I Want to Eat Your Pancreas


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One day, I – a high schooler – found a paperback in the hospital. The “Disease Coexistence Journal” was its title. It was a diary that my classmate, Sakura Yamauchi, had written in secret. Inside, it was written that due to her pancreatic disease, her days were numbered. And thus, I coincidentally went from Just-a-Classmate to a Secret-Knowing-Classmate. It was as if I were being drawn to her, who was my polar opposite. However, the world presented the girl that was already suffering from an illness with an equally cruel reality…

The best-selling, award-winning debut work by Yoru Sumino:

“Bestsellers 2016 (Overall) by NIPPAN” – 4th Place

“Bestsellers 2016 (Paperback Fiction) by NIPPAN” – 1st Place

“Bestsellers 2016 (Overall) by TOHAN” – 5th Place

“Bestsellers 2016 (Literary Books) by TOHAN” – 1st Place

“Bookstore Grand Prix 2016” – 2nd Place

“DA VINCI BOOK OF THE YEAR 2015” – 2nd Place

“Bestsellers 2015 (Literary Books) by TOHAN” – 6th Place

As of May 2017, this book has sold over 1.2 million copies.

I Want to Eat Your Pancreas average rating 4.7/5 - 72 user ratings
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One entry per line
Kimi no Suizou wo Tabetai
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GrisiaSun rated it
February 21, 2017
Status: c6
Don't be fooled by the ambiguous title, just read the 1st chapter (not prologue) before you decide on anything else.

I just read till the lastest TLed chapter in one go and I'm still feeling it... Moved, stirred, as though my heart has been lured in by the fragrance of a hook the novel threw. The throbbing that aches from being caught on the hook yet irresistibly so.

Hats off to the translator for working on such a deep and intricate novel, I'm sure it was hard work to bring forth the... more>> subtle feelings between the lines. It also makes me want to read the novel in Japanese to get a feel of how the conversations actually flowed...


Not recommended for those who want to stay faint-hearted.

Alas, the prologue spoilt some of the enjoyment of the story for me. I would strongly advise against reading chapter 0 unless you want to know how it ends (though I haven't read till the last chapter).

14 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
thetranquilman rated it
February 19, 2017
Status: --
Quite sweet and interesting. Honestly a beautiful piece. Left me wanting for more. The translation quality is perfect. I saw no grammatical errors at all. The sentence structure is also on point.

If you're looking for something more serious, like a novel, this is something you might like to try.
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