It’s My Turn to Take the Stage to Fly


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Jiang Chen, an esports prodigy, led his team to win the championship in the first and second seasons of the Dreamscape Professional League.

He should have had boundless prospects, but unfortunately, he was struck with a terminal illness and had to retire at the peak of his career.

Full of unwillingness, impulsiveness, and desperation… Jiang Chen decided to gamble his life, choosing to freeze himself.

Thirty years later, Evergreen Alliance’s Dreamscape took a bold step and became the world’s first holographic online game.

Numerous players flared up with excitement, including those who had quit, those retired, new fans, old fans, they all flocked into the game.

Awakened from his frozen state, Jiang Chen still carried an undiminished passion in his heart. He took a step forward and entered the game as well.

Fang Jingxing, a popular captain of the Dreamscape Professional League, retired successfully with glory and honor, finally began his lovely retirement life.

On the day the servers opened, the starving and waiting fans finally got to see their Captain Fang’s stream and crazily showered him with gifts.

Fang Jingxing cooperatively drew lots and ended up drawing the “Pretend to be a newbie.”

Under the watchful eyes of the viewers, he walked up to a player.

Fang Jingxing: “Boss, it’s my first time playing, can you carry me?”

Jiang Chen glanced at him: “Are you over ten years old?”

Fang Jingxing: “I am.”

Jiang Chen: “Alright, Daddy will carry you and show you how to dominate.”

Fans gathered around the stream: Hah, let’s see who ends up carrying whom!

Ten minutes later, Captain Fang and the fans watched collectively as he single-handedly subdued and struck the dungeon boss to the ground.

Fang Jingxing raised an eyebrow: Oho.

Fans: …Daddy!

Associated Names
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It's My Turn to Dominate
It’s My Turn to Take the Stage and Carry
It’s My Turn to Take the Stage to Fly [Virtual Reality]
Đến Lượt Tôi Lên Sân Khấu Gánh Team
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New Bbsnugs
June 12, 2024
Status: Completed
The novel is mainly about playing in the holographic game called Dreamscape. The MC and ML meet there and play the different stages of the game together always somehow triggering the hidden stories and being 1st to clear the stages. Their relationship is a super slow burn pretty much secondary to playing the game. If you’re looking for more about their relationship then this might not be for you.
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New viviluv rated it
June 11, 2024
Status: Completed
what else to say? It’s a peaceful, fun and light read. The quests didn’t drag on and ended with satisfying ends. Though some memorable characters were there (especially Seven ge..i’d love to have a sequel about him..), the story ofc majorly focused on the main couple.

anyways it’s a comfortable read. Don’t go in to the story for the competitive league though, cause that arch was very short. But it’s still worth a read :)

and I honestly loved the ending so much! It was harmonious and felt like the perfect... more>> way to wrap it up. Though I would have wanted to see Jiang Chen competing, im still satisfied with the way the story wrapped up :)

“Amidst the luminous lights, shattered stars and bounty walls, I have no regrets about venturing in to Dreamscape in this lifetime!”

ah I suddenly wanna play a mmorpg game too.. <<less
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mtkiseki rated it
October 12, 2020
Status: Completed
Translator here~ I already finished reading the novel while it was being published and fell in absolute love. It is a Virtual Reality gaming danmei novel. It is more on the mature side due to the innuendos and scenes that appear, but there are no explicit s*x scenes (so don't get your hopes up).

TLDR bc this will be a lengthy review with only slight spoilers to whet your interest: not TKA, not GLS, a new kind of gaming novel that deserves a full 5 stars

I will state this here, however:... more>> do not expect this novel to be similar to The King's Avatar, God Level Summoner, or any other gaming novels out there. There is minimal game mechanics and e-Sports. They are used more as a backdrop/worldbuilding elements. The focus of the novel game-wise is on the game's worldbuilding, the hidden plots, the hidden dungeons, the storyline, etc. The e-sports chapters alone account for a mere 10 chapters max, with the events skimmed through. The in-game PVP is described more than the actual professional league tournament scenes. Therefore, do not bother starting this novel with The King's Avatar in mind. You still get the colorful characters and gorgeous worldbuilding, but it is focused entirely in-game.

The novel explores how the relationship between Jiang Chen (MC) and Fang Jingxing (ML) develop, with all the twists and turns you can expect with an NDA tossed in to prevent a lot of secret sharing. A lot of misunderstandings all around between both the budding couple and outsiders, however, they are not particularly painful misunderstandings added simply for drama. FJX does not fall immediately in love, and JC downright hates FJX for a good while. It is a relationship that began because of intrigue and interest, developed further into respect and trust, and then fell into the river of love. FJX is far more in-tune with his emotions, but JC is not dense (he's just waiting for FJX to make his move). There is a slight age difference, but that's highly contestable in all honesty. FJX is physically 6 or so years older than JC, but technically, JC is 24 years older than FJX. Cryostasis makes age simply a number.

Jiang Chen (MC) is a shameless, bad-tempered genius. He is young, keep that in mind. He 'died' at the age of 18 and only aged a year by the time he gets to know FJX. He acts his mental age, which I think the author did a good job in doing. Despite being bad-tempered, he has his own morals and guidelines. He does not go past the lines he had drawn in the sand. He is also very, very, very unlucky. As JC concludes, he used up all his luck to have a second chance at life. Lucky for him, he finds his own lucky star later on.

Fang Jingxing (ML) is what you expect of a gold-adorned God-level professional player at his peak – bored and chasing fun wherever he can find it. He has retired at the start of the novel but still has commitments to the club (which he owns), so when he comes across an unknown, pro-level player (MC), he starts chasing. If you think JC is shameless, FJX has him beat. His belly is full of bad water, and the majority of veterans in the e-Sports circle knows it. (This is also why JC dislikes him at first. FJX and his tricks do not make a good impression.) He is very used to getting what he wants, but JC refuses to play by the book and lowkey frustrates him to no end [but in a way that he likes (๑ゝڡ◕๑) ].

Cue the nationwide manhunt for MC – that fails.


Foreshadowing is exhibited throughout the novel, so pay close attention to any small details that pop out when reading. Word choice is very deliberate, and to retain the unique flavor of the novel, most idioms and slang will be kept as is with footnotes given to explain what it means. If I were to describe the writing itself in one word, I would choose: beautiful. The author takes full advantage of the wordplay and multi-definitions of the Chinese language when writing. If you see innuendos when reading, then there are innuendos – even if it was unintentional when translating. There are just that many innuendos the author has included. It is a highly comedic novel. I can list right off the back iconic scenes to look forward to, comedy-wise:

fireworks to the face, stripping/streaking (plus an entire streaking army), death by dog, a black ops professional crossdresser, public confessions gone wrong – though not in that exact order.

You can expect the players cursing at one another, at the system, at the game, at the developers (and vice versa, our main CP is a very naughty pair). You get chat scenes, forum posts, weibo updates, live-broadcasting, the full works. You get curb stomps. You get reversals/overturned cars. You get logic in regards to the actual modern world. This novel plays on the concept of "uneven distribution of knowledge" so expect interactions to have layers.

I can go on and on about this novel, but at this point, I suggest you open the novel and read it yourself. A full 5 stars from me. It has its faults, like the lack of e-Sports, the over exaggeration of the MC/ML's strength (but OP is OP), the lack of detailed game mechanics, but what you are given is well-worth a read through.

+。゚φ (ゝω・`○) +。゚ <<less
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Raukatau rated it
October 12, 2020
Status: Completed
Don't be confused by the description, for most part it is not e-sport novel, it is more VR gaming with friends - quests, dungeons, game events etc. No heavy skill's and classes descriptoin, no tournaments (for exception of last 2 chapters if I remember it correctly). And there is many comedy moments.

MC's family (His father and later his elder sister) works in research institute, thats how he gets into closed freezing program, but because things not going smoothly with other frozen patients, after awakening MC cannot leave institute before they... more>> found out the reason. MC have not identity, because he is "dead" for 30 years. With Non-disclosure agreement he is given premission to play VR version of the game he was a champion before.

MC is smart with thinking outside the box, which leads for many funny situations, hidden quests, and awe of whole serever. ML is many times champion too, his equal and accomplice, and trying to get MC into his club/team, but MC cannot agree for now for reasons he cannot even disclose.

Dialogues between MC and ML is the best part imo, sometimes really funny. MC and ML feels truly equal, which is big plus for me. There is some interesting side characters too. Minus is that later "hidden quests" part become a bit repetetive, e-sport part almost non-existing (i think description a bit misleading). But overall I have a really good time. <<less
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damnmei rated it
March 16, 2024
Status: Completed
Though this is a gaming novel, it's quite different from the usual competition style e-sports plot, with less a focus on the actual e-sports and more on quests and problem solving with party members in a MMORPG virtual reality game. It reads more like an action adventure fantasy novel, but without the high stakes of permanent death or real injury. While it's a lot of fun, it does dull the emotional impact of a typical adventure story a bit when the biggest risk is not death but rather just failing... more>> a quest mission.

The underlying tone of this novel is comedic though, and I'll say that the comedy is done really well and I was literally laughing my ass off multiple times. It's a mix of dramatic irony from misunderstandings and hidden identities as well as slapstick humor from the side characters, who are all hilarious. I especially loved the other un-frozen characters, with their... unique personalities to say the least haha

There's some fan comments and forum posts but definitely not as much as the usual e-sports type novels. I dislike endless forum posts overriding the actual novel plot but do enjoy seeing the excited fan reactions, so this novel found a good balance for my personal taste.

It doesn't make much sense how MC's keyboard skills in esports make him also overpowered in the VR world, but since the story isn't competition based it doesn't really affect the plot too much how his skills come about. MC's personality is a typical cold protagonist type, with some moments where he shows more emotion but he is otherwise quite restrained and collected. He has a sharp tongue with a soft heart, but not in any extreme measure.

ML is a huge green flag, being slightly flirty, emotionally available, and direct without being pushy. He knows when to reach out and when to draw back when it comes to wooing the MC, and is just overall very likable. It's definitely a fun plot point as well that his childhood bestie is MC's nephew- ML accepts his role as "little aunt" so well, hilariously enough.

The romance isn't exactly slow building as ML falls fast and hard, but it does take a while for MC to start reciprocating ML's feelings. Their interactions feel very natural throughout the process and they have this implicit understanding of one another that separates them from the rest of the cast. It probably helps that they're both ridiculously OP lol

Overall just a really solid story, easy to read and with a very addictive plot line from the first chapter. The timing of the plot progression is very engaging, and I finished in a single sitting. Quests can feel a little filler, as they are pretty standalone and don't tie into a overarching plot, but they're all short enough to read through quickly before getting too bored.

Also just a note that both translations are great and I'll probably come back and re-read once they're both done! Goes to show how good a novel is when multiple translators pick it up~ it's also quite popular of jjwxc, well deserved! <<less
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Tutubitter rated it
October 22, 2021
Status: Completed
Teared up right in the first chapter and loved the characters in the fourth. :') Definitely the most refreshing and relatable among every bl/shoujo MMORPG novel I've read thus far that really captures the essence of fun in MMORPGs. Probably because it focused more on adventure and leisure rather than overly toxic/petty vendettas with players/guilds. Not to forget fiddling with this and that, playing with the game bugs, and taking advantage of loopholes. 😂 The storytelling was also flexible and smooth. Overall comedic and witty, while touching when needed. And the... more>> romance was definitely *chefs kiss*. Theres not a single chapter that I've skimmed over.

Characters are distinct and their relationships are very fun and wholesome altogether.

My only dissatisfaction is the competition part. Misled by the synopsis, I was expecting a lot of blood boiling fights/competitions, after all it's e-sports. Unfortunately, the author didn't add any worthy rivals for MC and ML, aside from each other. Thus, the competition was briefed very curtly. Nonetheless, still a very enjoyable read and will definitely reread again when translation is done. Made me recall the fun and friends I had online in my adolescence *crie*

PS. Thank you translator for the very good translation! The fun was not lost and I especially liked that they preserved/noted some romanised chinese because it definitely sticks more 😊 <<less
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Storymonster rated it
November 26, 2020
Status: Completed
This was really cute. Everyone already commented on the gaming stuff and romance.

I’ll just say it’s funny. Reading in a communal space got lots of looks because every few minutes I was convulsing with laughter.

Some of the comedy, especially early on, is derived from misunderstandings. BUT. There are zero gross dog blood type misunderstandings. They’re not the type where if characters had a simple conversation then there’d be no story. Instead, the misunderstandings are pretty logical and hilarious.

Random lines cracked me up too. (Like an unfrozen character raging about Hunter... more>> Hunter not being finished even 30 years in the future.)

so yup. Silly bl fun. Ridiculously respectful ml. (Perhaps one of the most respectful in bl. There are definitely better love interests than him, but I feel like he did the category proud.)

nothing too ground breaking here but it was a fun read. <<less
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Yumeru rated it
May 20, 2024
Status: Completed
Deserving for the high ratess!!

The Main story was about Jiang chen /MC journey after being thawed out of ice to getting to play the holographic mode of the Game Dreamscape

Touching moments about death, fate, friendship, youth and passion/dreams^^ MC will met a lot of people in game hahaha their adventures was funny during in game. Mc's definitely the chosen one with his Antiques despite his cool/aloof aura. The romance was developed reallyyyy Good with ML slowly falling inlove with MC [ without even knowing how MC looks like in real... more>> life].

I like mc's personality hahaha and his straightforwardness. ML is very doting too!! Green ML!! I laughed so many times while reading this. So yeah worth the read!!! <<less
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HiddenHermit rated it
May 12, 2024
Status: Completed
Enjoyed this story. MC, Jiang Chen, and ML, Fang Jingxing, are likable and it's fun to watch their interactions. MC is no nonsense, bad ass, think outside the box awesome. ML is the typical "male god" with tons of fans.

In general, there are no surprises in the plot but the process of their relationship developing is entertaining. The bulk of the story is within the game environment which adds flavor to the story, instead of being an annoyance.

... more>>

MC was thawed out but was not released from the research institute. He had to stay until the program was finished but there is a problems since he was the first and only successful case. Several of the patients thawed out after him did not wake up.

While in the institute, he started gaming for entertainment. There he met ML. ML owned a e-sports club and wanted MC to join his club. However, MC rejected him so ML followed MC in the game.

The duo's awesomeness turned them into celebrities and gave the game developers headaches. During the process, their relationship turned romantic.

In the end, MC was released from the institute after they discovered that high mental strength was key to a successful awakening.

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Roxasfleur rated it
January 22, 2024
Status: Completed
A well deserved 5 stars.

This story is set in a holographic rpg game. From the first chapter to the last, MC and ML will take readers to their up and down comedic daily life playing the game and solving hidden stories and dungeons while their feelings slowly grow. These 2 protagonist is a real comedic duo. MC has a cold personality, hard outside soft inside, very curious and a pro at tr*sh talking. Meanwhile, ML is the type elder likes the most, while inside he is a true black belly,... more>> smart and cunning. In short these 2 match and their daily life is very enjoyable to read. Kudos to writer and translators. <<less
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GoldenTiger0 rated it
August 9, 2022
Status: Completed
Nearly all the reviews did this novel justice. 5-star. It's not very e-sport and focuses on in-game mechanics, relations and fun.

I only want to comment on the creavity regarding hidden plots in the holographic version.

As I've played a lot of MMORPGs and dealt with plot lines... I've to say... that when I read that JC kicked the guard down cause the guy was wailing for too long, I felt he ingeniously used 'skip' the holographic way. As there's no skip button in holographic and all is quite realistic, the way... more>> he completes the hidden plots is really true skip-mode of holographic games.

The hidden plot lines are very ineteresting too. Wished to read more on that in-game final boss, Jiu Shi.

This reminded me of the first MMORPG I played. We, me and my friends, too were the heading figures of that game and the guild we were in was at the top too. We usually chatted on the world channel with another popular guild and had fun and even connected with eachother offline too. The cs was friendly too. Unfortunately, the game company shut that game down even though it was released for nearly a year. Never felt that much fun and friendliness in another game yet.

This novel brings me memories. <<less
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Bunga Kantan
Bunga Kantan rated it
March 30, 2022
Status: Completed
It's a really nice story. Relaxing yet engaging. Reminds me of those virtual reality MMORPG animes (you know what I mean) with their pretty graphics which made me wish I could go inside and experience them. MMORPG danmei is pretty rare, I mean, all I see is Glorys and PUBGs everywhere. I get that it might be easier for the authors to write about them since it all revolves around live broadcast aka fan comments (which really takes the load off the word counts) and the pattern is always the... more>> same. This is why I have much respect for this author. I've read a few other of her works and I can say that she's an innovative writer, all her stories are unique with fresh ideas. She's a true storyteller.

p/s: I wanna see more of the nephew's story. <<less
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Morfzine rated it
November 2, 2021
Status: Completed
Very entertaining, my favorite non esport focused game BL novel. This novel focused on the in game story and event, basically just friends bonding moments while having fun. The in game stories is full of plot twist, some sad, and some just full of trolls lol. The incidents leading to said story are accident after accident that some how works.

I love how the global server chats just spreads lemons and salts to other servers. The seasonal events and challenges also makes it more complete and helps with MC trying to... more>> give hints to his old teammates/friends. It's also very funny when ML realize that the guy he's crushing on AKA MC, is his childhood friend's uncle LMAO. While MC and ML have a lot of OP weapon with how much they clear hidden stories, it's not what makes them OP, and the weapon are not that important to the story anyway + the actual competition near the end have fixed weapon/gear.

though it's a shame the freezing human thingy failed in the end

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xiaxiqing rated it
July 1, 2021
Status: Completed
I've read this a long time ago so I have to rely on my notes. Basically, the concept is fresh and adorable in comparison to other e-sports/gaming novels. I enjoyed the game subplots and mind you, this one is humorous. All I know is that I laughed a lot of times while reading it. Romance is also secondary in this novel so if you are up for heart-grabbing ones, welp, sorry this one is not fluffy.

However, there are some things in the world building that I find illogical and the... more>> ending is abrupt.


I noticed that the contract is being printed which is anachronistic for an 'advanced' society but whatever. In addition, according to the present timeline, they can cure complex diseases but there is a line about baldness.

I also felt that the people are way too accepting for my liking. Like they are not shocked but more than in awe that someone who died years ago is alive and breathing.


Well, if you want to read a feel-good and refreshing story, you can read this one. There are no unnecessary drama too and the pairing is also good! To quote a line from the novel: Not online dating is a waste of electricity! <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Shadowdrop rated it
June 30, 2021
Status: Completed
I really love mmorpg novels that are funny and interesting, but not over-the-top and stretched into arcs. This one hits the spot perfectly. The romance was also very nice - not too h**ny and not going around in circles without getting to the point. I like that the novel portrays MC as once-in-a-million genius without actually stating it - he has unusual thought patterns, non-standard ways to deal with problems and single-minded focus on the things that interest him. And his ways of dealing with problems in reality is similar... more>> to his ways of solving problems in the game. Maybe it's exaggerated to a certain degree in the later part, but it didn't really spoil my enjoyment of the novel. <<less
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nevelvir rated it
October 22, 2020
Status: Completed
I have no more words to write. Just, this story is great.

The gaming experience, the relationship between characters, everything is great. The novel is easy to MTL too, try it if you want a funny yet fluffy story.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jiiemm rated it
May 9, 2024
Status: Completed
Like their slogan, 'I don't regret reading this story' 🥹

So light! So sweet 😭😭
Really a cup of tea for my bad mood 😭😭 too sweet and fun!!!

This seems to be the second novel by the author that I've read, and like my comment on the other novel, the author has a sweet 'specialty' of creating couples full of PDA 😭😭 They are so sweet, our ChenChen is so cold, but he's cold in an adorable way, and our shameless Captain Jiang! He's the first to fall in this relationship, but their process together is so sweet, it's not slow, it's epic, and pure. Really 😭😩❤️

Their first kiss was the most memorable moment for me, I felt like my stomach was in knots because of them 😭😩

UH is a sugar-filled story with a unique scientific background and fun esport games.

And 100 for the translator!!! He really did a great job on this. Thank you 💕
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
WallEyeKnee rated it
March 16, 2023
Status: Completed
Came in with expectations and it exceeded my expectations, a pleasant surprise.

There's not much Esports as other said but there's alot of in game exploring which I found myself very much enjoying when I was reading it. Game mechanics is very easy to understand, it all Virtual and the world is interesting.

I never get bored with the novel and look forward to each chapter, it feels there's progress with the plot, the time frames fits right in. It's not rushed but feel everything is in order.

There's alot of comedy in... more>> this which I really enjoyed, the characters interactions and the repeated gag of MC taking first kills or prompting new plotlines never gets boring, it's really entertaining.

MC is a cool beauty, he doesn't say much, but when he does it can be lethal with his retorts. He's impatient with small stuff and really straightforward. He will tell you what he feels straightaway. He's love everyone around him and give you care in his own loving way. He's not awkward, just take time to know him. He's one of the best coming up with best strategies to tackle plot points. Love his temper hitting the NPCS is the highlights ha

ML is a gentleman who is blackhearted in his playful ways . He's always smiling, he's caring and very perceptive. Incredibility smart, he can be a detective or a cop. The way he's mind thinks is way different than anyone else. He's really fun and loving. He's OP like MC. They are so suit for each other. You know at one point I thought he was manipulating the MC slowly but then he confess with sincerity and good thing they came clean faster. I just love them both together, one always talks like bright sun the other is cool like the shine moon.

I just love all the characters and the game players. Everyone is unique and funny in their own ways. The family , the film emperor nephew, the nurses, the other survivors. Everyone just brings the novel to a new height. The 30 year comeback also warm my heart, it feel way different than other novels. It really feel similar to King Avatar's when you know who returned of the sorts. It was very short but you can actually feel that 30 years of love and the fans in this game old and new, all of them so awesome.

Highly recommend to read this, even if you expected esports, you wound't lose out reading this one <<less
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harunomasu rated it
June 5, 2024
Status: Completed
B-tier (3.3 star point)

I have to put this in. Though it's very entertaining and I actually love the story. But again, the same as other BL novels, both the characters too powerful. The best thing is that they don't really outshine each other, though almost to the end when they started competing professionally, the ML, Fang Jinxing, felt a little bit redundant. His presence is so paper thin. This story has always been about Jiang Chen, and I do respect that. At least it's consistent in this area.

The e-sport... more>> didn't happen until very very very late, like, almost the end of the novel. The story itself revolved around the two of them playing this holographic game in a future setting, which is actually quite fun. I love the rag-tag team. I enjoy every bit of their interaction with other characters, though some of them felt like they're just there for plot sake and don't really matter in the end. Too many characters, not enough time to develop them. <<less
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tharrinne rated it
June 1, 2024
Status: Completed
"Amidst the luminous light's, shattered stars and bounty walls I have no regrets about venturing into dreamscape in this lifetime."

this is exactly my feelings now... lol 😆 I like all those comedic tones with quirky characters. And it ended well unlike some novels, the ending mentioning the slogan on the first chapter and closing it with the same slogan but with opposite tones makes reading this full feeling. Same feelings that the character have felt after attaining their championship.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
SirhcSidhe rated it
May 23, 2024
Status: Completed
One word summary: fun! No tedious battles, no long-winded world building. Simply a light-hearted, funny, easy-going story about exploring game scenarios and crawling a few dungeons, which is actually only a backgroung for making friends and building a romance. The time-jumping plot device (cryo freezing) is incorporated very smartly and reasonably, making the story interesting without any need for excessive suspension of disbelief due to the embeded sci-fi element.
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