Mech Battle: Full Metal Storm


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[Apocalypse + Giant Beasts + Mecha] Giant beasts invade, the apocalypse is upon us!

Surface survivor Luo Yan awakens the mysterious Eye Technique, pilots a mecha, and confronts the giant beasts.

This is a clash of metal!

This is humanity’s final roar!

This is a legend of heroes…

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Date Group Release
07/13/24 Gravity Tales c61
07/12/24 Gravity Tales c60
07/11/24 Gravity Tales c59
07/10/24 Gravity Tales c58
07/09/24 Gravity Tales c57
07/08/24 Gravity Tales c56
07/07/24 Gravity Tales c55
07/06/24 Gravity Tales c54
07/05/24 Gravity Tales c53
07/04/24 Gravity Tales c52
07/03/24 Gravity Tales c51
07/02/24 Gravity Tales c50
07/01/24 Gravity Tales c49
06/30/24 Gravity Tales c48
06/29/24 Gravity Tales c47
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