I Really Am Just A Substitute [E-Sports]


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#I am really just a substitute, they just don’t believe it#

Lin Lan, the genius mid-laner who won the LOL Grand Slam, died in a car accident. Upon waking up, he transmigrated to a parallel world and discovered that his counterpart in this world was a complete loser.

Not only is he technically poor with no friends, but the team he is in is also broken and lousy. Fortunately, the boss is not bad, and the training is not too hard. Lin Lan, who has been tired all his life, quickly falls in love with this place. To maintain his laid-back lifestyle, he occasionally lends a hand to the team.

But why do people around him look at him with increasingly strange eyes?

DT team has a new substitute support, at first everything seems normal, but gradually becomes absurd.

The starting support injures his hand, and Lin Lan in the corner lazily stands up, “I got this.”

With one hand on Lux support, he scores a pentakill and wipes out the opponents.

Teammates: ????

The AD player had a family emergency and was torn between the hospital and the arena. Lin Lan pats his shoulder, “You go, leave the game to me.”

With one hand on Draven, he takes the high ground in fifteen minutes, and at twenty minutes, he cuts down an opponent like a child.

Opponents: ????

The top laner and the management disagree, angrily throwing equipment and leaving. Lin Lan lazily picks up the equipment and sits in the top lane position.

With one hand on top lane, he instakills like a blade sister, dominating the air.

Audience: ????

The mid-laner’s contract expires, preferring to be a substitute for another team than stay. The club is in a mess, and Lin Lan stands up casually, “Captain, actually my main role is mid-lane. How about letting me try?”

Captain: ? I feel like something’s off with this substitute!

*On the second day of rebirth, Lin Lan sees someone who looks a lot like the silly dog captain from his past life. He tentatively calls out to him, “Hey, silly dog.”

Xiao Shengjing, with a cold face, takes out his phone, “Insulting the captain, deduct two hundred.”

Lin Lan: “…” Captain, listen to my explanation!

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Roxasfleur rated it
January 20, 2024
Status: Completed
Summary is very interesting, I can already imagine this will be like slap-stick and it's true. I didn't expect the mysteries, though.

MC transmigrated into a parallel world due to being a vegetative in his world, but around 6 years in the past. Ori MC died due to su*cide. MC then embark on the road of Professional e-sport, changing position like clothes, while doing his best to find out the truth about Ori MC cause of su*cide.

I enjoyed the mysteries and game progress from ldl, lpl, to world championship. What I... more>> didn't quite expect was


this story has an interesting twist in that ML in Ori world like MC for 5 years but it is unrequited. This is due to ML principle and coldness that MC really can't feel any love for him. However ML in parallel world is very warm and supporting, MC fell slowly and later chose to stay in the parallel world when given the chance. ML from ORI world even take over parallel world ML's body and Tried to bring MC home, but MC protects parallel ML thoroughly.

I was reminded that love is quite a matter of timing. When you meet someone in a right time, right place, and right mind it can bloom beautifully. Like this story between parallel world ML and Ori world MC finding love.

They didn't fall in love separately in each world, but fell for another version of the other in parallel world. It's quite an interesting twist.

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WallEyeKnee rated it
January 13, 2024
Status: Completed
This novel also advise people with mental health issue should seek help and cyber violence shouldn't be tolerated.

Paralleled world MC committed su*cide and seek help from MC from his original world after he ran over by a truck.

Original world MC gets a chance to relive a life that's much different then before, and also to to find out the tragic story behind parallel world MC.

... more>> ML is just a a loyal husky in both worlds, but the parallel ML is much more mature and understanding.

We are really taking into MC's mental journey through his first life in his career with how much negativity and unfair treatment he has received, he get a chance to take a different turn to change everything including changing the fortunes of people from his original world in this parallel world.

Alot of game information, cover 75% of the novel, because we really worked through all the picks and bans through every single match from 2nd tier league to World championship, so it's longer read then expected, people who has played LOL won't be disappointed. Alot of technological knowledge.

I feel emotional about MC's growth and the truth behind all the things that happened and also enjoy the game side very much. This is a good Esport novel even if it's unrealistic to play all these positions ha. <<less
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Yoya rated it
March 20, 2024
Status: c36
Dropped. Honestly it wasn't a bad read, but transmigrating (?) and then the additional confusion from parallel worlds and the switching back and forth was just not it. And then there's the whole conspiracy with his death and it was just too much.

end game is not with silly dog, and that's for the best. XSJ really shows his care/love through his actions whereas silly dog just rubs me wrong in some way, no wonder MC never accepted his pursuits.

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February 16, 2024
Status: Completed
op protagonist learns how fulfilling teamwork is~

firstly, MC is super godly op... he dominates all the lanes, all the positions (except jungle). he also has the experience of a old player with the hand speed of a new player, and he is just a godlike existence in the game. despite this, it's still fun to read because of his personal growth and emotional development. he learns to trust in his teammates and develops relationships with even his rivals!

the pairing is also quite interesting, given that the original world ML is... more>> madly in love with MC but their three values are just not aligned. original ML doesn't listen to the MC at all and just forces his love onto him and that's why MC doesn't love him. the pairing is refreshing and sweet.

the mystery is also quite intriguing and intense, which made the mood a bit weird like one moment they're playing league and the next moment the MC is having flashbacks to being viciously bullied in school.

all in all a fun read but they do go through what feels like every bp and every game all the way to worlds which might get boring if you don't care about league <<less
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talkingtothestars rated it
March 6, 2024
Status: Completed
4 stars, execution of story could be better but I definitely think this deserves a higher average rating than 3.7 (as of time review was posted).

The premise of this novel was really unique but the execution of the genre crossover could definitely be better done. But I appreciated the effort to add something fresh to this genre. The pacing from when the novel kinda switches from mystery mode to e-sports mode can be rather jarring, and the balance between the mystery and e-sports was a little whacky. The e-sports... more>> part got a little draggy towards the end of the novel. Despite this, I enjoyed most of the story, our OP MC's skills really made for a fun time and great face slapping.

One thing I feel that the author did very well was the character development in the novel. We got understand how our MC's life experiences had shaped him to be a very different person from the original MC in the parallel world, and despite how OP our MC is, he realises that he deserves better than how he was treated in his previous world and how he wasn't at the peak yet and still had more room to improve his gaming skills. Other than the MC, we also got a great cast of side characters. MC's new team is full of people with a variety of different characters and backgrounds, I really enjoyed how their stories were also woven into the main story and how they grew as the story went along.

The romance was also very unique, because MC meets the ML in both worlds and he really saw the world of difference between a red flag and a green flag gosh. The romance wasn't really in the forefront in this novel with all the things going on, but I think it was well done and developed at a good pace, it also played a role in MC's character development when he realises that he deserved so much better than how he was treated in his original world.

Overall, this novel is very special, I would recommend reading this if you're tired of the typical e-sports novels. <<less
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