I Really Am Not The Lord of Demon


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As the owner of an ordinary bookstore, Ling PingAn’s biggest wish was to muddle through life and do absolutely nothing.

However, customers that were right in the middle of their pubescent crisis kept visiting his store in the dead of night.

For the sake of his business, Ling PingAn had to mimic their childish tones, sparing no effort to promote the books in his store.

When he finally managed to sell his books after going through a great verbal tug-o-war, each and every one of them said that they don’t have money and that they wish to use various tools that were seemingly divine artifacts as pledge.

Looking at these customers, Ling PingAn could only agree to them resignedly.

But little did he know that every single book that these customers purchased from him had altered in appearance.

“Secrets of Cosplay” became “Lower Abyss Research Report”

“Stellaris: Settings for Synth Ascension” was in fact “Gospel for Synthetic Beings”

What’s more, in the eyes of these customers, he was actually a horrifying ruler of Diablos, an indefinable entity that held the reins of all realms.

In this regard, Ling PingAn said, “I’m not, I didn’t, don’t talk nonsense.

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I Really Am Not the Demon God
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rainx rated it
September 30, 2021
Status: c10
First, I read only until the tenth chapter. Second, I'm a Chinese. Third, I dropped the book after reading the tenth chapter and went to find some discussions about it. This is what I found.

This book is written by a veteran writer. It is also a carbon copy of another book with the same premise called ' I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey. Who copied who? This one copied the other one. As a matter of fact, this book was made after at least three months after the other... more>> was released. The only good thing this had is just that the author types a lot faster so a lot more chapters in a short duration. In terms of story, it seems like this one was more polished (?) as well but remember that it was a stolen idea. Oh right, this author even insisted that it was all his original idea.

Why did I stop reading then? Nationalism. Not every Chinese are overly patriotic. Respect the country and the government, sure but don't go overboard. I'm pretty damn sure this author is not such a patriotic guy. The reason he painted this book with such a heavy stench is just to earn more money. If you can't imagine it, forget it then. I'm not interested in elaborating. <<less
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Galaleo1000 rated it
July 18, 2021
Status: c120
Save yourself the effort and read the novel this was based on, I'm Really Not The Demon God's Lackey.

In all parts except translation speed, this novel is worse than IRNTDGL.

The MC isn't misunderstanding, he's an idiot. The harem is just out of control with bland beauties everywhere. Can't forget to mention the blatant nationalism shoved out of the MC's mouth. If you want to read about a wise bookshop owner giving out 'chicken soup' and building solid relationships while being unaware of his supernatural surroundings read IRNTDGL. If you want... more>> another OP, bland, harem building, shop owner try this book. <<less
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Rampaging Dragon
Rampaging Dragon rated it
November 30, 2020
Status: c200
I'm going to be simple about this.

This story is about a guy who is basically The One Above All on steroids who felt that being all-powerful is boring and decided to become a regular dude.

His powers are so OP that he successfully fooled himself into thinking that he's a regular dude all the while casually creating new universes and destroying Zeno-level monsters unconsciously.

There are a lot of side characters who kind of understand how broken he is but he thinks of them as some chuunis at most. His powers do his work for him without him even knowing it.

Also, there is no romance in this, which is self-evident. Just as we humans are unable to distinguish between an ant and a slightly better-looking ant, the MC cannot distinguish between a human and a better-looking human.

Anyways, if you are looking for a casual read with no edgelord or regular guy shit, give this a try.

Edit: I find the fact that some people misunderstood the entire plot of the novel, absolutely hilarious.

Like no, nobody is misunderstanding anything in this novel. Everyone knows how powerful the MC is except for the MC himself who might as well know it but doesn't know it as well.

Also, there is no harem like what's the point of one. Should the MC will it, he can have trillions of quadrillions of world-class beauties suck his duck just by creating them so once again, what's the point?

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Niurem rated it
July 23, 2021
Status: c500
Man I dont want to rant on and on but destroying a great book with extreme and I have to stress this.. EXTREME NATIONALISM. Is not cool. The author is a coward basic that uses not the real names of the countries he is bashing like korea or Japan but names that are easy to guess are those countries like their old names. The MCs home country is China and it is an absolute giant that is the greatest thing that happenedto the universe and everyone begs for their help.... more>> The second strongest which is Britain was completely tr*shed by china after the colonialism era and china helped those countries regain their freedom. Everything good about those countries, china took from them and did it better. Sad because even tho the MC was a bit too dense and s*upid for me It was my entry book to the op bookkeeper but doesnt realise trope and dense characters are needed for misunderstanding tropes. Sadly after a point the only thing holding the novels wordcount is praises for the motherland. Pity. My 2nd time leaving a bad review ever. <<less
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Psy0 rated it
June 2, 2021
Status: c260
This novel starts out interesting till you start realizing about 10 chapters in that it reads like the Chinese communist propraganda teaching material disguised as a fantasy piece. You are constantly reminded of the benevolence of the party (mc's home country) and all of its policies vs other countries. All of the talking points that the Party has vs other nations like Taiwan, Japan, Korea, America, etc.. Were disguised into made up fantasy names but you can easily figure out which countries the author is referring to. It's a very... more>> nationalistic novel. I got tired reading it and had to finally drop it. <<less
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AmethystCherry rated it
May 11, 2021
Status: c52
I usually don't rate novels that I wouldn't like, it's just not something I would and would like to do either. But the ratings are kind of a trap both on here and especially Qidian's page.

If you don't like harem, harem vibes or favouritism towards women only and only girls existing in a world literally then you won't like this at all. The story & plot in fact isn't that good in my opinion to even suffer through all that either. The reason I read it and went on is... more>> because I didn't know. No one said it would be only harem or more accurately a universe where only girls exist except for the MC and everytime that they get introduced have paragraphs describing their beauty. It may not be harem but what exactly is the difference??


first girl he meets is discovered to be a succubus, you can expect where this is going just from that, no?

Second girl he meets is half mecha. All of them are all extremely beautiful which is mentioned every paragraph even in serious unfit situations and have necks like cranes. It's pretty obvious by now.


It's also said that some creatures exist only to kidnap female humans to imp**gnate them, poor females what a cliché.


what made me officially drop the novel and not contaminate my mind anymore is that after finding out that the MC is a 24y.o single man, the FEMALE secretary and the princess contacted him to ask him why and force him to attend a matchmaking event they're holding -_-


I don't care if the MC is not developing romance or not just this bad writing is enough to make me drop.

Also it has the syndrome of "China numbah one!!" Korea and Japan begging to join the Chinese empire literally and getting rejected. Also making fun of Korean idols (K-pop).

I haven't read much of the novel and I don't have to either. But from what I read:

World background has huge potential except for the racism and nationalism. Also background extremely favoured towards women. In fact there's only women.

MC: from what I've read he's not exactly a bad person. He's okay, helps when possible. Although stays on his phone to play games most time.

Conclusion I don't recommend reading this. Even without all the above mentions the story is truly average in Chinese standard novels. A better novel I would recommend like this without all the bad points above are "I'm really not the demon god's lackey".

Maybe if you like harem stories, you'll like this. Otherwise.. Not so much. <<less
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awesomecubed rated it
October 2, 2021
Status: c313
First of all, I would like to just come out and say that you should really just read I am really not the demon lord's lackey. I found this novel from that one and I can say without a doubt that this one is by far worse than I am really not the demon lord's lackey despite being essentially the same novel.

With that out of the way, I really am not the demon god is a painfully mediocre story. While the premise is about an ignorant superpowered bookstore owner selling... more>> what he thinks are normal books but are actually "divine/demonic" tomes to people, the author seems to loss focus on this point and starts to pander to other things. Normally, I would have no problems with side deviations since it helps keep things fresh but, in my opinion, the author handled it pretty badly. The main one being the whole "nightmare world" plot line that is used to show just how powerful the MC is but drags on for way too long and is really not interesting. During that entire side plot, the novel transforms into another one of those generic MC has a massive cheat in a video game and bulldozes through everything novel.

The author seems to also forget to show how the MC affects the people around him too. Since the books are magical and give people powers, the current state of the world must be affected right? NOPE. Everyone in his dimension (our world) that gets a book is somehow conveniently Chinese elite special forces who are already the most powerful people in the world and are so obsessed with keeping the peace that the world is more at peace. Somehow, the majority of the people that get a book aren't even from his dimension. And again, I have no problems with the MC getting visitors from other dimensions if it weren’t for the fact that the author handles it so badly. There are so many dimensions introduced and none of them get any more characterization other than the world is being invaded by demons/evil creatures and the people are getting forced into a last stand. The person getting the book is also almost always a young girl who was going to get killed by an evil creature from their world and get saved at the last minute. There is just no variety anywhere. Not even in the different worlds themselves. The author straight up copied so many things from existing media without a hint of originality. Like he didn’t even bother to at least change the names. For example, one of the girls who he rescues is named Sylvanas Windrunner who wants to fight against the Alliance....

Another problem with this novel is that the world building in this novel is non-existent. The only time we ever get to see anything to do with the world is when the author decides to go full Chinese extreme nationalism. The amount of “the world is a better place because Chin- I mean the federation exists” is honestly sickening. The author also went to great lengths to bash other countries (ie. UK) under fake names for everyone but it's really obvious who he is referring to. The author essentially just took everything good about other countries and gave it to China and gave everything bad about China to everyone else. The amount of China stands for justice and honour is really hilarious to see when compared to how China really is.

Overall, this novel is really only good for when you are desperate enough for something to read. Even then, you probably will only be able to read 10 to 20 chapters before the cringe starts to overtake you. Just go read I am really not the demon lord's lackey, don’t waste your time with this. <<less
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samthegam rated it
November 8, 2020
Status: c344
The novel is about an MC that considers himself as nothing more than an ordinary 24-year old shut-in running an ordinary bookstore owner who is just laying down and waiting for death (MC has no goals or any motivation). However, in the eyes of his customers, he is an ancient god that is unfathomably powerful (He actually is above that).

MC doesn't know how others view him as he thinks that they are just a bunch of people with an extreme case of 8th-grader syndrome. MC is actually not too dense... more>> or idiotic because in his eyes (literally) many concepts that normal humans (I am pretty sure he isn't human) should have, don't exist in his mind example, he can't distinguish between someone ugly and someone beautiful, he can't distinguish between fat and fit and supernatural things don't register in his mind, he once saw a prince of hell that had a very demonic appearance but MC thought he was just a beggar. The title of the novel is really underestimating MC's actual status as he was (this was said by the narrator) " A being that was older than hell/abyss". MC (from what I gathered and concluded after reading the novel) is 'The Creator', He is so powerful that gods are just his ideas and if he found them displeasing he can wipe them out of existence, He is capable of casually going to any time or dimension in existence and is omnipotent and omniscient, MC is capable of creating universes in his dreams. MC's book store houses hundreds of ancient devil's/gods/immortals and they basically act as the guards and housekeepers, they also intimidate all the customers that come with their presence and intent. There is no villain in the novel because MC is just too powerful to the point that there is no point in trying to fight him as he can casually erase them from existence. <<less
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erehbus rated it
November 3, 2021
Status: c297
At first it was a very interesting novel - altough it is a complete ripoff of I’m Really Not The Demon God’s Lackey.

The basic premise is that the bookstore owner is actually the strongest god in existence but he does not know that. He exchanges knowledge for a myriad of items and sometimes money, and the misunderstandings were kind of funny.

There is a lot of nationalism (the Federal Empire, which is clearly China, is the strongest, wisest, kindest and best country in the world and everyone wants to be part... more>> of it), but it is bearable.

The worst is: almost every male character is incompetent and dumb, and the females do everything right (not in the nice way, but in the creepy, want to be part of the harem way). And the author starts to use World of Warcraft (the literal story) and Warhammer 40k because he does not have creativity anymore.

Kinda nice for the first 150~170 first chapters, tr*sh after that. <<less
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Zryo rated it
February 15, 2021
Status: c400

The author has too many females. It feels like a harem is in the works. Every female seems to come to his shop. Every female finds their way there as long as they are even the most common of people. Completely ridiculous.

There are little to no friends of his that are males. The old protectors of his town don't count towards his friends.

It is completely without romance. Although there seems to be a few off points about it at times. There have been 2 instances where he talked about a... more>> lovely or beautiful girl.

The author although he doesn't include harem makes it a doubtful point.

Except for the military in his location of residence.

The people that come to his bookstore always seem to be female. Only 1 guy has been seen there. Not surprisingly there has been little to no followup.

Every female in existence seems to be the MC of their worlds. There has been no male so far.

Either the author is about to do something silly and make it harem OR He is trying his best not to make it romance which he has done a good job of so far.


No harem currently


No controlling or manipulating the MC <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Klbrgg rated it
May 23, 2021
Status: c580
First of all, there's no harem. Just because there are many female characters doesn't mean it will be a harem. Don't assume things just because you read many chinese novels that goes harem if there's female characters. And the MC cant even differentiate between an ugly and beautiful women.

Now about the story. Side characters are well-developed, they have depth in them. MC starts out as a lazy person becoming more complex as a the story progress. I really like it 5/5.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
zetsuen_dark rated it
January 5, 2021
Status: --
This is beautiful. If you think that it's going to be an MC who's actually op but MC thinks he's not and it makes all kinds of misunderstandings but eventually gets resolved, you're probably right. But not in the way you might imagine.

The MC, as a god would (thankfully someone actually wrote this aspect of god protagonists right) naturally not have any strange romantic inclinations toward inferior beings. He's not indifferent nor cruel but in his perspective. The way the author wrote the MC's perspective is ingenious, it doesn't break... more>> your immersion in the story neither does it make the MC ooc. The MC's perspective is so simple yet so complex that once you realize its intricacies, you'll stop for a while and think, "maybe that's what's going on in the minds of higher beings" and it only feels natural. For example (not spoiler, it's something you'll see in the early chapters), he never feels romantic inclinations towards anyone because he's face-blind (in his perspective) and it makes sense. From the outsider's perspective, he never falls in love because they think he's long since freed from the shackles of inferior being's standards with how powerful he is and how long he has lived. And that makes sense too. The other beings in his store are also well-written.

The novel is also extremely easy to mtl so I really recommend this to everyone :)) <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
jklm rated it
April 22, 2021
Status: c64
A waste of potential.

I like this kind of shopkeeper misunderstanding plot. It is interesting how the reader is just dropped into the world setting, and learns about the modern AU that the MC lives in. (Although sometimes the author gets a bit carried away with showing instead of telling, to the point that it can take irritatingly long to figure out what is going on).

This is cheapened by pointless harem and MC s*upidity.

In this story, the MC may as well be the last man in the multiverse, because there are... more>> few male characters with significant screen time. And considering the author isn't very good at writing female characters, this means there are pretty much no good characters. And it skips around too much. I like stories that switch POV, but it's a bit too choppy.

And is it necessary for there to be a setting that the literal government (including, of course, a princess) is invested in the MC getting in a relationship? Because he is the only person is this Tier A or whatever that has never been in a relationship (and he is an ancient "24, " the horrors). It's just so contrived. And s*upid that the government would keep track of something like that.

And I know that the MC needs to have a certain amount of s*upidity to keep the misunderstanding of his shop going, and I'm willing to accept that. But does he need to somehow accidentally eat mystic items his customers give him in exchange for books? Like have him magically absorb them or something, not just a repeat of "I better put this away in case the customer comes back to redeem it-->oops! Somehow I accidentally drank this [insert items such as leaves or a rock] -->gosh, I sure hope the customer doesn't ask me to pay for this."

Ironically though, despite his s*upidity, I don't dislike the MC. He's kind of a loser, and overly obsessed with games, but he's not bad (even a bit endearing). I just wish the rest of the story was better. But, despite the ways in which it's lacking, I'm willing to give it 3 stars (it's more like 2.5). Just don't expect too much. <<less
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February 18, 2021
Status: --
The typical OP shopkeeper type.

For those who don't know this type of novel, the story of every OP shopkeeper novel is mostly like this with change of the names and sittings

... more>>

A guide to the OP shopkeeper novels:

A man who has a shop in a remote corner (mostly inherited from his dead parents) get some power, system, dimensional gate or the like and sells something (s) that can change the life of his customers. No matter what he sells is weapon, medicine, food, snacks, coffee, games, books,... or whatever are most precious objects in the world (s) for the customers and could never be duplicated or found elsewhere.

This type of novels mostly has no plot line. It just tell how OP the MC is and how great the products sold by him are, how it changes the life of the customers and how they worship, fear, admire and gratified to the mc

The customers of the mc's shop become the strongest in their world and if more than one person visited the shop from the same place, they compare who can spend more (females get favorable treatment directly or indirectly in the story). Talent and hard work go to h*ll.

There is little to no romance in this type of novels as females blindly worship the MC while he keeps indifferent to them


In this one the customers are all females except one male accidentally drifting in (I didn't finish the novel so maybe there is more males in the way but I doubt it), still no romance so far

the novel take place in a future supernatural version of earth, in the great Daxia (Chinese) empire so expect some (big load) of bootlicking <<less
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Pheodix rated it
July 8, 2022
Status: c642
This is definitely a hidden gem, regardless of if people say it's a copy of "I'm really not the Demon God's Lackey".

The world building seems to diverge pretty early on, since the MC of this story isn't a transmigrator, and more eldritch in nature compared to the other novel.

A point has been taken away for how nationalistic this novel is, but it's to be expected from a CN novel, so no real surprise there.__.

The world building is done very well, with the latter parts reading like a fanfiction of HP... more>> lovecraft's universe.

The characters are pretty well written, the MC develops from generic OP dense shopkeeper into a character with actually fleshed out backstory. The side characters are also not one dimensional, each having their own morals and philosophies even though they are wary of the Mac's power.

The story is decently well written overall, even though at times it seems the author is shoehorning in parts of different novels, such as the nightmare realm, which bares some resemblence to the nightmare real from Infinite Evolution.

Overall, if you can gloss over the nationalism, this novel is a good read, highly recommend. <<less
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Depthphoenix rated it
August 8, 2021
Status: c400
A good opportunity missed. Note: The rating is based on the story (character interactions) minus the extreme nationalism (which is 1/2 the word). I give the nationism 1 star


The story takes clear inspiration from the Cthulhu mythos & the MC is like the blind idiot god Azathoth. And like Azathoth it seems he is still asleep but slowly waking up. What happens afterwards is still to see.

I have no problem with the characters that interact with him and how differently they perceive each other as it can be thought... more>> of as since he's still half asleep he makes weird & illogical connection resulting in misunderstandings.

My beef with the novel:


Another s*upid China Numba 1 idotic rant fest where every country except China is poor or authoratian or terrorists. I mean the author changed all the names but it still pretty obvious. China defeated US 200 years ago in a war, Korean pop is a joke, Japan is dirt poor and begging to join China & N. Korea is righteous and S. Korea supports terrorism. And the worst thing is it DOESN'T MATTER. None of these countries matter because the literal creator exists in one of them.

I mean I don't know what hard on CN authors have about nationalism. Its like they think only their country has culture, heritage, and ideology while everyone else just one day washed up on a beach.

I don't know if this is a Chinese thing in general or Chinese authors are like or its a requirement by CCP or whether it's needed to get past the Chinese great firewall, but if you wanna appeal to those outside China, just STOP, WE DON'T CARE.

I have consumed Japanese anime, manga, LN for close to 20 years yet has NEVER seen any racism or nationism. The only time I have seen nations mentioned was when describing how beautiful the new transfer student was because she's a foreigner.

Hollywood occupies 85% of the world movie market yet nowadays it rarely casts antagonists with strong nationalists ties. Instead it opts to view them as criminals with no borders.

But we all know the biggest rival of China is not America, the West or their liberal cultural influence on the Chinese people, no its actually WINNIE THE POOH. <<less
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November 8, 2021
Status: Completed
I completed it today, the latter part of the story is good.

'He' woke up. Everything changes when 'He' instantly understand everything.

His past life was only a monster who mindlessly destroy based on instinct. He doesn't want to turn back and want to stay as human.

Madness and chaos, he have to supress his monster self, and also to keep his humanity self.

The whole novel is interesting, I kove the concept.

The downpoint is racism and too much patriotism.

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Casual Guy
Casual Guy rated it
May 12, 2021
Status: c583
I really liked the novel and even though it's not perfect (A bit too patriotic sometimes) I still find it an enjoyable read. Reasons I liked it are:

  1. The recurring cast of side characters isn't a bunch of 2dimensional cardboard cutouts they actually have goals, personality, and motivations throughout the story.
  2. The MC was made pretty simple at the start but the further you read the novel you'll realize that he's becoming a more complex character as the story progresses.
  3. Orcz
Also for the people who keep insisting that there's a harem, there isn't.... more>> The story has no development in romance and the MC has not taken any romantic or s*xual interest with any of the female cast.

I mean what did you expect the guy is literally an eldritch horror that's indifferent towards all life.

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Deathlord rated it
January 30, 2021
Status: c391
I really love this story. You have got the perfect OPMC without ruining the plot and the supporting characters. For those who love weak to strong saga this novel offers the journey of several supporting characters who becomes strong over the course of the story like they're a protagonist of their own plot and the plot Armor/golden finger is the MC. Perfect slice of life too.

The MC isn't aware of his powers as his super consciousness is still sleeping, so at times people feel MC'S actions to be cowardly but that's how he perceived himself as. A lazy otaku who is into playing games and writing webnovels all day with minimal contact of people. I have never felt so similar to a MC than this one.


Please do read it, although the translation is chaotic so you are better off reading MTL and it ain't that hard to understand.
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J.A.M. rated it
April 13, 2022
Status: Completed
I can't say I enjoy reading it.

The story was interesting but how the story written is quite boring.

At the beginning it was enjoyable. How the MC blindly helping others without knowing. How he does things normally but in the eyes of others it was different.

But it become boring for me at the part where he played the nightmare game. Though every game he played had different story it was like repetition of events for me.

Then it became interesting again at the end where the MC knew who he was.
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