I’m Really Not The Demon God’s Lackey


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Lin Jie is the owner of a bookstore in another world.

He’s kind and warm-hearted, often recommending healing books to customers who are going through a tough time. From time to time, he secretly promotes his own work too.

Over time, these customers begin to respect him greatly, some even frequently bringing local specialties to repay his favor. They often seek his professional opinion when it comes to selecting books, and share their experiences with this ordinary bookstore owner to people around them.

They respectfully and intimately refer to him using names such as the “Demon God’s Lackey”, “Propagator of the Flesh and Blood Gospel”, “ ‘Corpse Devouring Sect’s Rites and Customs’ Author” and “Shepherd of the Stars”.


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I’m Really Not the Evil God's Lackey
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111 Reviews

New laskjd
Feb 16, 2024
Status: --
It was very entertaining during the first arc but after that it became just boring and repetitive. Any new ideas that are introduced are subsequently tossed aside to keep the status quo.

Eventually it's own premise hinders it but it stubbornly refuses to do anything else and you'll wonder why this novel didn't end 300 chapters ago.
No character is allowed to have any opinion of the MC that is not abject worship, anyone who doesn't feel this way is either killed or is never seen again. All of those... more>> interesting characters in the first arc turn into just one extremely boring one-note character.

I rate the first arc a 4/5. Everything else is 1.5/5. Read the first arc then stop. <<less
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New Thenjoyer
Jan 31, 2024
Status: c100
Very interesting plot that went down the drain with all the misunderstanding.

... more>>

all of his customers are either old men or really young jade beauties (after all what can you expect from a chinese novel, there is never another outstanding young man aside from MC and there isn't a single old lady in the whole novel),

I was expecting his customers from all age and all walk of life, but what we got was 2 old men and the rest all jade beauties.

I really hate characters who leaches of others and whose everything is based on something given by another person. At least the old dudes had something going on on their own, they were badass even without MC, but all the girls got all their power from MC, without him they won't be jack shit.


Was interesting in the beginning but became a drag to read, there isn't anything interesting going on. <<less
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Dec 16, 2020
Status: c55
Love it!

So the book is about a bookstore keeper from modern world who made a wish to have every book in the world. The wish was granted and now he is a bookstore keeper in a modern/fantasy world.

He couldn't be happier as he gets to have any book he wants, while still able to do his favorite job, selling books and giving spiritual advise to people.

... more>> Unbeknownst to him though, the world is quite grim/dark fantasy one, and the shop itself isn't what he think it is.

This is where the comedy tag comes from, as the MC and other character perspectives are completely opposite.

For MC he thinks the person is having normal everyday problems, like a lover cheating, person just being lonely, or having problems with work. So he offers solid advice pertaining to it.

But the other side is everything but normal, everyday life filled with blood and death, so the real problem is completely different to what the MC thinks it is. Yet the advice somehow makes sense to them, though through a twisted way.

MC of course has no idea of it, and then also recommends them a book, be it just a story, fairytale or a classic philosophical book.

But what the person gets is book filled with taboo, demonic powers and ancient knowledge, helping them solve the problems they are facing.

They are of course thankful to the MC, and view him as a devil/god like entity, surrounded by mystery, while MC himself is just a normal human, and while surprised by the overly enthusiastic reactions of his customers, takes it as normal, having no idea what really is going on.

The misunderstandings are hilarious, the world is filled with mystery and is slowly unraveled when MC meets with more and more people. Every person is alive and has distinct personality, the problems they face feel real and it just makes the world feel alive.

Definitely recommend giving this a try. Sadly couldn't find any raws after chapter 55, else I'd have kept reading. <<less
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Jun 04, 2021
Status: c61
As mentioned by @ResNovae, it's the latest CN novel to jump on the bandwagon of OP shop owner novels, with more emphasis on the "misunderstanding" trope. Think "To Be a Power in the Shadows" (2018), but the novel revolves around a shop and tries to make exposition entertaining.
Still, it's a decent binge read if you have nothing better to do.

An ordinary learned, hikikomori, modern young man Lin Jie randomly transmigrates into an odd-ball world of 80s-90s tech + witchery (you can totally see a copy of Lord of... more>> the Mysteries...). He's awarded a magical bookstore with unlimited books from his past world (likely from some demonic power and hence the novel title). These books somehow have different meaning to the world's residents, in most cases awarding them powers and epiphanies. MC passively bumbles through life with misunderstanding after misunderstanding, and is recognized by the world's powers as a powerful individual.


(1) Nonsensical MC + Somewhat weak world building
Author woke up one morning and decided he REALLY wanted to write about a misunderstanding trope MC, but didn't have a clue about how to go about it.
The misunderstanding trope with MC gaining powers/recognition isn't new. It was successfully done in other novels, especially "To Be a Power in the Shadows" (TBPS). But TBPS had an ultra-chuunibyou MC Cid that proactively made it all work, as he has real personal strength while unknowingly stumbling upon a huge conspiracy that hardly anybody knew about. That aspect made Cid endearing to readers.

In this novel, you have an older rational MC Lin Jie with no powers (until recently). Despite having lived for 3 YEARS in the new world, having done research into all local factional powers and government regulations, and knowing that his shop is magical, the MC somehow still has NO CLUE TO WTF IS GOING ON.
The scale of wars between factions is so large with entire neighborhoods/towns/cities being destroyed. Yet we're supposed to believe the entire world can be hoodwinked MIB style with "Memory" sigils (i.e. MIB Neuralyzer) and forget what happened.

This world setting absolutely does NOT match up. It's impossible to suspend any disbelief.

So you're left with the impression of an MC who is either willfully ignorant (he's such a loser hikikomori that he's clueless), or a complete dumbass. Neither of these are good impressions.

(2) Boring, repetitive plot, with literal EXPOSITION
As of Chapter 60, it still consists of powerful people or civilians randomly interacting with MC as they enter his shop. I think I've counted 12-24 characters, depending on whether you count whole groups. So that's about 5 chapters per group, which is super short.

- the druid who setup his shop license
- the Silver Wolf woman + her minion (killed)
- the black magician Wilde
- Wilde's disciple + his minion (both killed)
- the elf
- the primordial witch (via a dream... in his shop)
- an entire party of bad faction black magicians (11+ ppl all killed?)
- the knight
- the knight's daughter
- some other faction investigator
- the knight's faction's investigator
- neighbor who runs tv shop or something


Would've been interesting if MC got out and did something, but MC never leaves his shop. It's just a microcosm of people interacting with MC in his shop. That's it.
No humor, nothing whatsoever. Just chapter, after chapter, after chapter, after chapter, after chapter, of people walking into his shop, and then being blown away by how "amazing" MC is.

Author is clearly trying to introduce a world of mystery with this narrative style, but you're afforded such a tiny glimpse of what's going on that it becomes a huge chore to read. You are literally reading exposition, where it's a bunch of people sitting around talking to/over each other and thinking different things.

(3) Epic filler, just like Lord of the Mysteries
You can tell author just really wanted to copy Lord of the Mysteries, right down to the filler.
Here's a sample from C60.


Since this customer was being trampled on in the company to the point he considered himself a disposable tool, it meant that the psychological damage he suffered was severe. Therefore, taking on a different path and getting out was a better choice.

However, a career switch for a middle-aged person was something rather difficult and couldn't just be achieved with purely determination but money and means as well.

Most importantly, this customer needed to have no worries for the future.

However, from how quickly he had made his decision and said he knew that it was "very risky", that meant that the customer probably had some confidence.

To ensure that this new customer didn't leave as quickly as he came, Lin Jie felt that it was best to have some insurance.

Fortunately, young Miss Ji should be able to help a bit. At the very least, it could ensure that this customer before Lin Jie wouldn't be unemployed.

Ji Zhixiu's father controlled Rolle Resource Development, an enormous corporation that basically monopolized all resources and minerals in the lower city district, as well as being involved in nearly all aspects of Norzin.

The corporation's influence in Norzin was unbelievable.

This was a corporation that was omnipresent in every industry. Whether it was clothing, food, housing, transport, or any other trade, there would be the influence of this corporation as long as one was willing to do a little digging. At the very least, there hadn't been anything like this back on Earth.

Even though Lin Jie was an outsider who had only been in this world for three years, he had deeply experienced the influence of Rolle Resource Development.

Lin Jie would see the Rolle Resource Development's logo of a flight of descending stairs on at least half the stores whenever he went out to get food or groceries.

Even the CD and CD players sold in the audio store next door were manufactured by a company under the Rolle flag.

Perhaps, even the contents of these CDs were produced by artists in entertainment companies that Rolle Resource Development held a controlling stake in.

Lin Jie had once looked up Rolle Resource Development's history out of curiosity and discovered that the company had been established a very long time ago and that it had actually been an army that administered the Lower District prior to its establishment.

Some of its history was complicated and many records were already unreliable at this time. The head of Rolle Resource Development had already gone through many generations of change and even those in their internal department might not have a full understanding.

All in all, how Rolle Resource Development became a monopoly was basically due to the structure of the entire Norzin.

Norzin's Upper District was an artificial city constructed out of metal and was completely separated from the ground.

When viewing from above, the Upper District was just like a humongous sphere.

Norzin's land area was about the size of a province in Ancient China. Streets close to the Central District had their own names while the remaining roads and streets would be labeled with alphabets or numbers.

The 23rd Avenue where Lin Jie's bookstore was located was a numbered street that was still considered close to the Central District.

Then, there was the Lower District which referred to "below ground" and "ground transition zone".

From such a structure, it was obvious that the Upper District was basically artificial constructs where no natural resources existed.

The actual natural resources were entirely situated in the Lower District.

The Lower District was also where some inhabitants came into contact with the boundary of Azir—The Wall of Fog, and suffered from a strange plaque and affected their descendants.

For thousands of years, isolation was enforced for these people, resulting in an entirely different ecology in the Lower District and above ground.

Incidentally, the Church of Pestilence originated from the Lower District and was still the principal faith there.

This led to a complete separation between the Lower District and the upper ones.

Thus, certain specialized organizations emerged within the districts to help the Upper District mine for resources.

Over time, competition and annexation occurred between these organizations which finally resulted in the formation of a huge corporation, Rolle Resource Development.

Now, only this company held the sole right to act independently and operate in the Lower District.

Other resource companies needed to obtain approval from the Central District before being able to head to the Lower District to extract resources.

Of course, inhabitants of the Upper District could also apply to visit the Lower District, just that it requires many levels of approval as well as valid grounds for doing so.

Most of the time, those that went down were reporters or scholars and they needed to sign extremely complicated agreements before they started.

In any case, Rolle Resource Development was such a massive corporation and since Ji Zhixiu was the only daughter of the boss of this corporation and a lady of the upper class, it should be truly effortless for her to arrange a job.

"She should probably be able to help you out."

Congratulations on scrolling 860 words, just to know that MC was just THINKING about hooking up a bookstore customer with a female customer for a job.
There's repetitive info from earlier about the female customer's family owning a rich corporation. The only new info is 1 line describing Upper District being made out of metal and looking like a sphere. That's it.

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Oct 08, 2021
Status: Completed
Novel not recommended to read.


1: Expansive wasted paragraphs of text talking about how great MC is and how creepy and horrifying everything

2: Author baiting Mc’s identity and not revealing anything for chapters upon chapters until a lame reveal

3: Moronic authorities which are useless and MC has to handle all the tr*sh unknowingly

4: Misunderstandings go on forever with no resolution. Could rename this to the tragedy of MC who knows nothing on purpose.

5: Boredom. Novel goes on too long with the arcane events.

-300bil/10 Don’t read.
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Sep 15, 2021
Status: c457
The story is a magnificent myth. At the beginning, readers may feel bored looking at the endless misunderstanding between Lin Jie and his surrounding. But these are the mysteries, the foundation of the story.

Why the supposedly harmless books from Lin Jie's bookstore become ridiculously overpowered instruments in the hand of others without his knowledge? Why they see different titles on the same book? Why Lin Jie's books could always answer his visitor's needs? Why Lin Jie could always avoid others' malicious tricks by doing next to nothing? Why all the... more>> fortunate coincidences always happen around Lin Jie? Who is Lin Jie, and who transported him to another world?

The answers are in the last dozens of chapters which perfectly rounded everything into one of the most satisfying ending I've seen. I could give you the spoiler, but it would definitely ruin your reading experiences. This is one of those mystery-themed stories that would be best read chapter-by-chapter. You should enjoy the comedic build-up ahead of the macabre ending of the mystery.

This book is recommended for people who are in love with mystery slice-of-life and antihero protagonists in magical fantasy setting, plus able to tolerate some gore and tragedy. Extremely not recommended for people who seek romances, fast pace stories, ideal protagonist, or perfect happy ending. <<less
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Jan 02, 2021
Status: c18
I'm really liking this thus far. The combination of dark fantasy, comedy and chicken soup for the soul strikes a chord with me. As long as the quality keeps up for the remaining ~200 untranslated chapters, this might be one of my favorites.

I was thinking of MTL-ing it, but the translator's been doing a very good job so far. I always find characters kinda flat and boring after machine translation, and this translator's great at adding personality. I was thinking of becoming their patreon, but $50 for 11 advance chapters... more>> is a bit much for my poor self. <<less
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Jan 25, 2021
Status: c72
It's the kind of misunderstanding comedy I totally thrive on, haha

Basically, the MC was isekai'd from modern China into Azir, what seems to be a Western fantasy-based magitech world with horror elements and a tech level similar to our own. Various magic organizations compete in the area, which is a city called Norzin.

MC tries to be helpful to customers by doling out chicken soup for the soul and loaning away comforting books; this is also the manner in which he attempts to make customers become more loyal. One thing that... more>> I really like about this novel is that each customer has a goal and backstory; they come with a variety of personalities and viewpoints, which MC uses to try to understand their troubles (he ends up somehow both right and wrong).

He is currently unaware that he is actually handing them tomes of forbidden lore and magic, since they appear like normal books to him. Although he is aware that there are supernatural elements in his new world, he thinks he hasn't encountered anything major yet (which is obviously untrue). While he loans away his books, he unknowingly shifts the power balance in Norzin as factions gain power from him.

The "Demon God" referenced in the title doesn't show up very often, although it's implied he was the one that isekai'd the MC and that he's the real owner of the bookstore the MC lives in.

Very very similar to I Really Am Not The Lord of Demon, but they still have their differences, ie. The store being anchored in another world much like Black Tech Internet Cafe and Gourmet of Another World, rather than being a dimensional hub. This novel seems to be the original, since its raw was published before I Really Am Not The Lord of Demon's.

IMO, it's also better. IRANTLD is more focused on the MC-praising aspect and the MC comes off as a bit of a Mary Sue. In IRNTDGL, the MC has a comparatively more passive role, and the story focuses more on side characters and their misunderstandings, rather than the MC's overpowered-ness. It's also more detailed, although bit dry in terms of wording. Makes for a really enjoyable light read. <<less
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May 29, 2022
Status: c300
It's a pretty OK novel, But that doesn't mean it deserves the hordes of 5 stars it's getting from readers. Normally after a while almost all the novel in this site stabilizes on the ratings they deserve and I have great faith in the large number of sensible and unbiased readers and I hardly ever get disappointed at NU novel rating. I will withhold my actual opinion and hold out for now cause it's a fairly new addition. I will keep it at 1 star for now.

(From my experience... more>> rating above 4.6 is for masterpieces, this ain't no masterpiece sorry if that hurts anybody's feelings) <<less
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Dec 21, 2021
Status: c150
This novel is entertaining. The pacing is great and the situations and dialogues have an adequate amount of humour.

But, I always try to point out the good, the bad and the ugly parts of the novel. So let's check it:

The Good:

    • The setting and world building develop nicely throughout the novel. There is no significant info-dump. It feels quite nice how the world of the supernatural slowly opens as the chapters progress.
    • Lin Jie - our MC - is a genuinely good person. He intends to scam his "clients". But always in a way that ultimately benefits them.
The Bad:

    • The life lessons dolled out by the MC are mundane. His persuasion tactics and scamming mind games aren't as refined as the author portrays them to be.
    • The misunderstandings risen from the above are more often than not a real stretch, needing a good amount of mental gymnastics from the reader to accept them.
The ugly:

    • Even after experiencing the supernatural our MC remains oblivious. It is endearing at the beginning, but you must suspend your disbelief to accept it at later chapters.
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Feb 11, 2022
Status: c165
Its fun and humorous at the start, and then it gets old fast. Every character other than the MC overthinks and takes some hyper deducted guess and wears a nice tinfoil hat. The MC is shallow, and kind of an idiot tbh. He was summoned to another world by a black ghost, out of anyone he should be the most believing in supernatural, yet he doesnt; he is dense and unobservant. MC also experiences convenient plot armor power ups immediately before he needs it.

The story is repetitive, and sometimes humorous.
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Melting Snow
Melting Snow
Apr 24, 2022
Status: --
Among the many "Misunderstanding Troupes" Novels I've read, this one is more well written. Sadly I cant give it five stars. Like every reviewers said the misunderstanding parts in this story is way too forced.

And the author tried to make the novel more mysterious, but failed miserably at doing so. I just dont see the so called "mysteriousness", and "horror" in this novel 😭. I guess the misunderstanding troupe and mysteriousness just doesn't go well together.
12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Oct 26, 2021
Status: c51
It isn't very good at all so far. The plot is mostly based around the customers of the mc's bookstore. His only purpose is to be a Mcguffin vending machine. He hasn't done a thing besides talk like a scammer, give vague advice to people, and sell/lend books.
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Nov 29, 2021
Status: c130
Good comedy novels are basically nonexistent. I'm really not the demon god's lackey is one of they few good novels out there that's hilarious. Bonus points? It's a misunderstanding type novel, my favorite type.

Trafford's trading club tries to execute something similar to this novel, but this novel just blows it out of the water. Well, what's the difference? Trafford's trading club involves a bland, OP protagonist, but the difference here is that the MC is a bland piece of bread with absolutely no personality, paired along a conveniently OP maid... more>> that does all of the actual planning and work for him. The result is an episodic wish fulfillment story with nothing much of note.

I'm really not the demon god's lackey features a great deal of setup of scenarios, which involves world building, dialogue, monologuing, and overall nice pacing and descriptions of the environments and battles when necessary. All of the arcs aren't brute forced since the MC's power deals with "knowledge, " rather than brute force power. As a result, he's got the ability to bring power to other people, but not make himself directly powerful. As a result, the story arcs don't get resolved with just a "oh haha he beat everyone in one punch."

Story arcs and characters also link to each other. There's a continuous plot, and characters from previous story arcs play a role in the coming story arcs, rather than them just being discarded away or having a token mention here and there. As a result of this continuous story, the characters actually have a personality, as they have a role past their initial introductory arc. There's a great deal of time in the novel where it focuses on the side characters, since they too, need characterization in order for the story to make sense.

Of course, this all gets compounded with great comedy. The misunderstandings are so much funnier since there's so much buildup for each one, and the execution is amazing. While not being too unrealistic, but also being great fun, the comedy is spot on. The monologuing, dialogue, and characters make the comedy that much more interesting.

There is of course, just like trafford's trading club, eventually an assistant that the MC takes in. The difference here is that the MC in this novel is training the assistant, and not much of help currently, while in trafford's trading club, she's literally a convenient plot device to make the story flow smoothly and have the MC go unimpeded in whatever he wants to do.

Just a cut above the rest of the comed novels out there. Prose, grammar, pacing, and story are well above average for a webnovel. Kudos to the translator as well.

I highly recommend Tilea's worries or Running away from the hero if you like this novel. You won't be disappointed <<less
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Sep 18, 2021
Status: c63
Although I don't know which is the original... I personally like I Really Am Not the Lord of Demon better. The story is much better. The only possitives of this book is that there isn't nationalism, and that it has less filler of side character story (so far). I really tried to give this a try... 63 chapters... but I gave up. I was honestly not that interested since I read the other book first. The two books' premises are literally identical, a unkowingly op bookstore owner that has a... more>> totally different view from what their customers see, and thinks themselves as mostly normal, and thinks there is no magic. Although this book was also interesting, comparisons hurt... I also disliked the writing style of this book, as it felt written by a new author, with the somewhat... rigid? writing style. This made me less interested in the story due to the way the story elements were written/told. I have trouble remembering and identifying the characters in this novel other than the MC and 3 other side chars. The antagonists? They were a blur to me. The organizations / groups also had me confused other than the Truth Union and the other good one that was paired with it. The other ones... had me confused for the most part.

Now I read a lot, making me pretty picky about stories due to the amount I read, so, frankly, u might like this story. As I in fact did enjoy it a little. It just wasn't a story that could make me stay. <<less
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Sep 14, 2021
Status: Completed
It is a well written novel, the novel might seem boring at the beginning where things just repetiting with MC finding new costumers and how they become increasingly powerful because of his books while MC keep oblivious about everything.

The main plot of this novel is about misunderstanding, it is funny and comical seeing how coincidences intertwined with MC's seemingly ordinary lifes turned to be extraordinary in the people's eyes.

There is little to no plot hole, the author know what kind of book and story he writed, how it progress from... more>> the beginning to the end. There is no abandoned characters or fillers, plot progressed just like a stage preparations and it is connected beautifully. <<less
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Jul 13, 2021
Status: --
It's so good, I love it so much. Every chapter leaves me wanting more. The misunderstanding is like having 2 stories moving in parallel with each other, yet the assessment of both side holds true if you see it from their perspective.
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Jun 11, 2021
Status: c64
This is a refreshing novel because even though the general storyline is not new it has an interesting angle from which it is written. With a lot of Chinese fantasy novels the authors use a writing style that is good for earning money but not so good if you look at the writing quality (adding words to increase the word count and not to add to the story, dumb idiotic opponents just to add another fight that could add 5 to 10 chapters to a story without it adding to... more>> the storyline, etc). And it's not that this novel does not have those kind of elements but those elements are integrated in a smart way that fits the interesting angle and adds something to the storyline. In other words you can find those elements if you look for it but they are not as annoying as with some novels. So for me that is already a good enough reason to give it a 5 star rating.

There are several elements that I'm particularly impressed with. I've read many transmigration stories, I've read stories about transmigrated mc's having to run a shop before and I've read stories about mc's not knowing how strong they are before but none of them have an MC that is in the situation that this MC finds himself in.


What makes this story different is that the MC does not know why he is running the book shop and there isn't a system to guide him to reach a goal. There is an entity that gives him slight guidance and that is why he got himself a shop and the entity provides the books to sell/loan. What is different is that the entity barely communicates and is probably also the one who put a spell on the MC so that the MC sees different things from his customers and therefore experiences the world very different compared to everyone else. The MC and his customers always have conversations where the MC is talking about very different things than the customer thinks he is talking about. And the titles and content of the books in his shop are different for the MC than it is for his customers. The MC doesn't realize it nor do the customers and this adds a bit of mystery to the story. And because the author does not let the entity have an active role and hides the reasons why the MC is a bookstore owner the mystery increases, so much so that some of the mistakes you often see in Chinese fantasy novels (e.g. The ones I mentioned earlier) are barely noticeable. As a reader you can still extrapolate that the goal is probably to improve that worlds magic level and make everyone stronger. This goal makes you think of novels like the strongest shop owner and internet cafe in a cultivation world.

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Apr 22, 2021
Status: c50
Enjoyable if not taken to seriously.

The MC's personality is pretty funny. It is humorous how he is always giving his customers advice based on his assumptions of their personal problems (which always ends up being helpful in resolving their actual problems). This misunderstanding may have trouble holding up long term, but at least so far it has been entertaining.

The world setting is a bit interesting. There are some hints of intrigue/mystery, even if it's pretty clear this isn't a super deep story. His customers often end up being interconnected which... more>> adds to the story.

It's not overly harem. There are a lot of young, good looking female characters who are impressed with or interested in the MC. But at least the MC doesn't drool over them, and there are male characters with personality.

A lot of other reviewers have mentioned the other novel with nearly the same plot and title, "I Really Am Not The Lord of Demon." I have been reading both, and I think between the two, this one is better.

It's a fun read as long as you don't keep your expectations too high. <<less
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Aug 02, 2022
Status: c268
The premise is amusing for a good amount of time. The NU description is accurate. Almost too much so.

Isekai'd bookstore owner unwittingly hands out demonic books of eldritch power to his patrons while spouting generic self-help life advice. Patron gain power, prestige, or coincidentally solve their lifetime crisis as a result. Patron speculate owner is a deity and form a cult around him. Patron gives owner a gift that 'actually' helps increase his own personal power, though he might not realize it. Repeat for new patron. Over and over.

The hiccup... more>> is that the patrons often know each other, and sometimes are enemies, so the interactions between them can get interesting. I was thoroughly amused for the first 150 chapters or so, then I started getting less interested as more characters (who aren't as interesting) get fed into the formula. I might go back to binge read a bunch of chapters later when I'm in the mood. <<less
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Jan 23, 2023
Status: Completed
"The road to Hell is paved with good intentions" a very fitting line for this novel. It starts as a light comedy about transmigrated dude (after making a wish to have all the books in world), who owns a bookstore and sell/lend a books to various of people. Close to barmen simulator, where he listens to his patrons, advice them about their problems and giving them a relevant classic book to read.

Sound innocent enough, but here is the catch, what he thinks he is giving is not what other receiving.... more>> Even a "The Little Prince" can turn into some groundbreaking summoning manual for void creatures and patrons becoming prominent figures with absolute trust in MC. Who is, btw, still thinks that he helping to resolve mundane problems by giving some philosophical books. Insane mu*derer for him is just a lonely uncle, who lost his family and in dire need for life advice. And helping him is the same as helping a good police officer, who lost an arm trying to save people.

But the more you read the more strange everything becomes, too many coincidences piling up, strange creatures coming to bookstore, strange things happening to patrons. Is the problem with bookstore, the books, owner himself or the patrons, is MC really this clueless or clearly understands what he is doing? And, to avoid spoilers, I want to say, that this novel heavily inspired by Bloodborne and Lovecraft, so you can guess the rest by yourself.


  • Some good humor in the beginning.
  • Overall plot is interesting.
  • Interesting world (iron city surrounded by the fog inside the dream is not your everyday japan highschool).
  • Chaotic neutral MC is pretty fresh archetype.
  • I had fun trying to guess is MC really that clueless or not.

  • There isn't a clear goal for where plot is going, MC doesn't want anything, world doesn't need to be saved and patrons wishes not interesting. So we see a lot of development, but to what ends is unknown till the very end.
  • Plot progression and plot resolution not really well connected, we read about one thing, but in the end barely any of this matters.
  • Misunderstanding joke is overstayed it's welcome, it is good, that novel is pretty short.
For me there was an interesting trope where is MC doesn't understand horrible consequences of his own actions, a lot like in Overlord. But in OW MC is basically pawn of his own subordinates. Here he is making his own decisions without some vital information and it leads to the things MC hates the most. And he is still happy for what he is done. Quite scary imo. <<less
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Jun 10, 2022
Status: v5c457

I've completed this series and gotta say, albeit kinda repetitive, the story is okay and entertaining enough for me, but the ending flopped hard.

We got the clueless bookstore owner, Lin Jie, from the possibly normal Earth, transmigrated to a world with magic and superpower everywhere. He had this magical bookstore where he could pull every book available in the whole world, and recommend it to his customers. Here's the catch tho : the book changes according to the reader, and Boss Lin is unaware of that.

Suppose he gives a customer "1000 Cooking Recipes for Beginner", said customer instead receives "Sacrificial Offering for The Gods" thereby creating misunderstanding where all customers thinking Boss Lin is an omniscient being giving forbidden knowledge just like throwing cabbages.

The whole 400ish chapters is actually a good read, whereas the few last chapters, the last arc, were utter garbage. Very rushed ending, like it was axed or something. Overall a good read tho, so gives it a try if you have nothing else to read

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