I Can See the Correct Rules of Ghost Talks


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Ghost talks have descended upon the world, and the appearance of each horror story constitute the loss of countless lives. Only by clearing the horror story can you leave alive.

In the tenth year since the beginning of ghost talks, the “Global Ghost Talks Research Association” has summed up a series of general rules.

“The General Rulebook of Ghost Talks”

 1. Do not lose yourself in the ghost talk. Please remember that you are a human being with only two eyes, a nose and a mouth.

 2. Please make sure you have the correct time in the ghost talk. It can help clear up your cognition. Losing time may mean being lost forever.

 3. Find as many rules as possible, but don’t believe in any rules easily.

 4. The more rules you find, the easier it is to attract “His” attention.

 5. Perform your current identity well. You may be of any species in ghost talks. You can be any species

 6. Keep thinking.

Su Rong, who came across time, accidentally obtained a “Contamination Alert” system, which could help her distinguish the rules being polluted by Him.

Su Rong looked at the rule book which was a must read for newcomers and the blood-red text of the rules which had been contaminated by Him.

Su Rong: “……this world is really coming to an end!”

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puukkiss rated it
April 20, 2023
Status: ~c90
I dropped it somewhere around 90c.

Minor spoiler. The Arc was basically, all other countries are small and pathetic, only Chine is good, America are a**holes. MC and her Chinese party purposely doesn't help other countries because believed they are useless and probably American Spies. MC doesn't like Americans because they are arrogant and a**holes... and MC and other Chinese are arrogant a**holes for the whole arc.

It was a 180 turn from the previous stories and arcs. Like whF? I felt annoyed reading it, so dropped it.
I have read patriotic author novels, but this was hate plus arrogance 200%. Clearly, the author thinks everyone else and America sucks and only China is the best.

I will not read a novel written by a narrow-minded hater.
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
April 18, 2023
Status: c160
Heyo. TL here. Well, not really since idk Chinese. I'm cross-referencing between a couple MTL to try to decipher the best meaning someone who doesn't know Chinese can. My pick up request thread didn't really gain any traction so I decided to take a crack at it myself, in case I can catch the interest of anyone fluent in Chinese taking an interest in it.

I think the scenarios are pretty nifty. Our MC, Su Rong, is clever, capable and cool, but not omnipotent. I wouldn't say she has any crazy... more>> cheats either, except maybe for her reasoning power. She analyzes her situations, figures out how to get from A to B and goes for it. I think she's pretty cool. There are a few recurring side characters but it's pretty much a one-woman-show, which is not that bad considering I usually am dissatisfied with side-characters not getting a lot of development. There is a bit of romantic subplot, but he doesn't actually show up that much. The world building is also pretty interesting, at least imo.

Basically, if you wanna follow a smart lady solving mysteries and navigating a scary infinite flow world then stick around. The first arc she is a bit subdued because she's new to this, but she quickly gets into her groove after it. <<less
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