Scream Queen


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Zhu Yang knew that tomorrow she would be killed by a female ghost, so before her death, she drank a lot*.

The next day, because she was so drunk, the house was a mess. The TV had a half-drilled**-out female ghost stuck in it.

The female ghost was already dead!

All of her disloyal friends*** accused her of being cruel and killing the female ghost.

Zhu Yang: I’m not! I didn’t! Don’t talk nonsense! I am a delicate and flower()-like lady that can only scream when encountering scary things!

About that, the female ghost that thought she killed this guy, but got killed back, would like to speak.

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02/23/21 Ferme de L’Oeuf c7
01/17/21 Ferme de L’Oeuf c6
01/02/21 Ferme de L’Oeuf c5
12/26/20 Ferme de L’Oeuf c4
12/25/20 Ferme de L’Oeuf c3
12/12/20 Ferme de L’Oeuf c2
12/06/20 Ferme de L’Oeuf c1
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New Kurolo-Lite rated it
February 23, 2021
Status: --
I’m off to read the raw now but I left a review first since there’s only one so far.

The manhua is fantastic which isn’t something I find often from Chinese Novel to manhuas. There were no random plot skips, the flow was natural and gripping with creative comedy, the dissing didn’t use the same old curse words and actually made the character seem witty and smart not just the author telling you how smart she is.

THE most important part though is the art *muah* it was so beautiful, because the... more>> artist had such great skill you could feel the differences between HER and the others. Be it her scheming, playing innocent, cold or arrogant look they were all so charming, like she could walk all over me any day when she’s looking so fine.

I just.. Can’t.. Stop fangirling over her from the screen.

Did I mention how great the artist was? Because she’s great, the horror scenes and ghosts were gruesome scary and I had to not look too close in case I remembered them too well later.

So haha kinda turned into a manga review but I’ll add more after I’m done with the raws xD <<less
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sandro530 rated it
January 24, 2021
Status: --
Because there are only 6 chapters as of yet, which I won't/haven't read. I instead will talk about how I found the manhua. Which I really, really liked. Cold, calculating, scheming. All describing the female MC. Much different than what I though how a typical chinese manhua would look like. Because this one is quite atypical.

I would recommend reading the manga it already has 20+ chapters and is looking amazing. It has some fantasy aspects with the whole ghost thingy and there isn't anything unreasonable happening as far as I've... more>> read. <<less
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