The E-Sports Circle’s Toxic Assembly Camp


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Chief tactician Lin Yan entered an e-sports novel. At this time, there was still a whole year to go before the original plot started.

The big devil who would frighten people in the future was still a thin-skinned little anchor; the disaster who once disturbed the e-sports circle was playing as an accompanying player; the best healer was sitting on the cold bench of a third-rate team; the strongest king at shooting his mouth off offending the media and his black materials were flying all over the place…

They would shine as the plot progressed but unfortunately, their teams weren’t strong enough. In the end, they couldn’t escape the fate of a cannon fodder.

Lin Yan couldn’t bear to see these talents being wasted. The e-sports professional reality show started and he spent money to set up the GH Club, moving from east to west to select his team.

The variety fans: ??? Is this ‘Go Home’ team picking up the junk?

This lasted until all the opponents were coughing up blood at GH’s tactics and could only watch GH get a ticket to the professional league.

The entire e-sports circle knew that apart from their captain Jing Yuanzhou, the entire GH team was a group of barely qualified variety show players not worth paying attention to. As a result, this toxic team swept through the field and reached the top in their first year of the league.

When the media interviewed GH: Captain Jing, why did you agree to Coach Lin’s proposal and join GH?

Jing Yuanzhou: He pestered me every day saying ‘I want you’. It was really difficult to turn down such great kindness.

Lin Yan: “???”

Check the salary deduction warning.

The entire Internet went crazy: Parental love is real!!!

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The E-Sports Circle’s Assembly Camp of Demon Kings
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New JuneV rated it
December 7, 2021
Status: Completed

I say, this novel completely broke the normal stereotypes of transmigration, as well as e-sports. The MC Lin Yan is a sly fox who is hardworking, but he was transmigrated into a novel one year ahead of time where the original plot starts. Here ML is NOT the lead of the novel. ML is a god-level player who sacrificed himself for the club. In novel, this character should just retire with regrets. Story of ML is indeed sad.

But MC fall in love with such a character... more>> and he decides to enter into E-sports circle as a coach to help ML release himself from that tragic ending. Since he already know all the future god level players (who are unknown at that time), he will pull all of them into his team and start off the journey to the top. Sexual tension between both leads is extreme. ML and MC have very healthy relationship. There are many heart touching little emotional parts which is bittersweet.

I love all their team members, each of them have their own story and it is really awesome where support characters have story of themselves.

Biggest twist here is about ML in the end!!!! Usually e-sports novel ends with their winning journey continues, but we all know in real life, there is no such thing called permanent banquet in this world, the leads will retire for sure. Here ML will retire at the end and join with MC as coach. I would say this as a perfect ending which embarks the new journey.

And within this one year, MC will achieve what he wanted, and he will pull the main protagonist of the novel into his team and the story ends here. As a result, all the god level players of futures will be in the team of MC and ML and they start off their new dynasty in the e-sport circle. REALLY WORTH THE READ!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! <<less
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New bunnydesuuu
December 6, 2021
Status: Completed
4.5/5 A decent bl esports novel. A little draggy in terms of gameplay and not a ton of progress relationship-wise either, but overall still enjoyable. MC, ML and their team are pretty OP and while they do fail, they're generally a tad bit too strong. Plus the majority of the time, they won mostly due to MC's trick strategies, as if no other team coaches are able to play strategies at all, so it's a little one-sided. Moreover, the gameplay description is long-winded without being truly detailed. So you can... more>> neither call it a technical esports novel nor a bl novel since it tried to be technical but wasn't even detailed enough to be such. But the plus point in this novel is the team's unique and interesting characters, most of which are very lovable. Overall, still pretty enjoyable. MC and ML are cute together too. <<less
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Keisotsuna rated it
September 26, 2020
Status: c111
I'm kinda regretting reading this, only because I'm already at the last updated chapter in the raws (it's still ongoing) and now I'm stuck wanting for more chapters but there's nothing to read anymore 。・゚ (゚><゚) ゚・。

The protagonist, Lin Yan, is a very talented tactician who transmigrated as a rich second-generation in an e-sports novel. He's intelligent, cunning, and incredibly sassy with the wonderful habit of speaking in ambiguous, easy to misunderstand words with the male lead, who plays along with him. Despite his arrogance (though I'd argue that... more>> it's more like well-founded confidence rather than empty arrogance), he is actually very hard-working and always give his best as a coach for the "Going Home" (GH) team. He not only gives his 100% in training and teaching the team, but also places much consideration towards the members' emotional and psychological well-being, supporting them in times of needs in his own domineering, cool and sassy way.


He used to be a professional e-sports player, but his career as a player was very, very short-lived. He played in only one competition and that was as the substitute player for their captain, who had unfortunately been caught in an accident on the way to the competition venue, and had to bear the heavy responsibilities and expectations of bringing their team to the championship while shouldering the grim knowledge that his captain was fighting for his life in the hospital. When his captain didn't make it out alive, Lin Yan received a great psychological blow and was later diagnosed with PTSD, causing him to be unable to continue his career as a professional player and later retreated behind-the-scenes as an analyst for the league.



Lin Yan has a PTSD which causes him to be unable to play matches, especially team matches, because his body relieves the trauma whenever he hears a lot of voices assaulting his ears in an enclosed space. He could better cope in 2v2 or 3v3 matches but he still couldn't handle playing the game for more than 3o minutes or so, also depending on the pressure he bears during the game.


Meanwhile, the male lead - Jing Yuanzhou - is a man who's already in the top of the national e-sports circle from the very beginning of the novel. He is one of the five 'great gods' of the e-sports circle, the ace player of one of the best teams in the country (BK) and a person who is recognized for his outstanding individual and team abilities in the sport. After he was driven by his team's management to slowly fade out of the circle and give way to a newcomer (who was also his successor, 'apprentice' and big fan), he later transferred to the new and unknown GH team to the surprise of the entire e-sports circle. Although he appears cold in the outside, he isn't actually a cold-hearted person and has a rather open-minded, calm, and both intellectually and emotionally intelligent character. He is very supportive towards the protagonist and always plays along with the MC's whims.

As for the rest of the GH team, as mentioned in the summary, they're basically a bunch of eccentric, highly underestimated and some even infamous but insanely talented players with their own share of dramas in life (some more than others). I really love the fact that each one of them always supports their teammates, showing a solid camaraderie, trust and protectiveness towards each other. Their daily anecdotes and interactions are also very enjoyable to read.

Plotwise, it's definitely centered on the e-sports theme and how the team makes it to the world championship (though by chapter 111, they're still at GH's very first competition in the league) with a few side-plots where we go into some of the characters' back stories and fix broken ends from their past for some character development. I can't say much about the technical aspect of the novel, since I myself isn't very knowledgeable and savvy with e-sports and the likes, but I think it's good since I find that the way the author writes the gaming elements and matches made it pretty interesting (even when I don't understand some terms, and even more since I'm just MTL-ing) and more easy to understand for readers like myself who aren't very familiar with e-sports. Also, even without the e-sports element, it still remains really good because the characters themselves are really interesting and funny. The lines really made me laugh a lot of times while reading this. It's also pretty light-hearted (yet) and has a lot of exciting and heartwarming moments.

Overall, I really enjoyed this novel. I wish I can read more, but that'll have to wait until the novel's updated... (╥﹏╥) I'm really excited to see where this story's taking me! ✧ <<less
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Aria rated it
August 20, 2020
Status: c63
Ah ah ah ah ah cuteeeeeeee, wholesomeeee, eeeeeeeee

MC and ML are "Parent CP" doting on their 4 childrens (members)

As the title&summary said, each of them have their own problems, but there's very little dogblood drama here since MC is really efficient in fixing those problems

Overall theme of the story is heartwarming and fun

I like this, a lot >w< ♡♡♡

5/5 recommended!
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lustasy rated it
October 8, 2020
Status: c74
Didn't notice this was an ongoing novel so I just sit here waiting for the update like :, -)

Always knew this was gonna be a fun read cause chrysanthemum pick it up

The story revolves around our protagonist Lin Yan and his journey to coach a third-rate team GH to become the best of the best, oh and there's some love story going on too in the middle of it lol

So far I am in love with the MC, ML, and even the side characters. There's not much drama leading... more>> up to them getting together but their interactions are always very sweet and heartwarming that people around them already thought they were together even before they were together.

The e-sport element is very interesting too. Thought I know not much of e-sport, I got so excited over the match like a know-it-all

Those who would usually binge-read, I suggest you wait for more chapters cause once you read this you can't put it down <<less
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etsuhun rated it
October 17, 2020
Status: --
I just realized that this is still ongoing in raws... welp I guess I'd be camping here for a long time~

Esports! OP MC and ML! Funny main and side characters! If you like any of those, this will be a great read for you. Plot wise its literally just MC making one hell of a monster team to Worlds. I honestly don't mind, but what kept me going is the MC and ML. YEs. I haven't seen this much sexual tension between two leads since Earth is Online (and probably... more>> thrive in Catastrophe).

If you want to MTL, you can. Its quite comprehensible but there are some parts missing. Solid novel, can't wait for the next updates! <<less
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Birdy rated it
October 5, 2020
Status: c21 part1
I haven't read the raws yet but I REALLY LOVE IT!

If you already read, Glory, you would like this. It has a different humor and at the same time focuses on empowering and team play.

The characters are not outshining one another and everyone is uniquely made. So far, the parental cp is not here yet (chapter 20) but you can already see how the ML and MC developed. It is one of those, I tease you for fun but I didnt know I fell for you.

I really like BB and... more>> Gun hehe <<less
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lottocat rated it
September 30, 2020
Status: c19.3
i know there arent many chapters out yet but why are there so little reviews ksdhfsh THIS REALLY IS. THE BEST. REALLY AHHHHHH JUST READ IT LA. Really I enjoy how all the characters are unique and it's very fun and adorable wahhhh read it la
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November 9, 2021
Status: c137
Putting down my current two-cents before it gets vaporized from my brain. Feel free to disregard this review because I technically wrote it for myself

This novel is cute; it meets the minimum standard of what I consider sweet & soft. The main couple—though I adore both moments of extreme sexual tension & parent combo—it still felt a little lacking. Is it because I was fickle while reading & lost much of its momentum? Or is it because of censorship? Probably both, but nevertheless my attraction to the CP has dwindled... more>> A LOT much to my disappointment. The e-sports is as simplified as it gets. The details are sparse, the overall gameplay easily summed up. In other words, you can only nitpick it if you really craved more specifics & strategies. I recommend God Level Summoner in that case. The cast is adorable, but for the same reason of me being fickle throughout the novel, I don’t hold much attachment to them. The plot is pretty linear & straightforward. I don’t think this novel is boring, but I do think it’s more of a blander cookie than ones I’ve tackled before. I think it’s unique in the way that MC is a master strategist coach & the main team is all full of OP players. It’s a nice touch that this novel discusses the imbalance as well as the importance of having capable teammates. In that sense, the plot holds a much more fascinating perspective than others in its own subgenre.

If there’s anything to get out of this, do yourself a favor & don’t distract yourself when reading novels. I wish I could have given my undivided attention to this, as I would with every novel I start. I try to finish in at max 3-4 days, but holy sh*t I started this in the beginning of October & here I am not even done. I did this novel dirty & I’m sad cuz it’s not even tr*sh lol <<less
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remyrem rated it
November 5, 2021
Status: --
  • Initial Impressions
The story is a lot... older? more mature? than I expected, having just come from novels like Glory and ICDI with younger protagonists. The POV is from a cunning, shameless, rich manager rather than a hot-blooded young player, and the ML is an older man about to leave the field because of age, not a still-young adult being forced out because of an injury. Which is a little funny considering I just realized the ML here is around the age of both Glory and ICDI's MLs. It's still funny,... more>> but the humor feels more adult compared to ICDI and Glory's manic crack. The romance also has more of the flirting and UST fitting to a racier/more mature danmei novel, rather than a sweet love story/pure first love/lighthearted rivals-to-lovers.

Speaking of, it did seem a little extra to me for the author to be like "The ML HAS to stop playing at exactly 25". I did google it and apparently LoL players retire at around 25, but I also found an article with 7 older than 25 active players and ML is also the FIRST esports novel player I've read who seems to actually be looking forward to retiring at 25 rather than trying to fight to play as long as he can. Also, while I'm mentioning the article, I'm surprised to note that there actually is a good amount of good LoL players that are also goodlooking?? esports danmei didn't lie to me.


  • The E-sports
Like Glory, the author made up the game here (although this one is significantly less detailed and more vague), and like Glory, I think it was a bad move, but for a different reason. Not sure if its an author issue or a TLer issue, but the impression I got from this was... "is this author an old grandparent who has never played a single online game before?" The explanations of the games are very technical and not natural at all, and feels more like someone writing the first part of their thesis and quoting a source without actually understanding it.

For example, "First was the failure to pre-empt the core hero that would restrict the opponent's tactical system and second was the key hero taken by the other side in the middle of the selection.", which I had to read twice to figure out that it was just saying, "First, they failed to ban the right hero to limit the other team, and secondly they failed to ban the key hero the other side would choose in the middle of the selection (which I still can't figure out what that middle is)."

I mean I can't say much since I don't even play MOBA games (unless Pokemon Unite counts), but I at least get how roles and the basics work, and I can't understand the descriptions here at all most of the time. It makes me wish the author had decided to focus entirely on the managerial aspect of things and just made the esports parts a side note, since the games are uninteresting and bland anyway.

  • Writing
The writing is like a mix of "exagerated sports anime" and every standard danmei ever. While the story is a little unique, there's nothing about it that stands out. Even while I was reading, I was already thinking about the next novel I was planning on reading, and when I finish reading this I'm sure I'll forget it within the week.

  • Overall Experience
Do I recommend this novel?... probably not, it wasn't particularly enjoyable or a standout hit. However, it was still decently entertaining, so I wouldn't say /don't/ read it. I can't imagine reading the entire thing in one sitting, but it's easy enough to pick up when I'm idle. <<less
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Pandapuff rated it
October 12, 2021
Status: Completed
I'm a total sucked for e-sport novels. It was a sweet read and I loved that the view came from the coach. The interaction between the MC and ML was really great. Such a healthy relationship, with a perfect give and take between the two.

No idea why it was/is tagged as Adult though. There is no gore and (sadly) no smut. It fades to black past kissing.
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Devrai rated it
October 12, 2021
Status: c194
I'm not sure how to rate this.

It's not wrong to say the focus of this novel is the e-sport part but it's also not right since the relationship matters of MC and ML were a big part too.

The e-sport was OK. It didn't detail out all the games. The important one were more detailed and unimportant were partly skipped or mentioned the highlights. The special setups for different teams were fun to read at the beginning but in the later parts the quality was lost. Especially disappointing was the final... more>> match. Somewhat boring or I was just numb already. There were not much surprises since the team is setup as op and you can even predict what team match up the writer will come up with. Who will be in the quarter finals and finals etc.

About the love story... it was ok. Again, it was fun at the beginning but lost steam later on. ML is the silent doting part and the MC is straight out but also tsundere. The flow is good but something felt lacking.

Well I feel like this is a rather standard e-sport novel. It's good to read it once but nothing that draws me in a second time. So it's going to be a 3 to 4 star for me. <<less
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ValriaIness rated it
February 8, 2021
Status: Completed
It's entertaining.

I have read other e-sport related novels and this is one I believe is more "technical" than the others. From characters to strategies, are well thought and interesting.... for people who understands the core mechanics.

But, for me, I don't understand most of the stuff, I mean I don't really know about MOBA games. That took some joy away but the translation team did a great job in explaining the terms used. Unfortunately for me, I read this book in Chinese and "suffer" because of the jargon (because the raws... more>> had no explanation ;-;).

If you are someone who plays are understand MOBA games, this is a great book, details of the game are explained with enough room for imagination. Although I don't understand/play MOBA games, I just can't cut out points of the writing honestly, hence 5 star :3 <<less
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omgquiznak rated it
January 15, 2021
Status: Completed
I finished this really quickly, and it was surprisingly good?

The romance and gameplay, and everything is really good. No forcing (which is basically first on my list for a good romance, unless it's in the tags), smooth gameplay, no repetitive games, interesting tactics, nice characters, and basically everything nice, which I don't know how to express with my negative mind. Its also fresh how the MC is actually a coach rather than a player. It's also quite new in this genre how the ML... more>>

decides to retire rather early instead of waiting until they get old to do that. Another thing is they did the [Beeeep—] before they officially started dating though, so I found that a bit weird.


One thing to remember is that the original setting doesn't take a heavy place in this story. Most isekai or reincarnations use that as a heavy part of the plot, but this one doesn't, and usually I'd think it'd be annoying for there to be "useless" things in the story, but I guess it sets up the backstory of the MC. The setting does exist in someway or another however, like how

(Big spoiler) The original MC in the novel, Spear, showed up in the end. But just as an ending to the story. No continuation. Perhaps it'd be interesting to see the original MC do something. Well, for me, at least.


Anyways, I may have written about the story using a rather negative tone, but that's just because I'm negative and I'm in a foul mood today. It's a really comfortable novel to watch. I guess I'm sorry for the misleading review, but I'm not really good at listing good things of the novel without listing bulletpoints and writing a lot. Have a nice day. <<less
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Oleander DF21
Oleander DF21 rated it
December 31, 2020
Status: Completed
Very good novel! Some things in this story are a bit like TKA, but the story is packaged in a different way. It was great to watch their journey in the World Championship. This is a light read that's great for reading, so feel free to read it!
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Blackflames123 rated it
August 18, 2020
Status: --
This is from the same author as This Omega is Immune to All Abilities. It is a funny e-sports novel although the gaming part made me not wanna read it the interactions made up for it. The novel is a mix of of gaming elements with romance? The humor is different but funny
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
April 20, 2021
Status: Completed
A good novel. I originally thought there would be a lot of drama but the plot can be considered lighthearted with the face-slapping, the comedy and the romance.

My favourite part would be the character development of not just the main couple (who made me sweat with anxiety) but also the side characters ahem the children. Seeing them overcome their pasts and fight for their dreams is very moving.

I have to admit though that I'm not very familiar with MOBA games so some of the game elements of the story are... more>> lost on me.

Overall this has been a satisfying read for me. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Elisiss rated it
April 14, 2021
Status: c92
Really incredible. I can't stop myself from reading.

As a french reader, the translation seems really fine and it's not difficult to understand the video game's vocabulary.

The characters have all their own story and are well developped.

The romance is really great and not too slow or too fast.

The game's fights are breathtaking.

I want it to never end xD

(The game is similar to LOL and it made me play it even though I didn't like it years ago... I'm now an addict)
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
SilentReads rated it
November 20, 2020
Status: c34
I really want to finish it but unfortunately, something is wrong with MTL !!!

I like this novel, it has humor (just like Glory or I can do it) but in a different way, and I like every one in GH team 😭, Babies. The sport part or gaming is easy to understand and fun to read. Also, I love the MC and ML, especially tther interactions. I like the other members as well omo all of them are good, they're really like a... more>> family.

Anyway I am not really good in giving reviews but this one, I highly recommend it. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
tkkaine rated it
September 10, 2020
Status: c14
Oh man, I'm a sucker for esports stories, but the interactions of the MC and the ML so far are soo good. There seems to be an underlying complete understanding between the two and I'm so excited to see the future of these talented individuals. I'll update this review if my mind changes as I read it since it's still fairly early. I was just smiling so much as I read it I had to drop a review.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Neleothesze rated it
August 31, 2020
Status: c8
5⭐ so far for the plot, the comedy and quality of the translation.

Many of the interactions between the MC and ML are hilarous because neither of them is afraid of taking the other's joke and running with it.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Cardboard_Feelings rated it
August 19, 2020
Status: c2
Just reading the beginnings of this book has me hooked; the MC is shameless, smart and very straightforward, however his way of words is very misleading. It’s so misleading that when he first meets ML, well... you read it and find out.

The translation alone is very good and I’m confident that the consistency of the translation will remain till the end as it’s being translated on Chrysanthemum Garden; a site containing many good novels that’s delivered to Fudanshi and Fujoshi’s reading pleasure.

I’m not quite sure of this novel plot wise... more>> seeing as I’ve only read about two chapters in, but from what I’ve gathered so far and from the synopsis, this seems like a novel revolving around a group of gamers (MC aside) you’d see in a ‘cliche’ e-sports novel, however, they’re on the /losing/ end. I’m interested to see how they’d flip the world upside down with this strange team,

I’ll update this as I get deeper into the novel. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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