump. Characters is shallow as puddle of piss and as much endearing, since we know nothing about them. How they look, how they live, what they like and hate, all character exist as static prop to do things for MC then he need something to do. And since this novel writed from first person perspective we constantly read MC though there he sometime repeat his though over and over and over again with tons of useless information which no help whatsoever. Some review says what after chapter 50 it become decent but seriously tell me: do you want waste you time reading 50 chapter of mind numbingly boring dialogueless info dumps for are chance of in future it becoming less mind numbingly boring dialogueless info dumps or you go find something what interesting from start and don't waste your time and brain cells? <<less
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LittleFox21 rated it
January 24, 2022
Status: c24
24 chapters in and this is my first impression of this work: "unfortunately too many wasted potentials"

First and foremost is the apparent lack of dialogues. There were just tons of dialogues that should be there but the author seems to simply not care about character depths and personalities; they were less than cardboards. Heck even cardboards have certain thickness to them, and yet even the main character did not get his name revealed until chapter 20-ish. He has parents so there should be interactions and such, but all the dialogues... more>> so far were mostly to merchants and his weird pet. Yep. Strangers got way more screentime than the parents who were living with very young MC.

Second, too heavily focused on skill and the law of nature (by that I mean the world's formula of skills, magic, etc) without any actual world building happened. Author was very tunnel visioned so much. And even then, despite the heavy loads of information regarding skills and magic, it has little depth to make it interesting. And the suffering doesn't end there; the writing is also not quite a decent one. All I got from those info dumps were confusion and questions.

I may be wrong and later chapters get massive overhaul in every thing I mentioned above, but this is how I see this novel from 24 chapters I've read so far. The MC setting has me interested in continuing to read but that's the only one thing that keeps me reading. If the setting ceased to be interesting then sayounara. <<less
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Kickuck rated it
March 13, 2022
Status: c188
MC has serious narcistic problem, keep praising himself every chance, try giving s*upid reason everytime he does something wrong, and conveniently forgot he also did s*upid thing while badmouthing enemy wwwww

Pretty much this novel is okay to read in one seat and forgot about it later
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Inway rated it
June 13, 2021
Status: c49
The story is nice even though the chapters are too short for my taste. It shows how the MC does things and the reasons behind. Hoping for more chapters. Thank you.
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