I Became the Only Savior of the Obsessive Maniacs


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She was reborn as the main character’s older sister in a R18+ BL novel.

In this gold impoverished world, all the Omegas have died.

And with no omegas, the number of Alphas soon dwindled.

Originally in the novel, her younger brother was being beaten by the obsessives in Alpine because he smelt like an omega. As a useless extra, her life was also short lived..


In order to survive, I decided to become a priest of the Holy Land far from the obsessed maniacs. However, Schwarz, one of the obsessed maniacs who killed me in the original work, appeared!

“Your lips are small. The way you bite your lower lip is so cute.”

Even Cassius, the successor of Alpine, who never made an appearance in the original work, showed interest in me.

“You, are you an omega?”

I will walk the path of a priest and become the only surviving omega!

Will she survive among the dangerously obsessed maniacs?

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집착광공들의 유일한 구원자가 되었다
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