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What’s not to love about my new life after transmigrating into a Pet-centered world?

There are mighty creatures that come in all shapes and sizes. They can either be cuddly companions, helpers in your daily life, daring scouts or strong fighters. Or all of the above. Not bad, huh?

I have a family, but the fact is completely overshadowed by my younger sister. She thoroughly hates my guts, and she makes sure that I know this. Every. Single. Day.

Did I mention that she’s disgustingly talented while I am a bottom feeder? A terribly handsome one at that.

I have free rein to run the family business on my own. A small and quaint Pet Store. It should have been great if not for the fact that the previous owner of this body was born with ZERO affinity to handle Astral Pets…

It wouldn’t be a proper transmigration without a gimmick or a system to pave my road to greatness, don’t you think? I have one, but I don’t know if I would be better off without it…

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Super God Pet Shop
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New Saligia2501 rated it
November 6, 2022
Status: Completed
This is a very good read. As I've finished the story unlike most other reviewers here, I think I can give a fairly accurate list of pros and cons.

The Pros:

  • The MC starts as Lawful Neutral and temporarily shifts to Lawful almost-Evil and gradually ends up as Chaotic Good over the course of the story. That is to say, there's character development involved as he experiences various events. Overall, he's a righteous person and his personality is very interesting. He's a very... emotional person. Not hotheaded, but rather closer to empathetic. He's willing to sacrifice personal gain for the greater good. Very rare for CN protagonists who always have 'cold lights flashing through their eyes' and are extremely benefit driven. Of course, he's still ruthless when the need arises.
  • There is actual tension. The MC isn't invincible. And sometimes, he has to pay the price, to the point where he damages his 'perfect foundation' (as is common in System novels). He also makes mistakes, and learns from them. He isn't someone who's got sh*t figured out and is always in the right. He's also rather naive early on and matures over time as he discovers the 'dark side' of cultivation (the indifference towards the weak).
  • The MC has friends that he can actually trust with his life. He isn't a loner with some random fatty 'best friend' that's actually an acquaintance at best. He cultivates trusts over time, and others do the same.
  • The System has a very sarcastic and snarky personality, which I enjoyed. Its real identity is also very unique and interesting.
  • The overarching plot of the story is very interesting and full of mystery. The MC's motivation is to uncover that mystery rather than just obtain fReEdom or rEveNGe.
  • The Cultivation system is very consistent. There's no random 'higher realms' getting revealed the moment MC reaches the peak. He becomes aware of the ceiling fairly early on (

    when he visits the Golden Crows

    ) and it remains that way throughout.
  • MAJOR Ending Spoilers -

    The MC actually doesn't become a literal God in the end and swat away all problems with his cultivation. The final battle has the highest stakes and the highest tension. In fact, he has to work together with several strong people to have the slightest chance of success, and it's more a battle of ideology than strength. Hell, he actually loses, but gives his opponent hell anyways. It's a tragic ending.

  • This story has a proper ending. There is no rushing involved. The final arc has proper build up. This alone I feel warrants a bonus star. It also has a very unexpected ending, in a good way. It's not your generic Wuxia ending at least.
The Cons:

  • The Pokemon style battles don't actually last for long. There's also an in-universe explanation if that matters. I consider this a pro but as some people may try this novel for the pets, I'll list it here. They serve as auxiliary support rather than the main fighting force.
  • The story takes a while to take off. There's some random nonsense fluff in the early parts, but it's still fairly enjoyable.
  • His early cultivation speed is a little slow, but it picks up later on.
  • There's hint of romance but he's too driven in his goals to pursue anything else. A shame.
  • Some of the characters get sidelined a little too much, such as his sister.
Overall, 5/5 for having a rather unique MC that actually grows over time and a very interesting story. There's the usual elements of some face slapping and extremely arrogant people (the God race), but even their psyche is justified in a rather interesting way.

I do have to say that the overall 'feel' of the story is very different from how it starts. The first few hundred chapters are average, but it gets really good afterwards.

PS - As to why he doesn't figure out the 'secret' of the Cultivation Sites when it's painfully obvious to us readers, there's a good reason for that. It gets revealed near the end.

For those who want to know:

The System deliberately forced him to not realize that. Simply because realizing the truth would 'break' him, the fact that so many of the people he's trying to save and protect are already dead and just part of someone's memories would be too much to bear, with little hope to continue.

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Xenon_God rated it
August 20, 2020
Status: c570
Before starting this review, let me tell you all about the strength hierarchy of this world.

The power level is divided into many realms.

1. Warrior (1-9) level

... more>> 2. Legend (3 levels with 3 sub classes)

3. Star warrior

And so on.

Right now as of date 20/Aug/2020 I am at the latest raw 570. And the MC is still STUCK AT WARRIOR LVL 9. Even after having that overpowered system.

Now lets come to the review.

The main focus of this story is on pets. But the more you read, the more you will wonder why the author even bothered to put them in the story.

At the start of the story, we are told that the strength of someone of the higher realm is almost unsurpassable. But later in the story, every genius and their mother beat high level warrior like Jerry's cousin beat Tom.

At the start of the novel we have a MC who just transmigrated from modern earth to the new world. He has a bratty sister, a sick mother, and a father who is working god knows where.

The sister of the MC loves to play pranks on him. She is a brat, but not annoying. She cares for him.

The MC has a store (system) where he trains pet of other people and the money he earns from there is converted into the system currency. The currency then can be used for various options.

Fast forward some chapters, MC trains pets who can jump rank to fight high tier beast. A 4th tier beast can fight a 7th tier beast and a 6th tier can beat the 9th level or even a legend rank beast.

At the first 100 chapters the MC beast is strong enough to beat a rank 8th beast. Fast forward 500 chapters, he is still stuck in the lower power level. Absolute no progress at all.

Now lets come to the thing that pissed me off the most.

* There is a tournament arc which last for around 100 chapters.

*A big family of the city open their pet shop to try to attract the people going to the tournament. Just like how many people will open restaurant and food center in the most crowded place.

*MC being a braindead he is, will arrogantly advertise that his shop will nurture the champion.

*Without using much of his brain, he posted the name and image of his sister who he says will be the champion. Putting her in the limelight. Not to mention putting her in the danger.

*As everyone expected, his sister gets attacked in the championship by 3 people who wants to remove her from the championship. She got saved by her pet dragon. Killing one and scaring the other two in process.

*MC is angry because his sister is attacked in the group fight in tournament.

*In rage he kills 2 remaining people in front of the judges.

Fast forward to the finals....

*A girl at the same age as her sister beats her in a fair 1v1.

*His sister who have the brain smaller than the size of a pea, decide that if she die, then the opponent will be disqualified and the store reputation will be saved.

*MC becomes angry and then kill the opponent girl's entire group. Including her childhood friend and her family like teammates.

*He then captures the girl and then announces his sister as the winner.

Reading these chapters, I was desperately hoping someone to come and cripple the MC and then throw his sister and mother in the who*e house while making him sit in front of them.

The MC becomes arrogant as fuk. He put his nose in the places he shouldn't and then end up killing innocent people.

The name of the novel is Astral Pet Store, but there is hardly any store as MC is busy poking his nose in unnecessary events instead of taking his fking sorry ass and sitting in the store.

As always, this novel starts average and manages to go below it.

I would strongly suggest you not to read this.

No decent characters, no world building, no romance.

Just the story of a 8 year old kid who will kill his household cat in case he didn't get a candy.

Also the MC haven't breakthrough a MAJOR REALM SINCE THE START OF THE STORY.

Save your time and your brain cells.

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Higira rated it
August 11, 2020
Status: c198
For a novel about interesting monsters (astral pets) it doesnt do it justice. It doesnt describe what it is, it merely gives us a name and sometimes it uses a skill. I'll keep reading further to see, but as it is now.. Its quite disappointing.

New update: "2 star now"

I bet you're all wondering why I suddenly changed to 2 star even though I am in chapter 187. It's very simple. Nothing really changes from the first few chapters. Sure the story progresses and his store progresses but its always the... more>> same trope over and over again. They think hes weak, because hes young. They look down on him. He turns it around by beating them to a pulp (either by him or by his pets). The only thing thats good right now is that hes finally using the items that are generated from the store. But same thing over and over again and it is getting tiresome.


Let me share something with you all. First Su ping entered the fields a second time. There are title masters looking down on him. WHY? Cuz hes young and looks weak. DUH. Then he shows them how good his pet doggie is. OH WOW HES SO SUPER. IM SO JELLY. After a while they enter into battle etc etc then when they come out.. At the check out counter OMG WHY IS HE CALLING THE SHOTS HES SO YOUNG AND WEAK. FFS. This is like the 100th time the same scenario has happened. The other time he sold his techniques for $$. The kid was like man you weak AF how are you a title pet warrior?? Ill fight you. Gets beat up OMG SO GOOD I WANT YOUR SERVICES! Another time.. When he beat up some students at the academy and the other academy demands him to apologize. He says nah, no thx. Then the professor of the other academy goes I CHALLENGE YOU! Why? Because you look weak and young DUH. After his pet beat the snot out of the professors pets. SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN. This is why I hate chinese novels. They always do the same troupe OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER for like 1000's of chapters in. Why did I give this a shot? Because I like animals and mystical creatures.


New update *1 star now*


I will be dropping this novel now. It has come to my attention that the character itself does not make much sense. The author is just BSing his way through the novel. The section that told me about this was when he went into the new mystical land. He was going into the dragon tower. Basically what happened was 2 families were showing off their power and 1 family was pushing su ping around, while the other was defending su ping. Mind you, he didnt know both the families. He was totally nonchalant about the whole thing. Now after all the other stuff had finished (caught a bunch of pets with the rings and getting items) he finally see one of the family again. To be more specific the family that antagonized him. However, his attitude took a complete 180. Instead of running away he decided to "Pay" back the family. No where did he specify that he was even relatively interested in getting revenge. So where the hell did this come up from? Not to mention that he is weaker (technically but most likely plot armor will protect him). Why was he willing to risk his/pets life of not escaping with the item.. And instead fight them. Worse is, there is no specific reason. The family was stealing from another hunter, and he died before su ping showed up. So literally ZERO reason to show up.

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yotaman rated it
March 5, 2021
Status: c500
If I could rate it lower than 1 Star I definitely would.

This novel is full of talk but nothing happens. Actually, things happen, but they have no influence on anything, because the story doesn't move. Everything is meaningless as far as the plot goes.

Characters are all boneheaded. The MC train pets for other people, those people fight and win with those pets, everyone else praise the people as talented geniuses... Because they paid for someone to train their pets and than let them fight without a word of instruction throughout... more>> the battle?! That's just the tip of the iceberg as far as how bad the characters in this story are.

Cultivation: None.

System: Useless.

Author's assessment: Should retire.

5 Stars reviewers' assessment: Should seek help. <<less
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RedPlays rated it
February 19, 2021
Status: c420
The novel had a lot of filler chapters. This is a spoiler but needed

Please added crazy protagonist in the tags. Take off clever but add ruthless instead.

... more>>

Btw be prepared as although the novel never said anything about it, the main character is a sociopath. Yep, the deaths made him insane. The start is a facade, the main character sees himself as the person he possessed rather than his past life. And he barely does petshop work. He would as time passed by incite trouble for himself and acts as if he hates it. He has bloodlust as well.

Although the novel did give hints about it. The MC acted too normal like the normal cold protag. It was only in later chapters that he reveals that he is a sociopath. By slaughtering people because they wanted him to get out of a banquet due to being disrespectful. There was a more peaceful way to prove them wrong but he instantly killed and always says "it is not my fault but yours" which I am pretty sure he is saying that to himself more so than others.

He knows he is disrespectful probably, but uses it to kill.

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Milkywaylunar rated it
April 7, 2021
Status: c900
Tbh, I like the story. So from this case (low rating) I learn to not really depend on review before I read for fear I accidently skip good books. I will try to read few chapters before I decide to continue or drop. For me, the story is interesting. I enjoy it
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qull rated it
January 20, 2021
Status: c470
A guy transmigrate into world where pet warrior (pokemon trainer) is the thing. Then he gains a pet shop system that let him train pet fast, explore dungeon (with infinite respawn), and gain OP items as long as he has system points to buy them. He earns points by selling stuff at store only.

MC is a money swindler and a selfish guy. He doesn't care about anybody other than his mom and sister. Meanwhile, everybody else will be swindled by him even if it's a poor innocent girl. Not to... more>> say he doesn't give a damn about romance, he sometime just act like a villain for sake of showing off.

As for the plot progression. It is like any other cliche xuanhuan repetition plot. The MC level is always below other people, yet he can fight ppls 3~4 ranks above. Everywhere MC goes, there'll be young masters mocking him for his low level, and then it'll escalate into fight which MC piss off the other party clan. They then went to kill MC and lost due to help of shop system. Then, the villains would say "it's misunderstanding" before MC kill em... <<less
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jacobpaige rated it
April 23, 2021
Status: c614
Its practically pure tr*sh.

There are some okay ideas in the beginning that get tossed to the wayside in favor of the MC becoming an OP a**hole muderhobo Gary Stu type character. Almost none of the so-called plot makes any sense, the unending waves of antagonists are so braindead and suicidal its painful to read about them, and the shop is constantly tossed into the background so the MC can run off on his murderhobo adventures, slaughtering weaklings and either infinitely respawning against the strong, or suddenly powering up out of... more>> nowhere to overcome them. Any trace of real consequences for his actions are guaranteed to be washed away, and likely leave massive benefits in their wake.

The story manages to be both frustrating and boring at the same time. I can't recommend it to anyone who's not a mashochist. I'm not really sure how I managed to read so many chapters of this drivel. <<less
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KirbyReviews44 rated it
February 23, 2021
Status: c140
I'm always a sucker for pet cultivation novels and this one intrigued me. It is about a dude who obtains a pet cultivation system that gives him the ability to obtain overpowered pet food, overpowered pet nurturing methods, evolution, and all around overpowered everything. It had a pretty good start with good quality writing/translation and as well as some clever comedic dialogue.

However, everything soon falls apart this novel's true nature reveals itself. It's garbage, really.

First, the plot. There is no plot. I read 140 chapters and there is no overarching... more>> goal, big baddie, or problem the MC is trying to solve. He's just leveling up like crazy and his pets get really strong really fast. I understand that for cultivation novels, this is par but good ones still sprinkle in a bit of conflict and what the MC wants to achieve besides just simply getting strong.

Second, the characters. The MC is a gary stu, perfect, cannot do wrong type of guy. He used to tr*sh but now he is a genius after only a few days. For example, at the start he couldn't even cultivate pets and was not even enrolled in the school. But after 100 chapters, he suddenly became a professor of the school and a really good one at that. He faces basically little adversity and slaps down all problems with his awesome intellect, knowledge, and main character aura that appeared out of nowhere.

Third, the pets and the pet system. Its tr*sh. The pet battles make no sense. The moves the pets have make no sense. I'm sure the author spent a lot of time coming up with long and varied names for pets, their descriptions, and their moves but its all a mess. Also the MC's pet system makes his pets and those he trains absolutely OP. There is no suspense in any fights. The MC's pets win, even against pets three, four, or even five ranks above them simply because they are 'awesome'. It frankly gets ridiculous. For example, a skeleton he owns at the third rank I think, completely dominated a 9th rank beast of an opponent. Like, what?

In the end, this novel was extremely frustrating to read and prompted me to leave a review so I don't forget how it made me feel. It's simply a hodgepodge of ideas slapped together with no real planning or thought put behind it. <<less
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Croptrop rated it
March 1, 2021
Status: c533
I think this novel is pretty good. It has a slow start but it develops well and is really interesting once you get into it. I think that the restrictions on his system that stop him from instantly becoming a godly character but still be able to become strong are a good addition to the novel. 5/5 Great novel
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Goodreadsonly rated it
July 28, 2020
Status: c41
I'm a sucker for pet companion/beast trainer trope but this is a little boring.

A previous review described the MC's sister as 'adorable', I'm not sure how since the two have a very antagonistic relationship. In what way was she adorable, the stealing or the pranks?

I also don't understand how the changes can be explained because he has a family. Maybe it'll get more interesting around ch 100, because I see potential.
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DaoOfFairness rated it
May 8, 2022
Status: c1122

If you see this review first take these reviews with a grain of salt including mine if you feel. This novel definitely grabbed the wrong attention. People saying the MCs crippled mother and his child still in school sister should be used at wh*re houses because said sister made a mistake and was going to be stripped in front of her city and humiliated and the MC defended her. More reviews are just wrong. MC isn't weak he's chill and doesn't go out of his way to start conflict... more>> but apparently it being stated over and over he's strong by characters who are at the time some of the strongest shown but it's a 1 star story because MC attacks a group that tried to attack him. MC doesn't make any sense for taking advantage of his enemies and securing resources?

The author should retire and people who like it should seek help because character use the pets they paid for to better themselves. Oh the horror how could side characters fight with pets in a pet novel.

It is a 1 star story because the MC uses his system to better his life and has a skill that makes him seem stronger than we're he really is. That person claimed to read 100 chapters but failed to notice MC didn't just show up strong like Gary Su quite the opposite the MC life is basically hell as strives to be stronger so his mother can get medicine and his family isn't struggling.

The Story is nice with pretty well written MC. Is the MC a smart character who can do whatever he wants and have something for every situation? No quite the opposite. Despite his advantages he's in a world that doesn't care about him with a system that doesn't care about him.

Is the MC some kind of Saint that never kills and just peacefully runs his store? Ofcourse not. It's obvious early on the system doesn't want that from him and the pet store is just a cover up.

Is the MC fair and just treating everyone the same? Yes actually and its insanely consistent. Doesn't matter how weak or how strong you are MC treats them like a friend if their friendly. MC doesn't forget favors and pays them back when he reaches a position that he can do that.

Does the MC have unjustified actions? Ofcourse. Should that have him killed and his family sold to s*avery or other disturbing actions like some of the other reviews come up with Ofcourse not.

MC is a stand up guy that treats his friends well and his family better and its a slow story. It's over 1k chapters in and we're scratching the surface of the true purpose of the MCs system.

The MC isn't God he doesn't know the full power of the system he holds or just how crazy it's influence is on the world is. The system isn't a papabear. The MC isn't OP for no reason. The system won't protect him like other systems in diffeent stories. The MC isn't the first with the system and it shows a very real threat. The MC has to try and try hard or he'd be killed and cast aside. He works hard to get where he does from the very start.

Is the story something amazing that will wow you? No. In it seems very telling that people will say it's terrible when it haven't even truly begun. Where given bits and pieces sprinkled around as the MC goes through his daily life trying to get into a position where he can protect those around him from his friends, his family, and especially his pets who he treats one of the best and the novels I've read so far.

Does he treat them roughly while training them to be the best? Yes but he knows nothing will truly happen to them and they know that too. The pets never take a backseat always right there by the MC side and the MC is constantly thinking about them. His goal is to make them the best and he's constantly doing that going out of his way to grab them benefits and teaching them everything he learns.

If you coming for a Buisness story that focuses on the business this story isnt for you past 500 or so chapters but if you want a MC who sticks to his morals and cares about the characters around him that he likes it's a good story.


MC is dense

A lot of your young so your weak

MC bullies old people (teasing)

Barely any exploration about pets. MC goes 500 chapters with the same line up of pets without gaining new ones. Some of his pets are thrown to the void and are only ever brought up sometimes in passing. MC sis who is all over the synopsis isn't in the story as much as the synopsis let's on. MC underestimates how much his pets love him x1000 <<less
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Valixiant rated it
February 13, 2022
Status: c76
I genuinely cannot stand this novel. The main character has zero IQ, and it is frustrating to no end. He does s*upid things or goes about doing things in some of the worst ways possible.

For example, ... more>>

He goes to a plane with lots of Undead/pets of the demon family or whatever. The main character knows they can use magic that affects the mind/soul. In this plane, he can revive an infinite amount of times, but if doesn't die he cannot revive. So, in this land of soul/mind magic, the main character decides it would be an amazing idea to constantly piss off sentient creatures that definitely know soul/mind magic by attacking them and reviving, over and over. And due to plot armor, these sentient creatures never use mind/soul magic even though it makes no sense not to.


Another example. When a girl comes into the main character's pet store asking for her discount pikachu to be trained, it surpasses the known limits of a discount pikachu. After fighting in a tournament and shocking everyone, it starts an internet craze. Of course, the main character wants more people to visit his shop, so he decides it would be a good idea to go to exhibition matches after the tournament and hand out fliers. Hello? Can't you just ask her to go to a interview and say it was trained by his pet store?

It's also annoying how weak the main character is. He has 24x more time to cultivate than anyone else, and for some reason he just doesn't cultivate. He literally has a overpowered cultivation method too.

Overall, low quality in every sense. Most characters are annoying and s*upid, including the main character, plot is really meh, system is even more meh, and despite this being a power fantasy it's really unsatisfying. <<less
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wait321 rated it
August 12, 2021
Status: --
Pretty cliche novel. Every event involves meeting arrogant people, tr*sh talk, fight, and win. Every observation is repeated by bystanders a hundred times to reach a word count. It's so repetitive and boring. As the story progresses, the fighting becomes mainly about owners and the pets become nothing more than stat boosts.
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Cheatlord640 rated it
November 11, 2020
Status: c295
As others have mentioned, the MC and author is s*upid. One of my many annoyances about this novel is that the MC and author mentions how customers are annoyed by how the store closes early because the pet pens are full but doesn’t do anything about it such as displaying or even mentioning the maximum amount of pets they can take in to the customers. Furthermore, a just because they can’t take in anymore pets doesn’t mean the store should close. After all, they also sell pet food and should... more>> sell pet products such as accessories or toys.

And like most Chinese authors who are basically graded or payed on word count inside of rating and reviews, the story is unnecessarily long. <<less
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JeanButButler rated it
August 28, 2022
Status: c1362
Yup, I'm on the latest chapter during this review and it's a freaking 1300+ chapter. But that doesn't mean I consider this as a gem. As matter of fact I consider this as same as watching a burning tr*sh on winter while you're homeless. You know it's not that great but you somehow find it comforting, and by comforting I mean satiating my junkie demon inside of me. Coz, you see, I only read this for my daily dose of face slapping, op, gloating, flexing MC that you know will... more>> never ever lose and enemies that you'll see in despair on just a few chapters. So yeah, from the description that I just gave, you can assume that it's not great story/plot wise because it's not. I can even say to some extent that it has no plot whatsoever. But if you want some break from your typical shonen, tragedy, drama, or any genres or stories that shows a more ups and downs or even those that's just like down, down, down, up and down again, then this is right for you. And yeah it mostly updates daily. But watch out for the drama or the MC struggling because in the 1300+ chapters I read, it only occured 2 times, so personally, it kinda feels cringe and out of place. And also typical from chinese novels, almost every one is named chinese even though it's an alien from another universe, many characters will just be forgotten, and some plot points forgotten. And also, not sure if I should include this because it's just like my own opinion that doesn't really affect the value of this novel, but I kinda find it their naming cringe. You know, something like "flying dog bouncing cow on moonlight punch." I guess it's probably because it's translated to english and in chinese it's just probably around three syllables. <<less
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Poison_Ice_Blade rated it
May 9, 2022
Status: c1123
This story is pretty garbage, I gotta admit but it sure kept my mildly entertained for a while. When reading, I suggest reading as if you're seeing the rise of a demon king because su ping is absolutely savage.

MC personality is all over the place, he loves to preach about being good to your pets but than at one point in the story he kills some innocent dudes pet for almost no reason! Yes, the dude challenged you to a friendly duel but that doesn't justify killing him and his... more>> pet. It was very strange as he is shown in multiple instances that he will go easy on the weak and ignorant and will often spare the pet while killing the owner. Maybe author was having a bad day?

the story is all over the place, the author introduces so many elements, he cant keep track of them. The story is about training pets for about 50-100 chapters, then is leaves and su ping is never shown training them ever again, like sure you know he did because the story told you but you never get to see it, which sucks... than its about collecting rare pet foods! Yeah that didn't last for very long ether. But hey at least he can create pets out of thin air! Yeah I think he uses it maybe 20 times in the entire story? How about collecting rare plants? The first tree he got, got destroyed by the second tree he got. Just dumb, why author? You couldnt just make a plant room?

summary: story is dumb and slow. Dont get attached to any one character if it is not his pet because they will pretty much be forgotten and never seen again.

theres also a pretty cool little plot twist on how the cultivation grounds work if you are able to read between the lines.

apparently the cultivation ground hes going to are in different points in time. MC has yet to figure it out but author makes it pretty obvious later on. he even meets current-day joanne whose very much dead btw, but it seems her zombie form does slightly remember su ping. To bad su ping doesn't recognize her.

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ResidentialPsycho rated it
July 21, 2020
Status: c114
This is another typical series with pet/monster battling and evolution with a system thrown into the mix. The OP MC has a shallow personality with no past mentioned in the text, and he doesn't get along with his adorable sister. In the past, he bullied her a lot. Once she grew stronger, she retaliated and became the one bullying him instead.

He doesn't have any background or motives of his own and essentially just follows the system's instructions. His training is abusive toward the pets in the beginning of this series,... more>> but he quickly learns to reward them properly and stops traumatizing them as much. He only treats them as objects for training until about forty chapters in, when he finally shows affection to his first pet. Over a hundred chapters in, the pets' owners are still confused about why their pets have such obvious trauma symptoms when they see Su Ping or go to his pet shop.

That said, he's still a jerk to his customers. They're giving you money! Why would you be mean? He's not that bright, and his life isn't fleshed out much. He doesn't have any gratitude or character depth.

The setting information is minimal. It is slowly being expanded on, but the world background is weak.

That said, I'm a sucker for training montages and monster evolutions, so I still find it entertaining at this point. I'm still reading this series over 100 chapters in, but the chapters themselves are usually quite short. I enjoy the series and am continuing to read it, but this series is definitely not for everyone. <<less
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Reader259OfBooks rated it
May 15, 2022
Status: c1139
This novel has sentimental value to me so take this review with a grain of salt.

This was the first Chinese translated novel I read. I came for the pets and stayed for the cultivation and have been actively reading the newest chapter for way to long.

The story is fun, the MC isn't that bright but he has a lot of charm, you never don't have enough information and always feel that you are at the same level of understanding of the MC (about the world).

The best quality of the novel... more>> is the setting and universe it takes place in. The vast sci-fi and cultivation universe that spreads from the beginning of the universe-spanning billions of years, even hinting at a multiversal level setting. The pet shop element is used incredibly, always leaving room for more development and growth. There is also a great amount of foreshadowing hinting at various events here and there that pull you into the lore of Astral Pet Store deeper.

10/10 from me and I hope you all enjoy it too. <<less
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KA2094 rated it
April 16, 2022
Status: c1098
Was going to rate it 5 stars to try and offset the reviews I feel are slightly unfair but I don't really like doing that so giving my actual star rating (4).

Note that the 4 stars here are with the expectations of a Chinese Web Novel, no one should be expecting the standards of western or any other in this case and it does not make sense to review it as such (but if I needed to then...1.5 stars)

Given it is a cultivation / pet-based novel (in that order,... more>> despite the title name... cultivation is definitely more of the focus) it inherits the pros and cons of those genres.

Given that there are so many 1 star reviews I feel it would be better to try and go through the major points I see and detail if they are wrong or if there is more to it.

(Putting these in spoiler boxes because the review got long)

Firstly Plot...


Brief summary (actually spoiler)


Blue Planet:

MC gets system and shop and tries to grow himself in his city and the shop eventually finding success with it
MC explores more out of the city and discovers more about his planet, leads to him becoming more involved with the forces outside
MC discovers the threats incoming and becomes deeply involved
Resistance against the threat and final battle, climaxing with him finally reaching legendary.
Note that this filled with mini plot points etc, some feel like filler but the novel actual does a surprisingly good job having it all fit in the grand scheme of it all. At this point the MC has left the "slow" phase of growth, which you can find in any cultivation/power based novel.


MC must move shop to another planet because the system is a d*ck and grows his reputations again, this time of a new planet level.
(This is where the "true plot" starts focusing more on the full world instead of the microcosm of his planet/shop) He further grows in strength, is noticed and ends up fighting for a competition.
Obviously wins and then proceeds to keep going on different adventures to further grow himself.
All the while, he quite literally grows closer to the truth of the world experiences moments about people sacrificing themselves to stop different threats, whether that be stopping an invading species or against "heaven" (important) themselves
This theme of going against "heaven" and that "heaven" isn't what it seems is repeated throughout. In fact, on the Blue-Planet part of the story the MC had already gained an interest in "heaven" and found the finger of a powerful being called "heaven killer". This continues...
(There is also the reveal of an incoming world-wide threat of the levels of space colliding by the Celestial state humans.)


Overall, the idea there is no overall plotline at all is pretty s*upid given there just is ("System-Origin" (This one isn't explored much yet, will point the system is probably not an ai unlike other reviews compare it to), "Deep Caves", "Heaven Killer / Successor", and "Space Colliding") , introduced in roughly that order. ("Deep Caves" is resolved before leaving the MC home planet) Others are currently constantly being revisited with new information..."Heaven" and the "System" seem to be overall arching plots for the WHOLE story whilst "Deep Caves" and "Space Colliding" are plots to move the MC forward.

As I said in the spoiler section the novel before leaving the Blue Planet definitely has a lot of sub-plot-lines. But they are usually to get the MC to go out and find some information for the plot (since he otherwise wouldn't leave the shop, later goes out more willingly when he wishes to gets the drive to continually get stronger to protect himself and others) and, at least I believe, they are pretty well connected in the grand scheme of that section of the novel. Whether they are "boring" or not is more subjective but I found it fine.


Second Point... Gary Stu MC (Overpowered) :


Yep...? He is actually constantly reminded that he is VERY weak in the grand scheme of the world thanks to his connection to all locations given by the System, it's this and those feelings of weakness in his own world that end up driving him to be stronger still constantly. But... when against those on his own level or ONE (specific) above he is definitely a Gary Stu... but he isn't trying to fight on the same level. And, simply being "overpowered" isn't really enough to call it bad.


Third Point.... murder hobo MC:


eh... not really. There are definitely occasions where the MC did go murder hobo and definitely shouldn't of killed someone. But in a vast majority of cases the MC doesn't actually kill without reason. This was actually something I really liked of this novel. It didn't force a "no killing" or "ALL THE KILLING" stance. The MC has a pretty clear stance and holds to it pretty well (EXTREMELY well by Chinese novel standards).

MC kills on these occasions:

Someone attempts to kill him (Which I hope makes sense...)
They are in a locations/situation where mercy is lost (If you are in a place where murder is expected... expect it, this is usually in trial locations or in duels, a point could be made in some duels that death was 100% expected and even if on purpose wasn't done candidly, whilst the MC is completely willing to own up to the fact it was on purpose...I just don't really see that as bad though given the world he lives in)
They are of a certain force. (So... non-tamed beasts and I cannot think of a human/god etc group right now)
To protect someone he knows/is a friend with.
but yeah... actually pretty principled given the world the MC is placed in


Fourth...0 IQ MC:


MC is definitely dumb at occasions (would actually be a problem if he wasn't though)... slight spoiler but when he goes to other cultivation sites he is sometimes (isn't confirmed if it is always) not in the same time period that the site is currently in (Both confirmed cases as of c1098 have been to the past). I am genuinely baffled how he doesn't f*cking figure that out, it makes sense that the characters in the sites that do end up knowing keep it a secret from him but it isn't that f*cking hard to figure out himself.

The review that said this was going on about how supreme beings weren't using soul/mind magic on the MC to deal with him... firstly... they at least using soul magic to kill him off, pretty sure that is how he finds out the even destroying his soul doesn't work against the System revival. Mind magic in itself isn't used, but Mind pressure abilities are used abundantly and is actually REALLY important, since this is the basis of the Mc's heavily increased willpower. This point is just wrong. (Also in most cases the MC just gets killed in other ways and revives far away so there wouldn't be a chance, totally reasonable that a supreme being wouldn't immediately jump to destroying a soul to deal with the human equivalent of less than an ant)


Fifth..0 IQ other characters:


Yep. Some of the characters are f*cking s*upid. A point I can agree with. Will say this novel is better in this regards compared to other Chinese novels. But the flaw is there and I cannot say it isn't a bad point.


Sixth... Repetitive plot:


Also yes. A flaw picked up from the cultivation genre... there is definitely a case of "problem" "agrwy" "kill" "resolve" "repeat". Will say that it isn't inherently a flaw and whether you will enjoy it or find it horribly annoying will be your opinion. As with most the other points... this novel does pretty well avoiding or making it at least somewhat unique even if some of the minor characters / plot lines are just.. boringly samey.


7th... Filler

See above. and point about plot.

Most other points made by people don't really feel like they should need to be addressed... <<less
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Adipi rated it
August 20, 2021
Status: c400
The premise was unique and amusing, but ultimately it began to spiral downhill once the plot began to unfurl. A shame, since I felt there was a lot of potential.

Our MC starts off on the bottom rung in a world of pokem– er, pet cultivation where pet trainers are also cultivators. He inherits a 'system' which is an invincible pet store AI who provides him with access to among other things, a gacha system for pet summoning, food and cultivation artifacts; pet training simulator where he can access realms and... more>> locations from anywhere and anytime in the universe and a whole slew of other miscellaneous utilities pertaining to pet raising and cultivation growth. As if that was not enough, neither he nor his pets can die within the realm of the training and can infinitely respawn at the same location, which he abuses to suicide bomb higher levelled pets in order to quickly accelerate his pet's growth.

All of these services require points which he can only obtain by converting money made through purchases other people make at his pet store. The AI forces him to sell at a 'fair' price, thereby limiting his growth and preventing him and his customers from abusing this system.

In the beginning, his interaction with this system and his pets, alongside the humorous and fluffy interactions with his sister and customers were very enjoyable. In addition, beneath his dry and sardonic wit one could sense a layer of caring and moral decency, albeit intermingled with a low cunning and extortionist sense for bargaining.

Then comes the plot progression and everything pretty much goes to ****. Character growth is slaughtered in much the same way he begins to slaughter his antagonists, and his repressed greed from years of poverty overtake any sense of decency he previously had. The only consistent character point left in our MC is his hypocritical philosophy of life whereupon he revisits any grudge against himself with a lethality espoused within a 'I did not ask for this, but since you abuse power, let me abuse you in exchange', all while hiding behind a veneer of cowardice when it come to facing entities or situations stronger than him. He has no problems gaming the system, but takes major offence if anyone else does so and harms his interests.

Nipping at the heels of this degradation of character and plot progression comes a complete disregard for the preset logical progression of power. Whereas other cultivation novels try to limit the discrepancy between the cheats mc's naturally are endowed with the exponential power progression cultivator ranks follow, MC and his pets quickly far outstrip this and become a singularly unique existence.

There isn't anything wrong with any particular taboo here, other authors have done more or less in their own stories, but usually they interweave it within a storyline which possesses at least one redeeming factor. Sadly, in APS all these inconsistencies and lack of growth simply serves as a toxic c*cktail which melts and poisons the entire storyline, leaving you with a bitter aftertaste of regret and disappointment. Skip and save yourselves some time, or read up to the tournament arc involving his failure of a tsundere sister and know that it is all downhill from there. <<less
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